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Like Hell I’m Gonna Get Captured! - Chapter 16


10 years have passed since that day I decided to live on as myself. Not really. Golden Week has ended normally.

What's there after Golden Week? Right, the Ball Game Tournament.

Now that I'm a high school student, do I still try my hardest in things like ball game tournaments?... is what I thought, but turns out that you can get a coupon as the 1st place prize that you can exchange to eat the cafeteria's daily-special meal, valid until the end of the school year in March.

Moreover, it's a special service with only 30 tickets written.

Forget about the girls, it's inevitable that all the guys will give it their all. That's something I can relate to.

So, today's the ball game tournament. Is what you thought right?

Nope, actually. Today is cooking practice.

What happened to the ball game tournament? That's next Sunday. Because of that, next Monday has become a day-off.

’’Sora, what did you say you were making today?’’

I'm currently in the Home Economics room.

Kiho asks me about the menu, but I'm stumped.

What's stumping me is that I haven't especially decided on what to make, and I was told by the teacher to make whatever I liked.

The master said, cook! I have prepared all of this world's ingredients! (Reference to Toriko I believe.

This is the time known as the great cooking Era! was it? (A meme made out of One Piece's OP) Well, it would be an exaggeration to say 'all of this world,' and all the prepared ingredients are normal.

Well, I feel like making curry, since even a nice roux has been prepared, and then a salad with whatever I have on hand that's appropriate.

But, would it be better if I just made something safe out of the arranged ingredients?

Moreover, it would probably be better for me to stop this, wrenching of the head, is it called that?, this unconventional acting.

’’......If I just play it safe and finish the curry, that wouldn't be interesting, sort of...’’

’’......Sora-san, I don't think there is a need for you to worry about interestingness in cooking practice.’’

I was tsukkomi'ed by Kaede-chan de gozaru. Kiho is also nodding her head, going ’’Mhm...mhm...’’

Strange... I'm supposed to be the tsukkomi when around these two...

’’For me, I really can't cook, so I'll leave it to you Katagiri-san!’’

Nabeshima-kun says. (The guy who Sora didn't know at the basketball game) You're pushing all the responsibility onto me? Is that it?

For this cooking practice, we are cooking after being separated into groups of four.

The members of this group are Kiho, Kaede-chan, Nabeshima-kun, and me.

Sensei put us into this group, saying that we are close friends. I feel compelled to tell Sensei, 'GJ.'

Also, when I asked why Nabeshima-kun, who I'm not very close with, was in our group, Sensei asked us what outsiders would think if he put Houzouin or Tatebayashi in the group.

In other words, it seems our neighbors would sulk that it was too Harem-y.

Yep. Certainly, if Houzouin or Tatebayashi were cooking surrounded by the cute, female Kiho and Kaede-chan, probably a lot of people would sulk.

Probably the better reason is that it's a little dangerous since there are knives.

For that reason, Nabeshima-kun was chosen to be put in our group where it's safe. If I told him that, should he be delighted, or should he be mad? I make a complicated expression, troubled over this tricky topic.

’’Then, let's safely make curry.’’



’’I'll do my best!’’

When I suggest that, everyone pleasantly agrees with me.

The order they said it, well, you can tell without me saying right? (Hopefully you guys can tell that the order is Sora, Kiho, Kaede, Nabeshima)

’’Speaking of which, how well can everyone cook?’’

I completely forgot;I forgot to ask about an important topic.

If I don't know how well everyone can cook, I can't appropriately divide up the labor after all.

’’I occasionally help my mom with cooking, so I can cook a little bit!’’

’’I as well occasionally partake in cooking, so if it is not something difficult, I will be fine I believe.’’

’’I can only cook rice in a rice cooker when I'm asked by my mom!’’

......Okay. The division of labor is decided.

’’Okay so, Kiho and Kaede-chan will prepare the ingredients. And, Nabeshima-kun, can I have you cook the rice for us?’’



’’I'll do my best!’’

It feels so good receiving eager responses. But, you're just cooking rice, so there's no need to put in so much fighting spirit.

Wait, is it okay for me to take complete control? There won't be a problem right?

.......I tried saying something, and I got the response 'What are you saying after all this time.' Eehhh, from all three people!


Presently, everyone is cutting the ingredients. Nabeshima-kun is giving it his all washing the rice.

’’HeyHey, Sora.’’

