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Little Phoenix Is Not An Immortal - Chapter 24


Chapter 24: The Devil Realm's People (2)

The clothes swayed and the wide sleeves silently hung down. The Devil God stood still.

Underneath the long hair, the golden forehead ornament was suffused with a bizarre radiance. The contrast made his face have an even darker beauty to it. The corners of his mouth were slightly risen in a smile that wasn't quite a smile. His straight, high-bridged nose however, was 100 percent domineering. Four big words were clearly written above it: Worship only I alone.

’’Internecine strife. Heaven is getting more and more chaotic.’’ The phoenix eyes slightly narrowed.

From the start, Tian Zhen had been taking note of his eyes. Upon seeing this, almost without having her brain think about it, she rapidly used the standard falling down posture to roll into the big hole beside her.

Within the smothered noise, a powerful, killing aura swept past from the top of her head.

She then stretched half of her head out to take a look. As expected, the Moon Clan warrior wasn't in his original position.

Tian Zhen lamented his death.

Dage, you need to comprehend what someone's thinking based on their body language. Don't you know that Devil God Daren's habit is a very dangerous thing? Look, your head exploded!

After one move, unexpectedly, there was still an alive one. The Devil God was surprised and in the very next moment, angry: ’’Shameless Bird Woman!’’

Seeing him recognize her, Tian Zhen was miserably scowled. Both legs softened I say, that something Heng Yue-ji, couldn't you have sent an expert? At the very least, they'd be able to fight a bit, giving me time to run away.

Alright, in fact, in the presence of Devil God Daren, there aren't any experts.

No time to delay! Tian Zhen swiftly jumped out from within the hole. She fell down beside the Devil God's leg and looked at the great god with hope and disbelief: ’’Your Majesty the Devil God! Is it really you? Is it really you? Is it really......’’ Under her nervousness and fear, her acting skills were forcefully improved. She rubbed her eyes and unexpectedly brought out some tears: ’’I......I have already waited for a long time. At long last, I've met you, experienced one! His Majesty V5!’’

Being moved by her, the Devil God lowered his eyes: ’’I'll give you a chance to explain.’’

Devil God Daren is so fair and reasonable! Tian Zhen hurriedly explained the reason why she couldn't follow him to the Devil Realm on that day. The general idea was that she blamed the Devil God for running too fast and abandoning her without a care. In the end, on the outside, she was wholeheartedly saying: ’’I waited outside Hu Zhong Tian for a good several days!’’

The Devil God didn't speak and began to ponder over the credibility of these words. Many gods in Heaven were quite shameless. It was just that he had never even thought of there being those who were shameless to this degree.

Tian Zhen wiped her tears and pointed at the Moon Clan warrior's corpse: ’’Because I defected from Heaven, I've suffered from them hunting me down. Fortunately, I met Your Majesty. Your Majesty's kindness in saving my life, I......I've engraved it in my mind. Even dying 10,000 times wouldn't be enough to repay it!’’

The Devil God gave an ’’un’’ and frowned: ’’Lowest rank of the god race, so useless.’’

Tian Zhen kowtowed again: ’’Your Majesty's might is amazing. Neither Heavenly Emperor, the War God, and Zhao Huajun are your opponents. We small gods originally weren't anything worth mentioning anyways. Long......long, long live Your Majesty!’’

The Devil God satisfiedly raised his chin and placed his hands on his back. A long time later, he looked at her again and said: ’’Flattering Bird Woman.’’

Tian Zhen was silent.

Alright, I admit it. You actually can't be regarded as muddle-headed since you know what flattery is, but aren't you still very happy listening to it?

In all the TV shows and novels, the Devil Realm was a terrible, bloody, and hell-like place. However, if you were to treat TV shows and novels as fact, then that would be wrong. Not only was the Void Heaven Devil Realm not at sinister as she had imagined, contrarily, this place had mountains, water, flowers, plants, trees, and so on. (T/N: Void Heaven is the name of the Devil Realm like how the God Realm is also called Heaven. Meaning of void heaven is basically empty heaven as in empty of heaven's betrayal and political conflict)

It was forever night time in Void Heaven.

However, this didn't mean that the Devil Realm only had darkness.

If you really had to use a word to describe it, it was: Colorful.

Behind an enormous rock, there were bright red, glistening yellow, faint green, and lustrous blue lights. The hazy lights had a nightclub atmosphere to them. You could frequently see the devil kings and devil generals getting together and drinking wine. Adding on the group of small bandits that had extremely, distinguishing appearances combined with the Devil God's image as the boss of a organized crime syndicate due to dressing from head to toe in black clothing, it was just like the general headquarters of a criminal organization.

The Devil Palace was situated in the core of Void Heaven, within thousands of miles of rocky mountains. Rocks of all sizes stood in great numbers. The tall ones were almost 330m while the short ones were merely 3 to 6m. Their shapes were fantastic oddities of every description. It seemed like a labyrinth and those unfamiliar with it who came in would easily get lost. Tian Zhen felt that this was a good place for a guerilla force to roam about.

