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Legend Of The Great Saint - Volume 3 - Chapter 144


Chapter 144

Li Qing Shan did not have any background . Also, Wang Pu Shi did not like him to the point that he sent him to be employed under his own subordinates . If Gu Yan Ying truly took notice of this child, then Wang Pu Shi would definitely not neglect this little one . It was just like if Wang Pu Shi truly took notice of anyone, then he, Zhuo Zhi Bo would have to take care to please that person .

This was the simplest logic . Zhuo Zhi Bo truly was too careful . He was just scared of the most extreme scenario . Somehow, the greatest factor towards his fear was the attitude of that brat . It was simply too pompous, which resulted in his false illusion that he had a strong background .

When the cruel reality was unveiled, Zhuo Zhi Bo was only left with the feeling that he was played with cruelly . He first flushed red before turning green . His anger towards Li Qing Shan exploded in an instant .

’’Leader Zhuo please rest at ease!’’ Ge Jian advised appropriately .

Zhuo Zhi Bo coldly said: ’’I, as a leader of a Eagle Wolf Branch, am above a million others and have taken the lives of many with my very hands . I don't know how many years have passed since a person has dared to play around with me like this . Li Qing Shan, oh Li Qing Shan, you are truly quite impressive . ’’

Ge Jian replied: ’’However, that brat is at the Ancient Wind City and I don't think he will return . Why does leader have to be so angry about a dead man?’’

Zhuo Zhi Bo said: ’’I hate that I cannot personally kill him with my own hands . As for that Zhou Wen Bin, he is also not anything good . ’’

Ge Jian answered: ’’He is only acting as a County Magistrate here by himself and has not a single Refiner acting under him . Why does leader go to such lengths to tolerate him? Our Eagle Wolf Guard is in charge of supervising faults and transgressions . How about we find some evidence and sue him as well?’’

Zhuo Zhi Bo said: ’’Shut up! What criminal evidence can you find about him? He comes from the Hundred Family Courtyard School and has many colleagues . Even the government officials appreciate him greatly . If I went against him, leader Wang will only be disappointed . ’’

Ge Jian quipped: ’’Yes, my lord . This one was wrong!’’

Zhuo Zhi Bo said: ’’Now, we should wait for the news of that brat dying on duty coming in any time soon!’’ Then he began heading towards Ancient Wind City to destroy the Qian Family so that he could take ’’revenge’’ for Li Qing Shan so as to flaunt the power of the Eagle Wolf Guard . That old Qian head should have saved up quite a fair bit of things over these few years . It was time to take action .

This was Qian Rong Zheng's original venomous plan . To kill two birds with one stone . Destroying the Qian Family and Li Qing Shan . Also, she could offer Zhuo Zhi Bo a share of the war prizes as tribute .


At night, Li Qing Shan came to the natural cavity at the bottom of the West mountain . The cavity was not particularly big, but when it came down to holding a thousand corpses, it was more than necessary .

A strong rancid smell was in the air and came over from the cavity . Li Qing Shan quickly held his breath . In merely a day's time, the rate that the corpses decomposed was even harder to accept than the strong bloody smell that lingered last night .

Those villagers that were gathered were in the process of moving the corpses over . After stripping the corpses of their clothes, the clothes were thrown in a bonfire at a corner . Then, the clean white corpses were thrown into the natural cavity .

Everyone was frowning and covering their mouths and noses with wet clothes . If not for the huge reward by the county officials, as well as the threat from the possible plague that would ensue . No one would be willing to come over . It was not only disgusting, but also extremely inauspicious .

A strand of black smoke started to rise from the bonfire and head straight for the skies . There was not even a wisp of wind in the four directions and the setting sun still emitted a scorching heat, making the corrupted air twist slightly .

Hundreds of crows circled overhead and cawed menacingly as they came down intermittently to scoop out the eyeballs of the corpses .

All of this, compared to last night, had an even greater feeling of being inauspicious and deadly .

And this world, probably did not have an existence as corrupt as this .

The county magistrate was originally hiding himself far away from all this, but upon hearing that Li Qing Shan had arrived, he came up personally to say: ’’My lord, please check to see if this lowly one had accomplished your assigned task well . ’’

Li Qing Shan nodded his head . But before he could even reply, the official looked at the cavity only once before he began to cover his mouth to prevent himself from barfing . Finally, he left dejectedly .

Once all the corpses were thrown into the natural cavity, the villagers began to dig up the soil they had accumulated earlier and began to cover up the cavity . This work was done until the sun set fully and when night had arrived, they were almost done .

Li Qing Shan hesitated for a while before throwing the vase in his hands into the center of the natural cavity . He let the villagers villagers bury the vase along with the corpses .

Li Qing Shan stood at the side of the natural cavity for a while . The smell that had been there still did not dissipate .

’’Did you know? At the places where corpses are buried, flowers and trees grow particularly well . When I was young, I poisoned a dog and buried it at the flower garden . After that, the flowers that grew there every year were so colourful . ’’

Qing Shan turned his head and saw Diao Fei and Qian Rong Zheng standing not so far from him .

Qian Rong Zheng came up ahead and stared at the cavity: ’’This place will not need a year before it becomes the most boisterous of plantations . ’’

Qing Shan did not have the heart to answer her crazy talk . Diao Fei said: ’’Our task is finished . Shall we go back?’’

Li Qing Shan replied: ’’I still want to stay here for a while and settle the real estate and plantations . You guys can head back first!’’

