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Like Hell I’m Gonna Get Captured! - Chapter 7


My, Katagiri Sora's, mornings are brisk.

I wake up at 5:30 a.m. and go for a 30 minute jog. After coming back home, I shower, then make a lunch out of things I prepared overnight. It's usually 6:30 around this time. After 30 minutes of review, I change clothes and head down for breakfast. I relax until a little before 8, and then I head for school.

I usually arrive at 8:30. It's always like this.

Why did I suddenly talk about my mornings? Because today I changed my behavioral pattern.

Normally, I would comfortably waste time until 8, but I decided to forgo that and head to school.

Why? Because I thought I could put an end to all these detestable events.

I put the Florentines that I made yesterday into a paper bag, and my preparations to head to school are complete.

Yeah, I also prepared a portion for my younger brother. It would make me happy if he could enjoy them together with his friends.

By the way, the paper bag is hand made. Because I saw a page regarding how to on the internet, I bought an English newspaper and tried making one. It was surprisingly fun.

What? You don't care? Sorry .


To get to school, you exit the shopping district in front of the train station, and when you come to the national highway, then you go straight. It's easy to remember.

Right now at this moment, it is slightly before 8. I don't see anyone else who looks like they're from my school.

There's a sports ground a little bit aways from me. I can hear them encouraging each other during their morning training.

I arrive at the school entrance. I wonder if there's anyone here, so I look around, but it's silent, and there isn't a single person.

Fufufu, I won. What did I win? No idea. But I felt like saying it so I said it.

I enter the classroom, and just as I thought, there is no one here.

Why does an empty classroom feel so good? There's this sense of emptiness you can't feel normally, and there's this peculiar pathos feeling.

Now then, what should I do.

I have 30 minutes more than usual. I want it to pass by quickly, but there's nothing to do.

Since I'm free, let's do some more reviewing. I brought my books for tomorrow as well. Let's do that.

Though I said review, I end up just staring at my textbook and my notebook. While I'm doing that, I hear the classroom door open with a rattle.

When I turn my face in that direction, I'm looking at Glas-, Houzouin's surprised face.

Hehhh? So he comes this early? As expected of someone with that kind of face. He is a diligent student.

’’.....Good morning.’’

I'm greeted by Houzouin. It's the first time he's greeted me, but he says it quite sharply.

I wonder if he holds a grudge about yesterday's chairman decision. Although I'm aware that I was quite rude, that was something I had to do.

Yes, the fault lies with everyone in the class. Still, I'm sorry.

’’Good morning.’’

I greet him, and our conversation ends.

Houzouin sits in his own seat and starts reading. Now there are two people in the classroom.

What's with this. This unpleasant atmosphere. Anyone will be fine, so someone hurry and come!

Shortly thereafter, according to my wishes, Kaede-chan enters the room.

Indeed, the moment a girl enters the room, the dreary atmosphere in the classroom is dispelled, just like an angel alighting upon a world covered extensively by grasslands. I'm just exaggerating.

It's the truth though that I was rescued from this unpleasant atmosphere.

’’Oh my, good morning Sora-san.’’

She's probably surprised that I'm here.

After showing a surprised face for an instant, she smiles and greets me.

’’Good morning to you too, Houzouin-kun.’’

’’......Good morning.’’

Is that sharp way of speaking just his normal speaking style?

You should be honored that you had the pleasure of being greeted by my dear angel Kaede-chan. For that response, you deserve death!

Like thaaat would ever happen. If that's his normal speech, then he doesn't hold a grudge about the chairman thing. Maybe he's a good guy.

’’Kaede-chan, morning.’’

I greet Kaede-chan who sits in her seat.

’’Good morning. You sure are early today.’’

’’Yeah. I came early so I could avoid being involved in troublesome events.’’

I say while making a wry smile. Kaede-chan also smiles wryly.

’’Looking at that expression, it seems you succeeded at avoiding trouble.’’

’’Yeah. From now on, I'll be coming at this time.’’

While saying that, I think I'm making a ill-humored face, remembering the considerable trouble due to the morning confessions.

If that's not the case, please tell me that my face looks fine.

’’Oh right. I brought some sweets that I baked today. Let's eat them together with Kiho during lunch.’’

’’What a great idea! What sweets did you happen to make?’’

’’A sweet called Florentines. Do you know of them?’’

’’I have had some that I have bought, but I have never made any. I am looking forward to it.’’

In the middle of that conversation, Kaede-chan's eyes become big, she smiles, and her facial expression becomes pleasant.

Cuuuuuteee. Do you understand? For a prim, high-class lady like her, just one sweet will be enough to change her expression into one of pleasure. This is MOE!

Afterwards, the classroom becomes noisy as the number of people increases. Kiho enters the classroom.

