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Library Of Heaven’s Path - Chapter 125


Chapter 125: Renting a Mansion

Translator: StarveCleric Editor: Christopher Zhao

’’Right, I should first look for a residence. As long as I can build a reputation, people would

definitely come scrambling to me... This way, I can avoid knocking on the doors and retain my

dignity as an expert, while earning money.’’

An idea popped into his head.

As a master teacher, one had to uphold his stature. He couldn't simply go around visiting

houses. As such, he could only lie in wait for willing preys to take the bait.

As long as someone were to come knocking, he was confident of subduing them with his

hoodwinking prowess and Library of Heaven's Path.

’’Yup, I should first look for a base of operation!’’

After contemplating carefully, he realized that this was indeed the best way to go about it. With

a snap of his fingers, Zhang Xuan made up his mind.

He would do it this way.

With a concrete idea in his mind, he didn't dawdle and immediately proceeded to the reception

to purchase pills and medicinal solutions that could change one's outer appearance and skin


Even though he didn't really know disguise techniques, as a member of modern civilization, he

still had some basic knowledge regarding make-up. Using those pills and medicinal solution, it

didn't take long for him to transform from a young lad below twenty years old into a yellowish,

middle-aged man that possessed a dignified gaze.

After staring into the mirror for a long period of time, he ascertained that there were no

problems with his disguise and nodded his head in satisfaction.

After which, he walked out of the Apothecary Guild.

’’In order to convince others, I need to be dressed in luxurious clothes...’’

Clothes make the man. Given his current dress-up, many would believe him if he claimed to be

a beggar. He needed to look the image if he wanted people to believe that he was a master


’’There is a clothing store right ahead.’’

With such a thought in his mind, he noticed a clothing store that was nearby and entered. When

he finally exited, he had already transformed into a totally different person.

With a brocade hat and marten coat, he was dressed extravagantly. It was clear from his

appearance that he was a person of noble standing.

These clothes cost him a total of twenty thousand gold coins. He could feel his heart bleeding.

’’I should just treat it as an investment.’’

Consoling himself, he walked along the street. An hour later, he arrived at Tianyu Commercial

City once more.

It was already late in the afternoon and the sun was about to set.

Knowing that he was lacking time, Zhang Xuan proceeded forward in large strides.

He knew that it was impossible to find accommodation in a short period of time

singlehandedly. However, Tianyu Commercial City was reputed for selling everything possible

under the sun. Thus, it was guaranteed that there was information on this aspect available as

well. Furthermore, he didn't need to purchase an accommodation, it was sufficient for him to

just rent one.

As he had already been here before, he had become quite familiar with the surroundings. After

strolling around, he soon caught sight of a realtor agent center.

’’Old master, are you here to buy a house?’’

Upon noticing his entry, a plump boss stepped forward immediately to welcome him.

’’Old master?’’

Zhang Xuan was taken aback for a moment before coming to a realization. He had already

modified his appearance at current, he looked like he was in his forties. He was no longer a

young lad.

Thus, he nodded his head and placed both hands behind his back, assuming a disposition

befitting that of an old master. He deepened his voice, making him seem more mature. ’’I want

to rent a mansion!’’

’’Mansion? Old master, your decision to visit our us to rent a mansion is a wise one!’’ The boss's

eyes gleamed.

Those who were able to rent out mansions were all wealthy men. Just by raising the rent by a

slight amount, these landlords would be able to earn a huge sum!

’’Old master, may I know what your requirements?’’

As though he saw a fat lamb before him that was waiting to be butchered, the boss asked


’’It must be clean, large and has the best location. It would be perfect if the renovations are in

place so that I can move in immediately!’’

Zhang Xuan said.


Upon hearing the other party's request, the eyes of the boss twinkled and he almost leaped in


No doubt about it, this was a huge lamb for him!

Putting aside all other factors, just the requirements Zhang Xuan stated had made it impossible

for the mansion to be inexpensive.

How could someone who wanted to rent a mansion like that be poor?

He was so happy that he almost squealed, but he acted as though he was troubled. ’’Old master,

we do have such mansions, but the cost of the rent would be slightly pricey...’’

