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Little Phoenix Is Not An Immortal - Chapter 20


Chapter 20: God's Son

Lu Xiaocan looked at her: ’’I only have a fuhuang, I don't have a mother.’’

Tian Zhen had originally blurted out this curse without thinking out of anger. Contrarily, she became happy after hearing what he said: ’’Without a mother, where did you come from? Don't tell me your fuhuang gave birth to you?’’

This question genuinely stumped Lu Xiaocan. This was the first time since he was born that the little heavenly king faced his own origins and he was rather at a loss. In the end, he still didn't believe: ’’How could my mother be a gray phoenix?’’

’’What about being a gray phoenix?’’ Having her sore spot spoken of, Tian Zhen secretly clenched her teeth and then showed a smiling face, ’’Mother was originally quite beautiful only, an accident happened when I was bathed in fire, so I became gray.’’

Lu Xiaocan exposed: ’’I'm already 1,000 years old. Your body only has a 1,000 years of cultivation and can't even defeat me. How can you be my mother?’’

Tian Zhen deceived him: ’’That's because phoenixes have to bathe in fire to be reborn. Actually, mother has 2,000 years.’’

’’Is that so,’’ Lu Xiaocan took the Guiding Wind Banner and tapped his head with it, ’’My big brother has 7,000 years.’’

Tian Zhen immediately said: ’’He's not mine.’’


’’Fuhuang has never mentioned you.’’

’’That's because he liked another woman and drove mother out.’’


’’My fuhuang has never liked anyone.’’

’’You just never saw it. In any case, he doesn't want mother.’’

Usually, he only had reverence towards his fuhuang, where would he dare to ask about his matters? Little Heavenly King Lu heard this and seemed to believe yet not believe. He seemed like an adult as he paced. Occasionally, his two eyes would stealthily cast her a glance, clearly evaluating her authenticity.

Tian Zhen took advantage of this to bend over and hold that pretty face in place with her hands and then giving it a kiss: ’’If I'm not your mother, why would I save you?’’

’’You're really disgusting!’’ Lu Xiaocan jumped away, gloomily wiping his face.

’’Good son, mother likes you,’’ Tian Zhen took the chance to go over and patted his head. While she was at it, she seized his Guiding Wind Banner, ’’Stealing things as you please isn't right. Listen to mother, you definitely won't be able to escape out of here while carrying it. If others find you, you'll be captured and mother will be distressed, hm?’’

In between the rejecting and seizing, the small body swayed and blood unexpectedly flowed out from the corner of his mouth.

’’You've been injured?’’ Tian Zhen was frightened, ’’Who hit you? Da Peng King?’’

Lu Xiaocan wasn't the least bit concerned as he took his hand to wipe it: ’’It wasn't Da Peng King, it was fuhuang.’’

Devil God Daren not only mistreated heavenly soldiers, but also mistreated his own son. Too violent! Tian Zhen accidentally found out this secret and felt indignant of the injustice: ’’Why did he hit you?’’

’’I led troops to the Demon Realm and lost. Fuhuang said that I was useless and hit me with a palm.’’

Being experienced with the power of the Devil God's palm, Tian Zhen found it hard to believe: ’’He hit you just because of this one matter? You're still a child, unforgivable! Unforgivable, he's simply not a person!’’

Lu Xiaocan proudly said: ’’That's of course. My fuhuang is an ancient god.’’


Children without mothers are pitiful. No one cares for them even when they're injured. Tian Zhen truly somewhat didn't have the heart to go on now. Thinking of how he was, after all, just a small child, her tone softened: ’’Is the injury serious? Does it hurt?’’

Lu Xiaocan looked down on her: ’’Who's afraid of pain? I'm not a girl.’’

The little brat is still quite strong-willed. Tian Zhen shook her head. This way of educating children isn't right. It's incredibly wrong.