Every time the time of blooming flowers was reported, a crowd of state officials would have to go to Devil Shrine to discuss official matters. It was similar to Heaven's early morning court assembly.

Devil Shrine was called a shrine, but it was actually in the open and didn't have a roof.

Entering through the shrine doors made in vain, the most eye-catching thing after lifting your head would have to be those tall, pure-white, stone steps in front. Altogether, there were 7 layers and its construction style was unique. The rays of light here were actually quite normal. In the surroundings were 7 huge, golden pillars that reached high into the sky and towered over you with each one being over 30m tall. 7 mighty black dragons coiled around them with vivid and life-like scales and claws. Embedded at the tops of the pillars were fist sized pearls sparkling with golden light. The entire shrine was as bright as daytime.

A palace in the east and a shrine in the west. The two styles blending in one place was surprisingly quite harmonious.

In the blink of an eye, the Devil God had appeared at the top of the stairs. She simply couldn't see where he had come out from.

Back facing the shrine doors, hands at his back, and standing tall. The wide golden-edged black robe hung down and contrasted with the pure white stone steps. Respectable and dazzling.

The Sun God is here! Tian Zhen inwardly exclaimed in admiration of his quality. After following the crowd of devils in paying homage to him, she consciously slipped to a corner and stood there.

The treatment that those who fell from Heaven got wasn't bad. There was food, there was shelter, and there were also qualifications to discuss official business. All the devils treated her very well. However, Tian Zhen did her utmost to maintain her low-key status My magic is weak. Even if I were to make a statement it wouldn't have any weight. The insider information of these colleagues wasn't understandable. It was quite hard to say what idea each one had mentioned. I can't offend anyone.

Yawning, at the moment when Tian Zhen was waiting to finish work.

’’Bird Woman!’’

Confirming that the deep voice had come from that figure with his back to her, Tian Zhen's mind shook and then she threw herself forward: ’’Your Majesty!’’

’’Yesterday, Devil Dragon complained, saying that you pulled out its dragon scales.’’

Sh*t, it snitched! Tian Zhen looked at the coiling dragon pillar and stammeringly said: ’’It was......was me.’’


’’Answering Your Majesty, I thought it was a fake.’’


The crowd of devils covered their laughing faces.

In a rare moment, the Devil God turned around to look at her: ’’Ignorant Bird Woman!’’

Tian Zhen was silent.

I only just found out that nowadays, the dragons climbing atop the pillars are unexpectedly all genuine goods. I had conveniently peeled the scales off yesterday and when I raised my head, I was almost scared to death by that dragon head hanging down.

’’Your Majesty, Jiu Sicang has returned.’’ Someone came in and announced.

The Devil God raised his hand and indicated that Tian Zhen should withdraw.

A brother in his thirties appeared in the doorway. Armor was draped over his body, his skin color was extremely dark, and his appearance could be classified as the type that seemed to be apologetic towards everyone. He hurriedly entered the shrine and kneeled down in front of the stairs with a pained and ashamed look.

’’Mu Mei-ji seized 99 lives from the Human Realm and used them to cultivate. This servant was injured by her. Your Majesty......’’

’’A loser not dying on the battlefield and instead running back!’’

The voice had a slight fury within it. Jiu Sicang was struck flying by an invisible spiritual force. He tumbled through the doorway again while spitting out blood.

Too violent! Too violent! Tian Zhen was so frightened that she didn't dare to utter a sound.

’’Quell your anger, Your Majesty!’’

’’Mu Mei-ji is one of the Demon Realm's five kings. It's not surprising that Jiu Sicang couldn't fight against her!’’


Seeing with her own eyes, the crowd of state officials lying prostrate to plead leniency for Jiu Sicang, Tian Zhen was endlessly moved. No wonder Devil God Daren always belittles the God Realm. Look at the Devil Realm, so much unity, so much friendly affection!

’’What, a great general of my Devil Realm can't withstand a small king of the Demon Realm?!’’

The crowd of state officials shook their heads.

For an experienced one such as yourself, there is no ’’great king’’ in this world.

An old man with a long, sparse beard got up. It was actually Minister Gu Shi: ’’How could the Demon Realm's small king compare to a great general of my Devil Realm. It's definitely because Jiu Sicang took her identity into consideration and was lenient towards her that he was injured by her.’’

Jiu Sicang endured his pain and struggled to crawl back: ’’That Mu Mei-ji was extremely rude! Subordinate originally didn't wish to injure her, but she said that she belonged to the Demon Realm and had nothing to do with the Devil Realm. She also said that underneath the universal sky, she only knew of a Demon Emperor and has never heard of a something Devil Emperor. Subordinate saw that she had insulted my emperor and clearly didn't place the Devil Realm in her eyes. In my fury, we got into a dispute and I was unexpectedly plotted against. I thought that if I, Jiu Sicang, were to die at her hands, the Demon Realm would become even more savage. I would rather die at my emperor's hands......’’

