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Like Hell I’m Gonna Get Captured! - Chapter 21


’’Ehh, tomorrow is summer break. Don't frolic around too much;play in moderation. Also, as for your after-summer debut, there is only a sad outcome waiting for you, so let us all decide to not. After that, is let's see. Those of you who were not able to put a close on a subject, a fun, fun supplementary class awaits you. Please make sure to properly come attend, except for those of you who just can't help but want to attend.

Says Deer (Read: Sensei) as he decides to put a close on this semester's final homeroom.

This may be sudden, but one school term ends today. No, even if I'm told that 'isn't that too sudden,' nothing happened, so it can't be helped.

If I were compelled to say, we reserved the cottage that we decided as our destination and went to cheer on the baseball club. That's about it I think?

Our destination, due to its nice, pretty ocean and that its price wasn't that much either, was decided to be Niigata.

The beach of the Sea of Japan is pretty after all you know. Of course, it can't be called cobalt blue, but it's clear, a clearness that you absolutely can't see anywhere in the vicinity of Kanto. Well, it's a different story if we're talking about Izu though.

But, if you want me to speak the truth about why Niigata, it's because I wanted to eat seafood from the Sea of Japan. It comes down this you know.

And, about me cheering on the baseball club. As you would expect, it's impossible to go on a weekday, but when there's a match on a day with no school, the school coerces you to go unless you absolutely have a reason not to. Though, the members of the baseball club and the people in the brass band went to help the holiday service.

I like baseball, and I also find watching sports games to be fun, so honestly, is it really coercion then? I think to myself.

Well, it'll also be advertising for the school, so regardless of whether you're on the school's side, they'd want to liven up the event. That's probably what they're thinking.

By the way, Sanada-kun, with the number 10 on his back, was relied on from the start his batting order was third and rather than a baseball game, it turned out more like a baseball manga.

A warrior-like Ikemen, he was amazing as the pitcher, and even as the batter, he was entrusted with cleanup. How do I say this, I think the world is crying out, 'Unreasonable...'

’’Oh yes yes. You have been told this at the closing ceremony, but one more time. You must participate in cheering at the baseball club's region tournament as a general rule. And, if for some reason you are in a situation where you cannot go, please let me know beforehand. Also, if we manage to make it to Koshien stage, then it will be mandatory for first and second years to participate. In this case as well, if you are in a situation where you cannot go, please report me to beforehand.’’

Deer in his postscript repeats what was said at the closing ceremony. Why is it mandatory I wonder, really. There's a cheering fan club right, and even a parent's association where people gather. It's probably that... if not a single student shows up to cheer at Koshien, then we would lose face...

Well, as I said before, I like baseball, so I'm fine with it. The pro team I was cheering on was always for many years the lowest in rank, so let's watch some high school baseball and get soothed, yes, let's.

Since they were that weak, it was said that the original leading hitter gleefully left the Harbor's with delight. Well, with all the buying and stuff this year, the various affected teams' atmospheres have changed considerably, so maybe they'll finally become the team I'd been waiting for.

Yes, I shall persevere and cheer them on, mhm.

Oops, the conversation has considerably and momentously strayed from the subject.

I had thought that complaints would erupt from the others students after hearing mandatory participation, but how unexpectedly unexpected there was not a single one.

’’I dunno if all y'all know, but we gotta cheer for Sanada Ye-ah!’’

’’If Sanada wins this for us, I'll be fine if summer break is shorten'd a bit!’’

’’Sanada-kun, go wreck them!’’

’’Yo, if we make it to Koshien, let's go Osaka sightseeing and eat 'till we drop!’’

Everyone, was kinda like that. Aren't these guys too chummy. In times like these, I think the class's intimacy is very good, or actually, it's easy to get into the mood.

But, last guy. It's unfortunate, but Koshien is in the Hyogo prefecture in Nishinomiya. Well, from Nishinomiya to New Osaka is only about 20 minutes.

Well, this festive mood is due to a baseball club member being in the same class, and Sanada-kun is also a good person, so that's probably more than enough. I wonder if there's a class with no members of the baseball club, or a class with no classmates going to the match. Unless there is considerable hatred of baseball, that won't happen right...

’’Then, until the new school term, stay safe, and be well!’’

Homeroom is over with that one line from Deer, and with the rattling of seats going on, everyone, while saying things like, ’’See~ yah~ Sensei,’’ leave the classroom with their friends. Everyone will get together again after several days to cheer though anyhow. It's probably a 'beauty of style' thing. Nn? Was I a little wrong?

