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Legend Of Ling Tian - Chapter 46


Chapter 46

Ling Tian merely laughed, "It would be stranger if he did not swallow this matter easily! If this matter were to leak out, everyone would know that Xiao FengHan had been taken advantage of by a five-year-old kid, then where would the face of the number one financial magnate go? No matter the Xiao family, or Xiao FengHan himself, they cannot afford to do so! Thus, even though he has a lot of pent-up grievances, he can only grin and bear it! He has no other choice! As for the relationship for both families,"Ling Tian smiled coldly at this and continued, "Ever since Xiao FengHan took my Ling family as a chess piece for him to rule all under heaven, he had already lost the right to talk about friendship in front of my Ling family!"

Mister Qin was enlightened.

Ling Tian continued, "However, Xiao FengHan totally underestimated me today and took one wrong step after another, being led by the nose all this while. Furthermore, I did not give him the chance to take a breath and retaliate. Thus, today’s matters could be considered lucky! If we were to meet again, I don’t have the certainty to triumph over him."

Mister Qin replied emotionally, "That’s right, Xiao FengHan’s intellect is beyond ordinary and you should not belittle him. Also, regarding today’s matters, Xiao FengHan suffered such a loss in vain. Although he can’t say anything about it, we can’t rule out the fact that he might try to assassinate you. Your performance today has given Xiao FengHan too many warning alarms, enough to make him take you seriously. Thus we have to take precautions."

Ling Tian nodded his head in affirmation, "That’s right. Although I have a 90 percent guarantee that Xiao FengHan would not resort to any underhand methods, one must always take precautions. There’s no harm in being careful."

As he spoke, Ling Tian revealed a secretive smile. Just as Mister Qin was still wrapping his mind around the whole thing, Ling Tian brainlessly spoke a random sentence. "I believe Xiao FengHan would be extremely happy right now, hahaha…"

"Happy?"Mister Qin stared in astonishment, completely unable to understand the meaning behind why Xiao FengHan would be happy;in his point of view, after receiving such a terrible loss and a humiliating defeat, enduring and not hanging himself was already difficult enough, let alone being happy. Mister Qin really could not fathom why Xiao FengHan could be happy under such circumstances.

Stepping forward, Ling Tian spoke whilst drawing out each word, "This is because Xiao FengHan is a shrewd and intelligent man with foresight!"

"Oh…"Mister Qin increasingly felt like a stupid monk, unable to even feel his head. However, Ling Tian did not elaborate, instead turning his head to look at the clear skies as well as the half moon. The night is still young. Seeing how they had reached the split between both the guest room and his own room, he turned towards Mister Qin and said, "Mister, if you have nothing on tonight, would you be willing to come over to Tian’er’s room to have a talk?"

Mister Qin voiced his approval. He had long understood every word that this student of his spoke had its own unique meaning. In some areas, he could in fact be his mentor instead. For this invitation by Ling Tian, he had already guessed that there was some matter that Ling Tian needed to discuss with him. Thus he readily agreed.

"Oh… This is?"Opening the door, Mister Qin received a shock. Inside the room, a scrawny little kid was only wearing a thin cotton-padded jacket in this mid-winter season. Furthermore, his whole body was full of sweat, with steam coming out of his head. He was inside the room doing some weird action, and seeing the duo enter, he only shifted himself to the corner of the room before continuing that strange action. Towards the only young master of the house, Ling Tian, he acted as though he had not seen him at all.

However, Mister Qin saw clearly the expression the scrawny kid used to stare at Ling Tian;it was full of admiration and gratitude, as though an ordinary mortal had seen a deity. It was precisely this sort of pious expression!

The brazier was originally placed in the middle of the room, but after Ling Jian had moved in, Ling Tian commanded people to add another small bed in his room. The brazier was also moved to the middle of the two beds.

It was not that there was no room. Given the size of the Ling residence, not even talking about one Ling Jian, even a thousand of him would be able to stay in separate houses. The problem was that Ling Tian felt that Ling Jian’s foundation was too weak, and with Ling Jian himself being the sort of idiot that would forgo his life for training, Ling Tian was afraid that he would run into problems and thus let him stay in his room.

Right now, seeing how Mister Qin was staring at Ling Jian with his mouth agape and his expression of shock, Ling Tian did not mind and merely smiled, gesturing Mister Qin to sit down beside him, casually introducing, "This is Ling Jian, he’s a brother whom I brought back."

"Brother!"Ling Jian, standing at the side currently training as though there was no one, suddenly jerked as though he had received an electric shock, his whole body tightening up completely. The pair of troubled slender eyes suddenly burst out in an expression of broiling heat! Both his lips also began to tremble emotionally.

Young Noble said that he was his brother! Young Noble said that he was his brother!! In that moment, these words rose up from deep within Ling Jian’s heart like a tsunami, filling his eyes with tears! This moment, Ling Jian basked in the emotions of bliss, pride and satisfaction. These earth-shattering emotions surged up violently and threatened to drown him within!

As Ling Tian said those words, his tone was natural, as though in his heart he had long considered Ling Jian as his brother. The way he spoke was as though it was a given. However, this ordinary sentence made Ling Jian’s heart feel as though it was being overturned by waves!

"Mister, please come over here, Ling Tian has something to conceal, and yet has no one to ask for help with, thus could only invite Mister over to discuss instead."Ling Tian spoke respectfully. Towards Mister Qin’s personal integrity, Ling Tian only had the utmost respect from deep within him.

Mister Qin laughed in return, "Young Noble need not be too polite, just speak your mind."

Ling Tian smiled and dropped the courteous words, getting straight to the point, "Mister has also heard the whole thing just now;we are about to take over a military workshop, thus we are in need of workers. Since I do not have anyone under me right now, I will need Mister to recommend some talents to me."

With an "oh"from Mister Qin, he stroked his beard as he thought deeply.

Ling Tian continued, "In addition, I still need a residence in a secluded area. The quieter, the better. I’m not too familiar regarding the procedures to apply for one. Furthermore, for confidentiality, all this needs to be done covertly, thus I have to trouble Mister a lot."

Mister Qin cheerfully smiled, "Young Noble, you want to break and scatter this bunch of old bones, right?"It could be seen that even though he spoke thus, Mister Qin was actually glad that Ling Tian had given such an important role to him. This was because Mister Qin could feel that Ling Tian did not try to hide any secrets from him. He secretly swore in his heart: No matter the case, both of these matters need to be done beautifully.


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