What do you want, Kiho? Do you want to talk about doing this in the future? Cooking together in our nest of love? I'll definitely say yes you know?

’’For the ingredients, what size should I cut them into?’’

Of course I was wrong . Wait, even though you started cutting the ingredients a while ago, you're asking this now?

’’Isn't it fine if you just cut them into whatever size? But, they'll come apart due to the heat, so cut them about the same size.’’

’’What size do you like to cut them to, Sora-san?’’

’’Me? I like slightly small sizes, since it would be easier to eat, I guess?’’

The hell you asking for my preferred size? You're free to choose your own preference.

’’In that case, let's cut them slightly smaller!’’


No, why, c'mon. If you like them a bit bigger, that's fine you know?

’’I don't particularly care about largeness, so it doesn't matter you know?’’

’’I like curry, so the largeness of the ingredients doesn't concern me!’’

’’No that's not it, I mean? You see, Nabeshima-kun probably like bigger ones.’’

Since he's a man. I don't know if he's really concerned about it, but I imagine there a lot of men who like to guzzle down curry. Well, my basis mainly comes from my father and younger brother, and some recollections from my previous life.

’’No! I like Katagiri-san!....That's not it! That's not it! I like whatever size Katagiri-san prefers!’’

Ah, yeah. Thanks .

He unfortunately responded with his face becoming more red. Well, his face becoming red is in no large part due to his verbal slip. Well, that doesn't count as a confession, doesn't count.

Well, I don't see anything especially unpleasant in his eyes;rather, don't look this way with such honest eyes. I don't really want to get on good terms with you since you're a guy, but you're also not at a level of detestable-ness that I don't want to talk to you at all.

Wait, I almost never see this person looking at Kiho and Kaede-chan with that same expression. I'm not sure if he's that innocent or has anthropomorphia, but I think he should look people in the eye when talking to them.

’’Alright. I'm going to start frying the onions, so could you dice the tomatoes for me?’’

Since the ingredients are mostly done being cut, we enter the cooking stage.

By the way, since there's not really a time where I can experiment at my house, I put potatoes and carrots in a heat-resistant bowl with water together, cover it in wrap, and cook it on the range.

This method will decrease the time it will take boil, and allow for the potatoes to be taken out before its astringency gets mixed in, as well as make it considerably easier.

’’Sure, but what are you going to use tomatoes for?’’

’’Eh? I'm going to put it in the curry?’’

’’You put tomatoes in curry?’’

’’Yeah. You don't?’’

Kiho and I look at each other with blank expressions. Putting tomatoes in curry, could this possibly be abnormal?

’’At least, we don't do it at my house I think.’’

’’We neither do so at my residence.’’

’’I have no idea about these matters!’’

Ignoring Nabeshima-kun, is that so... So it's not normal, even though it tastes good.

’’So, if we put in tomatoes, will it be tastier?’’

Kiho asks me. Wait, you had it at my house didn't you? Well, I didn't say anything so she probably didn't notice.

’’The curry you had at my house before had tomatoes in it you know?’’

’’Really!? That was really delicious after all . 'Kay! In that case, I super agree!’’

’’Yeah, the curry that time was delicious. I would like to have it again.’’

Because we had that conversation, Nabeshima-kun's stomach rumbles.

Okayokay. Let's hurry and make it.

After all this time, we finally get to cooking the curry. I probably don't need to explain.

Fry the onions until they're clear, and then add the pork and carrots and fry. And then, add the tomatoes, and remove the liquid portion. Afterwards, add water and boil for a little while. Finally, add the curry roux, adjust the taste, and it's done.

That's it! Simple! Anyone can do it!

For the private person, other than a cup of instant coffee, I recommend adjusting the taste with a sauce of salt and soy sauce.

So that the body of the tomato can come out. When using the sauce, the taste can really quickly become strong, so make sure to adjust with small amounts of soy sauce and salt.

’’It looks delicious . I want to eat it .’’

Says Kiho peeking into the pot. I think her gluttony is expressing itself, but at these times, Kiho's expressions are super cute.

She's making a face that's like, 'Let me eat a lot of delicious things!'

By the way, Nabeshima-kun, who's stomach rumblings have been reverberating, is standing by with everyone's plates prepared.

’’Just a little bit longer. Oh yeah, what should we do about side dishes?’’

As expected, curry by itself would be lonesome. Somehow, I feel like it desires one more dish.

