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Little Phoenix Is Not An Immortal - Chapter 19


Chapter 19: God's Son

She didn't know what method Zhao Huajun had used, within 2 days, Heng Yue-ji had returned to the imperial court. The matter of Tian Zhen serving at Qin Hall for the past few nights had spread. Everyone turned to the reason that it was because she was of the phoenix race. Her lineage was noble and pure so it wasn't surprising that the King particularly valued her. It was clear that the King was still partial towards the phoenix race.

Right at this moment, the news of a major event that caused a commotion in the six realms was spread.

A crowd of state officials in the Immortal Realm had welcomed back the former crown prince Guanhe Yuewei and launched a coup d'etat. Immortal Emperor Guanhe Yuewu had fled out of the palace and was assembling the power of his mother's clan to rebel in his desire to once again seize power.

The change had occurred faster than was expected and had become the most discussed subject among everyone. It was said that Guanhe Yuewei was only able to smoothly get past the heavy security checkpoint and return to the Immortal Realm because he was mixed within the troops taken by the God Realm's crown prince on his diplomatic mission. Guanhe Yuewu criticized the God Realm, but Heavenly Emperor Shi Zhongtian had ordered his men to take the envoy and give him a scolding instead. The general idea was that the two realms were usually good friends, but who would have thought that Guanhe Yuewu actually dispatched Yuchen Shaogong to secretly enter the God Realm with an intent to murder Zhao Huajun. It was a futile attempt to meddle in the affairs of the God Realm with ill intentions. Afterwards, with Yuchen Shaogong's immortal imprint as proof, they suitably sent troops to assist Guanhe Yuewei with great fanfare. Guanhe Yuewu heard the envoy's report and was furious, but in the end, he had no way out.

The news spread to Yu Mo Heavenly Palace. Relying on the information she had obtained when she was a bird, Tian Zhen's heart completely understood.

Guanhe Yuewu ordering Yuchen Shaogong to plot against Zhao Huajun made people puzzled. However, this matter just so happened to become the God Realm's excuse for sending troops. The Heavenly Emperor had reached an agreement with Guanhe Yuewei early on to assist Guanhe Yuewei in occupying the throne. The two realms joining hands to confront the Devil Realm was the final objective.

Zhao Huajun merely smiled after hearing this and had the informant withdraw.

It looked like he knew about this long ago and was likely to have been one of the main schemers. Tian Zhen pretended to go over in order to wipe the writing table for him and nonchalantly said: ’’His Majesty assisting Guanhe Yuewei in succeeding the throne is admittedly advantageous to the God Realm, but King said that if Guanhe Yuewu were to be pressured and made anxious, he might be driven into desperation and rely on the Devil Realm's help. What'll you do if that leads to the Devil God personally appearing?’’

Regarding her ability to ask such a reasonable question, Zhao Huajun showed his surprise and then nodded his head and said: ’’Good question. Little Phoenix is very smart.’’

Tian Zhen was silent.

So it turns out that in leader's eyes, my IQ is very low.

Zhao Huajun said: ’’Guanhe Yuewu will naturally turn to the Devil Realm for help, but is bound to be met with a rejection.’’

Tian Zhen blurted out: ’’That's not certain.’’

That great god Lucifer had a very troublesome shortcoming which was that he loved hearing flattering words. Maybe the other side would only have to say ’’Devil God V5’’ and then he'd easily help.

Zhao Huajun raised an eyebrow: ’’Do you know the reason why he defected from Heaven that year?’’

Tian Zhen slightly pondered and cautiously replied: ’’I've heard that he has a naturally arrogant disposition and was unwilling to be beneath others so......’’

Zhao Huajun let out a sigh and indicated that she face him: ’’Never mind that. Actually, at that time, the previous emperor was slow and didn't choose a crown prince. Several princes fought over the throne. His Majesty did some......over the line things to his brothers.’’

Tian Zhen secretly laughed when she heard what he said.

This kind of matter wasn't anything new. For the sake of snatching the emperor position, His Majesty the Heavenly Emperor definitely used many underhanded tricks, entrapments, and so on. If it weren't for Devil God didibeing untouchable, he would've definitely also have met with an evil scheme.

’’He was extremely angry towards these matters. It was only because the previous emperor was still there that he didn't think it was a good time to oppose him,’’ Zhao Huajun smiled, ’’Although he is one of the ancient gods, he has reincarnated now and the previous emperor was after all, his nominal father. At that time, the previous emperor completely trusted His Majesty. Even if he had a mind to prevent it, several princes still......died prematurely. The previous emperor died and His Majesty succeeded the throne. He ceased to have any restrictions and simply rebelled and went to the Devil Realm.’’

Tian Zhen understood in a flash.

No wonder he said that Heaven is full of power struggles and mutual deception. So it turns out that it was a righteous judgement. Unfortunately, there were too many unjust gods in Heaven, thus those who represented the righteous portion became devils.

When this Devil God Daren with such strong right and wrong views finds out that Guanhe Yuewu had usurped the throne and persecuted his elder brother, how would he still be willing to help? Perhaps the moment Guanhe Yuewu's envoy arrived, he might narrow his eyes in passing and turn him into cannon fodder.

Tian Zhen looked at Zhao Huajun and probed: ’’King is loyal to......His Majesty.’’

Of course Zhao Huajun understood her meaning and shook his head: ’’All I seek is peace for the divine Winged race. It is necessary to stand on Heaven's side. He is the ancient Death God. His murderous nature is too strong and no one can control it. Overall, him remaining in this world isn't a good thing.’’

