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Limitless Sword God - Chapter 370


LSG Chapter 0370

translated by Berrrybunz

Unearthing Potential

After an unknown period of time, the few disciples all started to awaken, they looked around at their own situation, only to realize that they were all tied up tightly with black ropes, with their hands tightly bound.

Their current whereabouts shook the four disciples, everywhere around there was dense Evil Qi. They seemed to be on a cliff and beneath it, was a rapid flowing river, where if any ordinary person jumped in, they would die. However, spirit cultivators would only sustain injuries with their spirit profound force. Beneath the cliff was a gigantic evil array releasing a gut wrenching smell, and at the evil formation, there was an evil being carefully drawing an incomplete portion of the array formation. Beside him was another evil being looking as if he was playing second fiddle.

’’Junior brother, Junior sister, you're both awake?’’

The young man who woke up first spoke softly to the male and female beside him.

’’Senior brother, we're awake.’’

’’Senior brother, are those two evil beings? W-what do they want to do with us?’’

The young lady beside them starting trembling, she was extremely afraid.

’’I don't know.’’ The senior brother shook his head.

’’They seem to have not noticed that we are awake.’’

’’Senior brother, we are not their opponents, when they are not paying attention later, we must run!’’

’’Yes!’’ The senior brother spoke softly: ’’Can all of you activate your Profound Spirit Qi?’’

’’My body has almost recovered, activating my Profound Spirit Qi isn't a problem!’’

’’Good!’’ The senior brother nodded his head. He looked at the two evil beings and upon seeing that their backs were turned towards them, he spoke: ’’We will begin activating our Profound Spirit Qi to break the ropes, seeing that the ropes are thick and sturdy, I think they are some sort of treasure, but it's grade isn't high. We must be careful, otherwise those evil beings will notice us. It will take us about an incense stick worth of time to break loose, and after that, we will jump down the cliff. With our Spirit Qi, we will run, understand?’’


’’Alright, begin!’’

The senior brother spoke softly, and the four Luminescent Dragon Pavilion disciples used their Spirit Qi, their heart was beating so hard as they tried to cut the ropes loose.

The evil beings at the other side did not seem to have noticed that the four of them had awakened and continued to work on the array, while the four disciples had their hearts up their throat, perspiring profusely, working carefully with small actions.

’’Hey, big brother, why must we evil beings work with the Profound Sky Sect? That third rate sect is not worthy enough for us!’’

Just then, one of the evil being spoke, shocking the four disciples.

’’W-what, w-what did that evil being just say?’’

’’The Profound Sky Sect is working with evil beings?’’

The four of them looked at each other, surprise in their eyes.

’’What do you understand! For our Evil Realm to want to invade the Sky Martial Continent, we need a stable footing. The Profound Sky Sect is this stable footing. Now that many of our experts are in the Profound Sky Sect with established identities, no one will know that we are evil beings. At that time, we will still need the Profound Sky Sect's help to obtain the resources that the Sky Martial Continent has!’’

’’Aren't they making use of us too? We are destroying many of their enemies! In the end, there isn't even much advantages to it. This time, what sect does the Profound Sky Sect want us to take care of?’’

’’I heard Master said that it is a sect called Luminescent Dragon Pavilion. The Luminescent Dragon Pavilion's most valuable treasure, the Dragon Crystal has the effect of greatly amplifying the destructive power of mystical techniques. The Sect Leader of the Profound Sky Sect has wanted the treasure for a long time, but since the relation between both sects are good, the Profound Sky Sect cannot do anything, so we need to do our part. Master is currently formulating a plan, to destroy the Luminescent Dragon Pavilion soon, and seize that Dragon Crystal!’’

The evil being drawing on the array spoke as he worked.


The two evil beings continued to talk nonsense, but these words were clearly heard by the four disciples! They were overwhelmed with shock, cold jolts of electricity ran down their spines, they had never thought that the Luminescent Dragon Pavilion was in such great trouble!


Just then, a sound came out.

The two evil beings were stunned, they turned their heads, to see that the four disciples had already broken out of the ropes and were rushing towards the end of the cliff.

’’Not good! The offerings are escaping!’’

’’Give chase now!’’

The two evil beings shouted loudly.

But the four of them had already jumped down the cliff, and were quickly gone.

The two evil beings did not jump down the cliff, but just stood there, looking down at the rapid river. One of the evil being took the order badge from his waist and imbued Spirit Qi into it, activating the order badge.

’’Master, we are done with the Luminescent Dragon Pavilion, I believe the disciples will quickly return to the sect with this information!’’

’’You've done well. Now that the Luminescent Dragon Pavilion is done, go on to the next one quickly, complete it before anything comes up from the divine Cloud Immortal palace, at the same time, don't gather attention to yourselves.’’

’’Yes, Master!’’


As the azure blue ocean formed ripples, two figures were sparring at quick speeds on an empty space near the bay, rounds after rounds of vast and intense sword images twirling all around, the terrifying sword concepts shattering the boulders around, falling into the water, forming the ripples.

The two people have been going at it for half an hour, before deciding to stop.

Feng Ling Sheng's foot movements were gentle, he landed on the ground steadily, while Su Yun flew down quickly, his footwork was not as gentle and agile as Feng Ling Sheng's, but was instead bizarre and tyrannical. Upon landing, the ground trembled, the force resonated into the sea, forming a wave.

’’Just a bit more and you will enter the fourth stage of the Spirit Star Realm!’’

