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Like Hell I’m Gonna Get Captured! - Chapter 9


Today is Sunday.

The day I go on a date!

With who? That would be with Kiho and Kaede-chan of course!

Today with those two, I'm going shopping at the neighboring district's mall!

At last, AT LAST, I'll be able to see those two in their casual clothes. I'm so ready.

I'm so so ready, that even though we're supposed to meet at 10 a.m. at the train station, I woke up at 5!

Today, the weather will soon become a nice, summer day it seems, so I wear a chiffon poncho, and boot-cut jeans.

Then, let's try choosing Sandal-boots.

I braided the hair on my head into a One-point bunch, even though it took too much effort.

But, it was something I had to do. If I'm going to be walking with the two of them, there's no way I can not put in effort.

That being the case, I casually put my outfit together, since although I'm so ready, I don't want to draw attention to myself.

Although it sounds difficult to do that, I feel that I was able to clear it by choosing denim.

When you want to dress casually, denim is probably the best choice.

Ah, you guys don't care right? Sorry-.

What? You want me to wear a culotte and knee-highs? Like I can do something so embarrassing.

Ah, by the way, about those two guys before, for some reason, they ate lunch together with us many times after that.

I don't think they have any ulterior motives, and Glas- Houzouin tells stories of his diligent chairman work, so I don't have any especially unpleasant feelings. About Brown-hair-piercing, Tatebayashi, despite having a annoyed face, he still eats with us, even though he doesn't have to be with us if he hates it that much.

Also, although I said I don't have any unpleasant feelings, it hasn't changed that my Healing Time is being obstructed.

However, I don't want to refuse their company because it's a delicate situation and I might ruin our relationship. It's a troubling matter.

Hm? Ah, it's almost time. I have to go.

’’Ah, Soraaa-!’’

Says Kiho who looks this way when I arrive in front of the station. A little bit away, she's energetically waving her hand.

Next to her is Kaede who was also already there. She looks this way and smiles. Those two's casual clothes are so cute yeah.

’’Morning you two.’’

’’Good morning. Your hair sure is cute-.’’

’’Morninggggggg! You have this somewhat Onee-san feeling going on!’’

While exchanging greetings, they also compliment me. If I were to say though, they're much cuter.

Kiho is wearing knee-high jeans with a long T-shirt, and with a sleeveless parka, she gives off a boyish feel.

Kaede-chan is flower-pattern long one-piece dress and a mesh-threaded knit sweater.

Man, with this, couldn't you say Onee-san's harem is complete!?

'You two are so much cuter.' While saying pickup lines like that, we embark on the train.

And, what do you think happens? Some smooth talker appears. As expected of our group of three, we really stand out wearing casual clothes.

’’Yo. Let me take you girls out for a meal. Let's have some fun together.’’

A guy with brown hair and a sculpted face comes to say. With his nose in the air, this guy is a little that.

I wonder how this guy can be so brazen. We aren't girls who went to an all-male school's festival or anything, so this guy is just normally picking up women. He probably hasn't lured in anyone yet.

Ah, by the way, there are two guys behind him. They have brown and white something mixed in with their dirty, light brown ron hair. Do they think they're B-kei or something? Also, their bodies are like wrapped up pigs.

What should I say. I want to say that we have the right to choose.

If I were to go out with these fools, going out with a guy in the same class would be countless hundreds of times better.

’’So? Let's go play yeah.’’

Yep. I can tell that he's the type of guy who if you reject normally will start to make a scene.

That's why I didn't tell him to kill himself and come back if he was reborn. What should I do...

’’Katagiri. What are you doing.’’

Hm? I wonder who said that, the fellow who said my name.

I turn my head around and see Brown-hair-piercing and Glasses, or rather, Tatebayashi and Houzouin.


Don't ’’'Sup’’ me. Why are you here?

Oh no, don't tell me it's that. The event where the heroine gets saved. Actually, why am I even meeting you two on my day off. Are you two stalking me?

’’Nothing much.’’

’’Really. Then, what's going on.’’

’’I'm being seduced.’’

I honestly reply.

