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Little Phoenix Is Not An Immortal - Chapter 2


[Little Phoenix] Chapter 2

MARCH 15, 2016 ~ LUEN

Ahahaha, can't believe I finished this, was planning on posting this on Sunday but whatev. Next one will probably (pretty likely) be towards the end of this week. On a side note, if I ever reincarnate in a xianxia setting, I never want to meet up with a shota.

Chapter 2: Chicken's Cry Within the Heavenly Ocean (2)

The night was cold and the wind swiftly swept across the sky.

At the foot of the mountain, the rays of light from the night pearl flickered and lifted a corner of the curtain of night.

There had yet to be an inn established within the wilderness and it was rather inconvenient to hurry on one's journey during the night. As such, Zhao Huajun ordered the fire phoenix to land at the foot of You Po Mountain and spent the night there.

The fire phoenix had flown all day long and was tired. It crouched atop of a distant rock and closed its eyes and went to sleep. Purple light appeared from within the night pearl's blue light and was exceptionally beautiful. However, from the very start Tian Zhen felt that it couldn't compare to human lamps. That kind of light lacked heat and further emphasized the coldness and desolateness of the surroundings.

Zhao Huajun sat on the ground while holding her. The handsome face seemed a little gloomy as the pearl's light shone upon it. He quietly looked at the You Po Mountain in front of him and he seemed to be lost in thought.

Stomach hungry, Tian Zhen was irritable.

Does the leader know how to raise birds?

Sensing her restlessness, Zhao Huajun broke out of his thoughts and lightly stroked her feathers: ’’Little phoenix?’’

Tian Zhen pondered over how to express hunger.

’’Hungry?’’ Zhao Huajun smiled and released her: ’’Go look for food then.’’

Tian Zhen let loose a relieved sigh and jumped down from his arms. She slowly walked a few steps and began to feel embarrassed What edibles could you find in this desolate wilderness? Is it possible that......she looked at the earthworms and insects crawling on the ground and her stomach automatically twitched. In the end, Tian Zhen returned and stood in front of Zhao Huajun. She shook her head at him I don't eat bugs, I want to eat rice.......

Zhao Huajun had long since burst into laughter from watching: ’’Fortunately you don't eat bugs. Otherwise, you would have truly become a heavenly chicken.’’

Even if I really became a chicken I still wouldn't be able to eat them. Tian Zhen gloomily speculated.

Zhao Huajun took out a sparkling and translucent mushroom from within his sleeve and coaxed her: ’’I don't have anyone beside me who doesn't train. Since you're not willing to search, here is a jade spirit mushroom that the Crane division sent over two days ago. First put up with eating this alright?’’

’’Put up with’’ eating a spirit mushroom? Tian Zhen covertly rejoiced. Following this leader, the treatment was pretty good.

The beautiful hand broke the spirit mushroom into pieces and used the palm of the hand to carry the pieces and put them at the edge of her beak.

Tian Zhen was really too hungry. She lowered her head and pecked at piece after piece to eat while conveniently kissing the leader's hand a countless number of times to express her reverence.

Zhao Huajun saw that she had finished eating and took out a small bottle and a small golden cup from within his sleeves: ’’This is wine made from wutong dew and bamboo leaves fermented in a spring. For now, think of it as drinking spring water.’’

Tian Zhen drank two mouthfuls of wine and only felt that there was an endless savoriness. Thus, she contentedly nodded at him to express her thanks.

Every single bird who had met the aura of this king would, without exception, bow their heads in acknowledgement of their servitude to him. Contrarily, this little phoenix wasn't the slightest bit afraid. Zhao Huajun also felt amazed as he carried her in his arms and said in a soft voice: ’’Sleep. Tomorrow, we still have to hurry on our journey.’’

Absorbed in the beautiful man's gentleness, Tian Zhen drifted off to sleep in a daze.

It was already midnight when she was awakened by the blowing wind.

The night pearl was still emitting a cold, faint light. Not far away, the fire phoenix was fast asleep on top of the rock. Only, it was empty beside me and that man was nowhere to be seen.

The distant areas were covered in darkness and sent over a heavy chill.

Tian Zhen stood up and looked all around, but still couldn't see Zhao Huajun. She immediately ran over to peck the fire phoenix.

The fire phoenix was greatly displeased at being awakened. Seeing that its master was gone, one wing slapped her and sent her tumbling.

Not comprehending the phoenix's manner of communication, Tian Zhen felt helpless, but she also didn't dare to provoke the phoenix again. Without any better option, she tried to flap her wings. Due to suffering damage to her feathers, although she could fly if she forced herself to, it was very strenuous.

You Po Mountain was very big and the foot of the mountain had forests and rock piles. The bleak wind blew and the trees looked like ghosts as they swayed.

She held the night pearl in her mouth since she was afraid that she would get lost. Tian Zhen only cautiously flew at a low elevation around the foot of You Po Mountain, according to the fixed route. Her heart shook as she already began to regret to be capable of being the Roc King Chui Tian's leader, Zhao Huajun's status couldn't be low. What could happen to him? Maybe he just went out for a stroll.

Finding a reason to withdraw, Tian Zhen courage completely fell apart and she decided to turn around and go back.

