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Lightning Empress Maid - Chapter 30


Silent Love

I brushed away that extended hand.

why would you do that

Slowly, gently, but with clear rejection. That path is mistaken. Then Nanaki as a servant, exactly because Nanaki is a servant, must correct it. This would make the vow I made that day to be master and servant a lie. It really is a good thing the moon was hidden. This scene probably wasn't seen by anyone.

no rumours

’’I am a servant. My master.’’

pls reconsider

I said the obvious. Even as I understood that those are meaningless words. Doing pointless things like this is not like Nanaki. But master knows. And on top of that he invited Nanaki. That is why the words Nanaki should speak are not these, but must be more clear-cut.


What muddied that clarity is probably Nanaki's dreams.


I want to wear pretty clothes. I want to wear cute clothes. Anyone would want to become the protagonist of the story at least once. Those feelings in a corner of my heart asserted themselves for an instant. That this is the chance to dance with a prince, that this is the stage I had dreamt of. For an instant, Nanaki the servant had been erased. This is absurd.

not funny

Punishment is necessary.

to learn

Dreams should just be locked away in my heart. Even if it was slight, my dreams as a girl has taken precedence over my pride as a servant. This is not funny, this is too severe. As my master is an aristocrat, in the future he will participate in more balls like this. Failing once is enough.

never again

I don't need something like this (dreams).


’’I will never dance with my master.’’


That is why I threw those away. This is fine.

this is the right path

’’Because of your dignity as a servant?’’

’’I have no intention of breaking the vow I made that day. I intend to stay as master's servant.’’

nothing more

As clearly as possible. With only as much as necessary.


Nanaki does not know why master invited Nanaki. Did he pity this one standing by herself? No, my wise master would not look at Nanaki like that. Because he is a kind person. That reason could pass. But Nanaki will not rely on that kindness, also there is no need for it.

because nanaki is strong

’’I don't want to make it an order. That would be shameful as a man.’’

’’Then I shall help.’’

if you do not choose, i will reove your options

In short I just need to make it so that master is not shamed. For Nanaki who is special, that is no problem. My master can remain an aristocrat. Does an aristocrat waltz with his own servant? If that was asked it would unmistakably draw sniggers. But master has invited Nanaki. Then I shall make it as if it that never happened.


’’Please look, my master. It is a beautiful moon.’’

’’That was an unnatural gust.’’

its the winds of time

I had wished for the exit of the thick clouds that hid moon-sama. Goodbye, let us meet again somewhere else. The meadow was inevitably lit up once again. Now then, it's the reopening of the moonlight ball. Ladies and gentlemen, I have made you wait a long time. Master was able to invite Nanaki because the moon was hidden and no one would see. Then I just need to send a written invitation to moon-sama.

to grace us with light

’’Well......I'll leave it to the next opportunity.’’

’’I believe it would be better to choose your partner well.’’

not the maid

Nanaki had reported it clearly just now. This Nanaki will never dance with master. As long as we are master and servant that day will definitely never come. Yes, never.

the vow will be upheld

’’I had intended to choose well though.’’

’’A good joke. Please consider the ladies there.’’

those aristocrats

Master's good sense can calm the atmosphere in a moment and serve as lubricant to facilitate the building of mutual connections. Now that the moonlight ball has restarted, the place master should be is not here but over there. He cannot keep on minding Nanaki.

or nanaki would become an osbtacle on master's path

’’Even if formerly, Nanaki was one of the five strongest on the continent, a Five Emperor. Then you are satisfactory as a partner.’’

’’I see. But I believe you can obtain that power with me as a servant.’’

’’Just the power.’’

’’ there something else you desire?’’

do not be too greedy

Could this be said to be as expected of my master? He is unexpectedly greedy. This is decidedly not a bad thing, in fact Nanaki finds it favorable. Use what you can, that desperation is important for living.

its why nanaki likes master

’’............No, let's stop. Until that day I will come up with a better joke.’’

’’Is that so.’’

best of luck

I will not press him. As a servant I should be prudent.

trust master

It became something like an argument with master for a bit. I want to somehow change this bad atmosphere. I want to blow it off with a smile as usual. But why? I feel like I likely cannot smile well right now. Friend, what kind of face is Nanaki making?

a pained one

After brushing off that hand, my heart has been hurting constantly.

a sad one

There was something like this before. If I remember correctly it was when Shiel-sama extended the much-appreciated offer to be friends. That time was a gnawing feeling in my heart. This time it is something scratching. Garigari, garigari. Gnawing and scratching, entirely different. But it is surely the same thing.


I endure this unpleasant illness in my heart. It hurts.

love is a beautiful pain

’’Can I ask just one thing?’’


’’Did you think of wanting to dance?’’

’’ I thought it.’’

’’That's sufficient’’

at least the feeling was there

Master smiled gently as he returned to the center of the moonlight ball. Yeah, Friend. Nanaki really is strange. I should not have answered that question truthfully. Like this, one day, master will invite Nanaki again. Even though I had argued in order to avoid that.

but what if

’’ eh?’’


Friend's sentence.

love him?

’’......master as’’

a potential

a member of the opposite se*?


Crush the eyes of nodding Friend, nanakifinger. That smirking face was extremely irritating. And thus this is the natural consequence. Be sure to reflect. The figure of the Lightning of Legend Ilveng=Nazgul writhing around is truly hilarious. It really doesn't look like the god that has killed a hundred gods.

yep, that would hurt even gods

Now then, let's leave Friend aside for now.

dont mind him

The problem is Friend's sentence. Friend had said to try judging master as Nanaki's partner. Nanaki must one day marry someone and give birth to children. I must pass down Mother's prideful lineage and teachings to the next generation, to the yet unseen age.

basics of natural instinct

This Nanaki must find a suitable man.

good genes

Does my master, Zean Alfred, not fit the bill? That is what Friend is saying. I see, I didn't even think of it. I had believed that there was no more room for any other relationship to form between Nanaki and master having been bound by the contract of master and servant.

but why not?

There are many problems.


First my master has Shiel Mercury, his fiancee. It seems they are not yet officially married but the love that Shiel showers upon master is the real thing. That is something even this shallow Nanaki understood on the day we met. She is a very pleasant person. Nanaki wants her to be happy.

a large obstacle

Next is Meia-sama, as well as a societal problem. No matter how one thinks of it, marrying a maid is unprecedented. Then how about the Lightning Empress? The Five Emperors will come flying. That means a social status suitable to stand next to master does not exist for Nanaki. And so there is no way Meia-sama that loves her onii-sama will accept it.

sarier obstacle

Just think a little and there is this much. As expected realistically what? Nanaki's feelings?

the most important thing

Of course I bear good will towards him. There was that coincidental moonlit meeting, but to put it cheesily, I felt fate in that. That is why Nanaki is at master's side like this as a servant. I have vowed to proceed down that path together. This is Nanaki's unblemished true feelings. Do you understand?


That's not it? Really, you are speaking a lot today, Friend.

bcos this is important

Nanaki is not a child. I roughly get what you want to say. But that is something that can be better dealt with by acting like I didn't notice like this. Nanaki feels fortunate with the current daily life. Except if it is necessary, I don't want to recklessly destroy the present.

are't you fearing change?

Because the surroundings, time, position, relationships, all will come to hinder Nanaki.

then crush it all

That is why for now this is fine. If I became unable to endure it anymore, at that time I will do it fair and square. Until that day that might come, I will stay a servant. Because once that day comes Nanaki can no longer remain a servant. Will you be happy if I say this much frankly, Friend?

be honest

That's right, the answer is YES.


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