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Like Hell I’m Gonna Get Captured! - Chapter 11


(This story is told from Agatsuma Kaede's Point of View.)

Saturday has finally come.

Today, Kiho-chan and I are going to stay over at Sora-san's place.

Sora-san has told us that her house is normal, but I can not trust that. That person's normal is different from our normal.

Therefore, all of yesterday and today, I just kept on getting more worried.

Ah, we planned on meeting in front of the station at 4p.m., so it is about time I depart.

Kiho-chan and I promised to meet at the station, so I must not be late.


When I arrive at the station, Kiho-chan is already there waiting.

Seeing me, she waves her hand while brightly smiling. As always, Kiho-chan is cute.

It would be nice if I were like Kiho-chan and able to express my feelings so openly.

We were friends since Middle School. This person who I have always admired happily yells out 'Heeeyyy' while continuing to wave her hand.

Fufu, if I do not hurry and go to her, her hand will get tired.

’’Morninggggg-! Now, let's head to Sora's house!’’

Kiho-chan urges me on while greeting me.

However, to go at this early hour, would it not be strange? Not only that, it is at a difficult hour where I am not sure whether Good Afternoon or Good Evening would be appropriate.

’’Good day to you. Then, shall we go?’’

When I respond as such, I receive a really vigorous 'Yeah!' in reply.

When I am with her, no matter what time it is, she makes me energetic too. Truly, Kiho-chan is an amazing person.


’’Hey hey, what do you think Sora's house will be like?’’

When we embark on the train, Kiho-chan asks me as such.

It is written on her face that, 'No matter what house it is, it'll surely be fun.'

’’Let me see, it may be cliche, but I think she will have a garden and a big, white house.’’

’’ that so... You know, I think she'll have this unexpectedly glamorous Japanese house.’’

Mu. Certainly, a large Japanese house would match with Sora-san very well.

However, I think a large, white house also fits her. If they had a large, white dog, they would become something amazing.

What kind of amazing? I do not really know.

However, Sora-san told us that she is normal. It feels weird having to throw away both of our theories.

’’Sora-san told us that she is normal, so we should think about some situations that are normal.’’

’’I mean, it's Sora you know? There's no way she's normal.’’

’’Fufu, that might very well be true.’’

’’I know right-!?’’

Indeed. There is no way Sora-san can be normal.

Until I saw Sora-san, I had never seen such a pretty person. Kiho-chan's cuteness is an exception though.

She can study well, and she is skilled at cooking. Not only that, she looks out for others. When Kiho-chan was in tears in music class, she gently taught her without ever looking reluctant.

Not only that, once, when I was carrying something heavy, she nonchalantly helped me carry it up until the gates opened.

How should I describe it, it is as if someone took the ideal man and the ideal woman and put them into one person.

There is no way someone like that could be normal.

Ah, while I was thinking that, we arrived at the station.


’’Ah! It's Sora! Heeeeyyy!’’

Sora-san is already waiting when we exit the station's ticket barrier.

While Kiho-chan waves her large hand and shouts, I wave my small hand.

’’Good afternoon, Kiho and Kaede-chan.’’

Today's Sora-san has this rough feel with her ponytail and long parka.

It is unfair in many ways that Sora-san still looks stylish with that appearance. I guess that is the difference in our proportions.

Ah, now that I think about it, I have never seen Sora-san wear a skirt with the exception of the school uniform.

She is also wearing jeans today. I wonder if she just does not like skirts.

’’Then, shall we head over to my house?’’

Says Sora-san while taking our bags into her hands.

Like this, even though she is a girl, she is like an Ikemen. Still, since it would be rather improper, I am not going to let her carry my bag.

When I tell her that I can carry my own bag, she reluctantly withdraws.

’’We'll arrive soon.’’

So her house is about 15 minutes from the station.

Since Sora-san said that, she also taught me how close her house is.

By the way, we asked questions about what her house was like on the way, but she managed to avoid saying anything that was not normal.

I can not help but get more and more curious about what her house is like.

However, this side of town was renovated around 10 years ago, so this place should have reasonably many high class homes.

As I thought, Sora-san's normal cannot be relied upon.

’’We've arrived. That one over there is mine.’’

After walking 5 more minutes, when we are told by Sora-san to try looking, a normal but also splendid mansion is standing there.

With an exterior based on white and cream colors, many, many flowers and trees are planted in front of the entryway. On the other side of that is a wide entrance balcony.

Large windows are installed, and there is a garage built beside the house. Probably, that garage is one of those types that leads inside the house.

What did she say, that this was normal?

Kiho-chan's jaw drops as she looks at the place with her mouth open.

’’It looks like our predictions were correct after all.’’


’’What's going on? Let's go in.’’

Says Sora-san. We who had become petrified follow her order and go towards the entrance.

......We go into the house from the entryway.

Why does the entrance hall have to be this spacious.

