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Legend Of Ling Tian - Chapter 37


Chapter 37

"You dare! Old thing! You just try to touch Tian’er today! Unless you punish me together with the family law as well!"Old madam Ling hugged her grandson tightly and refused to budge, "This child is mischievous and you can scold him however you wish. But if you want to use the family laws, you must step over my dead body first!"

Ling Tian could not help but stick out his lips secretly. Shit just got real! Grandfather actually wants to punish me! It seems that things will not end so simply today. His eyeballs began to roll all over but he just did not have an idea of what to do.

Xiao FengHan was extremely calm but his face was ashen. He stood up and said, "Big brother, relax! If you want to teach this child a lesson, you should wait for this younger brother to leave first! This little brother is here today because I have an unreasonable request. I hope that big brother will agree to it."

Everyone in the Ling family could feel that something was going wrong as Ling Zhan gave a dry cough, "Younger brother, please speak. No matter what it is, this brother will agree to it!"He already had an idea of what Xiao FengHan’s unreasonable request was. No wonder he gave an official notice of visit today!

Xiao FengHan then said calmly, "Big brother, sister-in-law and I have known each other for 30 years! Big brother and sister-in-law are all extremely close to me and have even saved my life on multiple occasions. This little brother does not dare to forget about it! Every time I think about the days when the three of us roamed the continent together, I always felt that knowing the both of you has made my life to be without regrets! The things which I am about to say are unrelated to our brotherly ties. No matter what happens, I, Xiao FengHan will not treat the both of you any differently!"

Ling Zhan trembled as tears filled his eyes, "FengHan, if you have an issue, you can just mention it. Your elder brother is still the head of the Ling family now! No matter what you say, even if you want my life, I will not frown even the slightest!"

Xiao FengHan then knelt down and kowtowed to Ling Zhan once before standing up. Everyone was stunned by the solemn atmosphere and did not stop him! They only heard as he said with a mellow voice, "Five years ago, both of our families had a pre-planned marriage to bring our families closer. We agreed that if they were both males, they would become sworn brothers. If they were both females, they would become sisters. If one was male while the other female, they would be married! At that time, this old man had made the request and elder brother agreed without a second thought! Today, I mention this again because I will have to break this promise and apologize to elder brother and sister!"

As he said that, everyone present had already understood what he meant!

Ling Zhan let out a long sigh and he seemed to have aged a lot in that instant. The wrinkles on his face also seemed to have deepened as he stood there for a moment with his body trembling slightly. All of a sudden, everyone could sense a feeling of desolation emanating from that large body!

Ling Tian was filled with guilt in his heart as he thought to himself: I’m sorry! Grandfather, this grandson has made you sad. Although you will not be able to understand everything I do, it is all for the future of the Ling family! You will definitely be able to understand my intentions one day!

Xiao FengHan then continued, "Ever since this little brother came into the capital, I have heard many rumors about how mischievous, incorrigible and domineering the young master of the Ling family is. This little brother thought that it was merely someone spreading false rumors. After all, just how mischievous can a five-year-old child be? But today, this old man witnessed with my very own eyes and feel that the words ‘mischievous’ and ‘domineering’ are not enough to describe this child!"

Everyone from the Ling family could not lift their heads up. They were being criticized by others but could not retaliate with a single word. This feeling was something they had never felt before!

Only Ling Kong and Ling Zhen had a look of humiliation but were ecstatic in their hearts to the point they wanted to cheer out loud.

"As such, FengHan thinks that the precious gem of the Xiao family, the little princess whom everyone dotes on, is not suitable to be with your grandson! This old man cannot use the happiness of my granddaughter to gamble on the fact that Ling Tian will change when he grows up! This old man thinks that this marriage should be put to an end right here and now! I hope that elder brother will agree."Xiao FengHan straightened his back and slowly made his statement.

Although everyone from the Ling family had already guessed the reason for Xiao FengHan to reject the marriage, they were still at a loss when they heard it. Old madam Ling began to feel herself blackout as her eyes shut and her body fell backwards! She was then hugged by Ling Tian as he placed his palm on her back and channeled a wave of pure XianTian Qi into her body. Only after a moment later did old madam Ling let out a groan as she regained her senses.

Everyone’s attention was focused on Xiao FengHan and no one noticed the irregularity in old madam Ling’s body. At this moment, she had already recovered and would naturally not draw any attention. But old madam Ling herself knew that there was a warm energy being channeled into her body from her back. In this wave of energy, it was filled with a strong life force! All of the hidden injuries in her body which were from her younger days had actually recovered through this wave of energy. At the same time, she felt that her body had never been stronger as her vitality was at its peak. She could not help but look towards Ling Tian with shock, looking at his serious face with a palm to her back.

She tapped her grandson’s hands lightly as old madam Ling felt that her own grandson was definitely out of the ordinary. At the very least, he was definitely not like how he appeared on the surface. Perhaps, he has his own intentions about the matters today. But this marriage is really such a pity. Haiz! Forget it, let him be! Knowing that her own grandson was not as mischievous as he appeared on the surface, old madam Ling felt that it was a surprise and was extremely satisfied. Hmph! You, this old fox Xiao, rejecting this marriage is definitely something you will regret for life! Old madam Ling began to think to herself.

Ling Tian knew that his grandmother would definitely find out about his own secret and there was no way for him to hide it any longer. Thus, he whispered into her ears, "Rest assured, grandmother. If grandmother really likes that lass, grandson will just marry her when I grow up."

Old madam Ling became excited in her heart. At this moment, she was certain that the matters today were just all part of her grandson’s plan. Although she did not know what his intentions were, she knew that her grandson had his own plans and would not let her down for sure. She could not help but praise with a smile, "Good, good! Good Tian’er, obedient Tian’er! Hahaha!"In that moment of excitement, her laughter and praises actually escaped from her lips. She immediately felt that something was wrong and hurriedly covered her mouth. But things were already too late as everyone in the hall had heard her praises! At this moment, Ling Tian also became anxious as he pinched his grandmother’s hands. Old madam Ling immediately noticed her mistake as she grunted, "You... you really anger this old lady to death!"

As Xiao FengHan heard her praise, his eyes narrowed as he almost died from anger!

If it were him, he would definitely beat this vile creature to death a long time ago! But she actually praised him as such! Isn’t this akin to slapping his face in front of everyone? Only after he heard the following words of old madam Ling did he calm down for a moment as he thought to himself: So, she laughed out of extreme anger.


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