’’Sora~ Let's go home?’’

’’Nn, let's.’’

Being told by Kiho, I also hurriedly prepare to go home.


’’Aa~aa. I'm fine with going to cheer, but being forced to isn't...’’

Kiho grumbles that abruptly on the way home. Well, certainly, that's exactly right I think.

’’Well, certainly. Kiho, do you not really get baseball?’’

’’Nnya? I like it, baseball. But, being forced to watch is a little you know... I occasionally watch, so it's interesting yeah!’’

’’As for me, the extent to which I understand the rules is very insignificant, so honestly speaking, even spectating a game is tedious......’’

’’Kaede-chan, do you not have much interest in baseball?’’

’’Indeed that is so. The only image I have of baseball, is a father spectating in the living room while drinking a beer.’’

Kaede-chan herself says that, and she bitterly smiles. No, well, that image is, generally suitable, how do I put it, in my previous life, I would be in the outfield bleachers with a beer in one hand and making noise, so I can't really object to that, I mean. Ahaha.......

Ye~ah, after that kind of conversation, now I don't what to go watch pro baseball again... Maybe we should go sometime... Not drinking a beer is a disheartening;I'll have to hang on until I become an adult.

’’One day, if there's a chance, want to go watch pro baseball together? Maybe watching and cheering while going 'wai~wai~' will be something unexpectedly fun?’’

’’Will it be something like that?’’

Yes, it will be something like that.

’’If we do go, what match should we go watch?’’

’’Eh? It doesn't really matter where we go, but I would be happy to see the Harbor's match.’’

Asked by Kiho, I respond, but it doesn't have to be the Harbor's. Though I'll be happy to see the Harbor's, I don't expect them to be fans. I also don't intend on forcing them to be another fan.

Hence, we'll go to whatever competition, doesn't really matter if you're not a fan, as long as we genuinely enjoy ourselves.

’’......Aren't they weak?’’

B-Be quiet! Isn't it fine if they're weak!? They'll get strong from now after all! They have a lot of prospective players in the future, and the Harbor's leader is a great person and a good player!

’’.......They'll get stronger here out *pout*’’

’’How pure.’’

’’If that pureness were to be turned towards guys, she would definitely be popular at the present time. It would seem to me that she would be even more amazing.’’


’’’’What a waste.’’’’

Wh,Why did we go down this direction...? Moreover, why are they so synchronized...?

While talking about things like that, we return home.

For a short while after this, I won't be using this road to school. I'm lonely.

Well, we'll have that again in a couple days. Still lonely.


Time passes, and the end of July approaches.

We will go to the beach at the start of August, and there's still one more week. I'm really looking forward to it, but before that, I take the road to school, and as far as Sanada-kun is concerned, an important match is awaiting him, so the entire school has to go cheer him on.

At any rate, if this match is won, there's Koshien. In other words, the final of the region tournament is today.

Eh? What about the matches up until now? No, did I already depict a called game and the great score difference?

Today is the championship, so I have no doubt that the match will develop and become very tense. Also, it seems that our opponents went to Koshien this spring.

’’Sora~! Mo-rning~!’’

We arranged to meet in front of the station as usual, and Kiho as always energetically comes to hug me. I'm glad, but the impact is reasonably terrifying, and it gets hot after awhile, so I'd like her to refrain.

Well, I didn't say that though! To have the cute, cute Kiho clinging to me, there's no way I can tell her to stop!

’’Hey! Hey! What obento did you bring?’’

Before I return her greeting, Kiho asks me with fiery, shining eyes.

Actually, because the cheering this time straddles lunch time, there was a need for an obento. So, that's why this conversation flowed to what I made at this time.

Speaking at length, while I was in the process of thinking, 'what should I make,' I was told by Kiho and Kaede-chan, 'let's swap lunch boxes. Your food is delicious, Sora, and it'll make us happy.' And then I realized that if I made everyone's portions, I would be able to see their eating-delicious-food faces, and then wouldn't I be happy too, so I proposed that to them.

It's unreasonable for me to habitually make someone's bento, but in times like this kind of event, it's fine right.

As you would expect, the two showed reservation, saying that this was something quite sinful, but I persisted. The two of them then asked for proper work.

’’Fried chicken, tamago yaki, Inarizushi, all sorts.’’

’’Hohho~! Looking forward to it~! I cut a lot of fruit for dessert, but is that really enough?

Isn't the amount of work allotted to me strange?’’

