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Library Of Heaven’s Path - Chapter 110


Chapter 110: You Are About to Die

Translator: StarveCleric Editor: Frappe

Just like what Zhang Xuan said, Meng Yan was hiding resentment and killing intent within his


He was also betrayed by someone he deeply trusted in.

Just that, it was something that happened this morning. He thought that his rage had already

ceased and never would he have thought that he would infuse these emotions into his pill.

But... How was he able to tell?

Through the pill he forged?

How was that possible?

’’It's true?’’


Upon seeing Meng Yan's expression, even the most dull-witted of the lot could tell that what

Zhang Xuan said was the truth.

They stared at one another in disbelief.

[Not only was he able to discern the killing intent in him through his pill forging, he is even able

to deduce that he was betrayed by a trusted person. You... Are you an apprentice apothecary or a

fortune teller?]

’’If you all think that there's something wrong with my words, there is an easy way to ascertain

it. The guild should have Pill Sample Beasts, right? We can feed this Tranquil Heart Pill to it and

see whether it will calm down or rampage!’’

Upon seeing Meng Yan at a loss for words, Zhang Xuan chuckled lightly.

Usually, in order to ascertain the authenticity and effects of a pill, the Apothecary Guild would

prepare some Pill Sample Beasts to test them.

This savage beast was extremely sensitive towards pills. Upon consumption of the pills, one

could determine the effects of the pills through its response.

It corresponded to the lab rats used in clinical trials in the world of Zhang Xuan's previous life.

Only after passing the tests could the medicine be fed to humans. This was to ensure the safety

of those consuming it.

’’Un!’’ Ouyang Cheng nodded his head and an apprentice apothecary walked out of the room. In a

moment, a cage of savage beasts that resembled white mice was brought over. Opening the

mouth of one, the Tranquil Heart Pill was fed to it.

A short moment later, the Pill Sample Beast started to get agitated, running around the cage

and clawing everything in sight. It didn't seem to be calming down in the least.

’’Normally, after consuming a Tranquil Heart Pill, the Pill Sample Beast would lie quietly by the

side. Yet, after consuming this pill, the Pill Sample Beast becomes visibly agitated.’’

In the midst through Zhang Xuan's words, the Pill Sample Beast who consumed the Tranquil

Heart Pill ran toward another of its kind, climbed on top of it and started to conduct insertion

exercises forcibly onto the other party.

’’Cough cough, the strong se*ual drive experienced by the one who consumes the pill shows that

not only does the pill not calms one, it even induces anger in them! If I'm not wrong, the person

whom Apothecary Meng Yan killed today is a woman, one whom he had a se*ual relationship

with! Her eventual betrayal resulted in his outrage, causing the pill to contain strong emotions

of possessiveness and frenzy!’’


Upon seeing the drugged Pill Sample Beast in the cage crushing on another Pill Sample Beast

and forcing itself on the other, not giving the other party a chance to retaliate at all, the other

apothecaries stared at one another in astonishment.

[Is this really Tranquil Heart Pill?

Are you sure that it isn't an aphrodisiac!

It is fortunate that it isn't fed to a human. Otherwise, not only will their heart no calm down,

they will even turn into a...

Cough cough, it will cause disastrous effects!]

Everyone shuddered upon thinking about the possibility.

’’This morning, I saw the concubine that I dote on the most conducting adultery on me with the

butler. In that instant, rage filled me and I killed both of them on the spot!’’

Upon seeing everyone's gaze focusing on him, Meng Yan shook his head as he explained.

Since the other party had already said so much, there was nothing for him to hide.

This incident had made him furious. For the entire day, he had been in bad mood. The reason

why he stepped out was to embarrass Zhang Xuan so as to vent his frustration.

’’Is that for real?’’

’’Seeing through so much through looking at another forge pill?’’


Seeing Meng Yan admit to it, the others stared at Zhang Xuan as though he was a monster. If

their gazes were contemptuous before, they had a grave expression on at this very moment.

One's pill reflected one's state of mind, but... to see that an apothecary had killed someone

earlier this morning, even inferring that the person was his concubine, through watching him

forge pills...

[The heck, you must be a constable, right!]