Feng Ling Sheng laughed and said.

’’But this last part is the most difficult, after entering the Spirit Star Realm, every increase in stage requires so much time, I think that if I do not meet with any more fortuitous encounters, I am afraid I will have difficulty breaking through in a short time.’’

Su Yun put the Immortal Mystical Scarlet Blood Sword down and sighed.

’’Who says that you need to have a fortuitous encounter to break through?’’ Feng Ling Sheng shook his head and chuckled: ’’In truth, other than those encounters, there are many other ways for you to break through much easier, do you want me to teach you one?’’

Hearing that, Su Yun's eyes lit up, and said: ’’Feng Ling Sheng, quickly tell me, what method do you have?’’

’’Simply put, as long as you force yourself to your limit, as long as a human's potential is being forced to completely open, the distance to break through will not be far, if not, why would every increase in grade have an increase in difficulty? That is because the higher the cultivation, the higher the potential, and if the potential cannot be unleashed, then naturally you cannot break through!’’

’’Then how does one go about unleashing his potential?’’

’’The most simple method is to fight someone stronger than you!’’

’’Haven't I been always fighting with you?’’

’’I am not talking about sparring, but a life and death duel!’’ Feng Ling Sheng laughed.

’’Life and death duel?’’ Su Yun frowned.

’’Only at the line between life and death will a person's potential be forced out. Blind practice and gaining enlightenment on the sword will prove to be a difficult way to break through, whether or not you are training or being enlightened, these are just done in practice and will never unearth a person's potential, or help whatsoever.’’

After listening to that, Su Yun started to scratch his chin as he started thinking.

A life and death struggle. Su Yun had experienced that many times, but without question, he had always relied on the power of treasures to earn victories, and luck had played a large part as well. He had rarely truly used his own strength to fight it out, so he didn't even understand the potential that he had in him.

’’I understand it now!’’

Su Yun took a deep breath and stood up to leave.

Feng Ling Sheng smiled as he watched Su Yun's back, a trace of loneliness flashing past his eyes.

Three days later.

Ku Jin Ming had sent people back earlier to report to the Profound Sky Sect regarding the divine Cloud Immortal palace's reply.

Almost the same as Chang Yu Xie, the words that Ku Jin Ming brought with him did not have any other result, except infuriating Shangguan Mei Yang once again, and was almost killed. Ku Jin Ming's attitude was already obedient, and under the helplessness of needing to pass on his Sect Leader's words, even if he did not want to offend her, he had to. Luckily, because Ku Jing Ming and the others maintained their humble attitude, Shangguan Mei Yang did not make a move, but the divine Cloud Immortal palace's stance was clear, regardless of anything, they would not hand Qing'er over.

No one knew what the divine Cloud Immortal palace had to contend against the Profound Sky Sect, but seeing that Shangguan Mei Yang had no qualms in killing the Profound Sky Sect's people, they knew that the divine Cloud Immortal Palace was not simple.


Near the Profound Sky Sect enchantment barrier to the outside world.

A masked figure quickly flew over, and when he approached the barrier, the few guardian disciples from the mountain range appeared.

’’Please produce your order badge.’’

One of the disciple asked.

Upon seeing the order badge, the disciple immediately cupped his fists and bowed: ’’So it's Master Sly! This subordinate will open the enchantment barrier and see Master Sly off!’’

’’Quickly do it then.’’ Sly, who was Su Yun, took back his order badge and said indifferently.


Rumble rumble rumble!

The enchant barrier opened up, and Su Yun immediately flew through it, heading to the outside.

After a few kilometres away from the Profound Sky Sect, Su Yun took out the Shadow Locket and established communication with Great Obscure.

’’Have you checked on it? Where Ku Jin Ming is going, how much longer will it take for him to reach the Profound Sky Sect, is everything clearly investigated?’’

’’Reporting to Master, we have already checked clearly with the messenger, Ku Jin Ming will return to the Profound Sky Sect from the south east direction, Ku Jin Ming is a fourth stage Spirit Star Realm cultivator, his speed of travel is unknown, and we're unable to confirm the time, but we get that he is quickly arriving.’’

’’Good! Well done.’’

Su Yun placed the locket down and immediately activated Swift Wind Spirit Qi and flew off.

~To find someone with equal strength as me for a life and death battle is extremely difficult, since Spirit Star cultivators are hard to find. The Profound Sky Sect has so many, it is truly shocking.~

~Since I need an opponent, Ku Jin Ming is naturally my best choice, finding him to break through is the most suitable option. If I win, not only will I break through, I will be able to kill him and get rid of a helper of the Profound Sky Sect and the matters after this will be much simpler.~

Thinking about that, Su Yun increased his speed, he removed his disguise and donned on a cape, retrieving the Immortal Mystical Scarlet Blood Sword, he stepped on his sword and flew forward.

The wind blew past his ears sharply, the scenery before him quickly flew past. After a long time, waves of Profound Spirit Qi came up ahead of him.

Su Yun activated the Heavenly Scale divine Eye and looked, immediately catching the location of Ku Jin Ming and his group.

’’They are truly here!’’

Su Yun's face turned gloomy, without any intent to hide, he activated all the Spirit Essences in his body and flew forward.

There were no sneak attacks or ambush! This time, it was a true challenge against a fourth Stage Spirit Star expert!

Just then, Ku Jin Ming who was ahead sensed his existence and shouted: ’’A Yin Spirit Qi! Who are you!’’


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