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Like Hell I’m Gonna Get Captured! - Chapter 19


I check myself out in front of the mirror.

A white blouse with a black and white checkered skirt. Not a blazer, but a cardigan.

Yes, I made it sound like before, the first thing you read, I think.

Indeed. Entering June, the time to change wardrobe has come. It is still too chilly to wear just a blouse, hence the thin cardigan. You know, for some reason, the school uniform isn't a sweater with a cardigan or a knitted vest. Perhaps it was written somewhere that things like patterned clothes or gaudy colors are prohibited. Hence, the cardigan. It's just long, not flashy, and the color is black, so it's allowed right? I won't be scolded right?

I only have patterned light sweaters, and I don't really like knitted vests. I have no other alternatives.

As for why a long one, I only have long ones that are unpatterned. Also, these long cuffs, these long sleeves, these are destructively powerful moe traits for the individual! Well, there's no point in me putting moe traits on myself. But, I just had to do it. Moe sleeves are justice!

What should I do about my necktie... Well, it's certainly fine if I don't wear it I think. ......yeah, wearing it will be cuter. Let's go ahead and wear it.

Mhm. If I may say so myself, I'm satisfied with how beautiful I can be! Ah, is it okay for me to say that about myself? It's the truth so nothing can be done about it. No, this isn't boasting.

Actually, because of the long cardigan, you can just barely see the skirt... Well, the bottom most button of the cardigan isn't done up, so the skirt can be see fine I think. That way, there's no impression of me not wearing anything down there, okay? 0

Alright, I go downstairs for breakfast.

Ever since that time, I've been continuing to go to school early, and I haven't had much time to laze around the house.

On the other hand, I'm grateful that going to school relatively early allows me to meet up with Kiho and Kaede-chan. I think of them as truly good friends. And more than anything, they're cute!


I enter the living room and say my greetings while going to sit in my chair.

Sekka immediately comes to nestle close to my leg, but I'm wearing black high knee socks, so I'd like it if she spares me. No well, she's tempting. She's really cute, but cat hair will be really conspicuous. Well, my cardigan is black too, so I just have to avoid holding her in my arms right...... Yeaahhhh, forget it. I'll just remove them at my dresser before I leave! D-definitely, I'm not being deceived by cuteness!

’’Morning~ Nee-chan. Oh, Nee-chan, did you change clothes for the season too?

Riku says, sitting across from me while eating an enormous amount of breakfast as usual. 'Too,' Riku said. Does that mean he changed his clothes today too? If I remember correctly, Middle School does do that around this time.

Looking at Riku, he's wearing a white polo-shirt. Yeah, out of fashion clothes as usual.

Winter uniform is a blazer, and while I think this is somewhat fine, summer clothes are a definite no. Why a polo shirt, and not a short sleeve cutter shirt? I really want to ask.

’’Mornin'. Out of fashion summer clothes as usual huhー’’

’’Don't say that-, I hate wearing this. It's so nice that Ryuusen lets you wear what you want...’’

When I say that, Riku responds while frowning.

Well whatever, you have only got to endure for one more year.

’’You'll be entering Ryuusen in a year, so just hold on and bear with it until then. .....Ah, speaking of which, you'll be entering Ryuusen with a scholarship right?’’

I don't think I've heard about it, so I tentatively ask for confirmation. Riku's the Under-16 representative, so he'll absolutely be coming with scholarship student status.

’’No, this conversation has come up before, but I won't be entering as a scholarship student. I plan on continuing the youth group, and as a part of the youth group, I won't be able to enter the soccer club. As you'd think, it's def. awkward to be that person entering with a soccer scholarship and not be in the soccer club.’’

Responds Riku.

I see, so that's how it is. Now that he mentions it, he's right. Members of the youth group have always been completely out of the loop.

’’Well, Sensei told me that if continue as I am now, I'll have no problem entering Ryuusen. I'll just keep working hard like this.’’

As expected of a cheat character with both brain and brawn. Ikemens should explode. Ah, but I wouldn't like it if my adorable younger brother exploded... Hmm wait, what would I do if Riku found a girlfriend. I guess, I'd feel really lonely. ...Well, when the day comes that he grows distant from me, I'll give him my blessings. Though I'll feel lonely.

Okay~ I'm not going to go any further. It was almost as if I had brother complex-like thoughts. I'm not a bro-con!

’’Ah, I remembered while taking a test. That person will also be entering Ryuusen too, or so I was told.