In the middle of the very spacious entrance hall, tall glass extends up to the ceilings, creating a vast, expansive atmosphere.

A single plant was placed in the middle of all of that.

Also, to my right are two flights of stairs, one ascending and one descending. Weird. I wonder why the entrance hall has stairs leading down.

’’Sora-san. There is two flights of stairs...’’

’’Nnn? Ah, that goes to the basement.’’

’’......I see.’’

Even though I am surprised, even though I still have things to say about the entryway, I am worn out.

With the way things are going, can I hold on until the end? I am a little uneasy.

’’Okaa-san, I'm home.’’

Sora-san says to the woman standing in the kitchen when she enters the living room.

That person is Sora-san's mother!? I wonder what kind of person she is!

’’Welcome home. Oh my, are those two Kiho-chan and Kaede-chan? I've heard from Sora. Please come in.’’

’’’’Please excuse the intrusion.’’’’

When Okaa-san sees us lower our heads in sync, she giggles.

Her face resembles Sora-san's, and Sora-san's resembles hers.

The only difference is Sora-san has drooping eyes. Their extraordinary style and their beauty are entirely the same.

By the way, about the living room, it connects straight to the entrance hall, no doors, and there is a alcove to the left of the house on the left.

The kitchen is in the living room's alcove, and its windows are almost entirely made of tall glass.

Jeez, I am surprised at myself for no longer being surprised by this level of luxury.

’’Riku will be coming home soon, so are you okay taking over? You'll be cooking right Sora?’’

Okaa-san, who helped a little with preliminary preparations, asks.

Sora-san will be cooking for us! I am happy, but is it okay if we help out?

Also, who is Riku?

’’Thanks. I'll be fine from here on out. I'll be cooking, so you can go relax, Okaa-san.’’

’’Hey Sora. Who's Riku?’’

Kiho-chan asks the same question I was pondering.

’’Huh? Did I never mention him? Riku is my one younger brother.’’

Sora-san. This is the first time we have ever heard of it. Hm, so there is a younger brother too.

Surely, he will be just as amazingly cool as Sora-san, I believe.

’’Oh! So that's what it is! Since your younger brother isn't here, does that mean he went out to play?’’

’’No. He's out for representative training. That's why he isn't here.’’

’’Representative it?’’

’’Yeah. He's Japan's chosen representative for Under-16 Soccer. Recently, he's been very busy.’’

......A smartly dressed, beautiful mother living in a stately mansion, a beautiful, young eldest sister, and a representative, eldest son. This family is earth-shatteringly successful.

Still, it is too amazing that you have never remembered to mention that you had a younger brother.

Afterward, we leave behind our luggage and head towards Sora-san's room.

Located on the second-floor, I would not even be surprised if it has a sofa, a television, and a lot of free-space!

Sora's room is surprisingly normal. Although it is certainly spacious, it is painted in a simple blue and shows nothing off.

There is a bookshelf and a study desk, a low table, and a queen size bed. That is all the furniture, and there is not even one stuffed doll.

Her clothes are probably in the walk-in closet.

’’Please seat yourselves. I'll be preparing dinner.’’

’’Ah, I'll help you.’’

’’Me too-!’’

’’Thanks. However, because you are my guests, please relax yourselves.’’

I offer to help, but I was turned down with a smile.

I am still going to go down. I want to examine Sora-san's cooking figure! I will behave like an adult so I do not get scolded for being a nuisance.


While Sora-san is in the middle of cooking, Okaa-san comes to ask a barrage of questions.

'How is school?' 'How popular are you all?' etc. I do not know how I should respond, so I just say my honest thoughts, but I wonder if that is okay.

Okaa-san seems satisfied though.

’’Soraaa-. I'm hungry!! What's for dinner!?’’

Kiho-chan inquires of Sora-san.

Thanks to the nice smell, I also was hungry for awhile now.

Well, I was too embarrassed, so I did not open my mouth.

’’Pond smelt marinate in salmon cream stew with baguette. After that-........Should I make some potato salad?’’

’’Yeah! Yeah! I'm looking forward to it -!’’

Kiho-chan is on the spot jumping up and down delightedly. It is dangerous, so you better not dance in the kitchen, I think. Ah, look out! Watch out for Sora-san.

’’I'm homeeeee-! I'm hungryyy-!’’

In a little while, a loud voice is heard from the entrance hall.

Probably, that voice's owner is the younger brother, Riku-kun.

’’Ah! Is Onee-chan cooking today!?’’

Riku-kun delightedly says when he enters the living room and sees Sora-san standing in the kitchen.

His face is just like Sora-san's. I am surprised. It is as if Sora-san was turned into a male.

’’Onee-chan. What's for today-?’’

Says Riku-kun while hugging Sora-san from behind.

From an outsider's perspective, one would only see a pair of lovers.

Nay, that would be impossible because their faces are the same. So no matter how one looks at it, one would only see a older sister and a younger brother.

