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Little Phoenix Is Not An Immortal - Chapter 23


[Little Phoenix] Chapter 23

AUGUST 26, 2016 ~ LUEN

I just realized something. If I'd translated at my current speed at the start of summer vacation, I'd have completely translated Little Phoenix by now.......oh welp. After the next LP chap, NGD chap 1 will be released.

Chapter 23: The Devil Realm's People (1)

The attendant responsibly and diligently led her all over the place to sightsee. Although the imperial court's scenery was beautiful, it was just too artificial. All the flowers, grass, trees, and rocks had been decorated over and they were far inferior to Yu Mo Heavenly Palace's naturally grown ones. Adding on the fact that the Immortal Emperor was about to pay a visit, the heavenly officials and eunuchs were busier than they usually were. Everywhere, people were coming and going. This made Tian Zhen quickly lose interest in this big park.

Turning past the stone mountain beside the lake, they directly faced two people walking over.

It was too late for Tian Zhen to avoid them. She followed the attendant in retreating to the side of the road and paid her respects.

Fortunately, it seemed that Heng Yue-ji's mood was extremely low. She simply faced forwards and walked with a lowered head. She didn't pay any attention to her surroundings. The Heavenly Empress beside her held her hands and comforted her with kind words.

’’Heaven has so many handsome and beautiful divine kings. Why must you love him?’’


’’It's been more than 20 years. Who would have thought that she would come back?,’’ The Heavenly Empress sighed, ’’Biaoge definitely wouldn't agree to wrong her by making her a concubine. I had originally wanted you two to finish your matters first. Even if she came back it wouldn't have mattered then. Unfortunately......Asking His Majesty to grant you status as a concubine would be easy, but those two have a deep relationship. It's hard to say whether or not you won't receive cold treatment in the future. What's more, your fuwang certainly wouldn't agree to it.’’ (T/N: fuwang is for royal father, fuhuang is imperial father. Former's if the dad is a king n latter's if the dad is an emperor)

The more Heng Yue-ji thought, the more furious and hateful she became. Clenching her teeth: ’’It's all because of that ugly phoenix ruining things!’’

Tian Zhen's eyes followed the two people as they walked farther away. Her heart suddenly turned cold and she rapidly turned her face to ask the attendant: ’’Dage, who exactly came back?’’

This matter wasn't anything easy to hide. Plus, her attitude was rather respectful so the attendant's impression of her greatly increased. He smiled and said: ’’Besides Dragon Girl De Yin, who else is there?!’’

Her guess being confirmed, it changed to Tian Zhen clenching her teeth: ’’Hadn't she......passed away?’’

’’Not just you, even we don't believe it,’’ The attendant got into the mood and quietly explained to her: ’’It turns out that that year she went to You Po Mountain, she encountered the previous Immortal Emperor Guanhe Yuewu and was captured and taken to the Immortal Realm. Guanhe Yuewu loved beautiful women and seeing that she wasn't obeying him, he secretly imprisoned her. Fortunately, the Immortal Emperor's new emperor succeeded the throne and rescued her at long last and sent her back. It must have been arduous for her, bitterly suffering for over 20 years while yearning for him. Now love has found its way. It's truly worthy of celebration.’’

No wonder Yuchen Shaogong would attack Zhao Huajun. So it turned out that Guanhe Yuewu wanted to trick the beauty into giving up. Tian Zhen forced a smile: ’’Then it's only right that I should go and give my congratulations to king.’’

Not a single maid could be seen outside of Qin Hall. It was empty without a trace of a person. It was a stillness that was different from usual. The hurried breathing sounds from inside were also exceptionally clear. Separated by a curtain, the shadows of two people could be clearly seen, embracing and kissing while ignoring everything else.

It was still the Qin Hall that they had stayed in last time. Being familiar with the road, Tian Zhen hurriedly rushed here and accidentally saw the situation that she had predicted. At the same time, she gave a bitter laugh. According to this trend, it'll be hard to guarantee to what degree this'll develop to.

However, leader, before reviving your old affections, shouldn't you settle a matter first?

Tian Zhen opened the curtain with a ’’swoosh’’: ’’King.’’

The two people inside were motionless and simultaneously turned their heads.

She couldn't deny it. Dragon Girl was the natural child of a beauty. Heng Yue-ji simply wasn't worth even one or two tenths of her. Her pair of eyes like stars in the sky, contained tears as well as a smile. As her gaze moved around, all of the pearls and green jade lost their splendor.

In the room, the only thing that could match her was the one embracing her, the divine Winged race's most respected and handsome man.

It was a familiar face. There was joy, there was cherishing, there was loving indulgment.

The clothes on the two people's bodies already had many creases. The passion of meeting again after being separated for a long time suddenly being interrupted by someone, the inside of the palace hall immediately became a field of silence.

Dragon Girl was unable to contain her joy and no longer cared about being embarrassed. She still hugged his waist and laughingly said: ’’Haven't met in so many years. I don't recognize any of these people beside you anymore.’’

Zhao Huajun lifted his hand, seeming to want to push her away, but in the end, he didn't do it.

Tian Zhen looked at that hand. Her gaze rapidly swept over the two and slowly, she showed a respectful, smiling expression: ’’I heard that Dragon Girl had returned and came with a mind to congratulate king.’’

Seeing that Zhao Huajun wasn't introducing them to each other, Dragon Girl was surprised. Of course, regarding Tian Zhen's current appearance, from the start, she didn't have a notion of treating her as a love rival. Hence, her shyly nodding her head could be considered as having expressed her thanks.

Tian Zhen's lungs were about to burst open in rage. F***, when did I get mixed into the role of mistress. Did I invite this humiliation onto myself?

’’You guys continue. I'll leave.’’

