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Little Phoenix Is Not An Immortal - Chapter 21


[Little Phoenix] Chapter 21

AUGUST 24, 2016 ~ LUEN

Just a head's up. They're still at the undersea palace. Qin Hall literally means resting/sleeping hall so every palace has those. The Qin Hall mentioned the chap b4 wasn't the same one as the Qin Hall at Yu Mo Heavenly Palace. Oh yeah, I have more than a 100,000 views overall. Yayyyyyy!!!!

Chapter 21: Tipsy divine King (1)

A certain woman was overwhelmed with emotions for an entire night and the delayed sleepiness finally flared up, early morning on the second day.

The sad thing was, after leader left, the maids came in to tidy up the room and accidentally saw that there was still someone lying on top of the bed.

The entire Kun Peng Palace was shocked by this. The news was spread till it was abuzz behind doors. That divine king doesn't have a few concubines beside him. All in all, it's been over 20 years since Dragon Girl De Yin went missing. Even if Zhao Huajun were even deeper in love, he still wouldn't be able to endure the loneliness. Only......the divine Winged race's most noble king shouldn't be this desperate and picking whatever's at hand.

That night, Da Peng King ordered his queen consort to send two beauties over to heal the leader's loneliness.

Taking into consideration of the leader's face and thinking perhaps he was unwilling to let others know of this, the two beauties were secretly sent over. In addition, Chui Tian was quite diligent and ordered people to command the two to be stripped and directly delivered to the leader's bed.


Tian Zhen entered through the door and easily said: ’’This light isn't as bright as last night's.’’

Zhao Huajun also discovered this and walked over to look at the pearl. After confirming that he couldn't make them brighter, he furrowed his brows: ’’These serving maids are so careless.’’

’’King has drunk wine tonight so don't look at the accounting books. It'll be the same if you wake up a bit earlier tomorrow,’’ Tian Zhen took the chance to move closer and looked at him from within the light's reflection, ’’King's alcohol tolerance isn't that good right? I heard that after drinking only four or five cups, and they were small cups too, king had on an intoxicated expression......cough, cough. You had on a vacant, floating expression.’’

When he heard this, Zhao Huajun smilingly said: ’’What do you know. That wine is called Intoxicated Peace. The Wine God personally brewed it and after 10,000 years, he gifted one bottle of it to Chui Tian. It was only because he was meeting me that Chui Tian was willing to take it out. His alcohol tolerance is famous in Heaven. This time, he only drank two cups before no longer daring to accompany me.’’

Tian Zhen gave a ’’ha’’ sound: ’’So it turns out that king can also magnanimously boast. From what I can see, Da Peng King wasn't afraid, he just couldn't bear to drink any more.’’

A tipsy feeling gradually bubbling up, Zhao Huajun's words and actions no longer resembled his usual strictness. He conveniently patted her forehead and then pinched her nose: ’’Still not helping this king change clothes?’’

Stark se*ual harassment! Tian Zhen took a deep breath and immediately turned around and walked towards the bed: ’’King changing his clothes by safer.’’

Feeling that her reaction was amusing, Zhao Huajun restrained his laughter and teased: ’’Asking you to change my clothes isn't safe then?’’

It's you who's not safe. Tian Zhen blew her top: ’’I'll be embarrassed!’’

’’How do you get embarrassed?’’ The sound of footsteps neared.

Leader, you're less and less like an upright and noble god character! Tian Zhen lifted the canopy veil, wanting to lie down just like yesterday night: ’’In any case, I won't help you change clothes. King should go call other people’’

Within the veil, with their bodies wrapped in blankets, two pairs of eyes stared at her.

Tian Zhen was also staring at them in surprise.

It really was two pairs of eyes. Due to the blankets being pulled up too high, they covered up most of their faces. However......they truly were good-looking eyes!

One pair, was a pure as a little deer's;

One pair, was even more f***ing intoxicating than leader's!

Tian Zhen hadn't reacted. She blankly stared at that pair of deer eyes for a long time before muttering: ’’Who are you people?’’

The two woman blinked their eyes and didn't respond.

’’What is it?’’ Zhao Huajun appeared beside her. Upon seeing them, he also blanked.

Seeing him, the two pairs of eyes simultaneously brightened. It was unknown which one started to talk. The voice was as thin and soft as a mosquito's cry and was endlessly bashful: ’’We servants have received General Da Peng's orders to come and serve the king.’’

Da Peng King is truly amazingly fast. The leader here wants someone to help him change clothes and he immediately sends people to come and fight over my job. Tian Zhen was indignant and with a ’’swoosh,’’ lifted up the blankets: ’’Didn't you hear king say that he wanted to change clothes? Still not getting up to help?’’

