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Limitless Sword God - Chapter 371


LSG Chapter 0371

translated by Berrrybunz


’’Su Yun!’’

Su Yun bellowed, he quickly flew over, and when he was near Ku Jin Ming, he soared up even higher. With the Immortal Mystical Scarlet Blood Sword taken into his hand, a vast sword concept expanded out, all the surrounding people were forced backwards by the powerful Sword Qi, and the blood red sword struck towards Ku Jin Ming.

A technique filled with awe!

Ku Jin Ming's heart shivered, he did not expect Su Yun to suddenly appear.

However, he wasn't afraid, instead, had a sense of pleasure.

’’Su Yun! Aren't you dead? Hehe, seems like you faked your death! No matter, you might have faked your death yesterday, but I shall make it real today!’’

Ku Jin Ming's eyes flashed with a gold light, killing intent sweeping forth, a crescent shaped blade appeared and blocked Su Yun's direct attack with the Immortal Mystical Scarlet Blood Sword.

The seemingly thin and weak blade actually had a powerful True divine Spirit Qi that could topple mountains and shake the sea, Su Yun was flung backwards, his hand feeling numb.

Although he was at the peak of the third stage Spirit Star Realm in cultivation and a step away from the fourth stage, he was still a third stage. In a one on one fight while being a stage lower in cultivation, Su Yun was immediately placed in a difficult situation.

’’Su Yun's cultivation is for real, and has many treasures at his disposal, do not be careless. Everyone go up together, capture him alive, we will pull him back to the Profound Sky Sect. Su Yun and Su Qing'er have a close relationship, with Su Yun, we will be able to use him to get Su Qing'er!’’

Ku Jin Ming bellowed.


All of the Profound Sky Sect experts around shouted out loud with gold light in their eyes as they rushed towards Su Yun.

But when they approached him, a gigantic evil spirit suddenly appeared from behind Su Yun, with its evil claws, it caused the incoming experts to retreat.

’’Evil Qi?’’

Ku Jin Ming squinted his eyes.

’’Ku Jin Ming, let me and you have a good fight today!’’

Su Yun held on his Immortal Mystical Scarlet Blood Sword and said.

’’Your strength is not comparable to me, I have no interest to duel with you!’’ Ku Jin Ming shook his head.

’’It's not up to you!’’


Ku Jin Ming was startled.

All around him, bursts of Evil Qi suddenly leaked out, many evil spirits roared as Evil Qi struck onto the experts of the Profound Sky Sect, directly killing them. With a look, they were all evil beings!

~So Su Yun did not come here alone.~

~Seeing his secure and fearless look, could he have some backup plan?~ Ku Jin Ming was an extremely cautious man, to suddenly have so many evil beings, he started to think about all possibilities, but it did not seem possible for him to leave.


Then, Su Yun's body transformed into evil mist and flew forward, many tails protruded out of the evil mist and struck towards Ku Jin Ming. When it approached, a red lightning shot out through the black mist, it was the Immortal Mystical Scarlet Blood Sword.

A cold glint flashed past Ku Jin Ming's eyes, he flipped the curved blade in his hand, the blade tip releasing a gigantic shield, blocking the thrust coming from the Immortal Mystical Scarlet Blood Sword, which entered only half an inch.


Ku Jin Ming sneered, the wall disappeared, and his curved blade struck forward, the thick and sharp blade slashed across the air.


The evil spirit released a roar, the Immortal Mystical Scarlet Blood Sword's blade released an evil spirit that struck the blade strike, the evil spirit's force was robust, filled with Evil Spirit Qi, it changed the course of the blade. Su Yun turned his body and struck once again.

’’Evil Sword Round Dance!’’

His body moved extremely quickly, the evil spirit opening its two claws and like a small scale tornado, it spun, both of its claws and one sword formed a meat grinder that spun towards Ku Jin Ming. He gritted his teeth, and released the shield to block again. Ding ding dang dang, the sound of the impact between sword, claws, and shield came out, causing the shield to tremble, as though it was about to crumble anytime.

Although Su Yun's cultivation was inferior to Ku Jin Ming, his current performance and might far exceeded that of a third stage Spirit Star cultivator.

’’Seems like I have to be serious!’’

Ku Jin Ming whined, he raised his curved blade and gently waved it, the blade edge leaking out a bizarre force, it dissipated like a fish net, enveloping the area around Su Yun.

’’Su Yun, I will let you witness my consummate technique, Formless Domain!’’

Ku Jin Ming bellowed, and he suddenly snapped his fingers.

In that instant, Su Yun felt his entire body becoming extremely heavy, as though there were two large mountains on his shoulders, he instantly dropped from the sky.


He smashed into the ground, the ground instantly forming spiderweb like crevices. Su Yun's limbs had sunk into the floor, and took him a lot of effort to even lift them up.

’’In my formless Domain, regardless of who it is, they must bear the weight of a million catties, and inside my domain, only I am unaffected. Su Yun, how will you fight me now?’’

Ku Jin Ming revealed a strange smile, and used his curved blade to slash forward.


The Immortal Mystical Scarlet Blood Sword flew quickly as it blocked the curved blade, the sword seemed to have a life of its own. After crossing blades with the curved blade, it directly changed course, aiming towards Ku Jin Ming's chest like a venomous snake.

Ku Jin Ming was shocked, he immediately retreated in an attempt to avoid the Immortal Mystical Scarlet Blood Sword, and then looked at Su Yun with a shocked expression.

Su Yun stood in his original position, but at some time his hand was already raised, controlling the sword with his fingers.

’’Imperial Sword Technique?’’ Ku Jin Ming was startled.