’’I have also prepared for us drinks and paper cups, but I as well am starting to have that feeling.’’

’’It's fine it's fine. I was having fun.’’

Yes, I was actually having fun. Or rather, I was having so much fun, and I made too much.’’

Today's menu is Gomoku Inari (Gomokuzushi) for the main dish. The Gomoku Inari has carrots, dried shiitake mushrooms, Hijiki seaweed, white sesame seeds, and daikon radish in it. It's probably rare for there to be daikon radish in it, but it a gives a nice accent to the consistency, so I recommend it. It would say it's more my style of Inari than my family's style.

Next, the tamago yaki. I tried preparing the normal Dashi Rolls, ones with Nori seaweed in it, ones with spring onions in them, and ones with cheese in them. Isn't it exciting when there's all sorts of flavors? That's why I went try-hard.

After that, Chikuzenni. With carrots properly cut into decoration plum blossoms. Appearances are important you know!

Last are the things like fried chicken and salad. Of course, I included potato salad. Potato salad is Justice. I am a lover of potato salad. First time you've heard of it? Yeah, that's because it's the first time I said it!

Since I cooked with those kinds of fun feelings, I made enough to fill a 3-tiered food box. Yes I made too much no matter how you think about it, truly, thank you very much.

Well, if there's any leftovers, let's give them to those three people. Yeah let's. Imagawa-kun was surrounded by girls who said, 'I made a bento for you,' before at school, so it'll be tough to share with him maybe. I kinda have an image that he can't refuse them.

’’Kiho, what fruits did you bring?’’

’’Uuu~mm. Pears~ and cherries~ and also oranges! I'm using a cold pack so they stay cold!’’

Nice, nice! I'm neutral to cherries, but pears and oranges are some of my favorite fruits. I'm so happy.

Then, when I ask about the amount, again, that's also certainly too much for three people. We're going to share;it's settled.

’’......Somehow only I, did not spend much time, and my contributions are cheap, please excuse my failure.’’

Says Kaede with a sensitive expression. Nononono, with your contribution, we can now enjoyably eat our lunches, right?

In this world, even if you go camping just for fun, you need other people to prepare the food, and then someone to tidy up after eating right!? Kaede-chan, I don't think there's any need for you to be so apologetic! You prepared paper plates and paper cups, and even chopsticks for us! After filling the food box, your job becomes invaluable. And if I were to individually prepare each one of them, it would prove difficult and unwieldy, and that's no good right. Thanks why you were a great help.

Nn? What was that camp comment about? It was an anecdote dammit!

’’It's fine. Drinks for three people are unexpectedly the heaviest, and you even prepared the tableware things for us. I'm sorry for pushing such unwieldy and annoying work onto you.’’

’’N-Not at all! Nothing of the sort. Just, as far as effort goes, I feel that I had it the easiest.’’

’’It's fine~! It was just by chance this time! Next time, you'll have the most strenuous job probably, Kaede~’’

After hearing our conversation, Kiho interjects while smiling. Cute. But, much more importantly, I knew these two were good kids, I think to myself.

I don't think I can really be like Kaede-chan who thinks before she speaks, and isn't it amazing how Kiho can so easily wash away people's troubles? It's not unlikely that some people might have wanted to take advantage of them.

Fufu, I'm so glad I became friends with these two. This is bliss.

’’Nn? Sora~? What~cha smiling about?’’

I'm interrupted by Kiho. Huh, so I was smiling? I was completely unaware.

’’Nothing really? Just, I was thinking, what nice kids you two are.’’

I say and sweetly smile. The two make surprised expressions. What's the matter? Am I someone who so rarely makes that kind of whole-hearted smile? It's rare. Yeah, I feel like this was the first time I made something like a sweet smile. It is super rare.

’’......Just now, I wonder why. I saw Sora as an older Onee-san.’’

’’Ah, I understand. I felt something like a motherly feeling, or rather, nn-......How do I describe it well hmm. Should I feel bashful, or should I feel happy......Ah, it is like that. It is like a younger sister-like happiness when an older sister is nice to you. Sadly, I do not have an older sister, and therefore I cannot really comprehend......’’

’’Yeahyeah, I understood even without you saying it! Also, there's that vague feeling like she's a mother right!’’

’’Yes, yes! Though it is awkward, I feel like I want to be praised even more!’’

’’Ah~ I get it!’’

’’......Uh, I do not really know what this conversation is about, but it is really embarrassing.’’

