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Life Mission - Volume 9 - Chapter 242


Chapter 242

Volume 9/Chapter 242

TL: LightNovelCafe

Editor: Hungry Panda


A pair of 9 Bijous and hundreds of levels 5 and 6 mutants mix with the Rage guild, fighting with them. They don't even know why they are fighting each other.

Just because they saw each other and collided?

The Rage guild wanted to avoid meaningless energy consumption, but that is not the case for mutants. They are beings that act on instinct rather than reason. They recognized the Lifers as enemies without thinking deeply into it. They were just going at the Lifers without considering the consequences.


Cha Jun Sung fought as well.

The 9 Bijous alone cannot take on the Rage guild. They will cause a lot of damage, but they will all eventually be killed.

This is because Tyrant is there.

So he needs to get Tyrant separate. It would be good if they killed him, but he isn't an opponent that they can kill within a short amount of time.

’’Black Devil!’’

Cha Jun Sung breaks up the Rage guild members and goes at Tyrant. Bullets rain on him and all kinds of bombs fly at him, but his strong body withstands all of it and pushes through. Then he brandished his tail at length.

Rage guild members' hips get sliced through. Their upper and lower bodies were separate - instant death.

Tyrant of course, avoided this attack. That is what Cha Jun Sung had intended.


Cha Jun Sung went at Tyrant all of a sudden and body checked him. He followed after Tyrant who went flying, and slammed his shoulder into him.

Tyrant plummeted to the ground with the tremendous impact from the successive blows. Cha Jun Sung followed after Tyrant and watched the situation in the sky.

They are deep in battle.

Tyrant won't be able to support them. They are two level 7s and there are too few level B Lifers.

They need at least 1000 people to take on the 9 Bijous. It doesn't matter even if hundreds of level C Lifers go running in as well. There are a bunch of levels 5 and 6, too.

Boom boom!

Tyrant finds his balance by turning on his booster as he fell. But that was after Cha Jun Sung had already gotten in front of him.

His tail became sharp like a spear and jabs into the sky. Tyrant's battlesuit predicts the attack path and analyzes Cha Jun Sung's pattern. Tyrant avoids the attacks and takes out a light bomb. He is going to reverse the attack.

[He will have analyzed the pattern by now. But analyzing a body morphing mutant's pattern is impossible.]

Odin was sure.

There is no way to know how he will attack, with what. On top of that, Cha Jun Sung is also a Lifer before he is a mutant.

He knows a lot about his enemy and himself, but Tyrant only knows about himself. It is an unfair fight. It's because Borteth broke the rules.


In an attack like flash of lightning, Tyrant set off the light bomb from his side.

He had chosen an extreme measure when Cha Jun Sung didn't fall.

Cha Jun Sung's body rips.

His skin burned from the light bomb's power.

It isn't severe, but there is damage. It really does have a lot of power.

'It's configured in affiliation series with high temperature and explosion like in the virtual version. They focused on making the armor lightweight too.'

The heat fades away and Tyrant appears. His battlesuit is blackened, but that is insignificant. It seems he modeled it like that since he is someone who uses bombs.

On top of that, his armor is thick like Han Chang Jin's Iron Defense. As someone who uses bombs, he can't leave out the possibility of having to set them off at close range.

Under the assumption that he is wearing a level S battlesuit, he would have caught Cha Jun Sung already without having to come come all the way here if he had been a speed-focused Lifer.

Tyrant's is level S, but it is on the slow side. This is because of the armor.

'I'm sure it'll be durable, too.'

As thick as the armor is, it'll have more defensive power and durability.

He knows a lot including Tyrant's combat style, but he doesn't know up to where his battlesuit is focused in performance. He will figure out the details after facing off. It is fastest to learn with his body.

’’I'll kill you!’’

Tyrant who is in the ground, growls like an angry tiger. As long as it has come to this, he needs to kill this mutant himself. It isn't a situation in which he can expect support.

'If it's a level 8.'

As far as Tyrant knows, a 9 combination battlesuit with a complete Lifer's combat ability in the virtual version was stronger than level 8, but weaker than level 9.

