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Legend Of Ling Tian - Chapter 384


Chapter 384

Ling Jian coughed out twice in embarrassment, sounding like a chicken whose neck was being wrung. His plan had been completely seen through by Ling Chen. It did not matter to him if he would be sentenced to death for breaking the rules or be canceled off the name list of the First Pavilion, but if he lost his title as a brother to the young noble, that was unacceptable! This was also the cruelest punishment for him!

On that night, the doors of the Ling Family Courtyard silently opened, and seven great steeds silently left the compound, each carrying a person clothed in black. The soft clopping of horse hooves broke the serenity of the night, as these seven figures full of killing intent rushed towards the north!

In the distant skies of the north, the clouds lazily drifted by, and under the light of the moon, they turned into a weird shade of red, almost like blood...


After sending the specialized secret missive to Ling Thirty, who was also known as XiMen


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