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Like Hell I’m Gonna Get Captured! - Chapter 15


(Story told from Kiho's Point of View)

(As per last chapter, Sora now uses 'Watashi' when referring to herself)

Today is the day I go shopping with Sora and Kaede together.

We did promise to go to the sea in the summer after all. Therefore, a new swimsuit is a must!

’’Nee-chaaaaan. Where are you going-?’’

My youngest younger brother sees me after I've changed clothes and I'm heading to the end of the hallway.

I've messed up... This kid has been pampered too much, and he's always stuck with me or the oldest Imouto.

If I were to tell him that I'm heading shopping, He'll certainly say that he'll want to go together, no doubt. And then, tears will flow.

But, I can't tell a lie... There's no helping it! I can only let my younger brother cry here!

’’Shopping with my friends.’’

’’I also want to go!’’

When I respond, the response that I was expecting comes. But, it's impossible for me to take you!

’’You can't. Obediently stay at home and play with your friends!’’


’’No -pe! Kumi! Do something about Shinta!’’

When I turn to the living room and call her, the eldest Imouto Kumo comes *patapata* in a half run and then picks up Shinta for me.

’’Okayokay. Shinta? Be obedient okay. Onee-chan has to go. You'll be back by dinner, right?’’

’’Yea. I can't be out that late anyway. Then, I'm going!’’


I leave behind the crying and shouting Shinta and exit the house. Still... well, it's not we'll be separated for a lifetime, so there was no need to cry like that!

If I come back and he hasn't gone to sleep, I'll go play with him. His mood should quickly improve that way.

When I arrive at the station, Kaede is already waiting.

Shit. Is it because my time was taken up by Shinta that I came later than her!?

’’Morning Kaede! Been waiting?’’

’’Good morning, Kiho-chan. I have also just arrived here.’’

She says. The smiling Kaede is different from me. I'm envious of her, what do you call it, her graceful visage.

Moreover, her words earlier,like, it's kinda like a date! It's kinda embarrassing!

’’That phrase just now. It like we're on a date!’’

’’Fufu. Now that you mention it, that does seems to be the case. However, since it will be the three of us on a date today, you are not mistaken.’’

Replies the smiling Kaede when I say that.

Is that so. A three person date huh. In that case, it's like a super date! Speaking of this, like, what would you call it again. Riajuu... was it? But, I've like heard before that Riajuu, like, have to explode ... Since I don't want to explode yet, I don't want to be a Riajuu....

Ah, wait a second. Is it even called a date if it's with fellow girls?

Also, if it is a date, who would be the one with flowers in both hands? (Expression meaning a two beautiful girls each holding your hand) Nn-. Probably Sora huh. Ah, but can I, like, even be considered as a flower? I'm pretty far off from being elegant... Nn-probably not!

Speaking of which, Sora hasn't been very lively, I wonder if she's okay....

I invited her shopping since I wanted her to get better. It would be nice if she'd cheered up...

If she hasn't cheered up, it'll be fine if we cheer her up right! We're her friends after all!

’’Sora-san. I hope she has cheered up.’’

It seems Kaede-chan also has the same thoughts as me.

There's no problem even if Sora hasn't! Since everything will be fine once we cheer her up!

It's not just for show that in middle school I was told by a guy that it was impossible to feel worried around me!

But that, like, probably isn't something you can complement right!

’’If Sora is still unhappy, we just have to cheer her up!’’

’’Fufu, that is right. She will surely be happy if she is together with you, Kiho-chan.’’

Oh stahp. I'm blushing!

But, wait. I feel like I was just implicitly called an idiot. Well, it's Kaede after all, so that's impossible right!?


To meet up with Sora, we take the train and go to the station closest to the school.

In times like these, like, it sure is nice having a fixed-term commutation pass. Travelling is easy.

We leave the ticket gate, and when we look for Sora, we find her immediately.

In times like these, it is really easy, like, to find her. After all, her presence, like her Aura, is different from other peoples'!

Is this, like, the power of a transcendent beauty!? Like, nn-, I have no idea what I just said!

Not only that, can I say that today's Sora has more presence than usual? You'd immediately understand if you saw her stable Aura. No, I'm not speaking nonsense! It was a metaphor! It was!

