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Lightning Empress Maid - Chapter 115


Recent News, From the New World

Dear Mother

its been a while~

Summer has passed, it has become the season of the comfortable and refreshing autumn breeze. How is beloved and respected Mother passing time? This year's summer was hot again, and was also quite intense. Undoubtedly a summer of upheaval. In which case, Nanaki would like to talk all about all the good memories, but unfortunately the current situation is one where Nanaki is too busy.

working hard?

That is because Nanaki got a new job this autumn. In other words, that thing called double work. Nanaki is a capable woman. Recently Nanaki has also gotten used to work as a maid and is proud that Nanaki is becoming more and more useful to master, but if it is master's wish, then it can't be helped. A capable maid is one that grants the master's wishes.

...not sure about that

In which case, Nanaki has decided to report about Nanaki's new job to Mother.


’’Morning, Nanaki.’’


Envy came earlier than usual today.

no slug?

’’Good morning, Envy. You are quite early.’’

’’Well, her majesty entrusted this to me after all.’’


Now then, since Mother is wise, Mother might have already realised it, but that is what it means. The ambitions of a puny noble that was suppose to be smoldering in an old town in the country side has finally reached the emperor of humanity. How is he, Nanaki's master? Even without the biased view of a servant, Nanaki thinks it is something that should be praised as amazing.


If, he did not have the courage. If, he did not have pride. If, he had not met Nanaki. Or possibly, if it was all fake. People would surely think like that. Because that is difficult. Because it is difficult, it is enviable.

difficult to have all those?

But he accomplished it all.

I think the third is luck

And at the negotiation that day, the emperor of humanity made a deal. Therefore Nanaki is currently taking on the concurrent job of being the Lightning Empress. Nanaki works as the Lightning Empress in this capital two days a week, but Nanaki really cannot calm down when away from master's side. With Nanaki's trustworthy Friend guarding him, nothing should happen though.


’’Okay, today there is a special job for Nanaki.’’





Nanaki is worried about master, but this job as the Lightning Empress is also an important job entrusted to Nanaki by master. Which means it is the duty of a master maid to devote all of Nanaki to it. Also based on Envy's phrasing, it seems to be a suitable case for this Nanaki. As expected of Nanaki's sister, she knows Nanaki well.


’’Here you go.’’

It's envy

And, she handed over a large envelope.


Now then, this is troubling. Nanaki is bad at work related to official documents. Usually, Silver or Envy would be in charge of this type of troublesome work. But still, the situation is one where Nanaki who is proud of being special cannot escape. In that case, first confirm the conten What's this.


’’Hey, Envy!’’


’’That is my line. What is this?’’


Taking out the document in the envelope, Nanaki showed it to Envy.

show me

’’After not having seen you for a while, your writing has become quite bad. It's a present from Onee-san.’’


I see, a very good smile. And thank you for the clear explanation. So this means this large amount of homework inside the envelope was prepared solely for Nanaki's sake. In the case, Nanaki must thank this kind sister. Along with an extraordinary smile.


’’Yaay, thank you Onee-san. Then could you take this outside?’’


’’The rubbish collector will be coming by soon.’’

’’Do it.’’

no escape

Don't wanna.



Once the job as the Lightning Empress two days a week ends, the main job as a maid awaits. At this time, Nanaki can be by master's side and can also meet Friend who is sticking to master to protect him, Nanaki's rest time. By now, Nanaki is more attached to this old-fashioned aristocrat's town than the townscape of the capital which is focused on efficiency. I have just returned, everyone living in Freyline. It's Nanaki.


The townscape filled with stone buildings and red brick roofs, passing carriages, all of this is the antiquated aristocrat's town. Honestly speaking, it is often made fun of in the capital as a small town in the country side. But, what if from this small, old aristocrat's town, this town that was made fun off, came news of revival of science?

you what

Now then, what would happen.


’’ 'Alfred company revives science', 'Realisation of a life without magic'. That's quite exaggerated.’’

’’Congratulations, Onii-sama. Now Onii-sama is a public figure, the hero who revived science.’’

’’What a thorny way of putting it.’’

meia things

The outcome was extremely simple, it became a commotion as if poking a hornet's nest. No, it should be said to be 'becoming'. After all, the lost science, technology is literally being revived. It's not something that would quieten down so easily.

hot topic

That day, master only requested one thing of the empress, hand over science. And the empress requested for this Nanaki's power. Master who seeks science to save humanity from magic necrosis and the empress that sealed science so that humanity can conquer magic necrosis. At first glance, they clash, they should have.

but no

But, what if.


What if, they obtained a power that can even kill the Three Great Gods

everything changes~

’’Even if they say the revival of science, it's just small things. She didn't give us anything big, nothing that would cause a revolution in the world.’’

’’Even this small bits of science is causing this commotion. Onii-sama should use your head a bit more. You're not Nanaki.’’


What does that mean!?


In shock, Nanaki stared at Meia-sama's countenance. The looks of Meia-sama who just called Nanaki an idiot with as naturally as a flowing river is very beautiful, but Nanaki thinks she really should be more careful of her words. As a lady, she should not make a fool of people. Isn't that right, Friend?


Hm? Words? Nanaki? Nono, Nanaki is perfect.


’’Do you get it? The world is now horribly shaken by that one small bit of science. To those who don't know the truth, Onii-sama is at the center, ground zero. Do you think people in this world that fears magic necrosis would just ignore something that can create enormous profits just by selling it? Moreover this is the aristocrat's town, the Six Great Nobles will get involved.’’

’’The Six Great Nobles that know of Nanaki's existence?’’

’’They will come. It is worth that much after all.’’

money is scary

Meia-sama gave an instant response to master's question.

imouto is in control

’’Do you properly understand your own situation, Onii-sama? Also use that lacking head to think about why I didn't become an imperial magician and am here.’’

....the thorns

After saying that, Meia-sama brought the teacup to her lips, she really looks elegant and dignified. But Nanaki knows. Meia-sama is acting all cool and like a collected woman, but in truth it is just the I-love-Onii-sama Meia sama.


In short, she is so worried about master that she can't stand it. Just as Meia-sama said earlier, even if it is small, there is no end to those that would want the science that should have been lost. In that case, any number of insolent people would try to kidnap master who holds the information. Additionally, Nanaki is not here two days a week.

go Nazgul

Like this, it's no wonder Meia-sama is worried.

Onii-sama is in danger!

’’Well, I know you're worried. But I have a plan.’’


Saying that, master showed a fearless smile.


Confidence can certainly be seen in that expression. Being able to be so dignified even when taking on that Meia-sama, this figure is undoubtedly that of the strong. In which case, Nanaki would like to praise him, as expected of Nanaki's master. If he can make such a nice expression, there should be no need for Nanaki to interject.

no need to think

In the first place, unless it's something extreme, Nanaki the servant will not interject into the conversation between the siblings. After all, Nanaki is recognised as a master maid by everyone. Just like how master believes in Nanaki, Nanaki will also believe in master.


Yes, we are master and servant.

strong bond

Nanaki must always be master's ally


’’I'm thinking of hiring a new maid.’’

’’I'm against it.’’

’’I am against it.’’


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