’’Nn-? It's pond smelt marinate in salmon cream stew.’’

’’Ohh-! Again!?’’

’’Again. Before that, you reek of sweat. Go take a shower. Afterwards, you haven't greeted my friends right? Make sure to do so.’’

’’Nn? Oooohhh! When you said your friends were coming over, that was today!?’’

Riku-kun looks over here when Sora-san says that, with a face that says he noticed us for the first time.

......Probably, his mind was filled with only thoughts of food.

’’Good afternoon. I'm the younger brother, Riku.’’

Riku-kun comes in front of us and greets us with a cheerful smile.

Aaah, this person must be popular.

I am certain because Sora-san unhesitatingly shows him a whole-hearted smile not shown to the opposite gender.

There is no way he is not popular.

’’Sorry for intruding. I am Agatsuma Kaede.’’

’’Nice to meet you. I'm Kaburagi Kiho!’’

’’Nice to meet you Kaede-san and Kiho-san... If you'll excuse me, I'm slightly smelling of sweat. Please enjoy yourselves here.’’

It has been too long since our family names were used. Please do not mind if you have forgotten it or if it sounds weird.

After Riku-san courteously greets us, in a half run, he dashes out of the living room.

That way how he nonchalantly calls you by your first name is the main reason he is popular.

He must be popular in middle school, no doubt.


Dinner is finished.

Everyone is around the dinner table. Because the father will be working until late at night, he is not here.

Nowadays, he works until 11p.m. a lot. It must be tough.

Today's menu is pond smelt marinate in salmon cream stew and baguette and potato salad. Also, the salad has duck ham as an addition.

Although I think it is too much, I heard Riku-kun can eat most of it. It is amazing how much you can eat if you exercise.

’’Oh yeah, hey Riku-kun, what do you like about your Onee-chan?’’

Kiho-chan, to start a conversation with our meal companions, abruptly asks.

’’Nn , Everything.’’

’’......It's better if you don't take his words to heart. He grew up as a siscon.’’

Sora-san is complimented by Riku-kun, who responded without an ounce of hesitation.

I see. However, with this kind of Onee-san around, there is no wonder why he became a siscon.

I have confidence in myself.

’’Then, if you're choosing a girlfriend, is someone like your Onee-san good?’’

’’Ah, that's impossible.’’

Unexpected. I had the image that since he loves his Onee-chan so much, he would get a girlfriend that would be like her.

Let me try asking for his reason a little bit.

’’Why is that?’’

’’Because I love my Onee-chan, I respect her. However, she has everything, academics, cooking, and beauty, without expending great effort. Because I have such a sister, I worked hard so that I wouldn't lose to her, and that's how I got to where I am today. I'm grateful, but I want a lover who is more normal.’’

’’......I am normal.’’

’’Nee-chan, that's kind of impossible.’’

I see. Contrary to my expectations, I heard a profound reason. How interesting.

Still, Sora-san, like Riku-kun said, I also think that it is impossible.


The food was the best.

It was too delicious, and I ate so much.

I was scared to stand on a bathroom scale.

We took our baths, and we are in Sora-san's room right now.

The three of us went out together to solve our pajama problem yesterday.

It was an area that I did not know much about, so I consulted with the two of them. They were a great help.

’’I'm entering.’’

A knock is heard, followed by a low voice.

When I look at the clock, it is a little too early for 11p.m. The father has come home though.

When the door opens, a man easily 180cm tall with angled eyes in the prime of his life enters.

How should I say this, he has an amazing presence. He is the type of guy that you would avoid looking in the eye if you see him on the street.

He is an amazingly handsome person, but the feeling of fear far outstrips that.

’’Father, welcome home. You've worked hard.’’

’’Ah. I'm back. Your friends are also here. Enjoy yourselves.’’

Exchanging greetings with Sora-san, he says that to us. When he does, the scary feeling up until now disappears and is replaced by a kind smile.

I wonder if the people in this house are all so spontaneous. Ah, more importantly, I must not forget to give my greetings.

’’’’Sorry for the intrusion’’’’

’’Our house doesn't have anything, but I would be glad if you made yourselves at home. Then, good night.’’

He says while making a light smile when we bow our heads at the same time. He then goes to leave the room.

’’Sora. Do you greet him like that every day?’’

Kiho-chan enquires to Sora-san. Because all houses have their own peculiar rules, this probably is just one of them.

’’Yeah. Besides when dad does not come home from work, he makes it his daily routine to see his family's faces at least once a day.’’

Somehow or other, it seems Sora-san's father has his family at heart.

At first I thought he was scary, but right away he became someone tender.

With this and that, it becomes the time when one could say the day has changed, so we go to sleep.

'Because it is queen size, can it not fit all three of us,' I said, but that was impossible, so two futons were laid out.

Tomorrow is the day we go pick up the Neko-chan.

When I think of how I can see Sora-san frolicking tomorrow, I get a little excited.


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