’’Ah, good morning you two.’’

Sora, who notices us approaching, brightly smiles and greets us.

What is it. Has her atmosphere changed somewhat?

I can't get a good look at her expression, but is that a natural smile? Nn ...How should I describe it I wonder. Like she had become unbound by the past, would that be an appropriate saying?

’’Kiho? What's the matter?’’

Ah, is it because I didn't return a greeting and was staring intently at Sora? She's making a quizzical face at me.

’’No! It's nothing! Morning!’’

’’Oh? Okay then.’’

Sora says back unconvinced when I reply that.

That was sure dangerous-I don't really know what was dangerous, but it was dangerous I tell you!

Sora's eyes are a little swollen. It probably wouldn't be a good idea to touch on that subject... Probably, there's some relationship with that feeling of becoming unbound by the past or something like that. As long as Sora becomes more energetic, then it's fine.

Although, I wish she would consult with us. It's a little lonely... As long as she's energetic, then fine. Being energetic is a good thing after all!

’’Well then, shall we go shopping!?’’

’’Sounds good.’’

’’Indeed it does.’’

When I say so, the two follow me while smiling.

Kaede is my best friend from middle school. Sora is a friend from high school, and someone I want to be best friends with.

I'd like to think that someday, Sora will undoubtedly come to me to discuss her worries. I also want to discuss with her if I have any troubles!

Though I say that, I'm the type of person who is loathed by girls.

Because no matter what, I easily end up getting on good terms with the guys, so they see it as me flirting with them!

I personally don't intend it to be like that, but that's what it looks like.

I mean, if you observe me closely, I treasure all my friends who treat me well!

Ah, of course, I don't want to dislike those girls who hate me!

Someday, we'll come to understand each other, I'd like to believe.

’’Kiho, what kind of swimsuit are you going to buy?’’

Eh? Ahhhh, I wonder what would be good...

Yeah, we've become high schoolers now, so I really want one with a little more adult feeling.

One with a little less front exposure for example!

Nah, it probably wouldn't suit me... I don't have boobs like Sora's after all...

’’......Kiho? Why are you making a funny face?’’

.......Ooohhh! I was thinking strange things by myself again!

’’Nothing! It's just, I was thinking how I wanted boobs like yours, Sora, so!’’

’’Oh?.......But, good job, not, saying something embarrassing like that in public. Do you really want to have serious discussion about public decency?’’

Says the cutely smiling Sora.

Ah, aaaaaaaa- I really did it now. Although Sora cutely smiling with her pretty face is extremely lovely, her eyes aren't smiling. They're murderous.

Forgive me. I'll only talk about those things in school from now on, so please let me off the hook!

’’.......Forgive me.’’

’’As long as you understand.’’

After meekly apologizing, I was forgiven.

She's smiling with her usual smile now. A feeling of, 'what a helpless child,' can be seen from her smile, but because it's scary to object, I better not retort back.

Alright, we've arrived at the swimsuit section!

Oh yeah, I'll tell you why we're buying swimsuits at this time.

That's because it's about time for this year's new swimsuits to come out! And also because it's Golden Week!

You still don't understand? Basically, it's about time when new styles are put up for sale, and also because it's Golden Week, they're cheap!

But as expected, there's not many of this year's new styles out yet. I kind of don't care. Well, I do want a new and cute style if possible you know.

There's a limit to my pocket money though, so no helping it!

’’Alright, let's choose Sora's swimsuit first!’’

’’What a great idea. Let us do that.’’

’’Eh? Why!?’’

When I say that, Kaede is on board, and then the frantic Sora.

I mean c'mon. The one you'll choose, Sora, like, wouldn't it definitely look plain?

With that kind of flashy face and body, I think a plain swimsuit is an absolute NO!

’’And so, Sora's will be this!’’

I say, and show Sora the V-shape swimsuit I was hiding.

Man this is amazing. I wonder why this was put here!

I mean, this is a normal department store right? What kind of person would buy something like this I wonder. I kinda want to see one being worn...

’’Why do I have to wear a V-type swimsuit! And why was this kind of thing put here anyway!!?’’

She hits me on the head with all her strength. It made a *supaaan* sound!

