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Legend Of Ling Tian - Chapter 38


Chapter 38

Mister Qin who was by the side observed how the whole event unfolded. Everything actually went according to his plan without the slightest deviation! The shock in his heart just could not be described with words.

As Xiao FengHan requested to reject the marriage, everyone in the Ling family was in a state of shock and could not react at all. Only after a short moment did Ling Zhan sit back down in his chair as he said with desolation, "Forget it! Forget it! Such a vile creature is definitely not a match for Xue’er! There is no need to harm her for life! Let’s just call it off."

Xiao FengHan felt extremely bad as he looked at how miserable his big brother and sister-in-law looked. "Big brother, sister-in-law, Feng Han has went back on my words today and no longer have the face to look at the both of you. This little brother will take his leave."

Ling Zhan waved his hands weakly and replied, "Don’t mention about that, if you were to talk about who does not have the face to meet who, it will be the Ling family who does not have the face to look at you. This matter is all because elder brother did not discipline my child enough, resulting in such an affair. How is this related to younger brother? But..."

Ling Zhan suddenly stood up straight and said loudly, "It doesn’t matter whether or not the marriage is called off. Even if you do not call it off today, this old man will also call it off if I do not bring up my grandson well! Whether or not this marriage exists, it must not affect the relationship between us brothers! Since this matter is settled, then this issue is over already. But if you come to my house and do not stay with me for a few days to have a good catch up, I will take it that I do not have this brother anymore!"

Xiao FengHan’s eyes shone as he heard that, "Of course I will. Since I am already at big brother’s house, younger brother will definitely have to disturb you for a few days!"He also felt relaxed in his heart;30 years of brotherhood was not affected by this matter.

He then greeted old madam Ling, "Sister-in-law, I hope that sister-in-law will also punish me for being rude. I seek the forgiveness of sister-in-law. Little brother is also a grandfather now and have to plan for my future generations."His voice was full of sincerity.

Old madam Ling also laughed and said casually, "Little Han, now that the marriage is over, you cannot throw away your big brother and sister-in-law. Don’t worry, I am not so narrow-minded. You are still the little Han that I dote on the most."

As Xiao FengHan heard the address which only his sister-in-law called him, his eyes turned red as he was moved, "Sister-in-law is really too magnanimous. This little brother is speechless."

30 years ago, the three of them were roaming the continent together as old madam Ling called Xiao FengHan "little Han". Because of this, the both of them even fought over it because Xiao FengHan refused to accept such an address. But old madam Ling just refused to change that address. As such, Xiao FengHan became helpless as time went by and this address was one that belonged uniquely to old madam Ling.

It is just that as they began to grow older, old madam Ling did not call him as such for many years already. Now that they were all so old and Xiao FengHan heard this memory-filled name again from old madam Ling, a wave of nostalgia hit him as he thought about those hot-blooded, rash and exciting days they used to have in the past.

At that time, big brother was full of mettle and extremely fit. Sister-in-law was always clad in white with her black long hair resting on her shoulders. As he thought about the past, he could not help but go into a daze. As he opened his eyes and looked at the white hair and wrinkles on his big brother and sister-in-law, his heart could not help but turn sour as he thought to himself, Even if us brothers were to gather together every day, with our time coming soon, just how long more will we be able to gather as such?

After a moment, Xiao FengHan ordered, "Black guards, fetch the luggage from the villa. Bring everyone else as well. For the next few days, this old man will have a good gathering with big brother and sister-in-law."Two of the black guards responded respectfully and exited the door.

Duke Ling broke out into a laughter as the desolation was completely washed away, "That’s the way! Even if we aren’t in laws, we are still the best brothers! Brother, this decision of yours suddenly made you more pleasing to the eye."

Of course, Duke Ling would not be able to let go of the fact that Xiao FengHan rejected the marriage so easily. Up until now, he was still brooding over it. But he could not blame Xiao FengHan either. From the way Ling Zhan saw it, this decision of his was not wrong if he were to put himself in Xiao FengHan’s shoes. It is just that Ling Zhan felt that his own grandson was just too useless, betraying the goodwill of his little brother. Ling Zhan then made a decision in his heart: When this matter is settled, I will definitely have to groom Ling Tian well!

Old madam Ling then said with a laugh, "Little Han, there is something that sister-in-law has to say first!"

Xiao FengHan was in an extremely good mood and replied with a smile, "Sister-in-law, please speak."

Old madam Ling then chuckled, making Xiao FengHan tremble a little as the hair on his arms stood up. He remembered that every time his sister-in-law has a sly plan to prank him, she would reveal such an expression.

Old madam Ling then said with a smile, "Today, you have rejected the marriage and sister-in-law will not blame you. But if a few years later you regret this matter, sister-in-law will want you to kowtow to me three times. How about that? Do you dare to take up this gamble?"

Xiao FengHan broke out into laughter as he replied, "Sister-in-law, aren’t you joking?"Looking at Ling Tian who was in the arms of his grandmother, he said with resolution, "This matter is impossible!"

Old madam Ling then grunted, "Are you that sure? What if it happens?"

Xiao FengHan said with a cold sneer, "Sister-in-law does not need to force me. If these two little fellows are able to come together many years later, then FengHan is willing to kowtow to you in apology, announcing to the world that I, Xiao FengHan, was blind. At the same time, I will present half of my Xiao family estate as dowry for Xue’er! Is sister-in-law satisfied with this?"

Everyone’s faces began to change! The stakes are extremely high! The fortune of the Xiao family can no longer be described to rival a nation anymore. Even half of the Xiao family’s fortune is much greater than the fortune of a nation! But as everyone thought about it, they all realized that Xiao FengHan was probably making a passing remark only. The way they saw it, it was impossible for Ling Tian and Xiao YanXue to come together in future! No matter how they looked at it, old madam Ling was more likely to lose. It can be said that it is impossible for Xiao FengHan to lose this bet.

Old madam Ling then laughed, "Little Han, you must remember this bet. Of course, if the both of them are unable to come together, then this old lady would lose the bet. Even though our Ling family is poorer than your Xiao family, I will take out half of our Ling family estate as dowry for Xue’er!"

Everyone was startled! This old lady can’t be foolish right? Just for her pride, she would be willing to give up half of the fortune of the biggest family in the empire?

The way everyone saw it, the Ling family would definitely not be able to keep their wealth if this bet were to take place!


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