Otherwise... How could he possibly tell that much?

’’Alright, I have already pointed out the flaws in it. Apothecary Meng Yan, do you need me to go

on?’’ Ignoring the shocked expression on the others, Zhang Xuan said with a smile.

The Library of Heaven's Path could see through all flaws. It was a simple task for him to tell

that he had been betrayed by his concubine and that his pill carried killing intent and


’’There's no need. I admit defeat!’’

Meng Yan surrendered.

The numerous apothecaries on the field, including himself, weren't able to see through the

problem in the pill he forged. Yet, the other party was able to see through it directly, even

telling so much about it... It was a clear loss, even if he didn't wish to accept it!

’’Just like that... he surrendered?’’

Wen Xue's eyes widened.

An apothecary admitted defeat to an apprentice?

If she didn't see this for herself, she wouldn't dare to believe it.

However, it made sense when she thought about it. To be able to see that far, that fellow's eye

for discernment was too incredible. He had no choice but to admit defeat!

’’Alright, next!’’

Now that the first person had admitted defeat, Zhang Xuan had achieved first blood. He turned

to look at the remaining nine people with a smile.

’’I shall face him!’’

An elderly stood up.

If they thought that Zhang Xuan was here to cause trouble previously, after Meng Yan's

incident, they finally understood that this fellow was an expert, expert among experts.

No wonder he was so confident as to dare to challenge the Pill Debate, even raising the

difficulty at that.

’’It is Apothecary Chen Xiao!’’

’’Apothecary Chen may not be the best among us in terms of pill forging, but he is the oldest!’’

’’He is an extremely rational and calm person, unlike Meng Yan and his fiery temper. I believe

that he will be able to defeat that lad!’’


Seeing the elder stand up, everyone secretly nodded their heads in approval.

This Apothecary Chen Xiao was the oldest among the ten of them, as well as the most levelheaded

one. Surely there wouldn't be any problems if he was the one to make a move.


The flame beneath the cauldron crackled. In a moment's time, he extracted a few pills from it.

It was the same pill as the one Meng Yan forged previously, Tranquil Heart Pill. It was also

perfectly round and smooth with radiance glowing off its surface. However, it was clearly of

higher quality, reaching Perfection.

’’Alright, I am done forging the pills. You don't need to identify the forging method, it's the

same as the one Apothecary Meng Yan used previously, Ten Formulas of Tranquil Water. If

you're able to point out the flaws in it, I will concede and admit defeat!’’

Apothecary Chen Xiao said calmly as he grasped the pills he just forged in his hands.


’’This is truly a wise move!’’

’’To use the same forging method to forge the exact same pills. Previously, he was able to point

out the killing intent in Apothecary Meng Yan's heart as the flaw in his pill forging, but

Apothecary Chen Xiao's state of mind is serene and he is a level-headed person. He should be

unable to find another one of this kind of flaw on him!’’

’’Let's see how he will fare this time...’’


Upon seeing Apothecary Chen Xiao's actions, everyone couldn't help but exclaim internally that

it was indeed the older ones who were more cunning.

Even Zhang Xuan couldn't help but nod his head.

The other party was indeed extremely wise.

Even though the other party had clearly told him that he used the same forging method so that

he doesn't have to guess it, his actions were, in fact, making it more difficult for him to answer.

However, to the Library of Heaven's Path... this was nothing at all!

Zhang Xuan looked at him, seemingly nonchalant to his actions, ’’If I'm not wrong, Apothecary

Chen Xiao should have trouble sleeping and eating recently!’’


Apothecary Chen Xiao was taken aback, ’’It's true that I have been having problems sleeping,

and my appetite isn't good recently. However... this should have nothing to do with pill forging


[So what if I don't eat or sleep?

You just have to tell me about the flaws in my pill forging. Why are you telling me about my

body condition?


About me not sleeping well and having no appetite... How did you know about it?]

’’Nothing to do with it? You're wrong! It is related to it in every way!’’

Zhang Xuan shook his head.

’’Related to it in every way? Enlighten me.’’

Apothecary Chen Xiao couldn't help but look over.

’’Hehe, if I'm not wrong... You are about to die!’’

Zhang Xuan said.


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