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Legend Of Ling Tian - Chapter 386


Chapter 386

Feeling that he had yet again created another extremely frustrating and depressing world record, Ling Tian accelerated to his maximum speed! He openly charged to the XiMen Family! With such a frightening speed, Ling Tian's clothes created 'zu zu'sounds as he cut through the air.

With a loud bang, the gigantic door of the XiMen Family was smashed to smithereens by Ling Tian and a huge dust cloud was formed. Then, Ling Tian's body shot out like an arrow and dashed straight towards the middle courtyard courtyard where the Family Head, XiMen WuYi, was staying at! After his conversation with Thirty today, Ling Tian had fully grasped the internal situation of the XiMen Family and the locations of all their courtyards.

"Who is there? Stop!"


"Stop him!" him!"

A loud commotion sounded from all directions and Ling Tian had already arrived at the entrance of XiMen WuYi's courtyard. With his palm imbued with inner qi, he blew away the whole roof of XiMen WuYi's house!


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