They put on serious expressions and start having a conversation about a matter I am not really sure of. I think I would like them to stop.

It is very embarrassing. Just, what do they think I am, to have this much stuff said about me just from single, sweet smile. Ehh.

In actuality, my previous life's memories match that of someone older. Although I'm considerably calmer than children of the same age group, I still get embarrassed you know. They probably won't stop this kind of ambiguous, and also embarrassing, way of being praised. No, happiness is happiness right? But, it's embarrassing. And that takes precedence.

’’I, always wanted that kind of Onee-san.

’’Ah~ me too. I have younger sisters and brothers, but I wanted an Onee-chan. If she's Sora, that'd be the best.’’

’’Fufu, what about your family's kids?’’

’’Nn~ troubling. They're loud, but I like my younger brothers and sisters, though Sora as an Onee-chan would be amazing. That......since we're of the same age, shouldn't our birthdays decides who's the older sister?’’

’’That would be that case?’’

’’Sora, when did you say your birthday was again? I probably wasn't listening.’’

I'm asked by Kiho after the weird stream of older sister comments. Now that she mentions it, I've probably never said it.

Wait, I don't even know Kiho and Kaede-chan's birthdays! Aren't I guilty of this terrible crime? What a close call yo.


’’What day may I ask?’’

’’Strangely, the 24th. I don't really know if it's auspicious or almost-but-not-quite.’’

’’......For the typical Japanese, it would be auspicious, but for an international perspective, I feel like you might be told, 'so close yet so far.'’’

’’Certainly, that might be the case. So, Kiho and Kaede-chan, when are yours?’’

This is something I have to hear. I just gotta pay them a visit with a cake and present combo on their birthday!

’’Mine's September 20th! Fuffuu~n. Looks like I'm more Onee-san than Sora!’’

’’So in that case, would Sora-san become Kiho-chan's younger sister?’’

’’......To be the older sister of this flawless superwoman younger sister, my dignity ahhhhh......Not like this.’’

’’So mean!?’’

To hate this kind of younger sister that much, I think that is obviously too cruel. Well, even I would dislike having a younger sister like myself!

’’Then, when's yours Kaede-chan I wonder?’’

’’Mine's would be January the 10th. It is easy if you remember it as 110.’’

’’In that case, Kaede-chan becomes the youngest sister I reason?’’

’’I would be so. Fufu, please do your best and take care of me and Kiho onee-chan together, Sora onee-chan.’’

’’So cruel!!?’’

There's no helping it if it's Kiho, since her normal behavior is a little that. ’’Isn't 'take care of' an exaggeration,’’ I didn't not think to myself, but then I recalled her normal behavior and regrettably assented.

Also, honestly, being called Onee-chan by Kaede-chan made my heart race. I was so ecstatic.

Ah, looking back, Riku called me Onee-chan at first... But, now he calls me Nee-chan, giving a sort of rough feeling sadly.

Won't he ever call me Onee-chan again... I mean, when Riku called me that, he was super cute... No, I mean, he is still my cute younger brother now. But, right?? Onee-chan. Rather than being called Nee-chan, I want to be called Onee-chan more okay, okay younger brother?

Also, Riku's birthday is March 3rd. Riku is a serious maiden.

’’So out of all of us, the very first birthday celebration will be Kiho's correct?’’

Kaede-chan says as if asking for confirmation.

That would be the case. Kiho's birthday huh-? I wonder what present would make her happy? Well, there's still about two months to go, so there's no need to hurry and think about it. But, but would be good...

’’Man~ So Sora is also going to celebrate with me this year?~ I'm happy~ Ah, I'd like a cake as Sora's birthday present please!’’

Kiho raises her hands and requests, but I planned to make a cake from the very beginning so don't worry.

It's what else to prepare besides that that is confounding.

’’I'm going to bake a cake so don't worry. Is there something else that you've been wishing for?’’

’’Nn~......Then a simple shortcake!’’

’’Understood. I'll remember it for the future.’’

’’Ah, um.’’

Nn? After discussing about a birthday cake with Kiho, I'm diffidently talked to by Kaede-chan. What's the matter?

’’Um, I am very sorry for my impudent manner, but if at all possible, on my birthday as well, I would like a cake to be baked, or so I was thinking........’’

......I'm surprised. She said that she was very sorry and impudent with an extremely apologetic tone for a matter of such obviousness after all, that's why I was surprised. It was so cute, that I thought I had a nosebleed.

’’Of course, isn't it settled that I'll bake one? What are you going on about?’’

