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Legend Of Ling Tian - Chapter 79


Chapter 79

Ling Family Courtyard

Ling Tian was seated in the secret chambers silently while reading through the news being sent back from all around. There were a few of these news which drew his attention the most. The third young master of the NanGong Family, one of the Six Great Families, set off half a month ago to the Yang family for a marriage proposal.

The son of the family head of the Xiao family, Xiao ZhenYu had paid a visit to the DongFang Family of the Six Great Families. (Author’s note: While there are eight large aristocratic families with equal status, Ling Tian was used to removing both the Ling and Yang family. He ignored the Ling family because he felt that the strength of the Ling family was just incomparable to the other six families. As for the Yang family, Ling Tian did not even have them in his sights.)

The news which made Ling Tian the most interested was this: The crown prince of the Northern Wei family proposed a marriage to the Yu family, marrying the young princess of the Yu family as the first wife of the crown prince. However, he was rejected! The princess of the Yu family decided to explore the continent to broaden her horizons. She had already set off from the Northern Wei and her whereabouts were unknown!

As Ling Tian saw this piece of news, he could not help but fall into deep consideration. No matter how big the Yu family was, they were still in the territory of the Northern Wei, under the jurisdiction of the Northern Wei Emperor. Just what was the Yu family relying on to reject the crown prince’s proposal. Furthermore, the proposal was made personally by the emperor! This Yu family definitely isn’t simple! The final phrase, ‘whereabouts were unknown’, made Ling Tian extremely interested. Ling Tian would naturally know just how large the information net of his subordinates were. Even with such a thorough search, they still gave him the report of ‘whereabouts were unknown’. Just what did this mean?

There can only be two explanations to such a situation. First, the princess of the Yu family did not come out at all, and exploring the continent was nothing but and excuse. Second, the might of the Yu family was far above Ling Tian. Thus, Ling Tian isn’t able to find out about anything!

"What a Yu family!"Ling Tian thought calmly, "Since they have the guts to reject the proposal by the emperor of the Northern Wei Empire, why would they bother finding an excuse? The only possibility is the latter explanation!"

Since the Yu family’s princess is out and the Sky Bearing Empire is the most happening at this moment, it is extremely likely for her to be in the Sky Bearing Empire! Ling Tian began to smile, "It seems that things are getting more and more interesting! It seems that this is really a good opportunity!"

Ling Tian gave a profound smile, "If the princess of the Yu family really came to the Sky Bearing Empire, I will be able to catch a small glimpse of the Yu family’s true strength from her and her followers!"This was something extremely beneficial to his next step.

Ling Jiu looked at Ling Tian’s expression secretly and gave his own view, "If young noble is able to bring the princess of the Yu family to his bedroom...hehe… our possible enemy would become our ally."

With regards to this opinion, Ling Tian dismissed it with a smile. If she did not meet his expectations, she will have to stand by the side even if she was the daughter of the Jade Emperor! While it is important to rule to heavens, his own love story must not be sacrificed! Of course, if the princess of the Yu family is up to his expectations, he would not mind either. [1]

The most important day had finally arrived!

Early in the morning, Ling Tian was dragged off his bed by Chu Ting’er, summoning 6 maids with a wave of her hands and dressing Ling Tian up all over! Only after two hours did they stop under the satisfied gaze of Chu Ting’er. By the time Ling Tian left his room, he felt as though a great burden was off his shoulders and he could finally see the daylight again. Before he left the mansion, Chu Ting’er caught up to him and said, "Tian’er, you can choose anyone you want. But, you better not choose Jin Feng or Jiao Yue, the two princesses. Your mother does not wish to ask the impossible from the emperor."

Ling Tian agreed as he quickly summoned a few guards behind him and left the house as though he was escaping. He did not even bother waiting for Wang Bo, getting on his horse and riding away. It was as though a monster would come out from his house at any time.