When I was buried in my own thoughts, Rika while smugly smiling gives me one piece of information.

.......That person? Who's that? Maybe it's Riku's best friend, that guy who calls me Sora-sama while genuinely worshipping me, or not. I heard that kid's grades weren't good enough. Wait, Riku has been talking to me with an amused smiled on his face, that should probably narrow it down. So maybe, a girl? A girl that would involve herself with me and make Riku amused......ah, ah- that girl? That girl is probably coming to Ryuusen.

How troubling... I could seek Riku for help, but the role of watching is just too amusing, and Riku probably wouldn't assist me...

.....Yeah, it pains me, but let's pray that that girl fails. I'm really sorry, but that's the only way.

It's not like I dislike that girl anyway, but yeah, I have to do it.

While chatting like that, we eat our breakfast, and it becomes time.

Alright alright, I'll be going to school now.


’’Morning~ Sora~’’

’’Sora-san, good morning.’’

I arrive at school, and after waiting a bit in the classroom, Kiho and Kaede-chan enter the room and come to where I am.

Those two were together since middle school, and it seems they meet up at the station and come to school together.

Riding the same train to school as Kiho and Kaede-chan, I'm so jealous. I also want to go to school together.

.........Wait, I do pass by the station anyway, so I should be able to meet up with them and go to school together! Why didn't I think of this before!

Let's ask about it later, yeah let's.

’’Hey~hey~ Sora.’’

When I was preoccupied with thinking about when to propose the idea, Kiho comes to talk to me. What is it?

’’Aren't you hot wearing that cardigan?’’

Ahー is that so? It's not hot you know. Rather, Kiho is already wearing a single half-sleeve blouse, isn't she cold? In June, I think it's still better to wear long sleeves. See, Kaede-chan is wearing a knitted vest isn't she? That's why a long sleeve blouse would be better.

’’Actually I'm fine. This is a light one.’’

’’I don't believe it! Sora, and Kaede too, you guys have to be hot~’’

Responds Kiho when I say so. It seems Kaede-chan has already been asked that. She's perfectly fine beside me, faintly smiling.

From that, maybe Kiho is someone weak to the heat. 'Somehow, just looking at you makes me hot!' or something like that.

If I were to say which I prefer, I'm poor with the cold, so I often wear long sleeves even in the summer time. Buildings' air conditioning is too strong after all. I'd die rushing to put on thin clothes.

’’Do you dislike the heat Kiho?’’

’’I hate the heat! And I love ice cream, and the pool, and the ocean! Ah, speaking of the pool, it'll open the day after tomorrow!’’

Ahー, is it already that time of the year? I guess I should probably start getting our pool ready...

Oh yeah, I wonder if the pool segregates males and females. There should be one indoor and outdoor pool apiece, yeah, I would expect them to be separate.

Manー Even though middle school was co-ed... Those rascals had dreadful gazes.

Ah, well that's men of the world for you. They may try not to turn their gaze towards you, but they'll be trying to sneak a peak. I notice you know!

’’A pool huh..., I kinda don't like swimming class I guess.’’

’’Eh? Why?’’

’’What I prefer is to laze at the poolside, you know. You can't laze around in class you after all.’’

I respond to Kiho who made a curious expression when I muttered to myself.

Though, I understand it's necessary. That's the only thing indisputable.

Lazing at the poolside reading a book, changing it up and swimming a little bit, then lazing again.

That's bliss, and swimming class is no fun.

These selfish conversation continue as we head into summer. I've agreed to invite the two of them to my place's pool when it's open.

Together with Kiho and Kaede-chan, we can go *Kya~Kya* while cleaning the pool, and like that we'll have fun. If that can't be called fun, what can!?

Ah, to reward the two for helping me, let's make some sweets.

Summer sweets huh~? Maybe shaved ice, or sherbet...? But, even though I said it's summer, it's June...

Rather than something to cool your body, maybe something easy to eat and refreshing would be good...?

Hm, then what to make....... Sweet bean jelly? But, I've never made that before...

Nn-......Ah, fruit punch might be good. Yeah yeah, that'll probably be good. It's summery, and it won't cool your body down too much!

As far as that's concerned, I'll have to prepare the ingredients, and I have to consider what kind of feeling to give it!

Wow I'm looking forward to itー. I wonder if they'll be delighted...

Homeroom starts, leaving me behind in my thoughts. Deer (Read: Sensei) reports that the pool has opened, and cheers of joy erupt from the boys. But after he confesses that the boys and girls will be separate, anger and sorrow completely envelops the class, but I digress.