Tian Zhen expressed her comprehension.

An excessively powerful existence would naturally make people afraid.

The seal on the Immortal Emperor power in Guanhe Yuewei's body had been opened and with the support of the crowd of state officials, he gradually occupied the rising current. The God Realm sending out troops doubled the power. As expected, Guanhe Yuewu cried for help from the Devil Realm and was refused. The Ghost Realm was usually low-key and was willing to watch with folded arms. In contrast, the Demon Emperor straightforwardly dispatched troops to come to his aid. 2v2, wouldn't that be an extreme fight?

This side's Tian Zhen was following Zhao Huajun to the Northern Seas for investigating work.

The Northern Seas were very peaceful. It was an extremely cold place with countless ice floes. In between the sky and the sea was a bright and clean region that had an artistic mood to it.

Within the imperial palace at the bottom of the sea, Zhao Huajun and Da Peng King Chui Tian were discussing matters. Last time, after being injured by the Devil God, Chui Tian was fully cared for for several months before he got better. In that period of time, the Heavenly Emperor sent heavenly officials to deliver spirit medicine to express his sympathies. It was inconvenient for Tian Zhen to be beside them while they talked so she went outside by herself to randomly walk around while avoiding the water.

The seabed had many fantastic stones of every description as well as a wide expanse of coral trees, extremely beautiful. Every place had imperial bodyguards guarding it and occasionally, she would encounter patrols carrying swords.

Tian Zhen toured the world of the seabed and completely forgot about returning. It wasn't until evening when a maid came searching for her to pass on Zhao Huajun's words to eat first by herself that she followed the maid into the palace hall and randomly ate some food. After the meal, she saw that Zhao Huajun still hadn't returned and got even more bored. For the time being, she wasn't sleepy so she simply left the palace hall again and wandered all over the place.

The sky had already gotten dark. The decorative pearls came in handy and the entire imperial palace was shone upon as if it was daytime. There were also sparse places within the cluster of corals that were linked by the pearl's light. Standing in a dark place far away, you'd only think that they were specks of stars in the sky. Especially beautiful.

Just as she was watching in fascination, she suddenly heard a burst of clamor in the distance. Someone was cursing.

’’Something happened and you didn't even clearly see the person. Useless!’’

’’Not good, the Guiding Wind Banner has been stolen!’’

’’What? Hurry and inform the King!’’ That person was greatly alarmed and yelled as he walked, ’’Pass on this order, seal off all roads! All of you, take people and search!’’


Tian Zhen was startled. The Guiding Wind Banner was the Kun and Peng division's treasure. Chui Tian had even specially invited Zhao Huajun to look at it this morning. This place was tightly guarded. Who had such big guts to dare to charge in here alone and steal the treasure?

A ball of red light silently swept past and hid within the cluster of coral behind her.

’’Over there, hurry!’’

’’Chase after him!’’


Tian Zhen blanked. Very quickly she recalled something and coldly laughed.

The sound of footsteps closed in and in the blink of an eye, the pursuing soldiers appeared in front of her. In fact, Chui Tian was personally bringing these men over. Seeing her, Chui Tain immediately stopped.

Tian Zhen paid her respects first: ’’Da Peng King.’’

Knowing that she was Zhao Huajun's personal maid, Chui Tian was also very polite and asked: ’’Miss Phoenix, have you seen a suspicious person?’’

She had originally planned on seizing the opportunity to get revenge but when the moment came, Tian Zhen changed her plan again and shook her head as she smilingly said: ’’I've been playing here all along and haven't seen anyone come by. Why? What happened in the palace?’’

Chui Tian didn't explain and only said ’’It's nothing, if you see him, quickly report it’’ before taking the crowd of imperial bodyguards and hurriedly leaving.

She followed everyone with her eyes as they walked further and further away. Tian Zhen suddenly felt that she was standing unsteadily and promptly turned her head to look.

She didn't know when a small child had stood behind her. His red hair hung down, his round face was delicate and pretty, and his big eyes sparkled. One hand held a ⅔m tall, teal banner, and he was beaming as he used his other hand to pull the tip of her wing!

This little devil! Tian Zhen's head hurt. She pushed him towards the cluster of coral and glowered: ’’Still not hurrying up and leaving?’’

Lu Xiaocan let go of her and his eyes shrank into small pearls: ’’Why did you save me?’’

Devil God Daren was arrogant and conceited. The son he raised also didn't have any manners. Such a small age and he already had such a serious suspicion mental illness. Tian Zhen was a little regretful of the decision she had made just before.

’’Aiyo, You're of the phoenix race!’’ Lu Xiaocan discerned this and was excited, ’’I also know an ugly phoenix. It follows Uncle Zhao Huajun. Have you met it before?’’

F***, this brat! This old woman will thrash you to death! Tian Zhen eyes shot flames as she endlessly felt regret.

In fact, she wanted to thrash herself even more.

Who told you to meddle in others' business! Who told you to insist on being a Holy Mother!

’’Why do you still keep your wings even after changing into human form? Can't get rid of it?’’ Lu Xiaocan sympathetically pulled her wings. He was puzzled by this, ’’Why are you also gray? Where are your colorful feathers?’’ (T/N: Dang u hit evry1 of her taboos)

Teeth grinded till they made a ’’ge-ge’’ sound, Tian Zhen restrained her urge to beat up someone with great difficulty. Can't hit a small child. In reality, you can't even beat him......

Only, Lu Xiaocan didn't read the look in her eyes and annoyingly asked: ’’Hey, who are you?’’

’’Your mother!’’ Tian Zhen finally erupted.



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