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Like Hell I’m Gonna Get Captured! - Chapter 20



These are some speaking patterns you may find helpful.

Sora: No contractions with males. Contractions with females. Sometimes no contractions in thoughts. Various honorifics.

Kiho: Lots of ~s and !s. Contractions. No honorifics.

Kaede: Honorifics. No contractions.

Tatebayashi: Contractions. Slang. Calls females by last name with no honorifics.

Houzouin: No contractions. Honorifics.

Nabeshima: -ssu. Contractions. Slang

Imagawa: Contractions. Not as much slang.

Sanada: ...s. Does not talk much.


Presently, I am waiting for someone in front of the station ticket gate.

Who I'm waiting for is of course, Kiho and Kaede-chan. From today onwards, we will be going to school together, hence I am waiting for the two to arrive.

Mannn, how unlike me to be nervous, or is it that I'm looking forward to it too much;I woke up early today. I woke up and saw that it was 4 after I looked at the clock. More than one hour early at any rate. As expected, I was amazed, and I chuckled a bit.

Also, going back to sleep was a little, you know, so I made walnut raisin bread.

You don't know? Neither do I. It's come to the point where it would not be incorrect to say that I have a habit of cooking whenever I'm free. No, maybe not... That's probably going to far.

So, about making that bread. I first made the dough, and let it ferment. During that time, I put the foodstuffs prepared the day before into a bento box, but since there's bread now, they'll only make for a good side dish. The rice that I had cooked proved futile, but at least I can use it for lunch or dinner.

So, afterwards, I went jogging, and the fermentation finished in the middle of my shower. Then, I divided the fermented dough into equally sized circles, covered them with a towel, and let sit for a length of 15 minutes. While letting them sit, I fry some coffee beans in preparation for roasting.

After the dough is done sitting, I line them up and space them on a baking tray, and let ferment for a second time for a duration of 30 minutes. During that time, I brush my teeth and wash my face, (etc.) the morning routine.

So, before baking, I cut a cross shape onto the surface, paint with beaten egg, and bake for a duration of 15 minutes. I didn't forget to roast the coffee while they were baking.

And, well, that was pretty much how my morning went.

By the way, I made twelve pieces of bread, but Mom and I ate one, Dad two, and Riku four in the morning. Then for lunch, I have two for myself, and two for Kiho and Kaede-chan to share. Yes, none left over.

Speaking of which, Riku who had eaten four already decided he still wanted to eat more, and he reached out to grab the ones I had set aside to bring to school, so I smacked him, and he stopped. 'Nee-chan will still be able to eat two pieces though!' Riku insisted, but that wasn't the problem.

Okay, shall we cut it out and return to the matter at hand?

The current time is ten before eight. I got a message some time ago that said their train left the previous station, so they should be arriving soon.

There are many salary men around me going to work and people who look like college students. Their glances come towards me.

Well, as you would expect, there are no men of valor (Read: Idiots) coming to flirt with me this early in the morning on a weekday. If by any chance someone did come, I'd kick them in their precious place, and if that was a molester, I'd hand him over to the station employees.

Still, the number of people sending glances my way has been incredible... Though, it's really displeasing thinking about how I appear to be waiting for a boyfriend. The ones I'm waiting for are two cute, cute girls you know. Not those dirty rascals you know.


My phone vibrates. When I look at the message that has ’’We've arrived~!’’ written in it, at the same time, I was called by a voice coming from around the ticket gate.

At a closer look, on the other side of the ticket gate is Kiho waving her hand so fast that it buzzes through the air. Cute, but there are people around you so cut it out okay.

Ah, look, now you're scolded by Kaede-chan.

’’Mor-ning~! Sora!’’

’’M, Morning. How energetic, Kiho.’’

In a half run, she crosses the ticket gate, and still in a half run, she embraces me vigorously. Ack, I'm happy but that collision......

’’Of course!’’

’’Good morning, Sora-san. Fufu, Kiho-chan was looking forward to today so much that I believe she did not get much sleep.’’