It wasn't painful strangely, but my head, like, sure made a nice sound!

’’Uhhh. Then, this one!’’

’’......Kiho? Do you really want me wear that shell swimsuit? Hey, what's the matter? Answer me?’’


Ahaha-... It looks like I got too carried away. Ah, my life was so short.

’’Kiho. Don't you have something to say to me?’’

’’Forgive me!’’

’’Good girl.’’

I was forgiven!

Whew. I was seriously considering what to put in my last will a little. It was that scary!

Sora has a tolerance level for jokes. I absolutely mustn't cross it! If I do, she'll turn that smile towards me!

If it's to a certain level, she'll smile and forgive me, though when crossed, she'll smile while being scary.

Even though they're supposed to be the same smile! It's strange!

’’Then, I'll be trying this one on, so go pick out your own, seriously, Kiho.’’

She says, and goes to enter the changing room while holding a swimsuit with a paisley pattern on a white background.

By the way, I don't think Kaede mentioned it to anyone, but Kaede's shoes are already placed in front of a changing room.

Even though Sora is supposed to be my company, she choose one before I was aware of it!

And Kaede, shouldn't you have at least said something!?

’’Ah! Wait for me! Let's try them on together!’’

I want to see the naked Sora changing clothes, and I also want to see Sora wearing a swimsuit!

I'm not think of thinking of fondling her a little when she's changing at all!

I'm absolutely not considering the benefits!

I wanted to look at Kaede too, but she regrettably entered a changing room unnoticed!

Ah, don't tell me, Kaede knew what I was thinking? Is that why she so quickly chose one and entered a changing room?

What's with this!? I won't even be able to massage Sora like this! Ah, no, I'm not actually thinking that you know?

’’No way. The room's too small.’’

’’Don't say that! I want to see your swimsuit figure after all!’’

’’.......Then, I'll call you once I've changed, so wait okay?’’

I messed up. I won't be able to enter together like this!

No, well, my goal was to look at her, and that came true, so I have no complaints. .......yeah.

’’Then, while I'm waiting, I'll pick out my own!’’

I say, and return to the sales section.

Well, so I know when she calls me, I glance that way from time to time!

At any rate, I said that I'd pick one out, but there's not many choices after all. All because of these breasts!

Even I long to wear se*y swimsuits you know. But wearing something like that, like, is inviting nothing but tears, I understand that. It's so frustrating!

Shit! All because I have bad genes! Yeah, even if my younger sister has slightly bigger breasts than mine, it's all my genes' fault!


Ah, Sora called me! Unexpectedly quick!

’’......What do you think?’’

’’It suits you but....something is off?’’

’’Ah, you think so too?’’

I stick only my head into the changing room Sora is in and gaze at her, but something is off.

I do think that the white swimsuit suits her, but something is off. I can't really express it well, but I can't help but feel that there's something even better.

Actually, there's something wrong with the position of her hips. What's with the length of this person's legs!? What's with the beautiful figure of those breasts!? What's with that slim, tight, pretty waist!?

’’......Sora, like, you're as thin as a reed, and yet your stomach is so ripped.’’

’’Fufun. Isn't it amazing?’’

Yeah, amazing, amazing. What's amazing, like, are those envious, tight breasts that project outwards and shake ever so slightly;it's so amazing that I can't even.

’’At any rate, I wonder what's wrong. The color? Or is it the pattern...’’

While saying those things, Sora puts her hand to her chin.

And so, as a result of that gesture, her breasts are squished by her arms and give off a *munyu(squishy)* feeling. I'm mindblown.

Ahhh. Just being here is scraping the Life out of me.....

’’Hey Kiho. What do you think is off?’’

Sora, unaware that she's unconsciously gouging the Life out me, asks that.

I don't know!, I want to say, but that'd be me venting my anger, for sure, so I don't say it.

’’Probably, isn't it the color?’’

’’The color huh......Then, could you bring me one in black please?’’

’’Sure, what size?’’

’’A size nine.’’

’’Really? I was sure you were a size seven!’’

Unexpectedly unexpected. Because her arms and legs are so long I couldn't tell, but is she unexpectedly strong?

’’A size seven would be fine if it's jeans you know. But as for the top, a size seven is a little tight on the breasts.’’