Probably because he had experienced that bit of concern, Lu Xiaocan blinked his eyes and happily smiled as he hugged her all of a sudden, ’’Mother, treat my injuries alright?’’

Tian Zhen was on guard: ’’You......’’

Lu Xiaocan pulled her hand over: ’’Don't be afraid, don't be afraid. I'll just bite one mouthful.’’

The small teeth bit into her wrist. A bit painful, a bit itchy, a bit numb.

Look, being a mother isn't something you can just say and then become. You still have to donate blood. Tian Zhen wanted to cry. Gnashing her teeth: ’’A bit, only a bit. After healing your injuries hurry up and go! Also, leave the Guiding Wind Banner behind for me......hey, hey! Enough! You're treating it as if you're drinking water!’’

With great difficulty, she managed pull her hand back. Tian Zhen looked at small, bulging mouth and silently shed tears.

Lu Xiaocan swallowed half a mouthful and sprayed the remaining half a mouthful of blood over the Guiding Wind Banner. Then he proudly wiped his mouth: ’’No wonder I heard that the divine Winged race's king essence had weakened, so it turns out that the lost king essence is in your body. This time, your blood just so happened to subdue the Guiding Wind Banner. That Da Peng's chanted spells will be useless now. I can sneak it outside.’’

The king essence is in her body? Tian Zhen blanked for a moment and then, seething with anger: ’’Lu Xiaocan!’’

’’You're not my mother. Want to trick me? You're far too inferior!’’


Lu Xiaocan ignored her complexion as he shrunk the Guiding Wind Banner and placed it at his waist. He beamingly pulled the tip of her wing: ’’They have more people so I can't take you. I'll be leaving first.’’

The red light moved far into the distance. Tian Zhen stroked her hand. She kind of wanted to throw up blood.

Worship Holy Mother Tian, Holy Mother Tian V5!

Green, coldproof plants grew outside of Qin Hall. They were similar to seaweed, soft, and resembled water silk. It was just that the volume was too much and they always floated within the water. There were perfectly straight ones as well as horizontal ones. The greens hanging down and floating were like falling and flying exercises, graceful and moving.

The inside of the hall was brightly lit. The robe of the person beside the table was as white as snow.

’’Little Phoenix.’’


Zhao Huajun indicated that she move to his side: ’’What happened?’’

The Devil God that loves to hear flattery raised a son that's even more energetic than a rabbit! How could Tian Zhen be willing to say that? She smilingly said: ’’It's nothing. It's just that I randomly walked around and heard Da Peng King say that something had happened?’’

Zhao Huajun slightly raised an eyebrow. All of a sudden, he reached out a hand and forcefully pulled her over to examine.

Phoenix blood naturally had a growing flesh healing effect. The wound on the wrist had healed long ago with just two rows of small teeth marks remaining.

Zhao Huajun laughed: ’’Randomly walked around and was bitten by a small monster.’’

Having not taken advantage and instead bled out, Tian Zhen responded evasively.

Finger stroking the teeth marks, Zhao Huajun let her go: ’’It was the banner thief?’’

Leader really is amazing. Tian Zhen honestly explained: ’’The was Devil God once lenient towards the divine Winged race and regarding Lu Xiaocan, he's also king's nephew. King would decide that it wouldn't be good to deliver him to the imperial court, but should you easily release him and His Majesty were to become aware of it, I'm afraid that he would blame you. Thus, I decided to let him go without permission. I ask for king's forgiveness.’’

Zhao Huajun looked at her for a long time and then smilingly said: ’’Little Phoenix has only just cultivated into human form and is already so smart. Keeping you by my side was actually my good fortune.’’

Being praised by leader, Tian Zhen's face warmed up.

Zhao Huajun changed the topic: ’’Admittedly, biaodi was lenient towards my race, but as a divine king, my actions have to be done based on what's most important to the God Realm.’’

Tian Zhen blanked: ’’King......’’