’’C'mon, we'll be going to school together from now on you know! Aren't you happy!? ......Nn?’’

Kaede-chan slowly comes up to us from behind and tells me. Also, Kiho replies as she continues to hug me.

Then, still as she is, Kiho turns her nose towards me and sniffs me as if she noticed something.

Oh? I don't think there's any weird smell about me, but having your scent sniffed by a person is extremely embarrassing.

’’Nn-? There's a savory smell coming from you, Sora, mixed with your usual perfume.’’

Ah, so that's what it is? Truly, what a discerning eye, or rather, what an effective nose.

’’It's because I woke up early. I ended up baking some bread you know. There's some for you and Kaede-chan as well, so let's eat together.’’

’’Really!? Ya~y! I'm so hyped!’’

’’Thank you very much, as always.’’

Kiho grabs my arm as she says, ’’Then, let's hurry to school and eat!’’ and starts walking. No, calm down. The bread won't run away. They'll be fine until lunch.

’’That reminds me, Sora-san, your perfume smells great. What kind of perfume are you using?’’

I'm asked by Kaede-chan while walking towards school.

’’Elizabeth Arden's Green Tea. I love the smell of flowers and tea, and I've always been using this.’’

’’Hee, Is that so? Its smell is not strong, but nicely subtle.’’

’’I know right? I don't like anything too strong, so I like this one you know.’’

We say, and the two of us match smiles. While still clinging to my arms, Kiho says, 'I don't really get perfume so~.' The faint smell of Kiho's shampoo wafts to me, and it feels great. Why do girls have such a great smell I wonder. It's wonderful.

Ah, about the perfume I'm using: the smell won't go away even after many hours, and there isn't any smell unless you get close, so I recommend this to people who have a sensitive nose. Besides just normally putting it on your skin, you can also put the perfume on a towel or a handkerchief. I think you'll be putting the smell to good use then when you wipe or sweat or dry your hands. (Note: Most public Japanese bathrooms do not have paper towels or dryers.)

We arrive at school after talking about such things. Kiho always kept close to my arm the entire way you know. Yes, it was a little hot. But, there's no way I wasn't happy being clinged to by a cute girl. That's why I couldn't bring myself to tear her off.

Can't help it. I am a proper Lady, so I cannot flat out refuse a cute girl. Nn? I was never anything but a lady you know.

’’Oh yeah! We gotta ask the guys about going to the ocean!’’

Yep, better ask them quickly. Well, I don't hate it. We can use them to keep the skirt chasers at bay I guess, so I don't really mind.

Ah, but getting my swimsuit seen is a little embarrassing... I guess I'm going to wear a T shirt...


With this and that, it's break time.

We couldn't ask them before homeroom. Mainly because Tatebayashi and Nabeshima-kun got in at the last second.

Now then, Kiho and Kaede-chan will go invite those to the beach it seems. Go get em, your Onee-chan will be cheering you on from here yeah!

’’C'mon! You're coming with us Sora!’’

And, I was dragged along by the hand. Of courseー Yeah, I knew it would end up like this. I feel like this will happen to me many times today. But that's just my imagination. I hope.

’’Therefore! Won't you go to the beach together with us during summer break!?’’

We told everyone that we wanted to talk to them beforehand. At the place where we gathered, that was the first thing that came out of Kiho's mouth.

They have no idea what ’’therefore’’ means. You didn't convey what we walked about at all!

’’Katagiri, translate.’’

I was told by Tatebayashi. Well, I guess I have to.

’’Umm yeah. The three of us were going to go to the sea during summer break, and we were going borrow a cottage, and wanted to make it cheaper. So, the amount of money per person will be cheaper the more people there are, so we were going invite some people we were pretty close to, and we thought to try inviting you guys, or something like that.’’

My explanation finishes. Did they finally get it? Each of their expressions say, ’’I understand now.’’

Kiho's was evidently an insufficient explanation, one that came out of the blue and left them clueless.

