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Legend Of The Supreme Soldier - Chapter 128


Ye Chong had a plan in his mind. Without hesitation he climbed upwards and made a quick slash on the purple mech with his daggers.

The mech might have acted heroically and saved his day, but Ye Chong was not foolish enough to have faith on a stranger, believing that the act was for his own good. If he did not give hindrance of some sort, especially to the foe before him, with its capabilities Mu would have probably gave a depressing figure on the possibility of their escape again. Such a golden opportunity for a golden man, how could he let it slip?

Like a tinted bullet, Ye Chong launched himself all the way to this mech in rage!

Feng Su was startled as she piloted the Wings of Nirvana all the way to the side. A sharp turn on her steer. The extensive wings folded softly like an actual pair of wings of a bird as it covered up the critical spot of the mech. The whole sequence of inputs was executed right at a whim.

Trust your intuition! It was the unmovable belief in every mentalist, the source of their forces. It had also become a habit, the basis of Feng Su’s life.

Feng Su’s action was rapid! But Ye Chong in his Guardian was faster!

A brandish from his twin daggers flashing the unique, cold gaze of cruelty, the blade-wielding was indiscernible by naked eyes, the blades seemed to have turned invisible in Ye Chong’s hands. The air was waving in ripples as Ye Chong cut through the air. It was fast, too fast!

But he felt nothing during the slash!

That was surprising to Ye Chong as he believed that his sudden attack could have been effective, till the opponent dodged most of his strikes, as if the opponent saw it on a script and was ready the whole time.

Due to the higher standing in sensory development, mentalists often possessed great premonition, which would be strengthened when more training were accomplished! No doubt that such characteristic was extremely useful in combats. It allowed one to foresee the movements, the happening a moment later which gave you the leading position in fights, hence dramatically improved the likelihood of your victory!

Well, with that said, the process of a battle was never as straightforward as it was always illustrated in the novel. Even if you were aware of the intended upcoming behavior of the foes, it did not necessarily mean that you have the control of the entire scene. While mentality played a role in contributing to the likelihood of your victory, the standard of piloting a mech, your own strength etc. had far greater contribution. Conclusively, what determines the outcome of a battle is always plural and one should not presume it as a factor of singularity.

As mentioned before, there were 3 major forces in the galaxies - the Black Covers were great with their arms and legs;the Orbits were great with their senses… well, if that was the case, MPA should have the weakest pilots of them all. The catch was, however, the pilots of MPA had better mechs. Eventually, every faction of them shared a kind of perk. They were closely related and certainly they were equal.

Feng Su was the ace among the pilots of the Orbits. She had a well-developed mentality as well as impeccable piloting skills. She might not be recognized as the strongest pilot in the Orbits, but surely she was the pilot with the strongest extrasensory intuition and the fastest in reaction to it.

Hence, even under the hacking speed of Ye Chong, she dodged most of them solely because of her overwhelming intuition!


No… It can’t be. Ye Chong was dumbstruck. With his speed, it should not be strange that even Mu would fail to avoid the attacks…

However the reality was in fact… the foe dodged it!

Quite a number of the slashes he made were missed. The few slashes struck were also way off the tangent sketched by the Guardian in the interface.

Luck? Coincidence? Or the foe had something in the back? Ye Chong was skeptical.

"Ye! Go! Now!" Mu’s tone sounded intensely hurried. If Mu said so… Ye Chong could not afford to disobey the instruction as he laid the tip of his toes at the foe and launched himself away to Yu Di like a golden arrow. The rapport between the best combination was shown again, as Mu sped up Yu Di, rushing his way to Ye Chong, opened his one remaining arm. Thup! Ye Chong clang on the single arm like an ape.

Undoubtedly, because of the enhanced strength by the Guardian, the Wings of Nirvana was forced away the moment Ye Chong made the leap.

Under Mu’s flawless calculation, he sped up Yu Di in the shortest time possible and grabbed Ye Chong and they disappeared!

The glaring light faded away at last. People on the ground looked at each other in bewilderment.

"What … happened…?"

"I don’t know…"

"Are we abducted?"
"Hey! What are these?"

"The Messengers? Why are they…Ah!!"


The people realized they were surrounded by enemies. The scene turned chaotic after. The mechs from both sides, the MPA and the Orbits went after each other. Nonetheless, the Orbits outnumbered the MPA and they were better supports in a team fight. They covered each other up and lastly they surrounded the Messengers instead.

The Dawn mechs’ eyes lustered upon their prey as the Messengers backed off carefully. Although the pilots from MPA did not fear death as their destiny, they were horrified by the intensity. They held their guards high, their weapons were charged, anticipating the final moment.

The pilots from the Orbits awaited the ultimate order from their leader. As soon as Feng Su uttered the keyword, these filthy intruders from MPA would have their remnants here. They held no fond towards intruders, only pure hostility, especially when they actually lost a brother in this intrusion! The golden man might have been the culprit, but obviously he had got something to do with these intruders!

And that was how the pilots from MPA became the scapegoat of the day!

Both parties were unexpectedly calm, as one identified one’s own inferiority in the situation while the other awaited the order from Feng Su!

