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Limitless Sword God - Chapter 460


Chapter 460

Translated by BerryBunz

Only Our Family

In the sky...

Su Yun stood on his flying sword with his arms folded across his chest while taking a nap. The competition had caused him to consume a great amount of Spirit Qi and even landed into that troublesome situation right after the competition, it made him extremely fatigued, so he took the time to recuperate.

After entering the carriage, Huai Rou Mu Yu did not initiate any form of communicatio. She was most probably recuperating, the wound on her back was not serious and would not even need an incense stick worth of time to recover.

’’Young noble, Young Noble Su.’’

Just then, a gentle voice came out from his side.

Su Yun opened his eyes, only to see the servant, Xiao Yin, standing next to him with a smile on her face.

’’Oh, it's senior sister Xiao Yin, what is it?’’ Su Yun smiled back.

’’Young Noble Su, don't tease me like that, you can just call me Xiao Yin.’’ Xiao Yin laughed, then spoke softly: ’’Young Noble Su, our young miss has requested you to enter the carriage to talk.’’

’’Enter the carriage?’’ Upon hearing that, Su Yun was startled.

Although they were in the Ultimate Martial World, female cultivators were usually modest.

~Come to think of it, Huai Rou Mu Yu isn't afraid of others speaking behind her back, why should I be afraid?~

Su Yun nodded his head, then shot straight to the carriage, his movements extremely nimble and skilled.


When the carriage curtain was lifted open, a soft cry came from inside: ’’Why are you in here?’’

Su Yun was confused: ’’Wasn't it young miss, you, who invited me to come?’’

’’But why are you so fast?’’

Huai Rou Mu Yu anxiously tidied out her clothing while staring at Su Yun with a look of blame.

Su Yun laughed dryly, but did not explain.

He looked around the carriage and saw that it was decorated with an extremely elegant chassis. The space inside the carriage looked to be at least two times larger than what it looked outside, which was most probably made possible by some sort of formation technique, it did not make it look congested, the interior of the carriage could isolate sound and even if they were in a crowded place, it would not affect the inside of the carriage.

Huai Rou Mu Yu sat on her knees at a purple table, it had an engraving of a phoenix that made it look gorgeous and on the table was a jade green teapot, where green steam could be seen emitting from the spout, with two teacups placed beside it.

Huai Rou Mu Yu's delicate face had a slight flush, while remaining tranquil and calm, she extended her hand out and lifted the teapot and poured a cup for herself and Su Yun.

’’I never thought that after separating not long ago, we would meet again so soon. Su Yun, how have you been?’’ Huai Rou Mu Yu asked gently.

’’Thank you for your concerns, Miss Huai Rou, everything has been well.’’ Su Yun sipped onto the tea and said. He took a glance at the tea and realized that when the tea had entered his stomach, he felt a warm current enveloping the Spirit Essences in his body, it was extremely comfortable and even lessen his fatigue.

It was extremely mystical, but he did not dare to be impolite. Although his relationship with Huai Rou Mu Yu was not too bad, friendship was friendship, the disparity in their reputation still differed greatly.

’’I have to thank Miss Huai Rou for the help today, otherwise, it would had been impossible for I, Su Yun to leave New Deer City. Oh, speaking about which, how are Miss Huai Rou's injuries?’’

’’Not a problem.’’

’’Oh’’ Su Yun glanced at her, then asked: ’’Come to think of it, why would you be here?’’

’’I had some small matters to attend to and was nearby, that's all.’’ Huai Rou Mu Yu spoke without a change in expression, but did not continue on the topic and casually spoke: ’’Su Yun, the divine Wind Sword Technique that you used was extremely fast, just now when I was being ambushed by the Flowing Night Family member, why did you not help me? With your speed, saving me should actually be easy for you!’’

’’Save you? Mu Yu, you intentionally placed yourself to Bai Shan's blade, why would I save you? If I had done so, wouldn't you have blamed me after?’’ Su Yun said.

Upon hearing that, Huai Rou Mu Yu blinked her eyes a few times: ’’Oh? You could see through it?’’

’’I couldn't see that well, but from what I know and understand about you, I know that it would not have been so simple. You are not a petty person, instead, you are very astute. At that point of time, Liu Ye Wen was already open, if you were truly trying to stick out for me, you would already have stopped when he apologized, but you didn't. Instead, you became even more intense in provoking Liu Ye Wen and even suggested an impossible demand. From the way I saw it, I felt that you were using the pretense of sticking out for me to do something else, just that I am unsure of what your final goal is.’’ Su Yun replied.

Huai Rou Mu Yu looked at him quietly. After a long time, she slightly nodded her head and said: ’’You're right, regardless of whether it was that blade or Liu Ye Wen, they were all intentional, the goal is towards the Flowing Night Aristocratic Family.’’


’’Yes.’’ Huai Rou Mu Yu poured another cup for Su Yun, then spoke: ’’The Flowing Night Aristocratic Family is situated in North Prefecture City and is the largest trading city that is situated closest to Bei Yang. The flowing Night Family practically controls the eight stratum of economy in the city. The construction in the city, the defense system, the trade system etc, are all under the management of the Flowing Night Aristocratic Family, so other businesses have difficulty investing into the city.’’

’’The Huai Rou Aristocratic Family is already very huge and have devoured plenty of different sized trading organisations, thus becoming extremely strong and robust, however, as the saying goes: 'The tall tree attracts the wind'. On the surface, countless of people revere the Huai Rou Family, but in fact, there are also plenty of threats in the shadows. If the Huai Rou Family doesn't continue to grow stronger, we would most probably be destroyed.’’