’’......Uu nn. It'll be difficult for me... I'm aiming for Inter-High, and also, after the tournament, there's an intensive training camp waiting for me you know.’’

Imagawa-kun comes to say to me. Oh okay, we're the reigning champions, so he'll probably be busy with practice.

Ah, so Sanada-kun might not be able to come either?

’’Probably impossible for me too. Same as Imagawa, I'm aiming for Koshien, and immediately after that is a training camp probably. Even if we go somewhere close, I can only come back after a day at best.’’

Sanada-kun's response did not betray my expectations. Well, maybe I'll try being more persistent? Though it'll still be futile maybe.

’’But, will there not be a break near O-bon?’’

’’I wanted to do some independent practice, so no.’’

’’Yeah he's right... I want to go to the sea too, but I also want to get better at soccer. I'm doing independent practice. There's this one really good guy under me, and I don't want to lose him.’’

Sanada-kun has a sour look as always. While Imagawa-kun is grinning, it feels like there's some bitterness mixed in.

These two, they practice more than they go play. Well, that's just their seriousness at work.

To be able to have that much enthusiasm, it makes me a little envious. I also participate in various activities, but though I don't plan on staying my hand, there's something different about these two. Though I might be demanding the impossible, I feel envious of these people who have these things to devote themselves to...

Ah, speaking of which, who's that one person Imagawa-kun mentioned I wonder? Riku maybe? No, that can't be right...

’’......You said you're going to borrow a cottage, but what about food?’’

I'm asked by Tatebayashi when my attention was brought slightly elsewhere. Well, what a pertinent question that is.

’’We would cook some, or eat at a restaurant.’’

’’Who's cooking?’’

’’Kiho, Kaede-chan, and I maybe? Well, I would also like other people to help a bit.’’

’’Isn't renting a villa normally inconvenient? Also, even if you borrowed a cottage let's say, then there's no express need to cook right?’’

Naïve. You're so naïve, Tatebayashi. Those are stores geared towards those so called tourists. Those are terribly expensive I believe. Moreover, the price for meals that we make ourselves will always be the price of the ingredients, no big deal. Also, the tastes are limited. In an inn, you can get super delicious food, but for the price of just simply staying at the inn, it's not guaranteed that we can. That's just how inns are. The meals will be what they will be. Perhaps poorly made, or unappetizing.

But in comparison, we can make it ourselves. There'll be a considerably large selection.

Personally, I'm going for the local supermarket. The ones at roadside stations are good too, but come hell or high water, I recommend the supermarket. They sell rare local produce for local consumption, and with prices like you wouldn't believe, as well as some more fairly expensive ingredients.

Don't tell me you wouldn't enjoy yourself when shopping there, sightseeing, and eating delicious food. No, you won't tell me that.

In case of going to a store to eat, we're not going to go to a store plastered on sightseeing pamphlets that you may get your hands on, but to a store that the local people love.

If you want to know why, that's because those kinds of stores normally get their stock directly wholesale, so the ingredients are fresh. And also more important than anything, is that the taste relative to the price is very favorable. It's a store that the local people go to. If they're expensive, then they'll get no customers, and if they're not good, then they couldn't go on.

For sightseers with loose purse strings, all you need is a store with a nice atmosphere, expensive food, and so-so taste.

But for the local humans, it's much more severe. Thus, the stores that the locals like to go to are best.

In this current age, there are a lot of methods to search for those kinds of stores. I won't permit sightseeing without using them.

Well, I can't say that all the stores that are displayed on sightseeing magazines are that bad.

But, the fact of the matter is that there is a strong bias towards that that I cannot help but believe.

For the stated reasons, I cannot stress how imperative it is to search for those stores when at a sightseeing spot.

After explaining that, Tatebayashi draws back slightly, going, ’’O, Oh.’’

Oops~ I probably got too heated and said too much. Hahaha.

’’......Katagiri-san, you would make a good wife with how tight a grip you keep on finances.’’

Prattles Houzouin after hearing my spiel.