I think Sora, who has a slightly bashful look while saying that, is super cute.

How-ever! My Life is already Zero you know!

’’......I'll go bring one-’’

I say, and all I can do is escape from that place.

Forgive me this one time for my cowardliness.


After we finish choosing our swimsuits, we are entering a restaurant right now to eat lunch.

Sora tried out the black one, and it was magnificent! the feeling instilled in me.

How do I describe it, it's like, an Onee-san feeling. A white paisley pattern on a black background, and a pareo around the waist. There kinda aren't many 16 year-olds who can wear that with style!

Kaede went with a flower-pattern on a white background culotte-type swimsuit.

She's like a neat and clean Ojou-sama with a nonchalant appearance, but she's going to wear a cute swimsuit. Gap moe type people are appearing one after another it seems!

Me? Mine is a flower-pattern bikini with frills.

No like, I lied about my breasts a little! That's why I have to go with frills!

I mean, even though I was eyeing an adult swimsuit, it's impossible for me after all.Thistime, I endured and persisted, and bought one with a black background;that's my limit!

No, I should stop. It's weird. Even though it was supposed to be fun buying swimsuits, why is my Life at such a critical level, I wonder.

’’After lunch, what should we do?’’

Sora says when I'm in my own world.

Speaking of which, oh yeah. Because I achieved my primary goal, there shouldn't be any problem if we split up from here.

But, that would be, lonely after all.

’’Shall we go around and look at various stores?’’

’’I guess?’’

Ah, in that case, I definitely want to buy Sora that!

’’Hey in that case! Let's go choose a skirt for Sora!’’

’’Great idea! Let us do that.’’

’’, why?’’

’’I want to see you wearing a mini skirt, Sora, hasn't it already been decided!?’’

’’Exactly so!’’

Along with that conversation, Sora makes a forced smile and steels herself.

A little after that, she sips her coffee along with a sigh. When Sora does that, it generally means she's given up!

Well, if Kaede and I conspire together, it's expected that we can have our way with Sora!

’’......Then, let's go after a short break.’’

We're doing a bad thing to Sora, but we won't concede this!

Well, it's for our self-satisfaction I guess! Wanting to give a cute child a cute figure, that's a natural expectation!

Although I think Sora is always stylishly dressed, there's too little exposure!


’’Hey, Sora-san, this one is cute!’’

’’I can't do flower patterns! I can't!’’

Uhhhh, we came to the skirt section.

Kaede sure is in high spirits. One after the other, she brings the ones she recommends.

There are a lot of cute styles, like flower patterns. I wonder if that's Kaede's preference.

’’Sora-san. Then, how about this one? It is plain.’’

’’It's too frilly, so I can't! It won't look good on me !’’

No, I think a frilly one would suit you!

Well, if I were to choose, rather than a cute type, I think a cool type would suit her more probably.

At any rate, Sora with a slightly teary eyes is sure cute.... It feels like it's always Kaede's turn.

’’Jeez, how selfish. Then, what do you think about this one?’’

’’Wouldn't a culotte skirt go better with Kiho!?’’

’’No, it'll also look good on you.’’


Is it because I had been silent up until now? She's super surprised that I'm involved in this war.

Her face says something like, 'Et tu, Brute?'

But you know, Sora. The mastermind behind this plan was I. I was never on your side to begin with!

’’Sora, you'll go with this one.’’

I say, and hand over the culotte skirt.


’’This one.’’

’’Um, Kiho-san?’’

’’This one will look good on you!’’

’’Ah, yes.’’

At last resigned, she takes the skirt into her hands. All because I was unyielding!

’’That's a size seven you know!’’

’’......yeah. Thanks for going out of your way to get me my size.’’

No no. If you recommend something to a person, it's only natural you'd give them their size!

Sora's hanging her head, but let's pay that no mind!

’’......I'll take this to the cash register then.’’

’’Ah, it was our recommendation, so let us pay!’’

’’No, it's fine. Thanks.’’

Sora says, and with a somewhat heavy gait, walks to the register.

It's like I've done something bad... But, I wonder why she hates mini skirts that much. Even though she's fine with the school uniform!