’’Little Phoenix!’’

Tian Zhen stopped.

Zhao Huajun's expression was complicated. It was a bit helpless. He looked at her for a long while before softly sighing and said: ’’Withdraw. I'll call for you later on.’’

’’It seems that king doesn't have some more important matter,’’ Tian Zhen restrained her anger and walked out, taking large strides, ’’I won't disturb king's reminiscence. Goodbye!’’ Feeling it wasn't right, she immediately corrected herself: ’’Goodbye forever!’’

Being frightened by this ’’goodbye forever,’’ Zhao Huajun walked forward two steps: ’’Little Phoenix!’’

’’Where......are you going?’’ Dragon Girl uneasily pulled him to a stop.

Zhao Huajun was silent for quite a while before turning around to look at her and faintly smiled: ’’Relax, I'll be out just a bit and then I'll return.’’

Yeah, right. You'd just seduced this old woman when you started two-timing. Hugging and kissing your old sweetheart right in front of me. Not even a bit of a guilty look. Even saying ’’I'll call for you later on.’’ You look for this old woman when I'm rare? Dragons birth dragons, phoenixes birth phoenixes, you dragon and phoenix pair should just go crossbreed and develop a new breed!

With great effort, Tian Zhen told herself she had to stay calm. Consequently, she calmly descended on the mountaintop.

Speaking of reason, those two love each other dearly and didn't betray each other. They were just forced to separate was all. Now that she's back, by rights, they should be together. If she wanted to blame someone than she could only blame her bad luck in finding a man with a history.

Speaking of emotion, this love had only just bud and hadn't reached the 'till death do us apart' stage. There was broken-heartedness, but in truth, most of it was actually anger. Her role as a cannon fodder was too bitter and her pride had been injured.

In her subconscious mind, Tian Zhen hoped that leader would chase after her and explain by saying ’’that wasn't real, it's a misunderstanding,’’ while in reality, this was impossible. She reckoned that even if leader had a mind to chase, he wouldn't necessarily be able to catch up to her. This was because even she didn't remember which direction she had run out from.

Having lost her love and pride, Tian Zhen felt doubly frustrated. Recalling the happiness of the past, she couldn't help letting out tears. She quietly sat atop the meadow and waited for sunset.

At the same time that the awaited sunset came, one person came along.

This person's manner of appearance was considerably thrilling. Swooping down from midair while waving a sword to cut down at her.

Tian Zhen's natural disposition was cowardice and she was afraid of dying. Everyday, she would put emphasis on cultivating her evasion and fleeing skills. Although her mind had received a severe hit, her body's instinctual reaction still wasn't slow and unexpectedly succeeded in avoiding this cut.

Looking at that imperial bodyguard dressed up in a familiar fashion, Tian Zhen blurted out: ’’Moon Clan's?’’

That person's expression turned cold and his killing intent increased.

I, your daddy, have received orders to kill you. You've even recognized your daddy's origins. How could I still let you live!

Women who've encountered affection really will become dumb! Tian Zhen quickly realized that she had said idiotic words and incessantly regretted it. She felt even more wronged D*** you Heng Yue-ji, always concentrating on me! It really is a tragedy that you didn't get leader, but I'm also a fellow woman who has suffered. As a matter of fact, I'm an even more miserable cannon fodder than you.

The sword's aura spread and dispersed two waves of light.

Wah! Tian Zhen finally abandoned her tears and feelings of being wronged. She picked up her crisis awareness and in a flurry, flapped her wings to run away.

What suffering, what love, and so on. They're all not as dependable as being alive! By living, I can get many beautiful men! By living, what's leader worth? If I'm willing, I can find thousands and ten thousands of leaders at any time!

A thousand year cultivation was far from being the Moon Clan warrior's opponent. What saved her life at the crucial moment was unexpectedly the pair of wings that she complained the most about in her daily life! She left the Moon Clan warrior behind in the distance. Tian Zhen was extremely moved. So it turns out that this was actually the most important thing in my life!

With the disparity in strength exhibited in front of her, she was left with no other choice but to hurriedly escape several 100,000s of miles away. The more the Moon Clan warrior chased, the closer he got. Tian Zhen's heart felt anxious and she neglected to see that there was a wide expanse of vegetation ahead of her. She didn't even think and simply directly penetrated through it.

Don't care anymore. Let's hide!

Outside of the quiet woods, many dead leaves were sprinkled over the meadow and made a ’’rustle’’ sound when they were tread on.

Such a big forest. Finding someone would require skill. When the sky darkens, it'll be even easier for me to run! Tian Zhen secretly rejoiced and ran deeper into the forest with a relaxed pace.

All of a sudden, a black whirlwind blew over.

The strength of the wind was extremely strong. The dead leaves under her feet were swept into the air one after the other and dust filled the entire sky. A desolate, somber aura rapidly spread out in all directions. Even the glow of the setting sun carried a somewhat bloody color.

A familiar sign, an ominous premonition. At once, Tian Zhen made a resolute decision. She turned around and planned to retreat far away.

Unexpectedly, in this short moment, the Moon Clan warrior had already caught up.

Tian Zhen was greatly anxious: ’’Wait......hurry up and leave!’’

Where would the Moon Clan warrior be willing to listen? He even sent out a killing move.

’’Inferior, common god. Your behavior has always been disgusting.’’ A dignified voice came from midair.

From within the powerful wind, a tall figure slowly dropped down in front of them.

When all's said and done, am I a phoenix or a crow? I said goodbye forever and now it's really going to have to be goodbye forever. Tian Zhen wanted to cry, but had no tears. She practically wanted to find a tree to crooked neck tree to hang herself on. (T/N: I think its a special tree that's ideal for hanging yourself on?)


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