Heyhey. What'd you say? There's no way I'd marry some bastard. No, well, I wouldn't want to be forever either...

I do want kids too... There's no way they wouldn't be cute;they'd be my kids after all. That's what I'd like to believe though. Real life isn't so kind. Yeah, and a *Doya* face would suit her speech patterns. Talking about it myself is a little embarrassing ya.

’’I gave Sora the title of Cram Girl, so maybe I'll also give her the title of Travel Magistrate!’’

’’Oh? Looks like Kiho's fine with not having any of my cooking at our destination.’’

’’Forgive me! I won't say anymore!’’

First time I've ever heard of 'Travel Magistrate,' but it sounds terribly awful.

That's why I said that, to make her retract her statement. I chuckled a bit at Kiho's sudden change of attitude.

’’Oh, she laughed...’’

......Nn? Is me laughing such a spectacle? Imagawa-kun.

If I had to say, I'm one of those humans who laugh often.

’’Isn't this the first time you've laughed while talking with guys?’’

’’Is that....really?’’

Says Imagawa-kun, but I wasn't aware of it myself, so I couldn't say anything.

’’Ah~ Oh yeah this probably is the first time! Even though she's always smiling when she's with us!’’

’’Indeed. When she is together with us, she is always laughing, but as soon as a male is involved, she becomes expressionless.’’

’’I know right... I thought looking at her smiling face from afar was cute... but it's even cuter up close...’’

’’I thought I had won at life when I saw her smiling face during cooking practice up close! Now you know how I feel!’’

’’......If she normally made that expression, wouldn't she be extraordinarily popular?’’

’’......It is not like I want to be popular......’’

.......I make one smile, and then this happens to me......

’’We occasionally eat together, but her smile during those times, compared to when she's eating with Kaburagi and Agatsuma, is better called grinning right.’’

’’Ah yes. It probably would be better to call that grinning rather than smiling. So, that means this is also our first time seeing Katagiri-san smile.’’

......Ah, ahahaha. I desperately planned on trying to suppress a grin during meals, but it figures that I couldn't.

This is stifling. Considerably stifling. What was it that you say in times like this again?

Ah, that's it. 'No more! My Life is already zero!!’’

Wait, who cares about my smile!? Whether or not they'll go with us is the question!

’’So, will you come?’’

I ask, and then they all say stuff like ’’she tricked us,’’ ’’she changed the topic.’’

No I'm not changing the topic really! Rather, returning to the actual conversation!

’’Sanada-kun and I as stated earlier cannot go... We want to go, but we can't. Thanks in advance for the souvenirs~’’

Says the smiling Imagawa-kun. Sanada-kun is nodding next to him.

’’I can go. Work won't be a problem, probably.’’

’’I am okay to go as well.’’

’’I'm free-ssu.!

Tatebayashi, Houzouin, and Nabeshima-kun express their participation respectively. Huh, we're all in the same go-home club. As I thought, club life makes doing things a lot harder I bet.

’’Then, does anyone happen to know if there is anyone who can act as chauffeur-cum-guardian? All of our parents can't spare the time.’’

’’Are you asking about my Ofukuro? (A casual way of saying mom) She's a woman of leisure, so I'm sure she'll be able to do it one way or another.’’

’’My Obaa-san is not free enough I think......’’

’’She probably is. She's a freelance writer who doesn't sell after all.’’

’’Uh.......Feel free to say no okay? Going by train is an option too, if that is alright with you guys.’’

Tatebayashi responds in regards to my question. And then Houzouin starts talking. Stop. I'm not thinking of forcibly asking someone to be a guardian.

’’Well, I'll make a call and ask during lunch break. If it's her, once she hears about this, I'm sure she'll be delighted to take up the guardian offer.’’

’’......Ahh, you can say that again. That lady is crazy happy.’’

No way. Is it really okay to ask Tatebayashi's dear parent to be the guardian? I'm getting a little uneasy.

Afterwards, the bell rings, and we break up before Sensei comes in.