If he says something like ’’deal with it,’’ he better be looking forward to having thumbtacks glued inside his indoor shoes everyday.

’’What kind of guy would... actually, nevermind.’’

’’Hey. You guys. These girls are ours, give it up.’’

Getting saved is good and all, but who did you say are yours? This bastard.

Still, the effect was instantaneous. The playboy guys scowl at Brown-hair-piercing, disperse, and go away.

’’Um...Thank you very much for saving us.’’

I docilely say my thanks.

Even though I was unwilling to because he said I was his!

’’Please pay it no mind. So, may I ask where is your group's destination?’’

Glas....Houzouin enquires.

Ew, why are you being so formal? You didn't do anything you know. It was all Brown-hair-pierce.

When I look at Brown-hair-pierce, he wryly smiles, as if saying 'don't worry about it.'

’’HeYyYyY! We are, you know, headed to the neighboring town's mall!’’

Ahh-, Kiho reveals everything.

’’Hehhh? What a coincidence. We're also planning on going there.’’

’’....You guys dating?’’

I hesitantly try asking. Though if they said yes, I sure would have trouble interacting with them haha!

’’....Katagiri-san. You know I don't swing that way right?’’

’’Me too. No way I'm dating Nobu.’’

Oh? Ohoho? Tatebayashi calls Houzouin ’’Nobu.’’

If I were to call him Nobu-chan from now on, I wonder what sort of face he would make. Let's try it out one day.

’’How about it, would you like to head to the shopping mall together? Of course, once we arrive, we're going our separate ways.’’

Says Houzouin. I was going to say 'Let's go shopping together,' and work him hard as our luggage carrier, but he spoke up first.

Well, I guess it's fine too if he becomes our guard.

’’Ehhh-? You don't want to go shopping together with us?’’

’’You just want me to carry your bags don't you?’’

When Kiho asks, Houzouin responded as such. Haha, he found out.


Yes, we've arrived at the mall.

The two guys have separated and gone off.

Eh? What's with the fast development? Do you really want a description of how we got off the train?

’’Yeahh! Where should we go first!?’’

Kiho is spreading her arms wide while in high spirits.

Although this is a shopping mall, it's really big. It just opened last year, but an exclusive train station was already made. It's so big that even 30 minutes wouldn't be enough to walk from one side of the premises to the other side. It's that big.

The large building which became the main building is inside the train station. Although I've come here to shop many times already, I haven't even once gone around the entire site. Usually, I get tired of walking in the end and head home in the evening.

’’First, how about we travel that way?’’

Kaede-chan's finger is pointing to the pet shop inside the main building.

I see, she wants to see the cats and dogs and other animals. How like her. Also, the Double Combo of cute cats plus cute girls would rapidly nourish the moe part of me.

There's no way I could object to that!

’’Good idea! Sora, are you okay with that!?’’

Kiho asks me. No objections.

With everyone's consent, we head towards the pet shop.


Although there are already some people in the pet shop, I don't pay any attention to them.

More importantly, the Nekos! The Inus! I hate Reptiles! Wait don't leave me behind!

’’There's so many animalsss-! Cute-!’’

’’They are very cute. I want to own one.’’

Kiho and Kaede-chan, attracted by the showcase, draw near it. Like that, they start looking at the nekos.

Those two start making funny faces. Ahh, this is good medicine for my eyes.

However, I also want to look at nekos. But, I also want to Moe these two. Ahh, but the nekos are calling me! Ca-Calm down. This is Koumei's Trap! Argh, even if it is a trap, I Want To Look At Nekos.

In the end, I did not gain victory over the allure of nekos.

Actually, the instant I saw the white-haired Maine Coon, my reasoning not just flew out the window but flew out beyond space.

Extraordinarily cute. Extraordinarily pretty. Ahhhh, I want to own one. I want one. So cutteee.

’’Excuse me customers, but if it would delight you, would you like you hold a neko?’’

A shop attendant comes to say. Is it okay if I hug one like a baby? If it is, I definitely want to hug one, but I don't have any money to buy one you know?

’’Fufu, this cat is very friendly and likes to be held. Please go ahead and hold her.’’

