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Library Of Heaven’s Path - Chapter 104


Chapter 104: Fighter 6-dan Pixue Realm (Second Half)

’’Let's begin!’’

Everything else went easy after discovering the correct acupoint. The method to breaking them

open was about the same. Without much hesitation, Zhang Xuan directed the zhenqi in his body

towards the Xinqiao acupoint.


Not long after, there was a loud explosion and Zhang Xuan's body swayed uncontrollably.

Instantaneously, Zhang Xuan felt a qualitative improvement in his mental state.

Regardless of whether it was his vitality or his reaction speed, they improved by leaps and


He had successfully broken through Fighter 6-dan Pixue realm!

If he closed his eyes at this instant, he could sense radiance emitting from an acupoint within

his body, like a star in the middle of a dark night.

Goo goo goo!

With the acupoint opened, spiritual energy immediately gushed in, inducing a rise in his

strength by a single ding.


Sensing the changes in his body, Zhang Xuan knew that he had successfully accomplished a

breakthrough to the next realm.

’’Even without cultivation technique manuals, I can always try to fumble around for the correct

part by experimenting with every single possibility. Even if there are ten thousand possible

routes in my cultivation, as long as I toss out all of the erroneous ones, I will eventually find the

correct one...’’

His eyes twinkled with excitement.

It was just a conjecture he came up with abruptly, so he didn't really expect to succeed.

Of course, such a method was only possible for Pixue realm. There was a total of 108 acupoints

in the human body and they were all fixed in place. Thus, it was possible for him to try them

one by one. However, if he really tried to create a cultivation technique of his own out of

nowhere, even with the Library of Heaven's Path, he would surely tire himself to death.

Actually, Zhang Xuan didn't know that the reputation for the 36 Locked Acupoints didn't come

from nowhere. Without the purest zhenqi, it was impossible for one to break open the


Using a simple analogy, if the other acupoints are paths, the 36 Locked Acupoints are pinholesized

paths. Impure zhenqi is like muddy water. Even though it can flow through the other

paths with ease, it is an impossible task for it to pass through the pinhole-sized paths! Just the

silt in the muddy water itself is sufficient to plug up the path. If one tries to break through it

forcefully, they might end up crushing their acupoint instead, causing an imbalance in their

body, and ultimately, death.

Zhang Xuan cultivated the flawless Heaven's Path divine Art and his zhenqi had no impurities

in it whatsoever, like completely pure water. Even when facing pinhole-sized paths, it could

easily pass through to break open the acupoint successfully!

’’I should continue with the second acupoint!’’

With a single successful experience, Zhang Xuan continued to look for the second acupoint.

After awhile, the second acupoint was successfully opened as well.

The hardest part of the Pixue realm was in finding the correct sequence to open the acupoints.

As long as one found it, breaking through the Pixue realm was an extremely easy task.


Zhao Ya's residence. Yao Han was sitting at a distance not too far away from Zhao Ya.

’’Xiaojie, tell me about this Zhang laoshi and your physical condition. Why do you need to

consume the medicinal herb?’’

Initially, he was prejudiced against Zhang Xuan, but after seeing him put himself in peril for his

students and gifting a medicinal herb worth a hundred thousand gold coins so casually, he

couldn't help but doubt the notions he had of him.

His actions might be a façade, but that tranquil and nonchalant aura of his and that disposition

of an enlightened expert couldn't be feigned.

How could one who possessed such aura, disposition, and morals possibly be a villain who

fooled women?

Looked like he had been mistaken from the very start!

Furthermore, xiaojie had been healthy all along. Why did she need to consume this medicinal

herb? Not to mention, such an expensive and valuable one?

Filled with doubt, he couldn't help but bring them up upon reaching her residence.

’’Zhang laoshi... Initially, I was prejudiced against him as well until I saw his capabilities

personally and listened to his lectures....’’ Zhao Ya started to recount everything that happened

ever since she met Zhang Xuan.

Upon speaking about her physical ’’illness’’, her face flushed red.

In the past, she would definitely be too embarrassed to speak of it. She would wonder if she had

problems with her innate nature and her body. However, upon getting the truth of the matter

from Zhang laoshi, she managed to get past that barrier of hers.