Whether we'll have a guardian will have to wait until the advent of lunch break.


It has become lunch break. As always, we're eating lunch on a park bench in the courtyard.

Still, I said that it's early summer, but the weather is great. Our place is becoming shady, and a cool breeze blows from the pond around the cafeteria sometimes, and it feels really nice.

’’Okay! It's early, but I am requesting Sora's baked bread!’’

Kiho as always is a little touched. However, I didn't think about this when I brought these here to share, but these girls have their normal bento boxes. Will they be able to eat these?

’’I don't mind, but will you be able to eat them? Don't force yourselves okay?’’

’’If Sora made it, I have room!’’

’’How do I say it, it feels as though I have a separate stomach for thing you made, Sora-san. Though, that is a quite perilous.’’

I voiced my concerns, and I was told those things.

I'm glad. I'm glad, but aren't they evaluating my cooking too highly?’’

Well, fine. For now, I'll hand them one loaf of bread each.


’’Thank you very much.’’

’’After the meal~... or else before the meal~... Which do I do!?’’

’’I decide to eat it after.’’

’’Hm~mm...Then, I'll do that too!’’

The two say when I hand them the bread. Kiho conversing while never averting her eyes from the bread is super charming.

’’Then, we are going to eat right?’’

’’Yeh! Itadakimasu!’’

’’We are. Itadakimasu.’’


Today's bento, honestly, is all over the place. I baked bread, but I hadn't planned to yesterday, so I had to considerably simplify my plans to finish. Also, there are side dishes, but nothing to go with the bread no matter how you look at it.

I mean, there's meat stuffed peppers, chopped burdock root, and dashi egg rolls dressed with cucumber and salted kombu. Super Japanese style. Oh why did I bake bread, why, this Japanese meal me.

Well, I'll eat just the side dishes first, then slowly eat the bread last, I guess.

The harmony of cucumber and salted kombu is delicious. They're still cold, so I'm glad I brought a type of bento box that could keep them cool.


I clean up the side dishes and finish eating one bread. I draw close to the second one. Truthfully, I've become a little full, but, well, one more is okay maybe.

By the way, Kiho and Kaede-chan are munching on the bread with composed expressions. It seems to be good, and they have happy expressions. But if you ask me, I can't help but be surprised at their stomachs.

’’Oh, so you guys were here.’’

Nn? I hear a voice from behind me. When I look behind me, It's Tatebayashi and Houzouin, and Nabeshima-kun.

Tatebayashi said that he'd make a call and ask his Okaa-san during lunch break about being the guardian, so is this info about that?

Right when I was thinking that, those guys plump down on the bench. Why'd you all sit down. Just give me your report and go away.

’’Oh, looks like you all are eating something nice.’’

’’What's going on?’’ I'm asked. ’’I baked,’’ so I tell him.

’’Ohh, gimme.’’

’’There is no more.’’

’’How many does that one make?’’

’’The second but...’’

’’Ain't that too much?’’

’’......Well, a little bit.’’

’’I'll help you.’’

Tatebayashi says, and sticks his hand out again. Grrrrr, how shameless.

’’Sora~, if you're looking for help~?’’

Says Kiho, but why does she have a slightly mischievous smile? This girl.

But, well, it's true that I can't finish, and it's also a fact that there's too much.

Maybe I should get some help... I have a strong feeling that I lost, why is that.

’’l33t, Tatebayashi-kun you're seriously l33t,. You managed to swagly do something absolutely impossible for me. I'm mesmerized. I yearn to be like that.’’

Says Nabeshima-kun in a small voice when I cut the bread in half and hand one to Tatebayashi.

No, it's fine if you can't do it. Don't be mesmerized, Don't yearn for, just maintain your common sense for me yo.

’’........Eyy, pretty good.’’

Tatebayashi bites into the bread I gave him without delay and quiescently murmurs.

Fufun, right? There's no way I would make something unappetizing after all!