Tian Zhen heard and was both happy and finding it laughable.

Mu Mei-ji, you're about to become a big bacteria. What, ’’never heard of a Devil Emperor?’’ In front of this famous, great god, a person with a normal brain absolutely wouldn't nor dare to speak these kinds of words. Even the Heavenly Emperor and Zhao Huajun swallowed their anger in fear of infuriating him. Mu Mei-ji's guts definitely wouldn't be bigger than the Heavenly Emperor's. Then the truth was, this Jiu Sicang Dage was an expert at arranging his words. He's trying to shift the Devil Emperor's anger onto you!

Although Jiu Sicang was injured, he wasn't dead. It was clear that even if Devil God Daren's temperament was even worse, he wouldn't casually turn his subordinates into cannon fodder. I'm a bit safer now.

Tian Zhen relaxed and watched the crowd of devils' reaction.

’’Mu Mei-ji is audacious!’’

’’Jiu Sicang is loyal and devoted. We request that Your Majesty forgive him.’’


’’A puny demon king dares to recklessly scorn me?’’ The moment those eyes narrowed, killing intent arose again.

The Devil God had gotten angry, the consequences would be severe. The crowd of devils entreated in chorus: ’’Your Majesty, quell your anger!’’

Jiu Sicang hurriedly said: ’’She's just a muddled little demon and unworthy of Your Majesty getting angry over. She's even more unworthy of Your Majesty personally disposing of her. From what this subordinate sees, only sending the heavenly king out is enough to teach her a lesson.’’

The Devil God gave an ’’un’’ and placed his hand on his back: ’’My son, Xiaocan, has yet to return and Binghe is still in seclusion. Let her live for a few more days.’’

The crowd of devils simultaneously cried: ’’Your Majesty is merciful!’’

Seeing Tian Zhen standing alone within the shrine, the Devil God was displeased: ’’Bird Woman, a comrade has lost. Are you rejoicing in others' misfortune?’’

Tian Zhen started and came to her senses. She rushed to kneel down: ’’I don't dare! I heard that that Mu Mei-ji insulted Your Majesty yet Your Majesty was so benevolent and forgiving and for a moment, I was extremely moved.’’

The Devil God reluctantly expressed his satisfaction and then turned around and disappeared.

The Death God who frequently made cannon fodders unexpectedly liked to hear people praising his benevolence. Tian Zhen felt that this Devil Realm was really hard to understand. Simultaneously, she also understood the reason for the crowd of devils' unity and friendliness In the great god's eyes, not pleading for leniency on behalf of a comrade was engaging in schadenfreude. I still have any other options?

Being pointed out twice by name, the crowd of devils took note of this low-key comrade and enthusiastically stepped forward and surrounded her.

Minister Gu Shi chuckled and said: ’’Bird Woman, have you gotten used to living here?’’

’’Almost forgot you. In the evening, come over and drink wine with us.’’ Minister Mo Ye invited.


Having been here for a few days now, Tian Zhen had already remembered their famous names and in for a short while, she was extremely moved. Thinking of her lacking appearance and lacking abilities as well as that inferior grade constitution that could be seen through in one glance, to actually be able to receive this much concern and care, it really wasn't easy!

Without waiting for her to correct her name, a weak voice rose up: ’’You all, don't just focus on her. You have to take care of me......’’

So it turns out that Jiu Sicang was heavily injured and was lying on the ground, unable to get up.

Due to the new comrade, they had neglected him. The crowd of devils felt a twinge of guilt and one after another, they swarmed around him and gave him a helping hand. They comforted him in a ’’you say one sentence, I'll say a speech’’ manner. Some even took out several bottles of medicine: ’’As early as when you received that mission, we brothers had already properly prepared for you, holy healing items!’’

Jiu Sicang covered the pit of his stomach and repeatedly expressed his thanks. He took and swallowed two pills and as expected, his vitality improved a bit.

Tian Zhen remained silent.

After half a day, everyone had received punishment and experience. Looking at them, what a harmonious scene! The Devil Realm's people were a close-knit group. They're more harmonious than my socialist society!

Tian Zhen was ashamed of her previous suspicions and immediately stepped forward to express her deep concern: ’’Is Jiu Sicang Dage alright? I'm a newcomer so I'm empty-handed. I haven't prepared any kind of medicine. Don't take offense.’’

Jiu Sicang was moved: ’’Little sister is considerate. What are you lacking? Don't hesitate to go to big brother's place and take it.’’

It's not socialism. The Devil Realm's people's thinking has already reached ** in advance! Tian Zhen covertly rejoiced. Just as she was considering how to call him out and ask for some spare healing medicine, all of a sudden, a soft, boneless hand stretched out from the side and pulled her away from Jiu Sicang.

’’Don't let smelly Cang take advantage of you. Big sister will teach you how to ensure you happiness every night!’’


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