For a person possessing Pure Yin Body to cultivate a pure yin cultivation technique, it resulted

in yin energy accumulating in her body and if not for her outstanding mental resilience, she

would have given in long ago.

’’Pure Yin Body? Xiaojie has Pure Yin Body? To think that we were unaware of that! We even

made you cultivate the White Jade Pure Maiden Skill....’’

Upon hearing the symptoms and pain the girl had undergone throughout the years, Yao Han's

face paled.

He was of the same generation as Zhao Ya's father and he had long seen Zhao Ya as his own

daughter. If not for Zhang laoshi seeing through to the crux of the problem, xiaojie might still

be trapped in the quagmire of pain, unable to pull herself out of it. Unable to see through this all

despite being a senior who had been beside her all this time, he felt intense self-reproach and


Back at the Apothecary Guild, he had heard her say that she had a unique constitution. Back

then, it wasn't convenient for him to ask about it. Never in his dreams would he imagine that it

was of this kind, and that such aftereffects would occur upon cultivation a pure yin cultivation


’’Since this Zhang laoshi is so capable, why would his reputation be so...’’

After listening to the words of the young girl, this Zhang laoshi seemed to be an incredible

figure of great capabilities. However, if he were that incredible, his reputation should have long

ago rung far and wide. Why would the results of his investigation be that he had failed the

Teacher Qualification Examination and even caused a student's cultivation to go berserk?

’’Today, due to Liu Yang's affair, the Education Bureau conducted an Enlightenment Will Trial...’’

Zhao Ya went on to talk about the incident that occurred at the Enlightenment Will Tower.

’’What? You mean... it was due to Elder Shang Chen's intentional oppression that his reputation

is so poor? Zhang laoshi, in consideration for the image of the academy, didn't expose him? His

strength is already that of Pixue realm pinnacle?’’

Yao Han shuddered.

If he didn't hear this news firsthand, he would have never believed it.

For the head of the Education Bureau of an established academy to be so shameless!

On the other hand, for Zhang laoshi... to be such a noble person!

Looked like he was indeed mistaken!

Not just him, everyone was mistaken about him!

’’I have never seen Elder Shang Chen, but Shang Bin laoshi, who is his grandson, is interestmotivated

and vicious. Naturally, his grandfather can't be any better...’’

If anyone else heard such rumors about the head of the Education Bureau, they would definitely

doubt the reliability of the news. However, Yao Han didn't have the slightest hesitation in

believing Zhao Ya's words.

He had never met Shang Chen, but he had met Shang Bin.

The wounds on his face were the doing of the other party!

Since the grandson was of such character, how noble can the grandfather be?

Birds of the same feathers flock together!

’’Uncle Yao, now that you know about Zhang laoshi's affairs, I hope that you can be more

respectful to him from now on!’’ After concluding her explanation, Zhao Ya looked at Yao Han

with a grim expression.

’’Rest assured! Your uncle isn't a foolish person. I know what to do from now on!’’ Yao Han

nodded his head. The next instant, his expression darkened. The authoritativeness and self-

confidence of the butler of a powerful family exuded from him as he continued, ’’However, this

Shang Chen and Shang Bin had caused me to bear misunderstandings about Zhang laoshi, not

to mention how they soiled his reputation. I must converse with the city lord and have them


’’Yeah! Such vile people deserve to be punished!’’ Zhao Ya nodded her head.

She was unlike Wang Ying.

Wang Ying had a docile and honest nature while she, as the daughter of a city lord, possessed a

valiant disposition. Otherwise, she wouldn't have barged into Zhang Xuan's classroom angrily

upon hearing others praise him.

This was precisely the reason why, upon hearing Yao Han say that he would teach the duo a

lesson, she didn't hesitate and immediately nodded her head in agreement.

If not for this head of the Education Bureau, Zhang laoshi wouldn't suffer such injustice and be

viewed mockingly and contemptuously by the rest of the world.

Otherwise, given his capabilities, how could he possibly be unable to recruit any students?

They must be taught a lesson, and a severe one at that, one that will send their reputation down

the drain!

’’Uncle Yao, I will be troubling you to spread this information. The more people know of it, the

better!’’ At this, Zhao Ya issued a command.

’’Yes!’’ Yao Han nodded his head.


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