’’That's right.’’ Su Yun smiled: ’’I am influenced by the heavy weight, but my sword is not affected at all!’’

With that said, the sword sheathe on Su Yun's back started to tremble, fearsome sword hissing sounds came out, after that, 'su su su su su', many mythical swords came out from the sword sheathe, and like a tide it rushed towards Ku Jin Ming's chest, where the Immortal Mystical Scarlet Blood Sword had struck a small wound like a rushing tide.

Ku Jin Ming immediately started to dodge, avoiding the tide of swords, but all of these flying swords would immediately turn and fly at him again upon missing their mark.

Ku Jin Ming slammed his palms together, producing a ripple, but it was unable to block the onslaught of the tide of swords.

Rendered helpless, Ku Jin Ming instantly swore in his heart, he turned and stared at Su Yun, and with a leap, he rushed towards Su Yun with his blade.

His movements immediately released True divine Spirit Qi, forming a wall of vacuum around his body, all the stones around were swept away, the ground started to crumble and trees started to be sliced off, even the strongest wind would not cut through his True divine Spirit Qi.

’’Su Yun! I will cripple you today!’’

Ku Jin Ming bellowed, he slashed down with his curved blade. The blade body trembled fervently and an unspeakable force and pressure, like a giant chewing down, approached fiercely.

A cold aura formed in Su Yun's eyes, his left hand touched the Everlasting Sword Sheathe, and then blocked towards the curved blade.


The fearsome True divine Spirit Qi dissipated with a ripple, the ground trembled, everything that the ripple touched would be reduced, the powerful force caused even the mountain in the distance to tremble, as though an earthquake was happening.

Ku Jin Ming's eyes constricted, he looked at Su Yun's empty left hand, then knew that it was an invisible weapon.

But in terms of power, Ku Jin Ming, with his True divine Spirit Qi was not afraid of Su Yun at all, seeing that Su Yun's left hand was trembling incessantly and slowly dropping, he knew that Su Yun was suppressed.


Ku Jin Ming fiercely activated his Spirit Qi. Su Yun's hand was forced downwards, the invisible Desolator had cut into Su Yun's shoulder from the impact of the curved blade, causing blood to flow.

But despite that, Ku Jin Ming still remained cautious and did not overlook anything. From his position, it seemed as though he would only be happy after slicing off Su Yun's limbs.

Su su su su su su!

Just then, the tide of swords rushed towards Ku Jin Ming's back.

But he did not even turn his head, and continued to make his move.


Su Yun was startled.

Guang guang guang guang!

The tide of swords smashed onto Ku Jin Ming's body fiercely, but his body seemed to be made of steel, and was extremely sturdy. When observed carefully, one would be able to see a thin layer of True divine Spirit Qi covering his skin.

’’You are still relying on the useless metal on your hand? In this domain, I can easily strengthen my body to the maximum, and form an indestructible gold steel body, with your few swords, you are unable to cut through me!’’

Ku Jin Ming laughed, the power in his hands continued to become bigger and bigger, and Desolator pierced deeper into his shoulder.


A pitch black evil spirit surged out from Desolator, it did not attack Ku Jin Ming's physical body, but released Evil Qi that concealed his eyes and entered his ears.

With his vision and hearing impaired, Ku Jin Ming had no choice but to stop for a moment.

Su Yun took the chance and moved, but because of the heavy weight, he was unable to travel far and upon leaving the range of the curved blade, Su Yun activated the Sword Art again, and the tide of swords immediately split into two, with one surrounding Ku Jin Ming into the center, the other forming a bigger defensive halo.

Eight Parts Eight Whole Sword Formation!

But, Ku Jin Ming stood like stone, regardless of how much the sub swords attacked, they were unable to break through his skin.

Su Yun's eyes turned solemn, he waved his hands and the sword formation moved along, directly cutting Ku Jin Ming. Ku Jin Ming became like a hedgehog, his entire body were covered with swords, but none of them had managed to pierce through his skin! Even the hair on his skin were unbreakable.

Sou sou sou sou!

Just then, the parts formation swords also moved, and directly struck the whole formation swords' hilt.

Dong! Dong! Dong! Dong

Fearsome Pure divine Spirit Qi was used, but he was still unable to break through.

’’It's useless, Su Yun, just obediently submit to me!’’ Ku Jin Ming shouted.

’’I do not believe you are undefeatable!’’

Su Yun said coldly, the Immortal Mystical Scarlet Blood Sword had previously been able to wound him, but was unable to do so currently, that meant that he had a layer of Spirit Qi supporting him, as long as the Spirit Qi was broken, he would break through the 'indestructible' body!

Thinking till there, Su Yun activated his Profound Spirit Qi, controlling the Eight Parts and Eight Whole Sword Formation to attack in berserk.




Every time he activated the attack, it would consume a large amount of Su Yun's Profound Spirit Qi, it was a total of 600 sub swords, and every attack required a large amount of Spirit Force to control.

Gradually, Su Yun felt that he was exhausting himself, he was already gasping, but Ku Jin Ming was not having it easy either, his face was flushed red, he wanted to struggle out from the suppression of the sub swords, but the sub swords were glued to his body and was hard to struggle out of.

At this moment, it was a challenge of the limit, whoever let go first would lose.

Su Yun gritted his teeth, he activated his swords to attack without any intention to stop. His Spirit Essence released Spirit Qi frantically, all of his Qi channels trembling, pouring the Spirit Qi out from his body.

Slowly, Ku Jin Ming started to gasp for breath, the True divine Spirit Qi started to become unstable as well, as though it was about to break.

Within Su Yun's calculations, Ku Jin Ming's 'indestructible' body was obtained by just relying on the support of Spirit Qi.


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