Qian Rong Zheng sneered at him: ’’You can't be thinking of escaping? You don't even know Gu Yan Ying, right? Seeing your down-to-earth appearance, how could you know a woman like her? Right now, Zhuo Zhi Bo has probably checked your identity thoroughly . If you return then it would be your death sentence . However, how can you escape? One with a reputation of betraying the Eagle Wolf Guard will ensure that you will have no place to hide under the heavens . ’’

Qing Shan used one hand to strangle Qian Rong Zheng as he calmly stated: ’’Do you believe that I van kill you right now? Then bury you with these people right here?’’

’’Stop! Qing Shan!’’ Diao Fei wanted to go ahead to stop him but he stopped moving forward when Qing Shan lifted his left hand towards him .

Qian Rong Zheng replied in difficulty: ’’If you kill me, you will have to kill Diao Fei . Will you do so?’’

Diao Fei's face changed colour instantly . He couldn't help but take a few steps back and become cautious instantly . After what happened the previous night, he no longer believed that he was the opponent of Qing Shan .

Qing Shan remained expressionless as his hands slowly tightened . Qian Rong Zheng's face flushed instantly and her eyes displayed a hint of fear . When she felt like her neck was going to be broken, it was suddenly loosened and she fell to her knees where she began gasping for air in large breaths .

Li Qing Shan said: ’’Don't piss me off . ’’ Looking at Qian Rong Zheng's hateful eyes, ’’Return and tell Zhuo Zhi Bo that I will return to Jia Ping soon . If he can't afford to wait, he can come over to Ancient Wind City to find me . I will be willing to accompany as and when he does . ’’

He then /> He then bent down and said to Qian Rong Zheng: ’’If you want to kill me, then you best be prepared with all your might . You will only have one chance . If you fail, then I will risk everything to kill you . Of course, you best better give up on this intention of ours . If not, whenever I feel slightly unwell, I might just come over to kill you to relieve myself . ’’

Hate was slowly replaced by fear as Qian Rong Zheng felt an enormous pressure under his calm words . That suffocating feeling was even greater than that when she was being strangled .

’’What... what good will I even get from harming you?’’ Qian Rong Zheng looked away from Qing Shan as her expression hardened .

As one would say, ’’The villains will naturally be tortured by other villains’’, when her cunning ’’evil’’ met the strong brutal ’’evil’’ of Li Qing Shan, she naturally backed off .

Li Qing Shan stood up and left to the Ancient Wind City .

Qian Rong Zheng stood up and brushed the dirt off her clothes . After tidying her clothes, her face regained her smile as she stared at Li Qing Shan's back and said to herself: ’’Just one... one chance?’’

Diao Fei's heart froze over in an instant as he enquired: ’’Are you returning?’’

Qian Rong Zheng answered as she laughed: ’’I went through so much difficulty just to return home this one time . How can I leave so quickly?’’

Diao Fei sighed in relief deep down inside when he heard her answer as such . He was the one with the highest cultivation base amongst the three of them and was the eldest amongst them with the greatest experience in the outside world . Even his reputation was the most sonorous amongst them . He, the great lord Diao Fei, was quite famous and was not to be compared with the likes of ’’Black Tiger’’ and such . It was to the point where he his fame made it difficult for him to deal with .

However, when he was with the two of them . It was like he was situated between a poisonous snake and a ferocious tiger . He felt like he would die at any point in time whenever he was around them .

This was not a wrong intuition of his . No matter if it was the poisonous schemes that Qian Rong Zheng set, or the strength that Li Qing Shan used, Diao Fei's personal safety was never insured at any point of time and the risk to his life was extremely large .

Qian Rong Zheng letting Qian Ting Nian harm Li Qing Shan would result in him being eliminated . When Li Qing Shan faced Qian Ting Nian, if Qian Ting Nian pulled off any of his killing blows, such as his Sword Qi or the Thunder Gathering Talisman, it would also be very likely to kill him . Li Qing Shan may Qing Shan may not just sit there and watch, but he would never reveal his demon identity for him .

One had to admit that Diao Fei's experience in the outside world was not for naught as his instinct for danger was extremely keen .

And just now, when that black tiger held down onto the colourful serpent and let out that roar, the innocent Diao Fei instantly became a bargaining chip of the serpent which made the tiger have to reconsider whether he should consider taking further cruel action .

Diao Fei immediately left and took one last look at Qian Rong Zheng before disappearing into the darkness . He decided to never take up another mission with any of them . No . He would maintain his distance from them at all times from now on .

That colourful poisonous serpent stood in front of the thousand corpse mound she created personally and silently brewed her new poison . She was even thankful for the threat of the black tiger . When she finally showed her poisonous fangs, it would be her death sentence . No matter if she succeeded, she would be crushed to death by the rampaging tiger .

However, she was not too worried . Patience was one of the best traits of the poisonous serpent . She could endure in the Qian Family for more than ten over years . Enduring till everyone thought she was tamed completely and without a trace of hatred for the Qian Family . Even to the point that Qian Ting Nian let her go to the Jia Ping City to become an Eagle Wolf Guard .

Because she was at the second level of Qi Refining three years ago, she could take this opportunity to leave the Qian Family . At that time, Qian Ting Nian completely trusted her, and gave her complete freedom . If she wanted to, she could completely escape the area of the Qian Family's influence and Qian Ting Nian would never be able to find her .

If it were a normal person, they would long be unable to accept all of this and take the chance to flee . However, she did not . She would rather suffer an additional 3 years of embarrassment and show that she was more tamed than before so as to win greater trust . All for this opportunity to inject her venom into her enemy's throat .

She decided to continue waiting silently . Waiting for a chance that might never even appear . However, she felt that she did not need to do anything . There was the shadow of a bald eagle hanging above the skies, which had covered the head of that tiger . That tiger might have been extremely vicious and powerful, but it was still so... so young .

Done Done Note: I personally think this villainess is one of the most fleshed out ones from most Chinese novels I have read . What do you guys think?


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