’’Thank you very much. I am happy.’’

When I smile and say so, Kaede-chan happily breaks into a smile and thanks me.

Obedient, considerate, but also easily influenced. That's Kaede-chan, though there are also parts of her that are too reserved.

Well, it's nothing bad, but I wish she wouldn't hold back with me.

Ah, I meant that in times when she should just go with the flow, I wish she wouldn't hold back! I meant that in a normal sense!

Moving on, because we have arrived at the classroom, shall we end our conversation here?

Ah, truthfully, we have already walked from the front of the station to school. Manー going to school together with cute girls is fun.


Alright, we have arrived at the baseball stadium and are currently in the middle of cheering with great admiration.

Nn? What happened to the homeroom at school you ask? I cut it out. I cut out that Deer's (Read: Sensei) not important talk.

Currently, we are sitting in the infield bleachers next to first base, but why are Houzouin, Tatebayashi, and Nabeshima-kun also sitting next to us.

Well, I was planning on sharing my bento with these people anyway, so I do not really mind sitting close to them. But, why? is what I am pondering.

Imagawa-kun is surrounded by girls from other classes, and it looks like he cannot move around. How amazing. Every single girl is trying to reach next base while continuing to appeal to Imagawa-kun. Somehow, it's a sight that makes me worry about Imagawa-kun's stomach.

By the way, slightly before being surrounded, he decided to come with a group of three guys, but that's a secret.

It's not what you think, I only have pity left for them, so it's a secret.

(Note: I know nothing about baseball jargon. Don't kill me plz)

Alright, let's talk about the baseball game.

Today's starter is Sanada-kun. Disregarding that upperclassman with the number 1 on his back, it's amazing how he's a starter in the finals. Incidentally, it seems his batting average ratio is over 5 this tournament. He's on the verge of being a monster.

Well, the safe-hit record holder of the Major League, that guy, when he was a third year, surpassed a batting average of 7 in his district tournament it seems, and over three years, his total batting average was also at 5 or so. If compared to that, Sanada-kun is normal. Yes, I noticed that the guy I'm comparing him too his out of proportion.

But, the finals of the district tournament were entrusted to him, a first year. He's third to bat. Moreover, he can partly pitch at 140km (87mph). Is this real life?

You know, when talking normally, he's quiet, but an ordinary person. But that person now, when he displayed a scene of him actually being an ingenious person, what, I was a little you know...

I noticed that Sanada-kun is an existence distant from me. It's a feeling like being a maiden in love. Although I'm not at all, I feel a little lonely.

He's normally quiet and aloof, but also a baseball prodigy type. ......Ah, is this that Gap Moe thing?

No, I really don't know though.

By the way, subsequently, the opposing team's pitcher seems to be that player who is regarded as very like to be nominated as a pro this fall.

If you're asking why I mentioned him subsequently, at the present, he's at the same level as Sanada-kun okay? There's no real reason.

The match moves to the bottom of the third.

It's been a quite subdued no-hitter so far, but #9 is yielded a hit, and #1 is on base due to Error, and then #2 gets a base on balls. With this, it's now two outs and bases loaded. Then, Sanada-kun as #3, makes a splendid 2 point, run-batted-in hit to the front right. We've taken the lead with this.

All the way until the fifth inning, Sanada-kun, with 140kph straight balls and curve balls that randomly, sharply break, continues to add one point to his Game Score.

Shortly each time after Sanada-kun records an out, high-pitched 'Kya~Kya~' cheering shrieks out, and the crowd goes wild.

Well, honestly speaking, Sanada-kun is dashing even in my eyes right now, so it's inevitable I think.

Alright, let's have him join the Harbor's in the future. If I start brainwashing (Read: persuading) him now, surely, he'll want to join the Harbor's for me, no doubt. Alright, let's work hard, at brainwashing (Read: persuading).

So, the fifth inning ends, and it's 2-0 Ryuusen.

Then, since it is now lunch, we will eat our obentos.

’’Lu-unch~, Lu-unch~ De-light-ful~ De-lightful lu-unch~ ♫’’

Kiho is singing some strange song, but it is cute, so I will let it slide.

’’That strange song, what is it?’’

’’Nn? The afternoon lunch song!’’


Tatebayashi comments on the unusual song, but as he received an excessively blunt answer in reply, he is stunned.

I get it. Your reaction, I totally understand it. But, you know, this cuteness will eventually rub off on you.

’’Huh? There is an almost too delicious smell.’’

