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Level Up Just By Eating - Chapter 47


The Holy Knight Liber's Excuse

’’ ’’ ’’ Boss!! ’’ ’’ ’’

A young man was there when the Saints turned around.

He has cool eyes and golden hair, a slim physique.

He looks like a cool, handsome guy with a glance, but the light in his emerald-like green eyes showed a somewhat strange feeling.

’’Hahaha!! You're finished! Adding up to this number is Boss Liber, you bastard, you don't have a chance to win ya know?!!!’’

The man called Liber glared at the man making a fuss.

’’I saidーー『What commotion is this?』, did you not hear me?’’


The fussing man faltered.

Although the opponent's just a small fly, that's amazing to make him scared with a glare.

I told him instead.

’’Your subordinates calling themselves Saints, they kicked a woman.

That's why I kicked their asses.’’


Liber glanced at the man.

’’N-N-N-N-No, that is not true! It is not the Saint Leader Samson-sama who kicked the woman! That believer woman without money, she did not have the leisure to get in line. She also did not pay donations to skip in lines. That's why she begged, grabbing Samson-sama's leg, so he could not help but push her away!!’’

’’In the first place, you're the ones who are strange!!’’

Licia shouted.

’’We, the Platinum Dune, has the goal of saving the poor!

You refused to heal her just because of the reason that she did not have money? Preposterous!!!’’

’’Licia Velkrais-sama?!!’’

’’Boss, do you know her?’’

’’One of the five Holy Priests and Priestesses within the order! And even within them, she is the leading Saintess!!’’

’’Compared to Boss, who's greater?’’

’’There are numerous people who can substitute me, but no one would can substitute Licia-sama!!!’’

’’Well, that's super?’’

’’Humble yourself! Lower your head!!’’


The man bowed down his head almost hitting the ground after being pressured by Liber.

’’Am I the one you need to apologize to......?’’

The man's angle swiftly changed. She apologized to the woman that was almost spat on by his comrade.

’’Please forgive me! Please forgive our Samson, treating you violently......’’

’’Ah......! Yes......’’

The woman was surprised but forgave the man who apologized.

’’P-Please excuse me then......’’

She stood up while embracing her child.

’’Thank, Thank you very much......!!’’

She bowed her head numerous times towards Licia and left with a curled back.

Licia stared at that with warm eyes.

An expression of pure affection with no hypocrisy nor calculation.

However, Licia immediately made a sharp expression.

She turned towards Liber.

’’By the way, Liber-sama.

What are Saints? I have never heard of them before?’’

’’The Saints or Holy Fighters, is an organization made by priests and the people of this town to protect it from monsters and thugs around this area.’’

’’Is that not the role of Holy Knights?’’

’’The only Holy Knight in this town is me.’’


’’Holy Knights are the ones who received baptism from St. Bishop Beghas Velkrais-sama who received blessings from the Goddess Velkrais, and who are then dispatched to various places.’’

’’That is right.’’

’’However, in this region, I am the only Holy Knight that is deployed.’’

’’No way......’’

I said.

’’Well, it isn't an absurd thing.’’

After all, some say that this Holy Knight-san was demoted and sent here.

If that was the case, it is not unusual for such harassment to exist.


Laura pulled my sleeve.

I let her pull me away and take some distance.

(Should I say that he's unexpectedly a good guy?)

(We still don't know)

(Why?! What he told right now, it's not like it's unusual right?!!’’

(Although it's not unusual, there's nothing to prove that it's the truth)

(If you don't really understand, can't you just punch him in the meantime?!

I think that bad people will show their true colors if you do that!

If he isn't a bad person, you should just apologize afterward!!!)

(What kind of evil god are you?!)

I hit Laura's head.


And while we were talking like that, Liber continued his excuse.

’’Because of that, I reluctantly gave the title of Saints to adventurers that go in the nearby dungeon, and sand bandits in the desert, and made them my subordinates.

However, they were originally, like that, so......

Be it a Holy Knight or a Holy Fighter, I know that education and prestige that suits their positions are needed, but......’’

’’Leaving aside those who knocked on your doors to ask for teachings, you took in criminals who would take naps during the time of teaching......?’’

’’Rather than neglecting roughnecks whose identities and address are ambiguous, would it be not more realistic to give them backgrounds and dwellings?’’

’’That is......’’

’’Although I cannot assert that it fine even with petty crimes, but it is true that large crimes have disappeared.’’


’’Do you understand now?’’

’’I understand, about the Holy Fighters.’’

Licia showed a certain level of understanding.

It was at that time.

A blue signal fire was shot in the air and the warning bells rang together with a man's shout.



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