Do they really want to enter the pool together with girls that much!? Those guys!


Several days pass, and the pool has safely opened, and swimming classes have started.

But leaving that matter aside, today, we will clean my house's pool. I want to get it done before rainy season starts.

Nn? What happened to swimming class, you ask? We just followed the teacher's instructions and swam. Do you really want me to describe that? You probably do. Okay, I understand. You want me to. But, no.

There's only one thing that I, Katagiri Sora, enjoy the most, and that is to tell guys who want fanservice, ’’No.’’

.......Yeah, sorry. I only wanted to try saying that once. It actually wasn't that big a deal.

It's just, Hiiragi-san, who I thought had F-cups, actually had G-cups. It's the first time I've seen G-cups. They were amazing. Amazingly soft. How can I even describe them. Like wanting to have your head smothered in between them. Though as expected I didn't do that.

After that was, let's see... Kiho's breasts grew 1 centimeter, so she was sticking out her chest, but after seeing Hiiragi-san, she could only break down in tears.

Furthermore, I was felt up by Kiho and Kaede-chan. I was excessively felt up. I could return to favor to Kaede-chan, so I didn't think too much of it, but I couldn't massage Kiho's, so I thought that was unfair!

Ah, Kiho, who was delighted that her's became one centimeter bigger, was surprised after feeling mine. Apparently, they were bigger since the last time she felt them.

So they had been growing... Well, I have been feeling that most of my bras became tighter recently.

But, my body weight hasn't changed despite them growing. I wonder what that's supposed to mean. I guess this is one of those mysteries of the female body. Yeah, it's probably something else, right.

Alright, let's go back to the topic at hand.

Today, Kiho and Kaede-chan are coming before lunch, so I have to begin preparations a little sooner.

I also have to factor in the time it takes to go meet them. I'm flustered. I should chill.

Ah, I decided on fruit punch. I did say that didn't I. Well, I'm only making rice dumplings, since the coconut milk, oranges, cherries, and even the pineapples are canned. Yeah, inexcusable. But, what should I do;I cut the bananas and kiwis already. I won't use these in cooking you know.

Whatever, let's focus on lunch.

What should lunch be... I want it to have a cute, stylish feeling. And also a summerish feeling!

......In the refrigerator is, tomato, garlic, and ham huh. I knew I was forgetting something yesterday, so I forgot to go shopping!

No matter how I think about it, I can't make anything big...... Yeaahh, maybe I'll go shopping after going to meet them?

But.... it'll be difficult to finish cleaning before lunch then I guess....

OK, I can only wing it! It'll be fine. We have all sorts of seasoning, and I've been growing basil. I always have the necessary ingredients for pasta! I should make pasta! Ah, I love pasta you know.

I always keep a necessary stock. Okay okay, I just have to make the pasta sauce before I go and meet them.

I remove the seeds from the tomato, cut them into chunks, and then mince the garlic. I cut the basil into appropriate sizes. Ah, I should leave some basil uncut to use as a decoration.

After that, I put the tomato, the garlic, olive oil, lemon juice, and salt and pepper into a bowl, mix, and chill. The basil will go on last, so I leave them as they are and put them into the fridge.

So easyー. Pasta is so easyー. Isn't it magnificent? This easy, and so delicious. And moreover, cheap.

By the way, though pasta is so popular, it isn't popular with Riku.

It is tasty, but eating it somehow feels , he said. When I was cooking, I even served him a portion many times more than mine though! At least it was good practice for me right!

.......You probably don't care. Let's go meet those two.

Wait, I said that I'd make a try-hard dinner, but I ended up making something simple. W, Well, as long as it's delicious!

When I arrive at the station, the two are already waiting there, so I hurry up to the two of them.

’’Morning~! Thanks for today!’’

’’Good morning. Thank you for your care today.’’

’’Morning. Same here thanks.’’

I don't know what those two are thanking me for, but whatever.

I said 'same here' since I'll be having them help clean.

But those. Those appearances of those two.

Kiho... is wearing a camo pattern miniskirt with a border print halter camisole and a cut-and-sew.

Kaede-chan... is wearing a checkered, long balloon skirt with... a short sleeve cut-and-sew with flower motif lace attached to the neck and cuffs, and a poncho parka.

Oh about me, I'm doing jeans with a layered Drape Dolman cut-and-sew.

.......Yeah, we overused it. We overused the cut-and-sew!

No actually, all our cut-and-sews have different appearances. But it can't be considered that we've worn them well with just that. How surprising.