’’Ah, it will be fine. I have already prepared some potato salad!’’

Seriously! Kaede-chan! Serious GJ!

Towards Kaede-chan, I stick up my thumb, GJ!, and Kaede-chan also responds by sticking her thumb up with a smug face.

This is first time I've seen Kaede-chan's self-satisfied expression-wa~. Cute-wa~. Do you get it?... The cuteness of a prim and proper, cute, adult-like girl with her bashful nature making a smug-expression. I hope you understand...

While that interchange happens, it's about time for it to be finished.

’’Those who want to taste test ’’


For the final flavor adjustment, I try asking who wants to sample the taste, and everyone raises their hands.

Well, I thought that would happen.

’’Then, I'll taste test first, and your turns will come after.’’

’’Hurry! Hurry!’’

When I say that, Kiho urges me on. All that's left in her head is probably curry. Her line of sight isn't leaving the pot.

I try sampling the taste, and the same flavor as usual satisfactorily comes out. It'll satisfy the individual.

Now all that's left are the opinions of the other three.

’’Okay. Then next will be Kiho.’’

I say, and transfer some to a small plate. It's one I used already, but don't worry about it.

Kiho silently takes it in hand and slowly, relishing, samples the taste.

But I'm a little...One may think something is delicious, but a person is always a little nervous when someone else samples the taste.


I enquire Kiho after she's done sampling the taste. If she tells me it's nothing special, I may never get up again.

’’Ueehehehehe. Uhihi. Hihihihi.’’

With a whole-faced smile, her shoulders shake while she lets out a weird laughing sound.

Frankly speaking, it's a little frightening, but it would probably be okay to take that as a sign of good favor. That's okay right?

’’Then. Next is Kaede-chan.’’

’’Yes. I am looking forward to it.’’

Kaede-chan says when I transfer some to the small plate. She takes it.

Kaede-chan, smiles sweetly and says it's very delicious. Whew. If even Kaede-chan started making weird smiles and laughing out loud, I don't know what I would do.

’’Okay. Next is Nabeshima-kun.’’

I say and transfer some to a small plate.


It was in a whisper, but I certainly heard it. Ahh, so that's it. Certainly there are people who care about that too.

Since Kiho and Kaede-chan were fine with it, I had forgotten. Sorry.

’’Ah, sorry. So you were someone who worries about that. I'll wash it right away.’’

’’Eh? Ah, No, it's fine! Don't worry about it! In fact, it's like a reward!....ah.’’



’’......I'm washing it.’’


After washing the small plate, I transfer food and serve him.

Nabeshima-kun is crestfallen, and his head is hanging, but we don't hate him. Rather, we would find it much more disagreeable if seemed a little happy. That's why there's no helping it.

’’So, is there any need to adjust the taste?’’

’’No, like this is delicious enough!’’

’’Yes, it is very delicious.’’

’’It's many times more delicious than the curry at my place!’’

I enquire after everyone has finished taste testing, and they tell me it's fine as it is. It seems like it's quite popular or something.

Also, Nabeshima-kun, if you go home, you should apologize to your mother.

’’Then, the rice appears to be done, so let's serve it up and eat.’’

’’Yaaayyy! R-i-ce!’’

’’Shall we?’’

’’My body is ready!’’

Everyone agrees with me when I say so.

Well, good smells are already drifting over from many other teams, and they've decided to dig in already. As expected, our stomachs are also hungry.

Our neighboring team has a somewhat unusual, sweet smell hovering over them, but I should pay that no mind.

The curry is served, we sit in our seats, and we eat the curry.

The curry is delicious. If I may say so myself, I made it delicious after all.

It is popular with everyone. They keep telling me 'Delicious, delicious,' while eating. As I thought, it's happiness to look at people's expression when they're eating something delicious. It's because of this that I like cooking you know.

Kaede-chan's potato salad is also delicious. I feel like there was some heart left in one part a little, but it was amusing.

I mean, I feel like that much contributes to and increases her cuteness.

While everyone is talking about how good it is and eating, I casually look over to the group beside us.

If I recall, Houzouin and Tatebayashi are in the group next to us.

Also, there is a dark atmosphere hanging around them currently, like mourning a dead body. What's the matter I wonder.

Um, does it have something to do with that sweet smell? No, it probably does...

’’What's the matter?’’