Houzouin says, looking this way when I take out the food-box and ask Kaede-chan to take out the paper plates.

Well, that's because I put too much spirit into cooking and made too much. No way it will taste bad though.

’’Hey. Are you insinuating something about my convenience store rice balls?’’

’’......I can only see the bento that my mom made me as scraps......’’

Yo Tatebayashi. I had absolutely no intention of insinuating anything. Also, Nabeshima-kun, go home right now and apologize to your Okaa-san.

Only, about Tatebayashi's convenience store rice balls;I won't say that they're bad, but it feels kinda lonely.

Doesn't he have anyone to make them for him or can't be make it himself?

’’Tatebayashi-kun, do you not make your own obento?’’


When I opened my mouth to ask about my question, I was given a verbal warning instead of a response.

Ku-, I can't help it! It's become a habit now. I think it's fine to overlook it just a little bit for me!? I just completely forgot this time so, well!

’’It's normally like this for me after all. I have my pay from my part-time job, and I'm also worried about food expenses. Moreso, do you think I can cook?’’

So it's normally like this for him? I'm worried about whether or not he is getting a balanced diet, but there's nothing I can do about it.

You might be thinking that this is a, 'I'll make you an obento from now on' flag, but please excuse me as I ignore it.

’’You'll be popular if you can cook, how about it?’’

’’......Ain't like I want to be popular.’’

I try asking. Tatebayashi makes a disgusted expression from the bottom of his heart and replies.

To hate being popular, what a first-world problem. Do you know how much young men of the world long to be in your position? Nn? I'm one to talk? True that.

’’So, you made and brought a considerable amount. Are you going to share or something?’’

Houzouin says to me, but what a wonder, being told that, I no longer want to share.

Nabeshima-kun near me is also staring at the food box. Hey you, go watch the game, I tell him.

Well, I also decided not to depict the super tense pitcher's battle, so I guess it's whatever.

’’I am going to. Eat as you see fit.’’

......Consciously not using respectful language is too difficult, LOL.

Ahh, I don't care anymore. I really don't care anymore. Hurry up and get used to it, me. This weird situation is embarrassing.

Anyway, I pass those three paper plates too, and Tatebayashi only had his riceball and no chopsticks, so I pass those to him too.

’’Then, thanks~ for~ the foo~d!’’

Following Kiho's voice, we also say, ’’Itadakimasu.’’ Though, the guys were seemingly a little embarrassed and only whispered it.

I guess this is one area where males and females differ. Well, I also have periods where saying things like Itadakimasu is a little embarrassing.

However, if yah don't say it, I'm not going to share with you or anything. So, even though they decided to do so quietly, they properly said it, therefore I gave them permission to eat.

’’......Nn? This Inarizushi, were some ingredients put in?’’

After Tatebayashi takes a bite into the fried tofu, he makes a surprised expression.

I mean, it's Gomoku Inari after all. Otherwise, it would be weird not to have any ingredients in it.

’’I have eaten Gomoku Inari so many times, yet, this is the first time I have seen pickled radish put in them.’’

’’Woa-, the fried tofu and pickled radish go with each other so well.......’’

’’Nn-! The consistency of the pickled radish feels so good!’’

’’It is quite good.’’

Fuhehehe. I'm so happy being complimented by everyone. It's also blushful.

I knew that the fried tofu+pickled daikon combination was absolutely delicious. Thanks to the feeling of the radish rolling around as you eat it, you never grow weary of eating it. Sublimate yourselves to the infinitely dangerous food that you just keep eating.

Alright, I'll eat too. I shall.

Fufufu, as I thought, putting in daikon radish was a good idea. Also, I don't really like sweet bean curd, but the moderately sweet ones are good too. I may be singing my own praise, but they turned out magnificent.

I also made portions for mom, so I hope we'll be able to savor them at home together...

’’So this is called Gomoku Inari? First time eating it wow.’’

Says Tatebayashi when I was eating while praising my own made Inarizushi. He quickly takes his second one.

It's quite rare to not have eaten Gomoku Inari before. Actually, is it rare? I'm not really sure actually.

’’Well, for the ones that are normally sold, it's normal for there to not be anything in them after all~. It's not strange not to have had them before!’’

’’I agree. I as well have only eaten Gomoku Inari that was being sold at convenience stores.’’

’’In the first place, I have even seen Inari-san normally being made at my house-ssu.’’

So this is everyone's experiences?

So it was weird of me after all. Buying Inarizushi, I did that when entering middle school.

