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Like Hell I’m Gonna Get Captured! - Chapter 8


I am a cat. I still don't have a name.

Even though I'm not a cat, have a name, and some privacy here, let's not write that down.

First, I think I'll introduce myself a little.

I am an ordinary person in 1st year Class 3 who attends Ryuusen Academy High School. That is all.

At the time I entered my class, I had also won at life, I thought.

Anyhow, out of all these girls reminiscent of idols around me, I could definitely say one cute girl was above average.

She had some tendencies which were guy-like, but well, I wasn't going to question that.

It was more impossible than anything to be like those Ikemens who normally have girlfriends.

Realistically, if a girl were to go out with someone, it would be with someone above my level. Even though I was pretty good at academics in Middle School, sigh...

In academics and in love, I thought I would be walking with the winners in this school.

That is, until now.

First, academics. Allow me to be frank, I'm below this class's average.

I had to seriously study to enter this school. This was the difference between the talent we were born with.

And then, the Ikemens.

Speaking frankly here too, I've gotten used to them. When I saw them for the first time, I felt sick. Humans? Rather than that, I felt it was time to call them domesticated animals.

Those idols, are just attention hogs.

The most popular of them all was Katagiri Sora-san.

Long black hair, and strong-willed, almond-shaped eyes. Without fussing over getting a thin body, she had some exceptional proportions where it counted.

My height is around 170cm, so she's around 160cm. Her waist curves in more than other girl's, but that's not what's important, right?

This one guy was saying that this year's ’’Ryuusen Academy Rankings by People Who Want to be Stepped On’’ had been decided.

N? You're asking if we actually have that? If you enter the Underground World, you can't ever go back, you know?

Not a single person in the same class would confess to the most popular of all popular girls.

Why you ask? Because no matter how you looked at it, she hated guys. Even if she looked like she was having fun and happily smiling when she was talking to girls, if a guy started a conversation, her expression would instantly change to ice. Well, she did so while smiling, but her eyes were frozen over.

The instant I saw that face, I felt fear. Inside me, I heard a knocking sound on a new door.

If that door were to open, I probably wouldn't be able to go back. Because I felt that, I didn't advance towards it. It was seriously that dangerous. Nay, perhaps the door was already open. No, no, that couldn't be the case.

Alright! Let's just stop thinking. It's quite frightening.

And then, something happened in front of me when I was hanging out with my friend that made me regret entering this school.

That day, I went out with my friend from middle school to the streets.

We played around in the game center, and when we decided to take a break, we headed to a fast food store.

’’That girl is damn cute.’’

I heard my friend ask excitedly.

When I turned my eyes to look, certainly, a normal cute girl was walking. But her face wasn't one that you'd make a fuss about.

When I told my friend that, my friend had a face as if he saw something unbelievable. Then, when he tells me how we used to make a fuss about Cute! Cute! together in middle school, I realize my own abnormality.

Indeed, if it were the former me, when I saw that girl, I wouldn't have even dreamed of going out with her, he says.

If my hands touched someone else's, I would have delusions up until I heard church bells ringing, he says.

Ah? I have some terrible delusions? Shut uuuup. Go suck on a cherry.

I wouldn't say that I felt hopelessness when I realized it.

Without knowing that I didn't know, I had grown used to that abnormal class.

The result was that I said that the girl in front of me, who I thought was cute, was average. What a grave situation.

This was a problem that would seriously damage my future. By the time I noticed it, it was already too late.

But, I couldn't restrain the feeling of wanting to try to date a girl.

About that, I knew that I didn't have any preferences when it came to faces or rankings, but I decided in my heart that I would date someone with a good personality.

Humans aren't just a face. Haha-. In the end, I finally said something good.

What? I'm talking to myself? My badddd.


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