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Legend Of Ling Tian - Chapter 34


Chapter 34

Ling Tian began to hum a tune as he walked casually to the room he stayed in.

He had finally taken care of Mister Qin completely! Although there were certain things that went a little wrong, Ling Tian was still extremely satisfied.

After he walked past a bamboo shelter covered in snow, he was already able to see his own room door. Right at that moment, the door opened and a child walked out from inside with his head lowered.

As Ling Tian took a look, this pale-faced boy was dressed in a thick cotton-padded jacket. However, he looked a lot better than when he first arrived. Despite his skinny appearance, a deep chilly glow could be seen deep within his eyes. It was as though it was a flickering ghostly light in the middle of the night, his whole body emanating a chilly aura.

This was Ling Jian who was brought back by Ling Tian! It seemed that Qiu Yue did not let Ling Tian down and had brought Ling Jian over. From now on, Ling Jian would only belong to Ling Tian alone!

The reason Ling Tian took a liking to Ling Jian was not just because of his spectacular control over his own body. Another reason was the chilly aura which filled Ling Jian. With Ling Tian’s experience from his past life, anyone who possessed such an aura would be able to become a king in the darkness with proper training! A top-notch assassin!

Coincidentally, from his memory, Ling Tian had a perfect training method to train assassins! In the Ling family from his previous life, grooming assassins which were hidden in the dark was extremely crucial to their survival! It was also a sharp sword used to deal with enemies!

Now, Ling Tian wanted to train Ling Jian into a killer as such! No, it wasn’t enough for him to only meet that standard. Ling Tian wanted Ling Jian to become the king of darkness in this world, the king of assassins! As for Ling Jian, he met Ling Tian’s expectations, be it physically or in terms of his experiences!

Especially the way Ling Jian was able to conceal his tracks without anyone teaching him to do so was something which Ling Tian admired. You have to know, as an assassin, concealing one’s trace was the foundation of everything. Assassins’ specialty was to conceal themselves in the darkness forever and never fight the enemy head on! No matter what kind of pugilistic rule of a fair fight was nothing but rubbish to them! Killing with a single strike through any means necessary was the rule assassins must follow!

After he entered the room, Ling Tian saw that there was a campfire in the center of the room. The green flame which was burning with the charcoal did not let out a single wisp of smoke, warming up the entire room. Ling Tian wanted to take off his own jacket but Ling Jian had already walked forward and wanted to help Ling Tian take it off.

Ling Tian was stunned for a moment. Then, he did not take off his jacket and tapped Ling Jian on the shoulders lightly, "Ling Jian, take a seat first. I think I have to talk to you about some things. When I am talking, you only have to listen carefully. But I will only say this once."

Ling Tian then stood up straight and responded, "Yes!"Then, he sat on the stool like a block of wood, with his eyes gleaming with light, staring at Ling Tian silently.

Ling Tian laughed out bitterly and said, "Ling Jian, first, you have to be clear about why I am bringing you back for. You have to know, I am not bringing you back to become my servant to help me take care of my daily necessities. Ling Jian, as long as you can pass my test, you will become my hands! My most trusted assistant! You will become a brother whom I can entrust my life to! Do you understand?"

Ling Jian’s body then shook as gratitude was revealed in his eyes. His lips began to move but nothing came out from his mouth. Tears began to fill his eyes.

Ling Tian then raised his hands to stop Ling Jian from saying anything as he continued, "I know what you are thinking of and I also know how you feel. You do not need to talk about all of these things;it is enough for you to keep it in your heart. Of course, all of these words are merely empty words before you pass the test. However, you must be extremely clear of your status. In this family, you do not have to serve anyone! Besides that, always remember something. Apart from me, you do not have to follow the orders of anyone! Remember, anyone! Apart from being respectful to my blood relatives, you can despise anyone else in this world the moment you leave this mansion! That includes any prince, duke or king! Even in this family, you can also despise anyone else apart from my grandparents and parents! Do you understand?"

Ling Jian’s eyes were already glistening with tears at this moment! Although he did not know what Ling Tian wanted him to do, he never dreamt that Ling Tian would give him such a high status! Unknowingly, Ling Jian’s back was straight as he stared at Ling Tian unblinkingly, afraid that he would miss out anything Ling Tian said!

In this instant, Ling Jian had a thought: Such a master, even if I have to die for him someday, I will definitely die with a smile!

No one knew that the world’s number one cold-blooded killer who stood atop the peak of the world and was only loyal to Ling Tian alone had built his confidence for the first time today! He had taken the first step to shocking the world and from then on, beginning to stretch out his wings! All of these was because of the words which Ling Tian said with such certainty!

After speaking, Ling Tian stood up, took off his jacket and hung it. He then lay down on his bed without saying another word.

In the whole process, Ling Jian did not even take a single look but only sat down silently. He used his hands to rub the places of his body which still experienced pain to relieve himself of the ache and fatigue. At times, he would stretch his own body, going about his own activities and ignoring everyone else.

He knew that his test had already begun. The faster he regained his strength, the higher the chance for him to pass the test! Now, saying anything was useless! If he was unable to pass the test of his young noble, then everything Ling Tian just said were just empty words! Ling Jian had already resolved to pass his young noble’s test so he could be someone his young noble trusted! He would then be able to protect his young noble at any time with his life!

As long as I am alive, no one in this world, be it the emperor or a deity, will touch a single hair on my young noble!

Although he did not say that aloud, Ling Jian had already made an oath in his heart! Although this oath was not as vicious as the one he made before, it was one made with his heart and soul, made with his life and loyalty. This oath would also follow Ling Jian throughout his life to become his life principle!

The night approached silently and left silently.

Ling Tian opened his eyes as the warm sunlight shone in from the window.

A weird smile then surfaced on Ling Tian’s lips. Today must be the day when the Xiao family head, Xiao FengHan, is coming!


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