As he was drunk, his reaction was unavoidably slower usual. By the time Zhao Huajun finally realized that something was amiss, it was already too late to prevent it.

Within the frail shouting, the two women covered their faces.

There was a moment of silence within the hall.

’’Ouch, hey! Hand hurts so much. I need to go out and find a doctor to treat it. You guys go serve king.’’ Tian Zhen's reacted quite fast. She threw the blanket down so that even the two women's heads were covered and slipped out the door.

It was empty outside of the hall. Not a single one of the night duty maids could be seen.

So inviting the leader to drink wine was actually part of a plan. Da Peng, this gift was sent well! Tian Zhen's heart felt extremely uncomfortable and her regret was incomparable What did I come out for? Without me around, leader will be even more confused in his drunken state!

Thinking up to here, Tian Zhen couldn't help moving to the doorway and extending her head to look inside. Coincidentally, she bumped into Zhao Huajun who was coming out.

’’King,’’ Tian Zhen awkwardly smiled, ’’Why did you come out?’’

Zhao Huajun looked at her: ’’Your meaning is that I should do what exactly?’’

se*ually harassing me again. Tian Zhen was silent.

Realizing that he had been indiscreet, Zhao Huajun lightly coughed and then ordered with a heavy tone: ’’Go request Da Peng King to come here.’’


The Da Peng King who had drunk until he was hopelessly intoxicated was called out from his little concubine's place by a maid. Immediately realizing that there was something wrong with the situation, he hurriedly instructed people to go over and carry those two pitiful beauties away first. Only then did he go over to see Zhao Huajun. Hearing a lecture on political ideology, by the time he withdrew, the moment he saw Tian Zhen, he kept his head down and detoured around her. She reckoned that he hadn't been admonished lightly.

The inside of the palace hall once again recovered its peacefulness.

’’King, you should sleep.’’


It might have been because the strength of the wine was too strong that the handsome face was slightly red. Zhao Huajun walked up to the big bed.

Having knowledge of his ability to stay calm, Tian Zhen was greatly comforted. She thought of how she had danced while naked back then while this person just calmly watched, and how the subject had switched to a beauty now yet she still hadn't seen him get riled up. They were no better or worse than each other.

’’Change my clothes for me.’’ Zhao Huajun's phoenix eyes were already half shut.

Knowing that he was genuinely intoxicated, Tian Zhen was helpless. She reached out a hand to untie his belt.

Without a sign, one hand fastened around her waist.

Tian Zhen's entire body stiffened. She immediately lifted her face to look.

Standing unsteadily, he conveniently shifted a portion of his weight onto her body.

The perfect face lowered more and more and got closer and closer to her. Those phoenix eyes were blurry. Those thin lips spit out a faint smell of wine and kept their distance as they wandered above her face. Subconsciously, they sought her lips.

You just admonished Da Peng on the topic of conduct and now you're personally taking liberties with your subordinate. Tian Zhen was bewildered: ’’King?’’

Failing to find her lips, he softly laughed while carrying a bit of helplessness.

’’Yiyi.’’ A soft voice carrying a slight doting tone.

Those warm lips rubbed against her ears. Those powerful arm embraced her even more tightly.

’’Have you returned, Yiyi......’’

Dragon Girl De Yin, Yi Shangyun. (T/N: chinese can have multiple names with one for outsider use and another for close friends and family)

Tian Zhen was silent for a long time before she pushed him away: ’’King mistook me.’’

Probably because he heard something amiss in the tone, Zhao Huajun's body stiffened.

Leader is really tipsy. It's a pity that the target isn't me. This truly is the most f***ing tragic thing in this world.

’’King is drunk,’’ Tian Zhen rudely pulled open his belt and efficiently peeled off his robe. Then, she calmly pushed the him who was merely dressed in thin, snow white clothes down onto the bed in a sitting position and pulled off his boots. She then gave another push and coarsely pulled the blanket over and casually threw it, securely covering him, ’’Go to sleep early.’’

Waking up for the most part from his tipsy state, Zhao Huajun felt rather embarrassed. It was rare that he allowed her to order him about.

Several motions done in smoothly and efficiently, Tian Zhen clapped her hands and turned around to walk out of the hall He's just a phoenix. He's about the same as our house's sheepdog. What're you thinking deeply about? I'm a person. I'm don't have such a heavy taste.

’’Little Phoenix.’’ The sound of a sigh came from behind.

Tian Zhen's head didn't turn around as she said: ’’I've also gotten drunk before. Doesn't matter who I look at it, everyone is similar. Cough, cough. Since king is drunk, you might make a mistake again during the night so I'll go elsewhere to sleep first.’’


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