’’Therefore, for the sake of expanding the Huai Rou Family, my aim is to quickly penetrate Bei Yang's market, but the grade that Bei Yang deals with is far higher than the grade of goods that we currently have, the cultivators there are also much stronger and the businesses there are definitely much stronger. In order to have a firm footing there, only the North Prefecture City that belongs to the Flowing Night Aristocratic Family is a good enough foundation, to aim for Bei Yang, I have thus decided to take the North Prefecture City's economy... We need to make an excuse!’’

’’The Flowing Night Aristocratic Family is actually a force with very strong potential and has good prospects. Their location, the North Prefecture City, is a city with exceptional advantages, this location reaches the core congregation area and Bei Yang, where all sects and families are able to enter its city with ease. They receive huge human traffic and although the Flowing Night Family's time of expansion hasn't reach a duration as long as my Huai Rou Family, their strength had soared exponentially. I reckon that in less than a century, the Flowing Night Aristocratic Family's strength will surpass my Huai Rou Family. If we do not get rid of this potential competitor, my Huai Rou Family will suffer!’’

’’However, the Flowing Night Aristocratic Family has its methods. Every year, the Flowing Night Family would send the Huai Rou Family a huge amount of cultivation coins, treasures and pills to use as tributes to maintain a good relation with the Huai Rou Family, every time they send the tributes, they would raise their banners and make a huge noise. They would cause a huge commotion and ensure that everyone knows that they have a good relation with the Huai Rou Family, so the Huai Rou Family doesn't dare to publicly take action against the Flowing Night Family.’’

’’What does the trading line emphasize on the most? Reputation. Without reputation, who can buy or sell? How can they invest in more cultivation coins? If the Huai Rou Family dares to recklessly move on the Flowing Night Family, our Huai Rou Family's thousand years of prestige would instantly crumble, so we lack an excuse, but today, Su Yun, your problem became our excuse! He, Liu Ye Wen, did not distinguish between right or wrong and harmed our Huai Rou Family's noble guest, and when stopped by me, Huai Rou Mu Yu, he became ashamed and angered and thus became murderous, when this matter spreads, the advantage will be in our Huai Rou Family's hands and no matter what the Flowing Night Family tries to do, we will not be afraid!!!’’

Upon hearing that, Su Yun was enlightened: ’’I feel as though I am being used as the ignition for war.’’

Hearing that, Huai Rou Mu Yu shook her head, and spoke gently: ’’Don't be mistaken, the main reason for me coming here was to save you, the rest were purely done following the situation.’’

Su Yun laughed, and did not refute.

’’But I believe that Liu Ye Wen isn't a fool either. Previously, my acting had many flaws, so he should quickly react soon. What I need to do now, is to quickly return to the Huai Rou Family and spread the word of how Liu Ye Wen had harmed me. We can't let them take the initiative! In the following days, we should have a few methods to deal with the Flowing Night Family.’’

’’I wish you good luck.’’ Su Yun raised his teacup and said.

’’I will be borrowing your luck.’’

The two of them drank their tea.

’’Oh right, Su Yun, why are you here in New Deer City? Was it to participate in the competition?’’

’’That's right, I wanted to use the competition to increase my fighting strength. I wanted to enter Bei Yang, but my fighting strength at that time wasn't sufficient.’’ Su Yun answered.

’’Why do you want to enter Bei Yang?’’

’’Someone said that my parents, whom I have not seen for decades, might have entered the Emperor Palace, so I plan to make a trip there! To see if I can find them.’’

Su Yun answered, with his eyes slightly dim, in truth, it had been many years since they had gone missing. Su Yun himself did not know if his parents were still alive or not, furthermore, he was unsure if his parents were able to find the younger sister that he had never met. Upon thinking about it, he became nervous, excited and apprehensive. Although it had been many years, he was still a child to his parents.

’’So that's the reason why.’’ Huai Rou Mu Yu nodded her head, then said: ’’The Huai Rou Family has a few friends inside Bei Yang, if Su Yun, you are willing, I can get people to bring you into Bei Yang, but the Emperor Palace is not just any regular sect, it has quite the influence inside Bei Yang. The Huai Rou Family temporarily doesn't want to do anything with the Emperor Palace, so I am afraid that I am unable to help you for the journey towards the Emperor Palace.’’

’’No need for that.’’ Su Yun smiled: ’’Mu Yu, you have already helped me many times, I can't trouble you for this matter. It will be better for me to rely on my own strength to enter Bei Yang since I'll be looking for my parents. Furthermore, even if I enter Bei Yang, it will be difficult for me to head to the Emperor Palace without any strength.’’

Huai Rou Mu Yu thought for a moment, but no longer persisted after hearing his words.

’’Then, what do you plan to do next? Continue to participate in various competitions in other cities?’’

’’I currently have no plans. I have earned quite a lot of cultivation coins from this competition. I plan to absorb them first, then see how much breakthroughs I can obtain.’’

’’How much cultivation coins?’’

’’Close to 30 million cultivation coins.’’

’’So much?’’ Although Huai Rou Mu Yu was extremely wealthy, upon hearing that he had earned close to 30 million cultivation coins, it surprised her.

’’That's because I'm a black horse.’’ Su Yun rubbed his nose and said while laughing with embarrassment.

Huai Rou Mu Yu lowered her head and thought for a moment, then said: ’’You should return to my Huai Rou Family first. If you absorb the cultivation coins by yourself, I am afraid you will have a lot of wastage. You can only absorb about 50 to 60% of the cultivation coins, but my Huai Rou Family has an exclusive cultivation room for absorbing cultivation coins, by absorbing them in there, you can completely absorb the cultivation coins!’’

Hearing that, Su Yun's heart started to beat quickly, he asked: ’’Absorb all of it? Is there really such a thing?’’

’’I reckon that in the entirety of the core congregation area here and Bei Yang, only our family has it.’’ Huai Rou Mu Yu said.


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