’’You didn't do anything wrong,’’ Zhao Huajun said, ’’It's just that, I decided to let Lu Xiaocan go this time out of consideration for the general situation. Furthermore, there's no benefit in punishing him. In contrast, letting him go is a favor. Biaodi's actions have always had a standard. In the future, when it's wartime again, only then will there be an advantage.’’

Tian Zhen wasn't convinced: ’’Even if the Devil God were even stronger, don't tell me he wouldn't care if his son lived or died?’’

Zhao Huajun smilingly said: ’’If I could really blackmail him, would I have let Lu Xiaocan go?’’

Consequently, the image of Devil God Daren within Tian Zhen's mind thoroughly collapsed. In a flash, the personification of justice became an unfeeling and violent father.

Tian Zhen felt a twinge of guilt: ’’Lu Xiaocan stole the Guiding Wind Banner......’’

Zhao Huajun stated that it didn't matter. He stood up and asked: ’’It's getting late. Are you going outside to sleep with them?’’

’’Not going. They're all talking about me behind my back,’’ Mentioning this matter, Tian Zhen persevered and asked, ’’King, think of a method to turn these pair of wings white for me.’’


’’I don't plan to have an outstanding appearance. I just want to become a bit more pleasing to the eye, ’’ Tian Zhen's depression was limitless. She melancholically sat atop the stool, ’’Now, no matter where I go, I'm considered a freak. How can I still hope for anyone to like me?’’

Zhao Huajun gave an ’’oh’’: ’’Who do you want to like you?’’

Tian Zhen cast a glance at him and muttered: ’’In any case, I don't want to be this ugly.’’

The pearl's light glistened and shone upon that jade-like handsome face. Zhao Huajun pursed his lips and then drew her into his embrace. The long, elegant eyelashes couldn't cover up the shallow smiling expression within those eyes, ’’Such a Little Phoenix is very good. Not even a bit ugly.’’

Leader, please pay attention to your words and actions. Hugging and embracing, I'll be enticed! Tian Zhen hurriedly moved her line of sight away and looked all around: ’’Only King alone says it like this.’’

’’I, alone, aren't enough?’’


Enticed, Enticed! Tian Zhen suffered from her high blood pressure.

Zhao Huajun released her: ’’Foolish Little Phoenix, still not helping this king change clothes?’’

Change clothes? Tian Zhen jumped away.

’’What?’’ Those beautiful eyes slightly slanted.

So it turns out that it wasn't only fox spirits that seduced people. Phoenixes were also quite enticing. That drop of heart blood......Tian Zhen shook her head to make herself clear-headed. Her tone was as complicated as her mood: ’’I'm one, not looking and two, talentless. There aren't too many nor too few people of the phoenix race. Why does king treat only me this well?’’

Zhao Huajun smiled and said: ’’I'm baffled.’’

’’Baffled by what?’’

’’Usually, even when the Winged race have cultivated into human form, initially, they're natural instincts are hard to change. They need one to two years overall before they can gradually learn to conceal their instincts. Understanding emotions and being aware of people's thoughts. Little Phoenix has only had a human form for a couple of months, but knows quite a lot. You can judge the hour and size up a situation, you can doubt, you can even be embarrassed, you think......a lot. Should I not be baffled?’’

Leader is too two-faced. To actually use a honey trap to probe me! Tian Zhen said with extreme anger: ’’I'm smart, I learn fast. Which one of king's eyes has seen me embarrassed?’’

’’Is that so.’’ Zhao Huajun was about to pull her again.

’’I was wrong. I'm embarrassed. King!’’ Tian Zhen surrendered and jumped atop the bed at lightning speed and lied down with her face towards the interior.

The pearl's light was extinguished and there was one more person beside her.

That smiling expression was like the intoxicating fragrance of flowers, mixed within the air. Even if it couldn't be seen, you would still be able to clearly be affected by it. It disturbed Tian Zhen to the point that she was in an excited mental state and lay there rigid for the rest of the night.


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