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Little Phoenix Is Not An Immortal - Chapter 10


[Little Phoenix] Chapter 10

MAY 1, 2016 ~ LUEN

Yo! Here's chap 10 n sorry to say but due to the AP exams in the next two weeks, my schedule's gonna be out of wack n so if there's nothing the next two Sundays don't be surprised. Welp off to hit the books.

Well the results still gonna be like this tho:

Chapter 10: Heaven's Death God (2)

The wind stopped and the surroundings became still.

The War God put away his Hua halberd. He hung his head and kneeled down on one knee: ’’This servant was incompetent and requests punishment from Your Majesty.’’

As the master of the God Realm, having received this humiliation in the presence of several hundred thousand celestial soldiers and recalling how the survival of the God Realm had entirely rested on the other party's one word, how could the magnificent God Emperor swallow this down? He sneered: ’’The disappearance of the God Realm isn't beneficial to him at all. Disappear, a good disappearance!’’

Who these words were directed against was very clear. Tian Zhen worriedly gazed at Zhao Huajun. Leader, you eliminated a disaster on behalf of Heaven, but other people don't feel grateful at all.

Zhao Huajun tilted his body: ’’This subject made a slip of the tongue and is guilty.’’

’’The Demon Realm withdrew its troops out of consideration for Zhao Huajun's face. Zhao Huajun's face isn't small.’’


During the conversation, some celestial soldiers carried a person over. It was actually the Roc King Chui Tian. His two eyes were tightly shut and his face like golden paper. His chest had a huge, bloody hole and was extremely terrifying. It was probably caused by him dodging late back then and being seriously injured by the Demon God's power.

’’It's that biaodi of yours giving you face again.’’ The God Emperor gave one glance before shaking his sleeve and leaving.

The War God slightly showed a concerned expression and looked at Zhao Huajun. Contrarily, Zhao Huajun was smiling and hinting that he leave first having been friends with his biaodi, His Majesty, for over an innumerable number of years, how would he not know his personality? To be willing to get angry in his presence actually showed that in his heart, there was no fear of the consequences. If he had been polite and amiable like nothing had happened instead, only then would Zhao Huajun feel unsettled.

Zhao Huajun looked at the unconscious Chui Tian and asked: ’’Can he be saved or not?’’

The Medicine God hurriedly responded: ’’The general has heavy injuries and I cannot tell just yet.’’

Tian Zhen had long since jumped down from Wen Xi's arms and paced a few steps, inwardly sighing. Several ten thousand celestial soldiers had been turned into cannon fodder while only the Roc King hadn't died. This was clearly the Demon God's lenient treatment of the Bird God race. His subject has a friendly relationship with the enemy so it's no wonder His Majesty the God Emperor got angry.

Discovering that a certain leader's line of sight had shifted towards her, she promptly pretended like she hadn't seen it and walked to one side.

’’Little phoenix......’’ The gentle voice finally sounded. (T/N: Et tu leader?!)

Tian Zhen wanted to cry. Leader, voluntary blood donation also requires a period of time to recuperate. It hasn't even been one month and yet I've let out blood several times already. I still want to be a healthy bird ......

Seeing that she appeared unwilling, Zhao Huajun half squatted and reached out a hand to gently stroke her head: ’’General Chui Tian is Heaven's important general. He is loyal and devoted and is moreover a subject of our race. You......’’

Tian Zhen drooped her head and didn't utter a word.

What does a faithful and good general have to do with me? He was injured on the God Emperor's behalf and not on my behalf. Why don't you ask the God Emperor to donate blood? My body is also very important!

Wen Xi said: ’’She was injured the day before yesterday. I'm afraid......’’

There was very little pure phoenix blood. The Phoenix King's blood was extremely important and couldn't be casually used. Zhao Huajun helplessly lifted her head up: ’’Little phoenix, you really have the heart to let him die?’’

His smile, was like the brilliant spring flowers.