Manー, I was really shocked at that time. There was nothing put in it.

From my previous life all the way up until the present moment, I've always though that it's normal for Inarizushi to be Gomoku Inari.

I've never bought and eaten them, so at that time, I was seriously shocked.

’’......I bought and ate premade ones. I was surprised that there was nothing in them. I guess it was just me that thought something was missing from the Inarizushi.’’

’’It would seem that it is just you, Katagiri-san’’

Ahー, yeah I thought so. Yeah, I knew it.

’’Okay! What's to eat next!?’’

’’It seems there are some various types of tamago yaki?’’

Kiho and Kaede-chan look at the tamago yaki and seem perplexed.

For tamago yaki to not have ingredients mixed into them, is this another thing that is not normal? No, this has to be normal right.

It is probably just that making them at home is a hassle so it is not often made right.

’’There are dashi and seaweed and spring onion and cheese rolls.’’

’’Houhouhou! Then, I.......will try the cheese one!’’

’’Nn, then, I will go with the seaweed one.’’

After I explain and a bit of hesitation, they say their preferred flavors and start picked them up and eating.

In actuality, there also other ones like sardine and roe. But as you would expect, after making those, the food box seemed like it would overflow so I left them out.

’’Nn~! Cheese so good~’’

’’This seaweed one is delicious as well.’’

Kiho and group says and looks delighted. My cheeks relax. I mean c'mon, wouldn't you be happy too? To have your own creations eaten while receiving praises out 'Delicious, delicious.’’ This, is absolute bliss, I consider.

Afterwards as well, everyone takes and eats as they please. It was after Nabeshima-kun had completely finished the obento that his Okaa-san made him, so I was wondering if he couldn't eat anymore, but he is heartily eating.

Incidentally, after I took out my own bento, I was asked, ’’Can I have that too?’’ so I told the person that asked that I would never give it, and that person made an expression like he would cry.

For something like this obento, it's not something okay to cry about alright? As it is, this is the obento that Okaa-san made me packed with her earnest effort that I saved for later, I said. I absolutely will not permit discourteous words like, 'I'm full.' Surely, Nabeshima-kun's Okaa-san was imagining Nabeshima-kun eating with a delightful smile while cooking for you too. Those feelings must absolutely not be trampled on.

I say, and he falls to his knees crying while apologizing to his Kaa-san. What's with this guy.

’’Uwa~, looks like you're all eating something extremely delicious~ May I ask for some?’’

Suddenly, a voice speaks up from behind me. When I look over my shoulder, there's Imagawa-kun.

Ah, so he was able to escape from that hard to stomach harem? ......Though unexpectedly, I can see that he is exhausted.

’’Ah, so you were able to escape from over there? Otsukare-san.’’

’’Nahhh, I got away after telling them I had to go to the toilet. So I have to go back shortly or else heh. It's so nice how laid back over here iiiis. Over there is uh, quite strained you know.......Well, it's because I can't firmly speak up, so it's all my fault hehhh.’’

He converses with Tatebayashi and Imagawa-kun. But really, 'Truly, Otsukare-sama' is the only thing that could be said.

A personality that cannot be firm, is it. It must be tough having a constant strained atmosphere surrounding you... If Imagawa-kun was a dense type, he might not mind so much, but since that isn't the case, it seems to be incredibly hard to stomach.

’’Well, they won't turn those kinds of eyes at us, or how should I put it, they're always going at their own pace. It's so casual hereabouts.’’

’’Yeahhhhh, I'd also like to stay here, but if I do so, those girls will probably come complaining, and then you guys would be troubledd. I'll go back after a sec.’’

’’......But, still, speaking from the unpopular me's point of view, I can only call it an envious sight.’’

’’Then, wanna switch with me Nabe-kunn?’’

’’Uh-......allow me to respectfully decline please?’’

’’An unpleasant harem would fit Nabeshima-kun.’’

’’No, how did that assessment come about......?’’

’’Nn? You really like cute girls, so then if possible, you'd want to be surrounded by them, isn't that right?’’

’’As a matter of fact, I have no comeback-ssu.’’

......This shouldn't be called girl's talk, but boy's talk or something maybe?

Us girls have completely become air. But, still. Imagawa-kun is too 'Don't mind.' Almost certainly, there is an impression that Imagawa-kun with his can't-reject-people personality is taking advantage of the people in his harem-like something and indulging himself to his fill. Even though he's so gentle.