I was unable to stomach his shamelessness from before, but if he eats it while telling me tasty, well, I, guess, I'll have to overlook it.

I'm happy that my own cooking can be so joyously eaten!

’’Ah, 'most forgot. I confirmed with my mom just now. After explaining your plans, 'By all means, I'd love to be allowed to look after you,' she said.

Ohh, I'm glad. Now I can go without worry about anything. We've got a good headcount, now all that's left is to make a reservation.

’’For the car, please use ours. We have a van. After I got affirmation, I asked Teru's Okaa-san if we could use it, and she told me no problem.’’

Oh goodness, I had planned on everyone contributing towards renting a rental car, but looks like I no longer have to worry about transportation.

As far as insurance goes, it's a hassle if you get into an accident somehow and someone other is driving, I heard from a childhood friend, and I believe her about that much.

’’So yeah, so we can arrange our itineraries and decide other things, you and I will swap contact information. Yours is the only one I don't have yah know.’’

Tatebayashi says as he sits next to me holding his mobile phone.

Huh? Just mine? Why do you know Kiho's and Kaede-chan's?

’’When did you swap contact information with Kiho and Kaede-chan?’’

’’Just awhile ago.’’

’’.......You got your hands on them fast.’’

’’Stop with phrases that might invite misunderstandings.’’

O-w! Even though I was just making a light joke, I got forehead flicked!

O-w... Why'd you do this to me, what if it becomes red. This Tatebayashi (Read: Piercing)

’’Just have someone do 'Pain, pain, go away' for you afterwards. Dun worry about it. Cmon, swap.’’

’’I do not need that pain, pain thing. Fine, you are fine with using infrared correct?’’

’’Ahh, yeah. Also, can't you do something about that respectful language? It's honestly, disgusting.’’


’’You use it with guys despite not using it with Kaburagi or Agatsuma yah know? It's kinda like you made a wall, and it feels nasty. Can't you do something about that respectful language? Even if it's just with us?’’

Ahh, so it's not my voice that was disgusting. Whew. I feel relieved.

Well, It's the truth that I made a wall with the intention of separating myself from males... I have a feeling that it has become a habit now.

But, it seems these people have become classified as our friends now. There's probably no need for respectful language in this case.

Have I ever not used respectful language when talking to guys other than Riku? ......Probably not.

That's one small step for (a) man, one giant leap for getting captured (Read: Game over), maybe right?

Once, I harbored a feeling in my heart that the people who tried to make friends with me were the main characters and were coming to capture myself... It was like receiving a terrifying shock. That was why I didn't want to make friends with guys... That was why I made a wall...

Well, there was also the normal reason of keeping away filthy bastards hah!

I guess after all this time, it's time to move on. These guys somehow became my friends. And, you wouldn't use words which create distance with friends right.

’’I will think about it.’’

’’Do that for me.’’

The conversation at school ends with that note.

I will go after-school shopping afterwards, and then one day will be over!

Nn? What will I go buy? Well, my size seems to have changed after all. Girls have those needs you know!


After school, I separate with Kiho and Kaede-chan at the station and go to the department store.

My goal is the place that sells underwear. Because my bra became a tighter. This may be out of nowhere, but of course, I don't want to get disfigured. More than anything, wearing a size that doesn't fit you will disfigure your body, and there's nothing good about that.

I arrive at the place that sells underwear and look for a shop assistant that seems to be not busy. Ah, there's one perfectly right near me hah. Let's ask that person.

’’Excuse me, I would like to buy a bra but...’’

’’Ah, certainly. Welcome. May I ask for your size?’’

When I strike up a conversation, the shop assistant turns this way and gives a bright, serving-customers smile.

Mm~hm. Cute. She looks to be in her mid twenties. With makeup that is not too gaudy, giving a sense of cleanliness, she's is a love shop assistant.

’’Umm, I'm a 65D (30C in America), but it feels like things have become a little tight.’’

’’Duly noted. In that case, please allow me to simply measure your size over your clothes.’’