She has this cheerful ambience as if she's humming or singing. All the while I'm being healed by her cuteness.

’’Moooooorninggggggg! Huh? Sora's here!’’

'Whyyyy-!!!' says the astonished Kiho.

Is it really that weird that I'm here before you? I guess it is weird, since I've never done so until now.

What I explained to Kaede-chan I once more explain to Kiho, and we reach an understanding.

And then, I tell her about the Florentines that I baked, and she yells, ’’IS IT LUNCH TIME YET!?’’ as if saying it would make it come faster.

Kiho? Class hasn't even started yet you know?


Alright. It is the long awaited lunch break.

Well, only Kiho was really looking forward to it, but still. Jeez, don't hurry me. I'm being troubled.

’’Alright! Bring out the sweets!’’

Kiho says when we sit at our usual table and open our lunch boxes. Her eyes are burning a hole in the paper bag.

Nono, we should eat our lunches first. Sweets will come after.

’’Kiho-chan. Shall we eat our lunches first?’’

See, Kaede-chan also agrees! I'm glad. If Kaede-chan says that she wants to eat them first too, I wouldn't be able to refuse.

Kiho understands, so while displeased, she assents. Although she's a glutton, she's a good girl who listens to others.

’’Ohh, so there you are.’’

All of a sudden, I hear a voice from behind me. Glas- Houzouin and Brown-hair-piercing are standing there.

What business do you have with me? I'm here eating with two cute girls. Can't you see I'm busy?


’’Nothing, nothing. I was just curious about the Florentines you spoke of this morning. I believe you remember how you threw cold water on me (figuratively) yesterday during the chairman matter.’’


This guy, there's no way he wouldn't hold a grudge.

Giving him one sweet as apology for that is a simple matter. Rather, I'm more sore that my precious Healing Time is being obstructed,

Hey wait, why is Brown-hair-piercing also with you? Were these two always on good terms with each other?

Ah, did I also owe Brown-hair-piercing something?

........Fiiiine. Looks like I have to. I'll return the favors I owe them both right here.

’’I understand. Since I've always want to thank .......this guy, for helping me earlier, would you two like to dine together?’’

Yep. I have no idea what his name is.

What, he introduced himself on the first day? As if I would listen to an introduction from him.

’’Could it be, that you don't know this guy's name?’’

Houzouin, let's read the atmosphere, 'kay? This is why you're called Glasses.

’’Nono, that's not the case.’’

’’Then, try saying my name.’’

Hey, Brown-hair. Don't ask me that while smirking at me! Shit!

Calm down-. I get a feeling that his last name is Date.

Hmmmmmmm........Alllright I got it! Go my sixth-sense!


’’When you say it like it's a question, I doubt you really know...... My name is Tatebayashi Terumune.’’

.......Are you THAT family!? I expect people's dads to know!

Anyone! Anyone reading this! Is there a Nihonmatsu-sama!? (No idea what's going on lol)

Fuu. Calm down. He's not Date, he's Tatebayashi. I did not raise a flag in Nihonmatsu.

’’Please excuse me. Allow me to reintroduce myself. I am Katagiri. Pleased to meet you, Tatebayashi-kun.’’

I put my outer appearance in order, and try giving a fixed version of my introduction while lightly greeting him.

Former Brown-hair-piercing, now Tatebayashi Terumune, also greets me. If he's thinking any disrespectful things about me, none if it leaked out.

’’I have been wondering for awhile. Are you two close?’’

Kaede-chan, interested in their relationship, asks. Omega Good Job.

’’Ahh. He and I were inseparable since Kindergarten.’’

Houzouin explains to us. Except they should go rot in hell.

’’Katagiri-san, do you have something to say?’’

Ah, Glasses's eyes aren't smiling. Uh oh.

’’Nothing. It's great that you two get along.’’

Brown-hair-piercing clicks his tongue.

Oh he's shy! He's showing signs of it. He's a Tsundere. Let's think of him like that.

Afterwards, the five of us eat our lunches, and then we eat the Florentines.

I'm glad they liked it. Kiho was like a squirrel, not saying anything and nibbling on the Florentines one by one. At the same time I was smiling, I felt like I was dying from the moe.

If there weren't two guys here, I would've taken a picture.

Ah, these two guys were different from ones I've met before. Not once did their eyes turn depraved. How should I say this, the feeling I see coming from them is like a feeling of equality.

Well, maybe because they're Ikemen that women don't feel troubled. Still, Ikemen should explode.

If it's those two, since I don't feel afraid around them, I feel like I won't not be able to make friends with them.

’’You like this don't you?’’


’’This intense mood.’’

’’What are you talking about?’’

’’Let's do it.’’

’’I have no idea what you're saying.’’

’’Yeah I thought you wouldn't.’’


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