Right at that moment, a dazzling red light suddenly flashed past the top of her head.

What is that? Tian Zhen was frightened into almost falling down from midair.

Within the blink of an eye, the red light disappeared and atop the withered tree ahead, sat the figure of a very small child. That was an approximately 10 year old child. The small red robe was exceptionally eye-catching in the night, with a white base and red flower patterns. It protected the shoulders and arms together with the belt and his feet wore a pair of small, brown boots. His round face wasn't chubby, but was actually pretty. His head of red hair was loosely draped over his shoulders. An exquisite, silver forehead ornament and hair ornament with gems inlaid in them were carried on his chest. He had a noble air, but was also adorable.

Whose family's child is this pretty!

Tian Zhen was dumbstruck.

The small child looked at her and sweetly smiled: ’’Ha, little phoenix!’’

Seeing his innocent appearance, Tian Zhen's maternal instincts came out. She couldn't help nodding her head: Hello shota!

’’Little phoenix is really pretty!’’ The small child clapped his hands and praised.

Praises that come from children are the ones that make people the most happy. Tian Zhen turned her head and looked at the gray feathers covering her entire body. Eh, it seemed like it wasn't that ugly. It really was a bit pretty.......

The small child stretched out his hand and then moved it towards his chest in a beckoning gesture and coaxed: ’’Come here. I'll give you bamboo fruit to eat okay?’’

I don't eat bamboo fruit, but I don't mind letting a pretty shota hug me. Tian Zhen had become elated from the praises and flew over and landed on his shoulder. She took one wing and stroked that cute little face.

The small child was all smiles as he held her in place and took out a dagger that glittered like frost and snow from god knows where: ’’The blood of the Bird God race's phoenix is a cure-all healing medicine. I finally met one. My luck's really good.’’

F***, what's he doing?! Tian Zhen was greatly alarmed.

The innocent and unaffected smiling expression became sinister. The small child unceremoniously lifted her neck and slashed down with the dagger. Blood immediately flowed and dripped into a small bottle that had been prepared in advance. These series of actions were clean and nimble.

Tian Zhen hurt to the point that her eyes rolled back and flopped around.

Dead, dead! Two-faced shota, too evil, too scary!

’’Such an ugly phoenix. So pitiful.’’ The small child sighed and sympathetically grabbed her wings, putting a stop to her struggle, ’’Don't worry. I only need your blood.’’

Tian Zhen almost fainted from anger.

Brat, you have a mouth full of graceful words and flowery speeches! You dare to let out this old woman's blood!

The small child conscientiously captured half a bottle of her blood and treated her wound for her. He stroked her head in perfect contentment: ’’If I let out anymore you'll die. I'll look for you next time.’’

Tian Zhen was already dizzy and her eyes were dimmed. Hearing that there was going to be a ’’next time,’’ she trembled and nearly drowned herself in tears.

Little monster, is it possible for me to not provoke you?

’’Lu Xiaocan, what are you doing again?’’

Hearing that voice, Tian Zhen exulted and weakly, without any strength, flapped her wings for help.

Lu Xiaocan immediately cast her aside: ’’Hi bobo¹!’’

Zhao Huajun waved his sleeve and took Tian Zhen into his arms. One attentive look and he easily understood what had happened. Half helpless and half angry, he said: ’’Since you acknowledge me, why did you injure a member of my race?’’

Lu Xiaocan jumped down to the ground, knelt on one knee, and saluted: ’’Xiaocan wanted to request for a bit of phoenix blood. I didn't have enough time to report to bobo . I apologize to bobo .’’

Zhao Huajun restrained his anger and asked: ’’What matter did you come looking for me for?’’

’’Father commanded me to pass on to you, 'Don't let that roc come and throw his life away'.’’Lu Xiaocan got up and patted at the dust on his knee, ’’This time it's father taking part in the assault. He said that out of consideration forbobo's face, he didn't want to kill someone of the Bird God race.’’

The situation had gotten serious. Zhao Huajun lightly sighed: ’’You just say that the emperor personally appointed him for the task so it's very difficult for the birds to disobey orders and that I hope he will show mercy.’’

Lu Xiaocan happily smiled and responded: ’’I request that bobo give me this ugly phoenix as a gift.’’

You want to raise me to let out my blood? Receiving the provocation, Tian Zhen immediately looked towards Zhao Huajun.

Zhao Huajun frowned.

’’Forget it. Bobo has always been the stingiest. I don't want it anymore!’’ Seeing that the situation wasn't in his favor, Lu Xiaocan immediately turned into red light and fled.

Taking his identity into consideration, it wouldn't have been good if Zhao Huajun had really argued with him in the end. He lowered his head and called: ’’Little phoenix?’’

Tian Zhen hung her head in silence.

I'm the leader's relative, can I bicker with him? It's still better to be a bit tactful and receive mental appeasement right?

Zhao Huajun raised his head and gazed at the tall mountain in front of them. He softly criticized himself: ’’Why did I run all over the place for? This You Po Mountain is very dangerous and there have been many Gods, Immortals, Spirits, and Demons here who have......met with mishap.’’

And yet you still chose to spend the night here? Tian Zhen was secretly astonished. In the end, she had lost too much blood and fell into a deep sleep.


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