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Lightning Empress Maid - Chapter 90


Capital Sightseeing Tour

’’How about sightseeing?’’


After the breakfast that became pandemonium for some reason, I suggested a plan of action for today. There are two reasons. First there is that we have finished breakfast, but master has only been having discussions about yesterday's matter without any progress.

i don't get reason no.1

Naturally it might be that it cannot be helped that there would be hesitation on a decision of a war with the gods, which is as Leon said, the return of the god world war. I don't understand a speck of it, but I will permit it. But still, just being caught up in that is exceedingly immature. That is not suitable for Nanaki's master.

so sightseeing?

Thus, I thought I would give him some advice.

great maid

’’Sightseeing?......Nanaki says different things from other as usual.’’

’’Would it not be better to relax until you decide if you are not going to decide? This is a chance to be in the capital, I believe it would be a good experience for master.’’

’’Stop saying such carefree things. This concerns the whole of humanity, do you understand?’’


A foreign body jumped into the bond between master and Nanaki, Vilmott Arkahn interrupted our conversation in a bad mode. Should I make you a thing of the past?


’’I simply make the decisions that benefit master.’’

’’......I don't want to ask, but what do you think about the sacrifices that come from the result, rabbit-san?’’


I intended to give some advice and it seems I ended up leading the conversation. I really shouldn't be doing things I'm not used to, right Friend? A servant should have just remained reserved like a servant. My desire to be useful to master intruded. This is not good, a failure I should reflect upon.

its fine

But reflection if for later, I must answer Meia-sama's question. I'm not good at difficult topics, but luckily Meia-sama's question is a simple one. Even Nanaki can answer this much.


For example, if master said to destroy the capital for his own gain, Nanaki would destroy the capital. Regarding those sacrifices, what will Nanaki think? This is Meia-sama's question, nothing wrong, right Friend? Then Nanaki will tell her Nanaki's answer.


’’I will ignore them. They are not useful to master.’’


The word 'equality' died out a thousand years ago. There is no choice but to adapt to survive, that is this world. Those that cannot use magic, those without talent are not necessary. That is the truth and Nanaki's very existence exemplifies it. If you cannot adapt, that means you cannot do anything.

no worth in living

No resolve, nor pride, nor talent. If you still want to be protected, then go back to the world that has ended. If you cannot do that then just die quietly. No matter what irrationality you come across, the responsibility of your own life rests with yourself. There is no such thing as someone's fault, it is all your own fault.

dont blame

so if you are weak, die.

selected out

’’......I wonder if onii-sama is sane, this is worrying.’’

’’How does this make you worry about my sanity?’’

’’You employed such a terrifying thing, so isn't it natural?’’


Meia-sama's misgivings. Different from others, deviated, I will make it clear that that recognition is exactly what I wish for. That is proof of being special, being feared is proof of strength. It is a completely normal feeling to fear what you cannot understand, that is definitely not shameful. That's why Nanaki will smile. Smiling Nanaki, nanakismile of love.


But there is also something I must repeal, that must not be forgotten. First of all, Nanaki is not a rabbit, I am Nanaki of the primate order, Nanaki superfamily, Nanaki family, Six Princess genus, Nanaki species. In short, I'm Nanaki. Nanakismile of self-introduction.

(T/N: ....Six Princess(es?) genus?? ムツヒメ属.......what happened to seven princess.....?)

’’Fuu......anyhow, I can't collect my thoughts.’’

’’Then as a break, let me make another recommendation. There is a tree called sakura in the capital that has beautiful flowers, its beauty is worth seeing. My master.’’


The second reason I recommended sightseeing is personal. When I said the tree's name, there was one person that showed an excessive reaction. Although normally calm and collected, she looked at Nanaki with sparkling eyes. This is the time to unveil my new technique. Please watch, opening the way to a new age, nanakiwink. Let my friendship reach her.

isn't it winter?

After seeing the sakura is sightseeing around the capital. I am a novice, but please let this unworthy Nanaki serve as your guide. Attention please, on the right you can see the leader of the Five emperors, slightly burned by Nanaki's lightning, Sword Emperor Silver. Next to him is the sister of Nanaki's heart, Flame Empress Envy. I like her.


Rehearsal is perfect, this can be said to be as expected of Nanaki. How is it Friend? Does Nanaki seem like a splendid guide? What? A guide more beautiful than the sakura? Yes, I know. After all Nanaki is Mother's daughter, it can't be helped.


’’Er, Nanaki-sama......? It is about to be October though......’’

’’It's just as Fio says. There is no way they are in bloom.’’

i didn't rmb wrong

Fio-san and Meia-sama pointed that out as I was joking with Friend.

isnt it a prob?

The two of them that had aimed to be an imperial magician and knight respectively, have attended the capital's magic academy and so knew about sakura. But no, that tree called sakura is a favorite of the emperor. There are sakura trees being maintained with magic in this Central.

perm bloom?

’’O, oi wait Nanaki! It can't be that you intend to enter the palace!?’’


Silver who had been quietly observing, opened his mouth again. To be able to still speak after eating Nanaki's lightning, I guess this can be said to be as expected of the leader of the Five Emperors. Envy who is still keeping her mouth shut concerns me, but concerning the topic that is going to be the source of contention, Nanaki is right. So Envy most likely won't interrupt.

no problem

’’There is no way you all can enter the palace where the emperor is!’’


Silver has just mentioned the place where sakura, that is supposed to only bloom in spring, still blooms.

Nanaki is harmless

’’I do not resent the emperor, neither do I intend to cause harm.’’

if you dont


get in the way

’’Since that day, the need for me to worry about the emperor is gone.’’

’’How selfish can you be.......!!’’

’’No matter how much. In fact the selfish one is you, Silver. The emperor is there? So what, that is Silver, Envy, your circumstances. She is no longer my master. My master is Zean Alfred-sama, and I am able to show my master sakura. I have the strength.’’

They still call her Emperor, not Empress

Master is not a resideant of the capital. Thus he has no need to pay respects to the emperor, and accordingly, Nanaki also has no need to pay respects. Because, I have strength. Master has Nanaki, Nanaki has strength. With that, where is there a reason for us to pull back?


’’Deal with your situation yourself, Silver.’’

not nanaki's problem

When I directed my gaze towards master, there is no sign of confusion. Yes, master is also deviated. Different from others who are bewildered by Nanaki's words, he watched over the course of events with a completely calm expression. No voice of restraint, so Nanaki will continue. After all, that sakura tree really is beautiful.

all for sightseeing

Master would surely like it too, so I want to show him. To master, to Akiha-san, to everyone.

no matter what

’’You ’’

’’Stop, Silver, it would be problematic if you died now.’’

’’Then do something about this tyrant, Envy!! She's like a devil!!’’

’’That is also impossible. In the current situation the only way to stop Nanaki would be to take Zean Alfred over there as hostage, but if you do that then you would become completely hostile with Nanaki. The capital won't even last half a day.’’

’’Then as her benefactor, you tell her!!’’



’’Because she is stupid.’’




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