In sheer silence, they glared at each other. Eerie it was to see about 50 mechs hovering in the sky, one flock towards the other, yet not a sound was heard. It was too quiet that it felt like a static scene from horror movies.

Feng Su's heart rumbled with shock. The flocks by her side were not her concern at all, but the golden man was. The fact that he was not affected by the blazing light was more than surprising to Feng Su. The alarm had been raised to Level : Yellow. Feng Su was enraged upon seeing Wings of Nirvana in scratches. Her trusty steed was never hurt! She took it as a sign of pride being an ace in the team, for no one including the mech itself would be hurt under her leadership! Nevertheless, it was history.

Scratches of a depth of roughly 30 centimeters was nothing to a mech of10 few meters tall. But the shocker was that these scratches happened to be at the weaker area of the armor! Feng Su was horrified as she imagined what could happen if she failed to dodge in time, with the slashes on the few weaker spots on her armor. She would… She would not have survived…

Shuddered, Feng Su held back her thought. In a brief second, the man actually found the weak spots on my mech? How horrible!

Was it because of the sharp eyes of that man? Or was it because of that amazing gadget on the mech?

The cuts were smooth? How come? My Wings of Nirvana is the highest ranked mech in the Orbits! The armor of the main body is sturdier than ever! It should have been at least a strong mech even at the origin of this stranger! Feng Su had confidence to declare her mech being at least solid enough to take attacks even from the Black Covers, those known for their top close-combat skills.

That miniature mech could not stop giving me surprise, couldn’t it? No wonder the MPA went so far for this! If I were to report this to the authority, I assume that they would take some sort of action!

And the information was absolutely wrong! There were two people here? The pilot in the other mech was someone not to be ignorant of. Such an expert! That accuracy, that flawlessness in his piloting, there was no ineffectiveness! With the calculation and foresight of his, he should be far more potent that the pilot in the gold miniature mech! The design of the mech was one-of-a-kind and the cartridge was well-placed! I wonder which genius put up such design?

These anomalies! Feng Su was amazed. Her will to conquer burnt up high. If I ever met them again…

Feng Su could not help but felt excitement rolling in her heart.

Out of ponder, she took a look around and soon she got hold of the situation.

The mission was not completed, but it did not mean that Feng Su was out of luck! Firstly, the infiltration of MPA pilots in the Orbits had been exposed. Secondly, in spite of the fact that the target had escaped, as long as they were in the vicinity of the Orbits, Feng Su’s men would stand far better chance than the other forces, simply because they could call all men to retrieve the target, which was something incomparable to the intruding foes who shared a much more pitiful amount. Well, it had caused enough fiasco to alarm the Black Covers at the very least.


Feng Su knew it well that it was not easy for someone to exit the Orbits.

Most importantly, the value of this miniature mech had been blatantly justified, along with precious first-hand information about it!

Regarding these men from MPA… Feng Su was a little puzzled. It would be bad to just let them go… But if she were to kill them… they were not going to sit still and let the beams hit them, then she would lose more men in the end and it only signified an obvious taunt to MPA, leading a galactic war some time in the future… That would be bad too…

A bloodshed should not be what the authority desired…

While being puzzled by the dilemma, a flock of mechs flew to the place. They were all Dawn mechs, densely connected. There should be at least 100 of them by a glance as they traveled in a perfect formation speedily towards her.

The 25 mechs from MPA started acting in panic!

The new batch of Dawn mechs splat into 10 smaller teams as they went into their position like 10 winding snakes, further enforcing the siege!

The 29 Dawn mechs by Feng Su were excited by the participation of their allies! This was because it certainly showed a difference in strength with these additional men! And it only would take a word from Feng Su to officially sear these intruders into ashes! Stimulated, the radical fighters had their blood boiling, trembling.


Feng Su received an order from the authority.

She headed into the sieged area, with 20 Dawn mechs surrounding her, covering the Wings of Nirvana straight away!

Her soft voice echoed throughout the field via the loudspeaker.

"To the intruders, I believe you should have received a word from our supreme authority on allowing all of you to surrender. To refrain from unnecessary conflict, for the sake of our Orbits, please deactivate your weaponry, get grounded immediately and deploy all your mechs and gadgets. The mechs would be under our safekeeping for security purposes. Rest assured that they would be returned once you are exiled from the Orbits. I request your constant cooperation!" and she retreated to the outside.

The pilots from the MPA were biting their lips. Their expression was grim as they passed their mechs, the meaning of their life, the enlightenment of their soul, the exit of their passion to an insignificant other. Some pilots of an younger age could not control but to shed a tear. The warriors who have never feared the demise to their role, had submitted their identity as an inevitable fate. The pain, the agony… a fate worse than death, the men from the Orbits could not have their eyes on such demolition.

Feng Su watched on in silence. She was aware… that the authority must have made some kind of agreement with the MPA. Something was planned… or how would these pilots lower their pride as they hand over their precious that easily?

Sigh, probably this was not the end. This was just the beginning.

Thought Feng Su as her mind wandered off to somewhere else in the future.


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