’’Hey. Why do you hate mini skirts so much, Sora?’’

She bought the skirt, so after talking about how it's time to leave, we head towards the exit currently.

’’I don't. They're just a little embarrassing, mini skirts are.

’’But, if it's the school uniform, you're fine? You're always splendidly wearing a short skirt.’’

’’Nnn-... School uniforms are kinda, you know, you don't treat them like that. They feel like a business outfit? Also, I wear a short one because I don't think the long version is cute.’’

When I ask my question, I get that response back.

So civilian clothes lack the clean-cut feeling of a uniform, and that's why they're embarrassing?

But, between the two clean-cut choices, you chose short one because it was cuter!

Likewise, if you grow accustomed to it, I think you'll be fine wearing mini-skirts even as normal clothes!

’’If you get used to it, you eventually won't mind anymore! And thus, you'll have to show us sometime okay!?’’

’’N-.. I'll think about it. ....ah.’’

Nn? Sora stiffens as she looks to the side. What's the matter?

When I follow Sora's line of sight, there's a shoe store. Her gaze is directed

’’This is cute.’’

She says, and she picks up a pair of western-ish long fringe boots

Certainly cute! But, didn't Sora not buy any shoes when we went shopping together before?

Does Sora like shoes?

’’Hey Sora, do you like shoes?’’

’’Yeah, I like them...’’

She answers without averting her gaze from the shoes, Does she like them that much!?

’’How many pairs do you have?’’

’’Eh? Nn-...two. No....yeah. Eheheh ’’

Ah, you were tricking me! You were tricking me with that super cuteness!

What is 'Eheheh '!? Don't tilt your head and rub your hair while saying that!

’’Please wait a bit, I'm going to buy this!’’

Ah, not only that, she's buying it! She has so many already, and she's still buying it!

In a half run, she goes towards a store clerk. ’’This in size 24 please.’’ What is she saying.

She seems a little happy, having found something she likes.

Ah....AH! That clerk's face is completely red wow! Faced with her joyfulness, his face becomes as red as a boiled octopus. I'm watching.

’’Is it okay for us to not go in?’’

Kaede asks that, but no matter how you think about it, isn't it more interesting watching from here?

’’Isn't it more interesting waiting here while enjoying the show?’’

’’Nn-, certainly, that is the case.’’

We wait a little while, and Sora comes back here after finishing at the register.

’’I've made you wait. Forgive me?’’

’’It's fine, it's fine. Then, let's go home.’’


With that said, we hear footsteps from behind us and a, ’’Thank you very much. Please come by again,’’ says the clerk from earlier while bowing.

’’This store has really polite customer service you know. Should we come back here when we're shopping next time?’’

Sora smiles and says.

Such a sinful woman.You are!


At the moment, we've separated from Sora and are on the train.

It was fun, and most importantly, Sora had cheered up, I'm glad!

She seems to have somehow gotten over something, although that smile of undescribable terror worried me a little.

’’I am glad Sora-san has cheered up.’’

Somehow, it seems Kaede was also thinking the same things as me.

So this is the level of friendship we've come to have.

’’Yeah. It looked like there were traces of crying, but as long as she's cheerful, I'm glad!’’

’’Indeed. Like she had a breakthrough, that negative feeling adorning her was no more.

’’Ah-, that's probably it, certainly! But, is that a good thing?’’

’’I believe so. Nevertheless, even though it is very Sora-like to resolve her own troubles through her own power, I feel a little left out.’’

’’Yeah. I wanted her to consult with us. But, we still have a long life ahead of us! From now on, I want us to be able to discuss a lot of things together!’’

’’Indeed. I also want to try discussing worries with Sora.’’

We say, and Kaede and I smile together.

We haven't even known Sora for one month. But, she's an important friend.

From now on, there'll definitely be chances to talk about a lot of things!

From now on, I want us to get on even better terms and have a lot of fun experiences!

I don't know if talking together about worries with everyone will actually make it fun or not, but it's definitely possible to make it better!

By the way, awaiting me when I returned home is my younger brother who's crying at my return. And since it's Golden Week, I'm afraid to say that I'm kept up all night playing with him.

I......after Shinta has gotten tired of Sm○ Bros... go to sleep.


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