’’Nn? Ahh, Katagiri-san is it? No well, about the curry, that's hideous.’’

When I raise my voice to the neighbors, Houzouin as if he's wasting away responds to me.

However, curry being terrible, something that terrible couldn't have been made right.

’’......Want to try it?’’

Tatebayashi says, scoops out some, and hands it over.

......Why is this. Why is there a sweet, fruit-like smell coming from this curry I wonder.


’’Go on. That thing is a trial. You said you'd try it.’’

He says. Tatebayashi's eyes are, full of mischief? His eyes wholly show that he's plotting to increase the number of victims, as he holds out the spoon.

Most likely, if I eat this, something terrible will befall me...

But, to be honest, I've become a little curious as to what kind of thing this terribly-made curry is. No, but.


’’Hey, don't say that. I'm telling you to open your mouth.’’

He says, and forcibly shoves the curry into my slightly open mouth.

What expression should I have made at that instant I wonder.

All I could understand was the sensation of something awful entering my body, and if I were to throw up, I might be given the name of ’’Spew-girl.’’

Because I'd hate the name ’’Spew-girl,’’ I did my best to swallow, but my body's rejection mechanism had activated, and couldn't by any means.

Moreover, because the unusual object continued to remain inside my mouth, even though it was detestable, that taste and flavor continued to be conveyed during that time.

How can I express this taste I wonder.

Ah, that's it. I've got something adequate. It's like spicy, fishy, unusually sweet strawberry milk.

’’Sora! Tea! Drink the tea!’’

Kiho says and hands me some tea.

Nice! Truly, Nice!

I managed to swallow that strange object together with the tea somehow and barely managed to avoid becoming ’’Spew-girl.’’

After this, I'm going to give Tatebayashi my fist. I'm going to do it.

.......I hit Tatebayashi in the head with my fist, and now my hand hurts. Moreover, it looks like I did no damage to Tatebayashi. Shit.

Wait, just who made such a terrible thing?

’’......This, who made it?’’

I say, a hand hesitantly raises.

And, when I look over there, it's F-cup-chan, going like ’’ehehe’’ while bitterly smiling.

Do you remember her? She was that well-rounded beauty with big boobs I mentioned that time during matriculation. Her name is Hiiragi Yukiko-chan if I recall.

Eh? Why do I remember her name? There's no way someone like I would not check the name of a cute girl right?

’’Did no one else help you?’’

’’......Before we started, I told everyone that I learned a way to make delicious curry from television and to leave it to me.’’

’’That's why everyone else was preparing salads and stuff.’’

Says Houzouin while hanging his head.

’’I'm sorry. If I had paid more attention, such a thing wouldn't have....’’

The one who said that while appearing very apologetic is a slender, cute girl with cat-like eyes.

I did also mention one really cute girl during matriculation, didn't I? If I'm correct, her name is Natsume Umeko-chan. She'd get mad if I were to call her Ume-chan (plum-chan)... She'd probably get mad... But, it's cute isn't it? Ume-chan.

Wait, even though Natsume-san is this apologetic, Hiiragi-san isn't paying that any mind and absently-mindedly staring into space. Is that okay?

’’So, Hiiragi-san, how did this happen?’’

When I enquire, she puts her finger to her chin and starts talking.

’’Um let's see. It was from television. I heard that if you add milk to curry, it would make it delicious.’’

Okay. I've added milk to curry before. It makes the taste more mild.

’’And then let's see. I'm certain they said that if you add fruit, it'll make it delicious.’’

Not fruit, jam right? But that level of mistake isn't enough I believe.

’’So, there were strawberries when we were cooking today, and I thought that if I used strawberry milk to make curry after all, wouldn't it be delicious?’’

......Eh? I'm sorry I don't understand your meaning. Why was there such a gap in logic?

No, even if you tilt your head while making an expression that feels like 'Oops.'

What are you going to do? About this hazardous substance (read: Curry). Who's going to dispose of it?

Nn? Disposal? Ah, Deer (read: Sensei).... wait, what was I thinking. I was thinking something extremely dangerous right now!

As expected, it's probably bad to go that far.

Wait, the problem in the first place was that everyone should have stopped you when you were making strawberry milk!

’’......No, when I was making strawberry milk, aren't there people who are bad with spicy I wondered, and aren't I preparing sweet drinks. So I thought I should trust my feelings. .....And before I knew it, the strawberry milk had disappeared, and I only had a bad hunch from the vicinity....’’

