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Life Howling - Chapter 47


Chapter 47

this attack has equivalency of a hammered work.

Not to mention that it focuses its attack on where I want it to. It's really convenient.

The remainders slowly retreated with their fangs showing as I smiled towards them thinking about how awesome this skill was.

Do they plan on falling back to regroup? That... is something I cannot allow.

’’divine Attack! divine Attack!’’

Look ahead, I casted my skill back-to-back to get them before they were able to fully retreat. Unfortunately, some were able to get away after throwing their spears on the ground and making a run for it.

God damn it.

They're bound to come back in huge groups later on....

’’What to do....’’

I had no choice but to look on as the goblins ran for their lives. Disappointed, I turned to the two that were tied down.

Trying to not pass out from the stench coming from the blood and chunks of flesh stuck on the mace, I swing it down with full force.

Puk! Puk!

Their lives are no more.

’’This is going to be difficult...’’ to survive that is...I'll need to be more alert.

If my enemies can easily climb trees like that, trying to stay safe in tree houses won't be too effective.....

Should I just start hunting them down before they come to me?

’’Yeah, let's do it.’’

I began making my way forward after deciding on my hunting plans. I also now had an idea on how I needed to act in certain situations after experiencing what just happened.

divine Bind, divine Attack, and Basic Heal... they all consume about 5% of my divine Power, and it roughly takes about a minute to recover that. It means that it'll take about 20 minutes to recover everything if I happen to use 20 divine skills.

This is can be considered long and short at the same time...

If I'm not careful, this could be the last of me. Should I at least feel safe that I have this gun with me? As of right now, my main skill that I can use to be on the offensive isn't the divine Attack.

It's the divine Bind.

I'll need to utilize this skill more. Tie them up and strike their heads. How simple can it be?

A noise came from afar as I was thinking about my plans.

’’Kiku! Kiku!’’


That was a sound of a goblin that I had just killed. As soon as the sound made its way towards me, I took few steps back.

Fighting in a complex forest like this will not be in my favor at all.

It'll be better for me to fight out in the open.

I made my way to the area where the bear had fallen. Placed my back on the tree trunk and took something out of my Holy Bag.

Want to know what I took out?

A Fragment Grenade. This is the remedy to taking out large groups of enemies all gathered in one spot. And so, just like enemies were making their way over to where I was.

The hop-goblins had made their way through the tall grass. There were five who made it out first. I popped off the pin on the grenade and threw it behind them as there were countless following their lead to the front.



They didn't waste their time to check out what I had threw at them. But I didn't waste any of my time to see where it had exactly landed, because I was too busy getting down on the ground to brace myself for the explosion.

The Fragment Grenade had exploded while the hob goblins were communicating with one another.


All the hob goblins near where the grenade had fell had all been transported to the underworld. Even if few of them survived, they were in no condition to fight against me.

The smell of blood mixed in with sharp chemicals were in the air along with screams of those in pain and agony.

By the time I stood up, there were bodies and bits of pieces of flesh everywhere. Few were alive amongst the dead.

Wow, talk about good luck.

I could see roughly 10 hob goblins were on the ground, 6 were screaming their lungs off, and the rest 4 had died immediately.

Thud. Thud.

I slowly walked over to the survivors and ended their lives one by one.

Puk! Puk! Puk! Puk! Puk! Puk!

Even the ones that appeared to be dead were struck in the head once more to be sure they weren't standing up again. Who would've thought that a grenade could take out 10 of them at once.

I'm really lucky.

When I looked around, I saw all sorts of barbaric/savage looking weapons.

’’Keek! Krukuh!’’

’’Kirukuh! Kirukuh!’’

I could hear something coming from the top of the tree. When I looked up, I could see that it was making its way through the branches. Getting away from the scene.

I should really check to see how many of them really are. Well, no. That's not really important right now. Their numbers won't matter once I set this whole place to blitz.

’’Summon Holy Bag.’’


Holy Bag appeared on my hand. I pulled out a torch from it, and placed it next to a tree. And, just like that...the tree was in flames.

I moved the torch from tree to tree, setting them all on fire.

I couldn't believe what I was seeing.


Rain began falling from the trees. Heavy rain drops were only falling on the trees that were on fire.

’’What the hell is going on? What....’’

Did they put up a patch to prevent this place from going up in flames? F*k. Is this getting back at me for what I did previously? Talk about being cheap. Stupid f*king admin.

’’This is bullshit...’’

I'm expected to take them out one by one and survive. Just how long do I have to survive for?

I don't even know anymore. I'll just go around kill everything I see. I mean, that's what I'm here for, aren't I?

From what I've been through just now, I think I can take on 20 of them without much trouble.

I could probably take out even more using a weapon.

So, why don't I give it a try?


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