Cha Jun Sung is the only one who succeeded in a level 9 Evil Queen raid with a 10 combination battlesuit. He has only fought a level 8 once, but this mutant feels similar. That is why he can win against the Black Devil in front of him.

'Stupid bastard. Blame it on inexperience.'

Cha Jun Sung read Tyrant's self-confidence and clucked his tongue in his mind.

Lifer combat ability is similar by level to the virtual version, but mutants are different. They are a little stronger. That's the feeling he got from fighting Vanessa.

He lost in a 2 against 1 fight when Vanessa went through her second awakening. They might have been on the same level if they had been going one-on-one, but a loss is a loss.

Vanessa is just close to level 9, she isn't a complete level 9. But he couldn't beat her with a 10 combination battlesuit.

'The virtual version is a game. The operator can control the balance, but the reality version is reality. Mutants reality. Mutants advance too.'

Even with a full setting of a 10 combination battlesuit and the 10th stage of body modifications, he doesn't have confidence against a level 9.

It's 100% death.

So a 9 combination needs no words. Narsiel also saw that of the 36 Rankers, Cha Jun Sung isn't in an assisting role, but in militant configuration. If he is at Red Eye and Inferno's level, two people will have to go at him. Level 8 isn't as easy as Tyrant is thinking.

Cha Jun Sung is at an advantage even with simple comparison, but he even knows Tyrant's combat style. They fought several times in the virtual version.

'I'm going to win.'

He played a virtual battle in his mind multiple times. He won by slight difference. It wasn't reality, but he doesn't think that it'll be much different.

Tyrant's chest opens and dozens of light bombs spread all over his body. He is taking them out all at once to use them whenever he needs them rather than having to take them out one by one.

Light bombs hang from his combat vest like grenades. It's just that they were dispersed instead of staying on his chest. It seems they are stuck to him with magnets. And a few went down his back, past his hip and butt, to stop at his achilles heel.

'It's a landmine.'

Cha Jun Sung pretended not to notice.

As soon as he said this, the one that had been on Tyrant's achilles heel dug into the ground. He can't see it happening because Tyrant is blocking it, but he doesn't need to see to know.

Tyrant can set off this light bomb installed as a landmine whenever he wants to.

He suffered quite a bit when he first fought against Tyrant because of light bomb landmines.

It is better not to move in areas where light bomb landmines have been installed because there's no way of knowing when they will go they will go off. It is a good way of getting into the enemy's weakness.

Tyrant finished burying the bomb and took position.

Cha Jun Sung doesn't retreat either. The fight is over once the head is dead. It's time to face off properly.



Cha Jun Sung's tail and fingers get longer. Dozens of meters is the basic. He approached Tyrant and stayed as far from him as he could so they wouldn't collide.

The power of the light bombs is burdensome.

Their power becomes completely different according to the amount of energy Tyrant injects.

If he injects weakly, it is just a few times the power of a grenade. But if it's enough to use up an entire energy core, it could flatten a small city. Tyrant is a medium distance Lifer, not short or long distance.

Cha Jun Sung is maintaining a long distance, and Tyrant is using all of his strength to narrow the distance.

’’Damn mutant! I won't let you die easily!’’

Cha Jun Sung didn't respond.

It's psychological warfare.

Tyrant pretends to get excited in order to make his opponents put their guard down. His personality changes by situation.

Beep beep!


The light bomb mode changes.

Then, it chased Cha Jun Sung everywhere he went like a guided missile.

'It's out. One of the annoying things.'

Induced light bomb.

It is an annoying technique. It's work to even hit it and fling it out. It explodes as soon as it gets hit. But he doesn't really want to keep avoiding it either.

Tyrant and the induced light bomb are separate. It is straining to handle Tyrant and the induced light bomb separately.

'Let's just block it once.'

Cha Jun Sung's left arm changes into a rectangular shield.

He is applying White Queen's technique.

He flung the light bomb coming at him in that state.

Bang bang bang bang bang!

The same impact exploded five times in succession.

The shield crumples.

It regenerated right away as if he had never gotten hurt, but his left arm feels strange.


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