When I asked her why she wasn't stopped, that was her response.

Natsume-san apologizes for being unable to handle spiciness. It's probably my fault, she says.

In comparison to her normal, strong-willed face, she's unexpectedly negative.

Somewhat, she's already become pitiful in many ways.

’’Hey, I can split up our team's curry and give some to you. Is that okay?’’

’’It's okay!’’

’’I think you ought to split with us.’’

’’No problem!’’

I propose to split my my group's curry with Houzouin's group, and I get two acknowledgments.

No matter how I think about it, I sympathize with them.

’’And so, there isn't much, but want to taste our team's curry?’’

’’.......Sorry. Thank you very much.’’

’’......I'm indebted to you.

’’......Thank you very much.’’

’’Thank you very much. But, isn't this kind of bad?’’

Well, I think you can understand without me saying it, but from the top, Houzouin, Tatebayashi, Natsume-san, Hiiragi-san.

Also, Hiiragi-san, what's bad? That way of thinking is altogether bad I think!

So it's really true how people who can't cook like to add secret ingredients or change the recipe.

Afterwards, everyone could enjoy delicious curry.

Well, after that, Houzouin and group may not have any appetite for food, or they may not eat that much.

But for now, Houzouin and Tatebayashi are saying ’’Good, Great,’’ while eating, and their appearance is tear-jerking.

Today I learned in school that Hiiragi-san cannot be left cooking alone!

Ah, I didn't emphasize it, but the strawberry milk curry was thrown away.

As expected, no one could eat that.


After that terrible cooking practice is over, when I return home and am carefreely playing with Sekka, Riku calls me.

What is it? I'm playing together with Sekka right now, so I'm very, very busy. Can this wait for later?


’’I still haven't seen what swimsuit you bought! What kind of swimsuit did you buy?’’

With no recourse, I try dealing with him, and it was business that I really couldn't care less about.

Why do I have to show my younger brother my swimsuit!? And then in any case, you'll see it later after I enter the water in a pool, so does it really matter? I ask.

’’Speaking of which, I also haven't seen it. Sora, can I ask you to show me a little?’’

Is that question coming from the kitchen? Mom has joined the war.

’’Why...It's embarrassing, I don't wanna.’’

’’......You don't understand the heart of a parent who wants to see their girl's cute figure.’’

Mom says when I refuse. She turns down the corners of her eyes and says ’’boo hoo hoo’’ in a mere imitation of crying.

Shit. When that's said, isn't it heart-breaking to say no-!?

In times like these only, it's better to just go with the mood jeez !

’’......Please wait a bit.’’

I say. I head into my room and change into my swimsuit.

How did it come to this I wonder. Even though I'm not going to enter a pool, I'm wearing a swimsuit in my house.

While thinking that, I finish changing.

Perfect. A white, paisley pattern on a black background with a pareo wrapped around the waist. It's hard to prettily wrap a plain pareo.

This time, I tried wrapping the pareo near my breasts, but that probably needs practice.

’’It's like this.’’

I go down and show Mom and Riku. How do I put this, expressly showing off like this, I can't help but feel like this is some shame-play.

It's more embarrassing than I thought! This is!

’’Ooo It suits you!’’

’’......Nice swimsuit. I wonder if I can also wear it.’’

Says mom while Riku is clapping his hands with a *pachipachi* sound.

I don't think Mom's breasts can fit, so I ask her to please refrain herself.

’’.....Okaa-san, I don't think this can fit you.’’

’’How impolite! I still have a long way to go you know.’’

’’That's not it. I don't think your breasts can fit.’’

’’.....It's a swimsuit, so it can stretch. It'll be fine.’’

’’You'll lower this swimsuit's lifespan, please don't.’’

If you force a size that doesn't fit into a swimsuit, it's lifespan will be shortened. Let's not okay.

’’Tsk-. guess there's no helping it...’’

It's not that there's no helping it. You normally wouldn't try on your daughter's swimsuit.

After several minutes of this and that, my unveiling is over, and I was permitted to go back to my room to change.

Nn? Did I show my dad? As expected, wearing a swimsuit until 11p.m. would give me a cold, and I don't want to go out of my way to change one more time.

I probably changed from that day, but actually, not a lot has changed. I'm living every day peacefully.

However, I don't want to get captured. Anything but that!


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