God! Tian Zhen's nose heated up and she resignedly rushed towards Chui Tian. It seems that this blood will have to be let out anyways today so she might as well not waste it.

Personally seeing the wound grow new flesh, the Medicine God repeatedly praised 'good'.

Good my ass. In the future, you people will take me to be a long range blood bank messenger right? Tian Zhen foresaw the sorrowful lifestyle in the coming future and her heart began to bleed.

’’Enough,’’ Zhao Huajun personally carried her into his arms and with a pained heart, praised her, ’’Good phoenix, I knew you were this kindhearted long ago. How could you see a dying person and not save him?’’

It was you, leader, who forced me to be kindhearted. Rivers of blood were flowing from Tian Zhen's heart and mind.

The Medicine God carefully examined Chui Tian and delightedly said: ’’General Chui Tian still can't wake up for the time being, but the injury has lightened up much. There is no longer a need to worry for his life.’’

Zhao Huajun let out a sigh of relief. He ordered people to carry Chui Tian away and then turned his body around to look at Wen Xi and said: ’’With Wenxiongdi's ability, it'd be a pity if you stayed in the army. Two days ago, Commander Zhan had previously said that he was missing a front defender imperial bodyguard in his command and small king has a mind to recommend you. What does Wen xiongdi think?’’

Did he also see through Wen Xi's true colors? Tian Zhen was pleasantly surprised. The surrounding celestial soldiers were all incessantly envious and admiring. An insignificant little celestial soldier, to able to obtain this God King's regard, his luck was just too good.

Wen Xi looked at him for quite a while. He faintly smiled: ’’Zhao Huajun promoting this one is Wen Xi's good fortune.’’

The God Emperor's carriage had left long ago and at the original spot, two other carriages had appeared god knows when. Pulling the carriages were four snow white and spirited heavenly horses. It could be seen that Zhao Huajun had prepared early on.

The two people walked to the front of the carriages. Wen Xi stopped and looked at Tian Zhen: ’’It......’’

Tian Zhen couldn't deal with her dizziness and repeatedly flapped her wing at him. It's still better to go with your so-so safety. Although leader is good, but he's too much like the Holy Father. I can't say for sure when I'll be coaxed into donating my blood.

’’There was excessive blood loss. This king will tend to it.’’ Zhao Huajun pressed down on her wing and held it in place.

When all was said and done, the other person was the Bird God King and he himself had no right to get involved. Wen Xi nodded his head and got on the carriage.

Seeing that there was no way for the situation to take a turn for the better, Tian Zhen immediately obeyed leader and was the model appearance of loyalty. She withdrew her wing and affectionately crawled deeper into Zhao Huajun's arms. I can't offend this leader card. Following him, there's meat to eat.

Zhao Huajun glanced at her with a smile that wasn't quite a smile. His finger heavily tapping her head.

The imperial court's assembly was held by the emperor with not a single one of the officials in the crowd daring to make a sound. Each and every one quickly slipped away and it was no wonder that they did this. The Demon God held the God Realm in lower and lower esteem. The God Emperor gathered the crowd of officials and for the next 3 days, they discussed a plan to make the enemy withdraw the next time the Demon God honored them with his presence. All of the people, including the War God, without exception, were acting like turtles with their heads pulled back. His Majesty the God Emperor's complexion was the same as ink. So what if I was bullied? Every one of you has to accompany me in acting as my grandsons. (T/N: Chinese mentality of children carrying on your debts. In this case, go get revenge for me!)

Inside the rear hall, the God Emperor sat in front of the table, rubbing his forehead.

Zhao Huajun entered the palace hall: ’’This subject pays respects to......’’

’’Excused,’’ The God Emperor waved his hand in indication and gave a forced smile, ’’Zhen has said before that there's no need for these empty etiquettes.Biaoxiong is blaming zhen for the slip of the tongue two days ago?’’

’’This subject doesn't dare.’’


Zhao Huajun complied with the words and sat down on the chair.