Afterwards, I compliment of two of them with ’’Cute, cute!’’ But from them, they complain to me that my exposure is too little as usual!

Oh c'monーIsn't it fineー It doesn't really matterー Wait, Kaede-chan, isn't your exposure also a little lowー? Why was I complained to thenー

When I said how I felt, ’’Oh, so you want to look at lightly dressed cute girls?’’ Kaede-chan said back to me. Won't it be cute since it's you? Kaede-chan c'monー


Okay well, we've come back home. We'll change into our swimsuits and clean.

For my swimsuit, will the one I bought earlier be okay? That's what the two of them will be doing it seems.

I change in the Ofuro room that's the basement, but well, what's this feeling. Just in case, I wrap a towel around me. Is it because this room is mostly shielded from the public eye? I feel like I'm being peeked at. Nothing like that is actually happening. I just wanted to let you guys know that a man's romance is happening right here.

Though we're cleaning the pool, actually, there's no need to clean the inside of the pool.

If you want to know why, it's because our pool has a salt water chlorination device, so we can enter the pool year round.

Also, we can leave cleaning the pool bottom to a robot.

Then, what are we going to do? you may be asking. We'll be cleaning the poolside and taking out any junk floating on the water.

It's unexpectedly arduous work. To say the least, it has basically been left entirely alone from winter until autumn. It's a little dirty. You may be thinking then, why not clean it more often, in small chunks? But if I'm not going to be entering it, how can I motivate myself to do cleaning?......Oops, excuse me.

I get a trash bag ready, get rid of the larger junk, and afterwards sweep and clean. Then I clean with a deck brush.

Mannn, this is great. Fast, so fast with three people.

’’Ahh~ It's hot!’’

’’Indeed right. I want to enter the pool soon.’’

’’Good work. Thanks for the help. Cleaning seems to be done, so let's enter the pool after lunch.’’

I normally have to take quite a bit of time every year to make it sufficiently clean, but cleaning was quick this year.

The time is 11a.m. right now. I had thought that we'd finish at around 1 o'clock. Also, sweeping and cleaning is fine and all, but probably because of the deck brush, it's hot, so hot. If I'm honest with myself, I want to immediately enter the pool, but the cleaning robot will take about 1 more hour. Hence, I have to persevere.

Let's eat today's lunch leisurely on the poolside-use sofa.

Ah, by the way, there's no one else here but us, unexpectedly. Riku has soccer training, Dad has to work on his day off, and Mom is having lunch with an old friend.

That's why I only made meal portions for the three of us. Since I didn't have to make Riku's portion, it was quite convenient for me. Well, it feels good watching how Riku eats, so it's not like I dislike cooking for him.

Incidentally, the woman that's friends with my mother, well, there were a lot of people back then who have a lot of fighting spirit, so she's a little scary. She is a good person on the inside though. It's just that she has a lot of flashbacks. I sometimes don't understand my mom's associate.

’’What's for lunch!?’’

I was thinking something different, and Kiho is so ready for food. As soon as we start talking about food, she has some good reactions.

Well, that part of her is cute so. It's just that I, her Onee-san, am worried that she'll be lured by food from some strange men.

’’For today, I decided to make summerish cold pasta.’’

’’Ohhh! I've wanted to eat Sora's pasta ever since that terrifyingly appetizing picture of that pepper genovese!’’ (Note: The salad that Sora took a picture of and sent to Kiho in chapter 4)

’’I am looking forward to it!’’

Kiho becomes delighted and her eyes change when I respond. Kaede-chan is also delighted but, their hype is overwhelmingly different. And wait, she remembered the pepper genovese? It's already the second time she's come over. If she really wanted to eat it that much, she should have said something...

No, thinking about it normally, you wouldn't... Yeah, in my case, I wouldn't either... Okay, I rinse off my feet. Let's go make lunch.

Though I say I'll make lunch, all I have to do is boil the pasta. The sauce is already made and chilled.

Also, since the pasta will be served cold, the noodles have to capellini. Cold pasta has to use thin noodles!

First, boil the pasta. The secret is to boil it about 1 minute more than usual. Afterwards, chill in cold water. If you boil it the normal amount of time, the noodles will become stiff.

So, I strain the boiled pasta and wash under running water, then steadily chill in ice water.

I firmly strain the chilled pasta, add basil together with the sauce I made in preparation before I went out to meet those two, and mix the entire thing.

