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Lightning Empress Maid - Chapter 121


Chapter 121

Maid Trio

Three days later.

....just skipping eltel?

’’And so!’’

straight into battle?

Nanaki clapped Nanaki's hands together loudly.


’’Since things have turned out well, from today, we will have two new maids joining us in this estate. Come both of you, introduce yourselves.’’


When Nanaki prompted them, the two of them, dressed in brand new maid uniforms, looked at each other.

who's first?



no volunteers?

In the end, perhaps they managed to come to a mutual understanding through eye contact, one of them eventually averted her gaze and took a step forward.

there we go

’’My name is Harmy. By order of the empress, I will be working as a servant in this estate. Please call for me if there is a need. I will be in your care.’’

hmm...sounds strange in eng

As the girl with grey hair bowed her head deeply, everyone doubted their eyes. Just by seeing that beautiful bow, the impression of 'child' that one might get from her appearance would disappear far into the distance. Do not look down on etiquette, mastered techniques are a thing to behold.

masters are always amazing

Harmy, she is a genius that was permitted to live in that capital's Central. She has probably passed master and Meia-sama's judgement. As the one who was entrusted with personnel selection, Nanaki is truly proud to be able to introduce Harmy.


’’I came because her excellency ordered me to. I'm Aiysha Knightleigh.’’

....the contrast

On the other hand, what is this fool doing. Just as Nanaki was feeling proud, this rude person had to knock Nanaki down. (T/N: the literal translation for the phrase used for proud before is 'nose is high' (or long), so over here Aiysha broken Nanaki's high(long) nose. Pinocchio?) Moreover, this arrogant attitude in front of master and Meia-sama, are you trying to spread dirt over Nanaki's pretty face?

just stupid, like Na-

Good grief, is this what it means to be bitten by your pet dog, Friend? (T/N: idiom for being betrayed by someone you trust) What? You have no interest in both humans and dogs? Nono, don't say that Friend. That is actually quite an outstanding talent. Of course it won't work on a god like you, but she can probably take down an obscure god quite easily.


Currently, she has noticed you and is glaring at you too.


Leaving aside when Friend reveals himself, normal people cannot even detect Friend, yet Aiysha has clearly caught sight of Friend. To be able to glare so openly at that Lightning of Legend, she really has amazing guts.

or just a fool

But that is that, this is this.



you deserve it

Nanaki bechin'ed (T/N: whacking sound effect) that reddish-brown head. Nanaki shall correct this inappropriate speech and conduct for a servant before their master with harsh punishment.


’’What're you doing!?’’

’’Improve your attitude and tone, Aiysha.’’

’’Aahn? In the first place, I cam here to train as your success ’’

never learn

Okay, bechin.


’’It hurts!?’’

’’Being my successor is only an extra, Aiysha. Your tole is the same as Harmy's, report what happens here to her excellency. For that, you were ordered to work here as a servant.’’

’’............damn it, fine.’’

still havent learnt





’’Un der sto od !’’

no you haven't

Well, that's fine.


It can't be helped, because the power this pup bears is so outstanding, she is strong-willed. Maybe if her talent was on par with Nanaki's, but being domineering with that much talent is excessively conceited.

only Nanaki can do that

And so as the master and a maid-senpai, it is Nanaki's duty to correct Aiysha's conduct. Particularly her speech, please leave that to Nanaki. After all, that naggy Envy beat that into Nanaki despite Nanaki's resistance.

truly a senpai

’’Then once again, please introduce yourself. Aiysha.’’


round 2

She was looking at Nanaki with extremely dissatisfied eyes. Those clear blue eyes glared at Nanaki, expressing her emotions, but unfortunately for her, Nanaki has never lost a glaring game. Nanaki glared back with plenty of killing intent. Here, up and up we go.

keep raising it~


learn already

Flinching, Aiysha averted her gaze. There, Nanaki's win. Hm? What is it Friend? Glaring game? The one who runs away first in the face of killing intent loses. It's obvious, averting your gaze in a death match is a suicide move. Nanaki did it a lot with bears and tigers. Hm? Wrong? What is?


’’I'm Aiysha Knightleight......I, I in your care......’’

that sounded painful

As Nanaki was discussing with Friend about the glaring game, Aiysha said that in a very reluctant manner and lowered her head. Well, this is how it is at the start. Nanaki has also went down the same road. Attitude and tone, how much has Envy whacked Nanaki's head.


’’I am the master of this estate, Zean Alfred. I've heard from Nanaki that both of you are excellent servants, I have great expectations of you.’’


After Aiysha's looong introduction finally ended, master made a simple greeting while remaining seating in his chair. Dignified like a master should be, he did not do something unsightly like standing up from his chair to greet servants. Is it biased to feel that it was a very splendid greeting?

a bit

’’I'm his sister, Meia Alfred. This is my servant, Fio Laygen.’’

’’I, I will be in your care.’’

fio as usual

Meia-sama continued with an overbearing greeting while seated on the desk master was sitting at. In contrast, Fio-san made a slightly undependable greeting. Her skill with the sword that cannot be imagined from that weak attitude might just be able to surprise Aiysha.

just surprise though

In front of the proud siblings with golden hair and blue eyes, Harmy and Aiysha once again lowered their heads and bowed deeply at the waist.


’’I will be in your care. Zean-sama, Meia-sama.’’



One gave a nice clear response. And the other shamelessly and reluctantly.


’’Then, Harmy-san and Aiysha-san, please come with me.’’

Nanaki is head maid~

Since they have already met the leader of the servants in this estate, head butler Ridolf, he will now be testing their abilities as maids. Well, there should be no problem at all for Harmy. There's Aiysha, but Nanaki has already reported to head butler Ridolf that she has been brought here mainly for combat and as a bodyguard.

not quite a maid

’’Obey head butler Ridolf, Aiysha.’’



When Nanaki called out to Aiysha's retreating back as she left the room with head butler Ridolf, that shameless response came back. She even took care to stick her tongue out. Nanaki will punish you later.


’’Harmy, see you later.’’



Ignored. Nanaki is sad.


Well, even if it was orders from the empress, it was still partly a forced dispatch, so there is probably dissatisfaction. But ignoring is not good, not good indeed. As comrades who adore Envy as a sister, can't we get along?


’’To think she would bring back two...... Well, they were chosen by Nanaki. They should be useful.’’

’’Not sure about that. That Harmy girl aside, will that Aiysha be useful? It looks like she is skilled, but seeing that, it's hard to believe she would protect me or onii-sama.’’

’’B, but Aiysha-san is very strong, Meia-sama. Er, her attitude is like that though......’’

strength is everything

After Harmy and Aiysha left, master, Meia-sama and then Fio-san spoke their impressions. Aiysha's evaluation was not very good as expected, particularly that severe opinion from Meia-sama.


Even if Aiysha deserved all of that, should Nanaki follow up for her a little? Taking responsibility as the person who was entrusted with personnel selection. Even if she is like that, she is kind of Nanaki's disciple. As her master, Nanaki shall tell them a good part of her. Nanaki is kind.


’’Both are bearers of wonderful ability. Harmy's techniques are refined to the extremes, fitting of an imperial servant, Aiysha's combat ability can match a low ranking god. Well, her attitude is like that, but I will instruct her well.’’

so responsible

And so, in order to dig up Aiysha's evaluation which has not just dropped to the ground, but through it, Nanaki told master and Meia-sama Harmy and Aiysha's virtues.

down to hell

How is this Friend? Look at how wide Nanaki's heart is. It's as endless as the sky and as magnificent as the ocean.

mother nanaki

’’Oi chopping board master, the head butler or something is calling for you.’’

how generous



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