He was like jade, his horse like dragon. Ling Tian was originally extremely suave already. Together with the fact that he dressed up intentionally, he was extremely outstanding. Along the way, he attracted the many curious gazes from the people on the streets. But the moment they saw that it was the infamous young noble Ling, they all quickly looked away in fright.

A full two hours of dressing up! My goodness! Ling Tian cried out in his heart! For someone who would only take three minutes to wash up everyday, the two hours of dressing up was akin to hell!

Behind him, the four guards looked at the gates of the mansion in doubt, "Just what is wrong with this usually fearless young noble? Don’t tell me it’s because of how excited he is because of the gathering of beauties in the palace?"They all gave a weird laughter and quickly chased him with their horses.

Every time Ling Tian came to the imperial palace, he felt extremely uncomfortable. This, can this even be called an imperial palace? Ling Tian wished that he can bring the emperor back to the 21st century with him to let him take a look at the Forbidden City. That is called an imperial palace! What can this be considered?

While it had a large land area, Ling Tian felt that it was not even comparable to the Ling Family Courtyard which he constructed.

As he dismounted from his horse in front of the palace, Ling Tian instructed his guards to follow the palace guards to the side yard. Then, he followed two of the palace guards in charge of receiving guests to the Eternal Music Palace.

The two guards leading the way obvious recognized who this young noble Ling was, boot licking him along the way.

"Young noble Ling, General Ling is now at the Martial Virtue Hall. Does young noble wish to take a look?"

"Why would I want to go there? Find my father to receive a beating?"Ling Tian then thought about his father’s expression when his father saw him yesterday. If not for the fact that Ling Xiao was too tired, he would have probably served Ling Tian with a round of the family laws. The moment Ling Tian thought about that, he became extremely depressed, "I am your son after all. Why do you act like I am your enemy?"

Hearing this, both the guards began to giggle.

Ling Tian walked forward as he asked, "Before I arrived, which other young nobles arrived?"

A guard then replied, "Young noble Yang was the first to arrive. I heard that there was also a young master NanGong who came with him. Young noble Li, young noble Zhao, young noble Liu, the two young nobles from the Fu family, young noble Su…"The guard slowly listed, naming over a more than a dozen of names!

Ling Tian rolled his eyes and said, "I dare to bet that this is the first time these garbage woke up so early in their life. A bunch of useless things."

The guards laughed as they responded in agreement. However, they thought to themselves in their heart, "If you lived up to expectations, how would you be so famous?"

"Young noble Ling, the Eternal Music Palace is up ahead. We will not be following young noble Ling in. Young noble please help yourself."The two guards took a bow before taking their leave. Ling Tian responded with a ‘oh’ and took out two banknotes, "Go get some wine, it’s on this young noble."

"Many thanks, young noble."

Just when Ling Tian walked into the Eternal Music Palace, two palace maids came forward to welcome him. After walking a few steps, he heard a wave of laughter and commotion from the inside. Ling Tian frowned for a moment as he thought to himself, "These people really treat the palace as a brothel? Everyone of them are so loud!"

As he entered the palace, Ling Tian almost suspected that he walked into the wrong place. To his left and right were groups of men all over. As for the distinguished ladies, not a single one of them could be seen. Ling Tian recognized almost everyone of them here. They were all the young nobles of the different government officials. If they were to compare the level of silkpants, each and every one of them are all comparable to Ling Tian. Even if there were some who were on a slightly lower level, they weren't too far away from him.

They were all extremely excited, spittle flying all around, obviously extremely interested in this Gathering of Flowers. Some of them even had a lump on their crotch, their sword fully drawn. Even though they had their robes as cover, their heads began to take a peek out! Who knows what they were thinking about.

Ling Tian could not help but stop and ask the two palace maids, "Is there a mistake here? Is this a Gathering of Flowers or Gathering of Silkpants?"

[1]: The Jade Emperor is the king of the Celestial Realm.


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