Jeez, as far as outsiders are concerned, it might be awkward to say things like that, but that is the reaction of guys who can think of nothing else.

Truly, Imagawa-kun, Otsukare-sama. If you coming to this group means you can relax, then I will always welcome you with open arms.

Also, please come and eat this obento. I do not know of the delicacies over there, but as far a flavor goes, I have confidence that I will not lose so easily. Come cultivate your willpower so you'll be fine returning to the battlefield.

’’So, mind if I have some?’’

’’Please. Eat as much as you like.’’

Imagawa-kun enquires once again, and I respond as such.

'Thanks, Itadakimasu,' he says, and starts stuffing his cheeks with Inarizushi, but his expression which shows that he is enjoying it, for some reason and only this time, only induces the emotion of sympathy.

’’Why is there such a large difference when you were with us and when you are with Imagawa-kun?’’

Houzouin says, teasing me while wryly smiling. However, I have not the slightest bit of that kind of feeling. Don't misunderstand.

’’Honestly, I pity him. So, before he returns over there, I thought I'd let him recharge his strength.’’

After I try responding frankly, everyone is making very complicated expressions. ......What is the matter?

’’Sora, really, as far as these kinds of things go, you don't even have a fragment of se* appeal...’’

’’What you say is true... it would be nice if she had motives with more charm.’’

’’What should I say, even though it is not real, I wish she would at least be Tsundere and have occasions where her feelings turn around.’’

’’So this is that, 'Even honesty has its times where it's not a virtue,' thing.’’

’’But, I'd like to say that part about her is fantastic.’’

’’......So yeah uh, I'm grateful, but also a little sad.’’

I, am being viciously beaten.

They're saying so many things about me! Also, I do not have interest in things like love affairs, so there is no way my thoughts would lean towards that direction right? I don't want that manner of behavior that makes people believe things like that!

’’Well, it's fine. Alright then, I'll be going back now. The food was deliciouss, thanks much.’’

Imagawa-kun leaves, and also leaves behind a final remark: ’’The man who becomes Katagiri-san's husband will be very fortunate.’’

The heck, isn't him unabashedly says things like this the source of him gathering an unusual harem around himself!? Last time too, he just casually came and called me cute. If that were to a normal girl, she'd absolutely misunderstand.

That is. To say. That means I probably didn't need to have pity towards him at all!

’’So, Sora? Since all that was said, do you have someone you want to become your husband~?’’

......Kiho, really? In joking around times like this, she's really lively. Though, she's normally also very lively. But how should I put it, it's a little different from normal. Anyway, that. I dun like that grinning smile!

Why does she make such an excited expression when teasing me! This kid!

’’.......Not really no.’’

’’Ehh?~ Then, c'mon, anyone you like?’’

When I reply, once again, Kiho pursues me while grinning.

C'mon isn't this enough~ This kind of conversation is~

’’More importantly, how about cheering for Sanada-kun and the team? Okay?’’

’’Eh~....... Well, fine. Sora is such a child~’’

After finally not talking about love stories, Kiho moves her sight to baseball. What'd she say? How humiliating. To be called a kid by Kiho, I somehow can't grasp it.

However, it's also a fact that there's no advantage for me to bring this up again.

Can't help it. I'll firmly take it and prepare it for next time. What I'm preparing it for, I don't know, but I'm going to prepare it.

Ah, oh yeah, oh yeah, I wasn't watching the game......what?’’

’’......9th inning?’’

’’Nn? Ahh yes that is the case. Three players have constantly been 1-2-3 out, so the game has progressed quite fast.’’

Uwaa. Lunch was a daze, and I didn't spectate.

Sanada-kun, sorry. I'm really sorry.

Afterwards, the 9th inning is precisely closed with another 3 person, 1-2-3 out. 2 to 0, Sanada-kun adorns himself with the achievement of completely shutting out the other team and realizes his participation in Koshien.

Sanada-kun with 4 times at bat and 2 safe hits has a victory runs-batted-in of 2. Also, of his pitches, there was only 1 safe hit out of nine innings. He had a record of 9 strikeouts.

Honestly, a little bit here after, I can only see a future like: ’’A first year's monstrous, shocking debut at Koshien!’’

Well, I can only really see half of that happening. Still, from what I've been led to believe, he really is monstrous.

Alright, let's splurge a bit more on Sanada-kun's and Imagawa-kun's souvenirs.

If I don't do so, I won't be able to forgive myself, and it'll be pathetic.

Allright, next stop: the ocean! I'm looking forward to it~!


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