Fu, fufufun. If you tell me that, I can't hold back.

Shall we hug her... YAHHOI!!!

The shop attendant takes a neko out of the showcase and hands her over to me.

She's 70 days old, cute, and small. Also, when I extend my index finger, she starts sucking it with a cute *chu chu* sound.

Oh god. This neko is trying to kill me with moe. No, stop, I mustn't relax my face. Even though I'm aware of it, there's no sign that I'm going back to my normal face.

’’......The cats here are also cute, but right now, Sora is the cutest one here isn't she.’’

’’Fufu, yeah she is.’’

’’The shop attendant and the customers are almost all looking at Sora aren't they.’’

’’They sure areee.’’

Although I can hear Kiho and everyone's voices talking, the neko is too cute, so I don't care-....

Ah, but I came here because I planned on seeing Kiho and Kaede-chan's moe. I've lost sight of my goal... Nekos sure are cutteee.

’’Her expression is softening so much wow...’’

’’If the guys at the school were to see this, they would be killed in one hit.’’

’’.......Should I take a picture?’’

’’Ah, I'll also take one.’’

Ah, she just purred! How cuteee-... How dangerous-...

Ahh, I think I hear a camera noise from Kiho and Kaede-chan's direction. I have to tell them to stop... Cuteee.

I want one..... I want to raise one... If I beg dad, he'll buy one for me. Let's try begging him...

After 10 minutes of enjoying Neko, I try calling dad.

He has work today also, but I think it'll be okay if he talks on the phone a little bit. If it's not okay, I'll go beg mom.


’’Ah, sorry for bothering you during work. Can you talk a bit right now?’’

’’Aahh, no problem. What's the matter?’’

’’Actually, I have something that I really want, and I'm calling to ask your permission.’’

’’......How rare for you to be tempted by something. So, what is it that you want?’’

’’ I want a cat...’’


’’I'll look after her and train her. I'll also take her for immunizations. So...can I?’’

’’...... Well, I trust you. You're rarely so tempted by things.’’

’’'s okay?’’

’’Yeah. I have a day off next Sunday, so I'll go buy one then. Tell me the name of the store.’’

’’Thank you so very much!’’


Although my father is strict, If you diligently do your work, he's kind.

And I'm an honor student, who grew up never having said selfish things.

If I ask for something once in a while, it's usually given to me.

The stakes were high this time, so I was a little nervous, but everything was DAIJOUBU.

Our house will have a Neko! I feel so pumped up!

Afterwards, I talk to the store attendant, write down my address and telephone number, and a ’’Sold Out’’ sign was placed on the showcase.

Kiho and Kaede-chan are surprised that I'm buying a cat. ’’You're buying one!?’’ they exclaimed. I'm surprised that such a thought never occurred to me.

After leaving the pet shop, we go laugh at other various stores, err rather, we go window shopping and enjoy ourselves treating Kiho like a dress-up doll.

The boyish and cute-cool Kiho is the fundamental example of someone who can look good in anything.

Kaede-chan is having too much fun, and Kiho is keeping the fact that she's getting tired a secret.

Those two buy numerous pieces of clothing, and they're content.

Me? Honestly, I'm already satisfied being able to raise a neko that I don't really care about clothes and such.

I only bought a pair of Clark's Casual shoes because they were really nice.

On the way home, we run into Houzouin and Tatebayashi in front of the station.

Thanks to the neko, I'm in a good mood so I forgive them for travelling together with us. But still, aren't these guys actually stalkers?

On the train home, Tatebayashi becomes weary.

It looks like he was accompanying Houzouin around for an entire day.

Like this, he could make a good girlfriend. He should just be Houzouin's girlfriend, I grumble.

I'm being entirely serious. At least, he would make a good male companion.

I return home, and tell mom and brother that I bought a neko.

They approve ex-post-facto, but they aren't angry. My younger brother is genuinely looking forward to it, and mom tells me to diligently take care of her.

Of course I will. I will even put a cat bed inside my room. Actually, it would be even better to sleep together!

Ahh, the next weekend can't come fast enough.

It isn't even Monday yet.


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