Then, I arrange the pasta on dishes, and add fresh ham and decoration basil. Perfect. I'll leave the powdered cheese up to them.

To really bring out the refreshingness, I tried using glass plates!

Then what about drinks... Barley tea would be apt for summer, but that doesn't go well with this dish.

To heighten the feeling, perhaps black tea? Yeah, black tea it is. I'll use the first flush of Darjeeling tea. If you want to know why, that's because it doesn't have much tannin, so it won't become cloudy as ice tea.

First, boil the water, let it cool a bit, then add the tea into the hot water normally. Wait three minutes.

Afterwards, transfer to a server while filtering with a tea strainer. If you want to add sugar, now's the time. What should I do this time... Those two like sweet flavors, so I guess I'll add some for now.

Afterwards, since we added such a large amount of liquid into the server, it'll immediately be cooled in the process. This is how you get that transparent ice tea like the one you see in stores!

If you chill it in the refrigerator, the tannin and catechin will come out and cloud the tea. Although there isn't much change in taste, but nice, clear ice tea is just so pleasing right!

Okay, food is ready, so I guess I should call them now...

’’It's done~’’


When I raise my voice, the two who were playing with Sekka when I was cooking come this way with great enthusiasm.

I had expected that reaction from Kiho, but for Kaede-chan to have to same response was unexpected.

Normally. she would be a lot more reserved. Well, she gave it her all cleaning, so she's probably hungry...

’’Then, I'll carry the food, so can I ask you two bring the tea?’’

’’Wha? We aren't going to eat in the living room?’’

She asks with a confused face when I ask them to carry the tea.

Wha? I didn't tell them? Well, it's no big deal.

’’I thought we should eat on the poolside sofas. It'll definitely feel great.’’

’’Ooo! Nice, nice!’’

’’Somehow, it feels as though we have come to a resort!’’

When I told them my plan to eat outside, those two frolic happily going ’’Kya~Kya~Kya.’’

But hey, Kaede-chan. This isn't a resort, it's a residential neighborhood. ......I'm sorry you've never seen the ocean. I didn't mean anything bad by that, it's just that there's no ocean anywhere near here. Wait, I didn't do anything bad to anyone. It's all this place's fault.

Oh yeah, the food was delicious.

The quiet neighborhood is quiet. At most we can occasionally hear the sound of a car going by. Occasionally, the breeze gently caressed our faces, carrying with it the smell of the pool water, making you think, ah, summer has arrived. With this, lunch is over, and the cleaning robot is dutifully preparing the pool. We can swim now. How great this life is.

’’Fu~ That was good~.’’

’’It was delicious.’’

’’Fufu, it was nothing special.’’

I say as the two contently sip their black tea. A meal while watching the two of them smiling while eating is the best.

Being told that the food I made myself is delicious is very uplifting. All the more better because it's from two cute girls.

’’We, were thoroughly fed and tamed by Sora-san it seems.’’

’’Yeah, but this is bliss so ahh~’’

She says despite that I've cooked them meals many times already. Kiho agrees and stretches, drained of strength with her usual sharpness gone. How should I describe it, the exhausted way she sips her tea reminds me of a veranda more than a poolside.

Thoroughly fed, she says. That's so exaggerated;I didn't even make that much. When I tried saying that, I'm told by Kaede-chan, 'the quantity is of no matter.' And I'm told by Kiho, 'I'm a slave to your Florentines!'

Are you really? But, isn't Kiho tamed by food too quickly? As I thought, I'm worried she'll get lured by food from some strange men.

But, if they're that happy, maybe I should talk to them about some of the things that I've been considering?

’’Hey you know, for summer break, when we go to the beach, want to rent out a cottage, or a villa?’’

’’What do you mean?’’

’’Why is that?’’

So it was too sudden after all? They have faces that say they don't understand.

’’There are no meals provided by villas or cottages. In exchange, they're cheaper. So, with the money we could save by not staying at a normal inn, we could provide for ourselves and eat our own favorite food. Well, in exchange, we would have to cook ourselves.’’

’’......In other words, we can swim in the ocean a bunch, AND have a smorgasbord of your cooking Sora!?’’

Kiho says with a very serious face when I give a detailed explanation.

......Isn't that too meanー? I will be the only one cooking? We will not be cooking together?

’’Kiho-chan, perhaps it would be better if we cooked together.’’

’’Ah. Oh yeah. That's good too!’’

Whew. I managed to avoid the tragedy of cooking alone by myself. Thank you, Kaede-chan. I'm so glad you're here.

