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Like Hell I’m Gonna Get Captured! - Chapter 1


I check myself out in front of the mirror.

Black hair extending to the middle of my back, eyes slanting slightly upwards, and pale white skin.

Furthermore, a dark blue blazer with a black and white plaid skirt. A deep green necktie is fastened, and the fact I am a 1st year is displayed with a single line. I'm beautiful girl who has reached perfection.

Sorry for the late introduction. My name is Katagiri Sora.

This summer onwards, I'm going to attend Ryuusen High School as a reincarnated person. I'm a guy.

Why am I a reincarnated? Because it seems that it's some self-proclaimed God's hobby.

Hence this dating-sim game world. Not only that, it's some super minor game world.

I did want to try out something like this once though.

It's a dating game, so before I reincarnated, I thought I'd capture some cute girls and do some ’’Kya~Kya~ufufu’’ things.

But reality is cruel. I was born as a female. No matter how I think about it, aren't I on the side on being captured? F*k that!

Well, since I was born normal, even though I'm lamenting, I could probably live in this situation.

But, BUT! This is my second life, my second body, and if I refine myself enough, I could get a super high-spec, SHINING body.

Since ancient times, pretty girls were admired. Since I love healing my eyes with their figures, I tried to refine myself to really shine. However, I spent my childhood without working hard, plainly and inconspicuously.

Well, because of that, it goes without saying that I regret my decisions.

I've said everything that I wanted to say.

There's no way to get a high-spec body. Besides, this is my body. I can do whatever I want, and polish it as much as I want.

First, I don't like idiot kids who don't study, so I'm going to study reliably.

In my last life, I wanted to enter a National University. However, I found it hard to study, and I didn't spend much time on parts I thought difficult, and when it came time to enroll in university, my graduation rank did not provide me with any opportunities.

And then, Cooking.

This was also something I wanted to get good at in my past life because I wanted to impress girls. For the sake of reaching my goal, I exerted myself everyday. Although I couldn't do any fancy home cooking, I became able to make sweets. I have no weaknesses when it comes to sweets. Except, I don't really like sweets. I'll let my younger brother do away with them.

I also wanted to exercise.

Although there was no way I could join a sports club, for the sake of becoming fit, I jogged every morning, never missing a day of muscle training.

As a result of that, my lower body muscles became firm, and at a height of 163 centimeters, I had achieved pretty good proportions.

Also, whenever my salary allowed, I went to play piano and do calligraphy. I'm amazed at what a cheat character I became.

I'm aware that such self-improvement would increase the likelihood that I'd become a capture target, but having come so far, I can't go back, so might as well charge forward.

Serious mode. On. If anyone tries to simply give me sweet confectioneries, I'll show them what 'sweet' really is! ...This fighting spirit makes me feel like a Chuuni.

Well, I have some confessions about my middle school days, but I don't have anything especially appropriate right now.

’’Sora! if you don't hurry and eat your breakfast, you'll be late for the school entrance ceremony.’’

My mom yells from the first floor. Is it time already?

Because I thought to myself alone, time has unexpectedly flown by.

*To~n To~n To~n*

I walk down the stairs and turn into the living room.

My body's light. I don't know if this is because I'm a girl, but I only made a little bit of sound going down the stairs. It's strange not making loud sounds.

’’Good morning.’’

I enter the living room and greet my mom.

On top the table, my breakfast was already laid out.

Today's menu is one slice of toast, scrambled eggs, and sausages. It's the same everyday actually. Our household is part of the bread faction (meaning they don't eat rice like other Japanese). The combination of bread and coffee is SUPREME. I had the same opinion my previous life too.

’’Good morning Onee-chan. That school uniform sure looks good on you.’’

My brother greets me while biting into the bread. Fufun, does it really look good on me?

’’Good morning. You're eating a lot as usual.’’

The breakfast my brother's eating is no different than mine.

It's the quantity that was the problem. He's eating 6 slices of bread, three servings of scrambled eggs, which used three times the eggs, and a mountain of sausages. He often eats that amount, but for a guy who plays soccer, it probably isn't enough, I think.

My younger brother, Riku, is entering his 3rd year of middle school this year.

He is a member of the Junior Youth Group, and this spring, he will be in the under-16, Japanese representative election.

But right now, he's just a soccer idiot who has a cute appearance. He maintains a studious side too and constantly achieves rank 1 in his class. As for his appearance, he's slightly below 180 centimeters, has slanted eyes, and gives off an impression of determination. Probably. He's an Ikemen with healthy body to be jealous of. I heard there's even a fan club in his middle school. Ikemen should blow up.

Well, whatever fate entails, I have no idea, but the only part I would say I regret is the part where he isn't a sis-con.

’’I want to eat a little more but, Mom! Is there any more!?’’

Mother, who is in the kitchen, directs some sharp words towards him.

If it's like this, we probably can't go on living. Seriously, what has his stomach become?

’’Our fridge is completely empty! You alone ate 4 times as much as Sora!’’

’’... ...Nee-chan, snacks?’’

... ... he wants me to make some?

After this is school, so don't say anything impossible. This kid.

And even though our refrigerator has been emptied, he hasn't changed at all. Maybe he doesn't care.

’’We have school after this, so don't ask for the impossible.’’

I don't have time to worry about my brother's nonsense.

I hurry up and finish breakfast, cleaning my plate.

By the way, why do bread and coffee make such a delicious combination?

Or rather, why is coffee so delicious? Indeed.

I don't drink instant since I don't like it;drip coffee is truly the best tasting.

Oh yeah, when summer got too hot in my past life, I would only drink black. That lifestyle lasted for a week.

I remember that when I had to eat some junk food, I would eat yogurt.

’’Nee-chan sure drinks really black coffee.’’

My brother grumbles that it's impossible for him.

’’I would curse someone if my coffee were sweeter. That's something unthinkable;since I don't really like sweet things.’’

’’In that case, why do you sometimes make sweets?’’

’’It's a matter of taste.’’

’’I have no idea what you mean.’’

’’Would you be okay if you can't get any sister-made sweets?’’

’’Please forgive me. It's a wonderful hobby!’’

My younger brother loves sweets.

One time, though he tried asking which places had good sweets, ’’Nee-chan's sweets are my favorite! I can't live without them!’’ he said. He didn't understand the implications of what he said, and even now he still doesn't understand.

’’Sora, are you finished eating? It's about time you know?’’

When drinking my after-meal coffee, I hear my mother's voice.

She's wearing a crisp suit not normally worn and is applying a thin amount of makeup. After I look at her again, she's quite the beauty, but I think she's too old for me. There are wrinkles on the sides of her eyes....Forgive me mother-I was thinking some impolite things. Please don't glare at me.


I'm ready, but when I'm about to go, my brother calls out to me.

’’I'll be in the same school as Nee-chan next year so don't get involved with any shady guys! I won't bother myself to help you!’’

This kid. Right before I leave, he has to pour water on my day.

That I wasn't able to confess to anyone in middle school was this guy's fault.

Wait, confessing...

My high school life is looking grim, but I'll be okay, right? Probably not damn it.


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