’’Zhen's prestige is related to the God Realm's prestige. At that time, zhen had been muddled by anger,’’ The God Emperor silently stared at the brush holder for half the day before softly sighing and saying: ’’Thinking of the instructions that fuhuang had given when he passed on the position and then looking at how the foundation of the God Realm will be destroyed under zhen's hand, how can zhen not be anxious?’’

He smiled: ’’It's not like Zhen can get angry at that group of trash. Apart from you, who else can understand zhen?’’

Zhao Huajun said: ’’Your Majesty's words are heavy. No matter how strong the Demon God is, there will inevitably be a method to deal with him.’’

’’Calling you here today was just for the sake of this matter.’’ The God Emperor lifted his hand. Suddenly, a pearl appeared on top of the table in front of him.

It was a fiery red pearl the size of a pinky. It had a reserved brilliance and was ordinary without anything strange about it.

Zhao Huajun was surprised: ’’This is......’’

The God Emperor said: ’’At that time, the nameless saint had accidentally come upon a top secret. Discovering that he was the reincarnation of the Death God who would bring about a rebellion, the saint entered the palace and met face to face with fuhuang that very night. Helplessly, fuhuang was determined to keep him and because of that, the nameless saint leaked the secret. On the spot, the saint answered and calamity struck, causing the saint's death. The saint only had time to leave behind this pellet.’’

Zhao Huajun said: ’’Is it possible to allow this subject to have a look?’’

The God Emperor nodded his head and indicated that he take it: ’’Fuhuangfailed to comprehend its purpose. The big calamity has already come and at the time of death, he handed it over to zhen. Without a better option, zhen has thought hard for many years and has yet to gain anything from it. Zhenmerely feels that it resembles the Bird God race's neidan.’’

Zhao Huajun carefully examined the pellet, knitted his eyebrows, and then bitterly laughed and said: ’’Yes, but it's also not completely correct. Consequently, Your Majesty has since suspected the relationship between it and the Bird God race?’’

’’Is zhen such a person who loves to make assumptions?’’ The God Emperor cast a glance at him, ’’Bird God race. Those were the last three words that the nameless saint had said at death's door.’’

Zhao Huajun shook his head and said: ’’Just these three words isn't enough to signify anything. The neidan is acquired by the God race's people after many years of cultivation and refining. First is cultivation and then there is the pellet. Or, it's a natural God pellet and the spiritual aura changed, equally feeding the cultivation and for no reason, obtaining several years' worth of cultivation as well as obtaining human form. However, this pellet is clearly a dead pellet and doesn't have the least bit of spiritual aura. It's the equivalent of trash.’’

’’Zhen also knows that,’’ The God Emperor was calm, ’’Making people spread it around was just to calm their minds.’’

’’Your Majesty is wise.’’

Seeing that he was about to return the pellet, the God Emperor stopped him: ’’For the time being, you take it.’’

Zhao Huajun said: ’’This is an important object. This subject is afraid that placing it in subject's hands isn't appropriate.’’

The God Emperor raised an eyebrow. He stood up and paced a few steps: ’’Nowadays, zhen has suddenly thought that maybe the meaning behind the nameless saint's three words wasn't indicating that the Bird God race could deal with him, but that the riddle of this pellet requires the Bird God race in order to solve it.’’

Zhao Huajun also followed him in standing up: ’’It was hard to solve for Your Majesty's wisdom. This subject is aware of his own incapability.’’

The God Emperor said: ’’Biaoxiong also wants to imitate them in putting on a show for zhen?’’

Zhao Huajun no longer declined and took the pellet inside of his sleeve. He had a smile on his face as he said: ’’This subject still has an important matter to report to Your Majesty. It might possibly solve Your Majesty's concerns.’’

The God Emperor's two eyes shone: ’’Say it.’’

¹neidan/ pellet: neidan's rough translation is inner pellet n whenever u see pellet, they were using dan in the raws


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