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Legend Of Ling Tian - Chapter 68


Chapter 68

"Vile beast! What are you doing?!"A loud roar resounded. Ling Xiao’s face was ashen as his eyes were wide as saucers, looking as though he wanted to eat Ling Tian up alive.

If such a scene were to happen on a 15 or 16 year old teen, while it would be shocking, it wouldn’t be strange. After all, that was the time where puberty was taking place and it was understandable if there were uncontrollable urges. But now that this happened on a 6 year old child, it was far too strange.

Chu Ting’er was also filled with shock as she just could not believe what she saw. She stared at her son for a long while without blinking.

Although Ling Ran was the one who let out the shriek, she was the first to recover from the shock as well. She then looked at Ling Tian with an expression filled with both laughter and anger, almost unable to control her laughter from bursting out.

Ling Kong and son had their mouths opened up wide as though their jaws were dislocated. The two palace maid behind Ling Ran was filled with laughter in their eyes. They had long heard about the reputation of this young master of the Ling family. They also heard that he caught the fragrance bag during the ‘one year old catch’ event. Everyone had guessed that he would definitely grow up to become a playboy in future. But, they never imagined that when he was merely five, he would begin his playboy journeys! Their eyes then drifted to Ling Xiao and Chu Ting’er, ‘praising’ them for the wonderful son they brought up.

Ling Ran finally burst out into laughter as she looked towards her brother and brother-in-law teasingly while sizing them up. Her meaning was obvious — if not for the fact that the both of you were always seen by him when he was young, would he have done something like this at such a young age?

Everyone else had the same thoughts in their hearts as they all turned to look at Ling Xiao and Chu Ting’er with a teasing look.

In shock, Chu Ting’er felt that her brain was completely malfunctioning. By the time she reacted, she saw everyone looking at her with those teasing looks and immediately understood what everyone meant. Her pale face then turned red as her neck gradually turned red as well. She then stomped her feet in embarrassment, frustration and anger. Following which, she wanted to raise her hand out to punch Ling Xiao’s waist.

However, she never expected that she only managed to pinch the air. When she looked up at Ling Xiao, he had already turned into a gust of wind. Without a second word, he had already grabbed Ling Tian’s legs and hoisted him up into the air, slapping his little butt.

*Pak pak pak pak!* The sounds of slapping sounded as Ling Xiao scolded, "Let me beat this little animal to death! You vile creature who ruined the name of the family!"

Only then did Ling Chen snap out from shock as she knelt down and pleaded, "Old master, young noble was only helping me touch my bone. Old master, please don’t beat him."Ling Chen was still young, and did not know why Ling Xiao grabbed Ling Tian to beat him the moment he entered. Just what mistake did the young noble make?

"Bone...bone touching?!"As everyone heard that, his eyes and mouth were as wide as saucers. Bone touching? Why is there a need to touch bones? This is something that had never happened in history before! The reason this young noble use to harass his own maid is really unexpected! Ling Xiao was angered to the point his voice turned hoarse as he began to beat Ling Tian even harder.

Ling Tian then shouted out, "Father, listen to my explanation!"

Ling Xiao grit his teeth as he shouted, "Explanation my ass!"His hands did not stop as he continued to slap Ling Tian.

Ling Tian did not dare to use his Inner Qi to protect his butt, afraid that it would injure his father from the recoil. His butt was already filled with pain at this moment. The moment he heard what Ling Xiao said, he scolded in anger, "Old man, can you be more reasonable?"

"!"Ling Xiao’s voice trembled in anger, "Unfilial son! Vile beast! Animal! $&%*$%..."In rage, he began to curse with fluent profanities.

Chu Ting’er and Ling Ran came forward to persuade Ling Xiao, but were shoved aside by him. As Chu Ting’er saw her son’s butt have traces of blood, her heart ached as tears rolled down her face uncontrollably.

Just when things were getting heated, the sounds of footsteps sounded from afar as a few burly men ran in. Their bodies were filled with sweat with steam rising from their heads and a face full of fatigue.

As Chu Ting’er saw that the one leading the pack was Feng Mo, she seemed to have saw her savior as she shouted, "Feng Mo, quickly separate the both of them."

As Feng Mo and gang ran all the way back, they were extremely exhausted. However, they never imagined such an exciting event to unfold right when they stepped into Ling Tian’s yard. At that moment, they could not be bothered with their heavy breaths as they watched the show by the side. All of the Blood Iron Warriors had the same idea, folding their arms by the side as they watched Ling Tian get his ass beaten. They all pretended that they could not hear the pleas of young madam.

In the past half a month, Ling Tian had been increasing the difficulty of their training everyday, tiring the bunch of them to death. During the peak of exhaustion, they were not even able to climb onto their beds to sleep at night. Everyone had already cried bitterly in the hearts for these few days. But now that they saw this little devil being carried by his father and beaten up looking extremely pathetic, they all felt extremely ecstatic. The fatigue which they suffered from the past half a month was swept away as they thought to themselves, "Young noble can even crush a large rock into pieces. How is it possible for the General’s frail beating to affect him? Just hit him a few more times, it wouldn’t matter. In any case, this is a rare sight to be seen and we should take the opportunity to enjoy it while we can!"

As the time passed, more and more people returned, until over 20 of them were back. They laughed at Ling Tian’s misery with some of them even cheering, "General, use more strength! Wahahaha…"

Ling Tian was furious, and could not be bothered with the fact that he is still in his father’s hands as he shouted, "Tomorrow morning, 160 miles…"

All of the Blood Iron Warriors trembled for a moment. Before Ling Tian finished what he had to say, they all charged forward, fighting to separate the father and son pair.

Before the Blood Iron Warriors came to the Ling family, they were subordinates of Ling Xiao. They all knew that this General of theirs was extremely strict during military training. But when it was their free time, he would be like brothers with his troops, getting along extremely well. Thus, they were not afraid of him as they quickly saved Ling Tian from his hands.

However, who knows whether it was an accident or not, but the person who saved Ling Tian accidentally slipped. Ling Tian was dropped right to the floor, with his butt accurately landing on the floor!

"AHHH!!! MY *%&%*$&"A roar resounded in the yard, filling it with profanities.


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