The shop assistant takes a tape measure out of her apron and measures my size.

I've stood in this position many times already, but no matter how many times I experience it, getting my size measured in front of a person is a little embarrassing.

Well, there are no guys in this place, so I guess it doesn't really matter. I can't get used to it no matter how many times I do this though.

’’Yes, thank you very much. Because you are wearing a bra, I can only say that the size that I have been informed of seems to be okay, but since it seems to have become tighter, I will bring some one size up. Do you have any preference for size or design?’’

Hmmmm, I had just planned on buying a bra today and not the bottom, so it would probably be good to pick a color that easily matches with other colors as much as possible...

’’White or light pink, oh and another black please. For pattern, just nothing too showy.’’

’’Duly noted. Please wait for a moment.’’

Says the shop assistant as she steps away.

What shall I do while waiting? I guess the most suitable thing would be to look around and wait.

Still, those ones. Mixed in with the normal ones are things like see-through ones, or the ones with nearly no fabric. I wonder what kind of people buy those kinds. They're amazing right. I will have nothing to do with them in my lifetime.

’’Thank you for waiting. I have brought a couple, so please try them on.’’

’’Ah, okay.’’

The shop assistant comes back before I knew it.

Don't tell me. I was probably seen looking at these spectacular underwear. I'm a little embarrassed.

The ones the shop assistant has brought for me are an entirely white, simple, all-lace one, and a light pink with attached georgette lace one. And then there's one with white lace onto a black background.

All of them are probably good since they're simple and seem to match easily with other underwear.

There's also one of each color perfectly, so I can rotate what to wear. I also have a camisole with attached cups, so it should be fine to get all three of them.

Speaking of which, one time, I didn't bring enough money to buy anything. It should be fine if I make some additional purchases this time right.

’’Then, I'll take these three.’’

’’Would you like to try them on?’’

’’Yes, please.’’

Trying them on is important in case if something doesn't match or you don't like them.

Guided by the shop assistant, I enter the fitting room.

This is just my feeling from trying it on, but ugh. As I thought, my size was growing... The size of another annoyance has increased.

No, I may like feeling people's breasts, but when talking about myself, they're definitely a hindrance. Although I probably won't say that I want to have nothing like Kiho, big ones are definitely a hindrance.

’’How is the size, if I may ask?’’

The clerk's voice comes to me from outside. Alright, from here on is the real hell, er, shame play.

The clerk, while saying 'excuse me,' comes into the fitting room, and looks at the bra's size.

Then, to adjust the length of the shoulder straps for me, she slips her hand into the bra, you know. Then, her hands come near my armpits, and then that. Well, she's just adjusting the position of that which is attached to the breasts.

This is embarrassing. She's a specialist? Well, even if she is, is the same gender, and has no ill-intentions, this is embarrassing.

Then, please don't tighten it just because I don't have any useless side fat or anything!

This has to be done to fix the position, but nonetheless, don't touch me so much please. I'm ticklish!

’’The underwire seems to be perfect, and there does not seem to be any problems. Is there any discomfort?’’

’’......No, I am fine.’’

I say, and I'm a reasonably tired at the end of the check.

This, is there anyone person that is used to this? It's so embarrassing, and so tiring.

’’Then, will these three be fine? Or perhaps, is there anything else you have your eyes on?’’

’’No, this is it. These three please.’’

It's a good thing that these three are from the same manufacturer. It'd die if I had to do that three times.

’’Duly noted. Then, please excuse me.’’

After that, I normally settle the bill and head home.

Still, E, huh? They are bigger after all. I remember that I was around an A entering middle school. This is growing to adulthood.

Any more than this will be a hindrance, so I don't want anymore. It would probably be prudent to keep my cup number a secret from Kiho. She'll cry, and I'll be liable.


After I return home, Mom comes to ask me what I bought and gleefully checks.

Certainly, I did receive an allowance to buy things from you, but I don't think there's any need to check your daughter's underwear!

Then, anyhow, don't look when I'm doing laundry!


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