By saying so first, the plump man would be able to demand a higher price later on.


’’Price isn't a problem!’’ Zhang Xuan gestured haughtily.

Right now, he was a 'master teacher'. It would truly be embarrassing if he were to squabble over

the measly sum of money.

’’Alright then, I will bring old master to look at mansions until you find one that is to your


Upon hearing such impressive words from the other party, the boss's smiled so wide that it was

about to reach his ears. Without any hesitation, he closed the shop and led the way, holding a

bunch of keys.

Zhang Xuan followed behind him. Soon, they arrived at a vast mansion.

’’This is a mansion a rich businessman bought last year. However, he died last year and his son

indulged in prostitutes and gambling. As a result, he had no choice but to put this mansion up

for sale or rent. This mansion is newly renovated and its location is good as well. Do you want

to take a look?’’

Stopping before the mansion, the boss looked at Zhang Xuan to gauge his reaction.

This mansion was the largest and most luxurious one of their realtor center. Regardless of

whether it was the location or the size, there was nothing one could find faults with. Thus, he

brought the other party here at first time's notice for him to take a look. He would only bring

him to the other mansions if it was unsuitable. If the other party were to lay his sights upon

this one, he would have truly struck it rich.

’’Let's enter to take a look!’’

Zhang Xuan didn't say anything excessive.

Since he wanted to impersonate a 'master teacher', his residence had to have class. It mustn't be

too small. As for the money Zhang Xuan had to spend, it wasn't really a problem.


Upon observing how the other party didn't decline, the boss smiled and hurriedly opened the


It was a wujin courtyard. There were man-made mountains and ponds. Not only was it large

and spacious, there were all kinds of plants planted around the entire mansion. Upon entering,

one would be surrounded by greenery and the fragrance of flowers, inducing a feeling of ease.

’’Not bad!’’

After taking a look, Zhang Xuan nodded his head secretly.

This mansion was exactly as he imagined. He could simply take his baggage and move in at this

very moment. Everything he needed was present and he didn't have to go the extra mile to

prepare anything.

Furthermore, it was close to Hongtian Academy, just a ten minute walk away.


After his lessons, he could head straight back here, not having to spend much time traveling to

and fro.

’’This will do. How much is the rent?’’

Fancying the residence, Zhang Xuan gestured majestically and got straight to the point.

’’This is the most luxurious mansion in our realtor center. If old master wishes to rent it, it

would be hundred and fifty thousand gold coins every month!’’

The boss hurriedly said.

’’Hundred and fifty thousand?’’

Zhang Xuan frowned.

He wasn't sure about the property market in this world, but hundred and fifty thousand a

month to rent a mansion seemed way too expensive.


Without saying anything, Zhang Xuan suddenly clawed at the boss before him.

’’Old master, what do you intend to do...’’

Hearing the sound of his fingernails tearing through air, the boss was terrified and cowered

backward immediately.

With just a movement, his level of cultivation was revealed: Fighter 3-dan Zhenqi pinnacle!

His cultivation realm wasn't high.

’’Oh, I just want to see your level of cultivation.’’

Zhang Xuan retracted his palm and placed behind his back. Then, looking at the other party

again, his eyes narrowed, ’’You said that you will rent this mansion to me at hundred and fifty

thousand a month? Tripling the rent of fifty thousand a month, do you take me for a fool?’’

Wujin Courtyard:

To understand what a Wujin Courtyard is, one must know what a Siheyuan (also known as

Courtyard Houses) are. The most typical example of it were the houses of generals/officials in

the ancient past. There would be a courtyard in the middle and rooms of various purposes

surrounding it.

Siheyuans can be split into various categories depending on its size. The smallest is the Yijin

Courtyard (One Entrance Courtyard). Wujin Courtyard (Five Entrance Courtyard) was considered

as the largest.

Upon stepping into the house, there would be a narrow walkway (first entrance),

accommodations for guests (second entrance), a living room (third entrance), main

accommodations for the family (fourth entrance) and accommodations for daughters/ female

servants (fifth entrance). Since there was like a courtyard between each of these places, it is

called Five Entrance Courtyard.

This layout isn't fixed but is typical.


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