But then there's that. Even if we get some sort of guardian, that'll be four people. That feels a little too few for renting a villa. Ah, also worth mentioning is that the more people there are, the cheaper it'll be... Though there would need to be more food made as the number of people increase, the overall price each person would have to pay would decrease.

’’Oh yeah, will it just be us going? Or will we invite someone else?’’

’’Ahh.....Indeed what should we do.’’

Nn? Why are those two looking at me? Eh? I will be deciding?

’’What do you think?’’

’’What are you thinking of doing?’’

’’......Well, as the number of people increase, the price per person becomes cheaper?’’

That's all I can say. So I don't say anything that might increase their worries, I simple state a fact.

However, perhaps because I said that, they start discussing about who to invite. It seems they thought that I was pro increasing the amount of people. Well, I don't really care honestly.

’’So, who we inviting?’’

’’Obviously, it has to be someone familiar to all of us.’’

’’......And, so uh. ......Maybe candidates like Tatebayashi-kun, Houzouin-kun, and Nabeshima-kun...?

’’And for runners-up, perhaps Imagawa-kun and Sanada-kun. We have yet to truly become friends with Hiiragi-san and Natsume-san so we should not consider them. Whether we invite Imagawa-kun and Sanada-kun probably depends on how close we are with them.’’

’’Aren't all those considerations all males!?’’

’’Indeed so. Fundamentally, us three have had each other, so we have never thought of making other friends.’’

’’Oh then, let's try inviting Tatebayashi-kun and Houzouin-kun. Nabeshima-kun is a maybe. And we'll leave Imagawa-kun and other guy, Hiiragi-san, and Natsume-san until we make friends with them!’’

’’That sounds agreeable. Sora-san, is this arrangement fine with you?’’


Ah, my bad. I wasn't listening. I was thinking about matters like: where we should go if we're going, or if we're going to where I've always wanted to go, whether or not that store hadn't closed yet. Forgive me.

’’Oh c'mon~. We're discussing about what friends to invite ya know!? So, we were asking you if inviting Tatebayashi-kun, Houzouin-kun, and Nabeshima-kun is okay!’’

Kiho's expression is like, ’’Gosh darn it.’’ Yeah, I'm really sorry for not listening.

Wait, those guys were our friends? Friends? Friends you say?

At least, these two might consider those guys to be friends. But, what about me?

What is a friend anyway? Kiho and Kaede-chan are friends. I call them so because we're intimate with each other right? I like them. Then, being close to someone, and liking them, makes them a friend? If I were to call those people close.....I guess so.... They probably rank right after Kiho and Kaede-chan, not to mention that they're the nicest out of all the guys. Then, I don't like them per se. I don't really feel anything around them. But if I don't like or hate them, is that a friend?...

Just what is the definition of 'friend'!? Ahhh screw it. Do whatever you like!

When I told them to do as they please, 'Then, it's decided!' they say. They plan on promptly inviting them after meeting at school.

Also, talking about this kind of thing, I've remembered something very important.

’’Before that, we need a guardian to come with us. It's expected.’’


Looks like that idea had completely escaped them.

’’My house has Riku and Sekka so it'll be difficult for me. What about you two?’’

’’......My place, my brothers have to be taken care of, so it's impossible I think.’’

’’So whether or not we will have a guardian falls to me? However, both my parents work......’’

......Yeeaahhh, this is some fail flag right here.

Yeah, Okay! This will inevitably worry us from now on! We've tried discussing, that's good enough!

Okay! Let's get in the pool, let's do it!

’’Nothing will change even if we worry about it now. How about we just get in the pool!?’’


’’Fine with me!’’

I invite the two of them, and they agree. I take to cleaning robot out of the pool, and we promptly get in.

We play halfway through with a beach ball I had taken out, and relax on an inflatable mattress.

Then, while we rest, we sip on fruit punch, and play again. After we finish playing, we get in the hot tub and relax again.

Mom comes back in the evening. Since it seems she had gone shopping, we help her out together.

With two more females, the dining table quickly becomes blooming and cheerful. The menu is Chuuka don and spring rolls. The spring rolls are delicious.

So, there's school tomorrow as expected, and we bid one day farewell.

We don't meet Tatebayashi today as expected. If I met Tatebayashi on the way while sending Kiho and Kaede-chan to the station, I would have been surprised.

Ah, the plan to go to school together will be put into action promptly tomorrow.

I'm looking forward to it, like how an average elementary school student looks forward to a class trip.


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