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Legend Of Ling Tian - Chapter 331


Chapter 331: Final Struggle

This crisp voice and clear words were no different from the voice of a devil in the ears of NanGong TianLong! He never imagined that the means of this frail and feeble looking lady were no different from her master, Ling Tian! She was equally cruel with a blade hiding in her smile! Holding onto a grudge while waiting for a chance for revenge! However, her vengeance was far too cruel!

NanGong TianLong cursed her incessantly in his heart! Despite your Ling Family having the upperhand at the present moment, you are actually asking the less than 200 men from my NanGong Family to fight the 3000 Heavenly Blade Troops?! Isn't this as good as sending us to our deaths? To think that you can righteously say that you are allowing us to get our revenge! You still dare to say that you will help us block all other powers other than the Yang Family? How can you even have the cheek to say that? Will there be any other power in Sky Bearing that will side with the Yang Family? If we were to really fight the Yang Family now, we will probably be lying dead on the floor before we can take our revenge!

However, it was impossible for NanGong TianLong to reject her and he had no choice but to clench his teeth and accept what Ling Chen said! He had led the elites of his NanGong Family to Sky Bearing for revenge. It would be unreasonable for him to let his ally fight his enemy while he watched by the side and enjoyed the benefits. If such a matter were to spread, no power in the world would be willing to ally themselves with the NanGong Family. If he hadn't tried to be smart and had supported the Ling Family from the very start, or if he didn't attempt to come to the aid of the Ling Family at the very last minute and had stayed out of this matter entirely, he would only be blamed by the Ling Family afterwards. If he had chosen any one of the above two decisions, the experts of the Ling Family would definitely take care of the Yang Family now. At that time, even if they were to suffer some losses, their losses wouldn't be too huge.

However, because NanGong TianLong tried to act smart, he had forced himself to such a miserable state! He had forced Ling Chen to make such a decision, forcing their NanGong Family to the tip of their enemy's spear! They no longer had any routes of retreat!

In fact, Ling Chen's actions were also akin to warning the NanGong Family: Don't think that you are so smart. We can easily see through those little games of yours!

During normal times, NanGong TianLong could easily make a retreat and lead his enemies to the Ling Family. Then, he could create chaos and use the opportunity to fish for benefits. However, the present situation would never allow NanGong TianLong to make such a move. If he were to really do that, their NanGong Family would definitely suffer a catastrophic attack from the Ling Family. At that time, those from his NanGong Family would probably perish before the Yang Family!

At this moment, fighting would mean a glimmer of hope and retreat would spell doom. Thus, they had no choice but to fight!

Furthermore, they no longer had the chance to regret or be depressed. The Yang Family's Heavenly Blade Troops had already charged up to them! After the soldiers from the Ling Family pretended to block them, they quickly created an opening with a signal from Ling Chen, letting the Heavenly Blade Troops charge in! The next moment, the elites of both the NanGong Family and the Yang Family were tangled in a chaotic battle!

With just a single exchange, both parties had suffered many casualties and fatalities! The NanGong Family's Sword God Manual was an extremely tyrannical sword skill and every move in the manual would definitely result in bloodshed! However, the Heavenly Blade Troops of the Yang Family knew that they would definitely perish after today! Thus, each and every one of them carried with them the resolution to drag someone along with them into death! At the very least, they wouldn't be suffering a loss and they could die a valiant death! Thus, the vigor and energy they displayed far exceeded the NanGong Family!

The battle was extremely miserable! While the men from the NanGong Family were martial arts experts with their skill superior to the Heavenly Blade Troops, with NanGong TianLong and NanGong TianHu being experts among experts, in this chaotic battle, their martial arts were not of much use! If they wanted to escape, it wouldn't be too difficult of a matter. However, if they wanted to fight the Yang Family head on, on, even Ling Tian himself would probably find it to be an impossible task!

However, NanGong TianLong and NanGong TianHu couldn't escape! They couldn't even retreat! They had no choice but to clench their teeth and hold their ground! The moment they escaped and created chaos, their NanGong Family's hundred years of foundation would definitely be uprooted by Ling Tian! This was something that NanGong TianLong was certain about. Regardless of whether or not Ling Tian was able to save his father, it was certain that Sky Bearing had already fallen into the hands of the Ling Family! With this newly gained strength, why wouldn't the Ling Family think of expanding their influence? Thus, their NanGong Family must definitely not give the Ling Family any reason to wipe them out! Perhaps, even if they didn't do anything wrong, Ling Tian might still find an excuse to create trouble!

At this moment, NanGong TianLong regretted his decision to the point his intestines turned green! Why did I have to act smart and try to seek benefits from both sides? I have really dug my own grave!

It was as though the Heavenly Blade Troops placed little emphasis on their own lives. Even if they could only inflict a shallow wound on their enemy at the expense of their lives, they would charge forward without any hesitation! Even if they would only be able to slow down the speed of their enemy's sword, they would block their enemy's blade with their chest without any hesitation! Such a way to battle could be said to be almost crazy!

While the men of the NanGong Family were martial arts experts, the Heavenly Blade Troops of the Yang Family were no pushovers. Furthermore, their opponent was willing to use five men in exchange for an enemy's arm and another ten lives in exchange for their enemy's head. Such a bloody way to fight was no different from committing suicide to kill their enemy. Facing such a crazy attack, almost a hundred men from the NanGong Family had died after a mere 10 minutes!

All the members of the Ling Family watched this scene emotionlessly as though they were watching a play. As for the troops of the Ling Family, they stared at the remaining men from the Yang Family and the Imperial Army warily as though they were facing a powerful enemy.

"Sister Chen," Ling Dian approached Ling Chen stealthily, "it wouldn't be a be a good idea to drag this matter any further. Wouldn't it be better for us to take care of that dogsh*t emperor first before watching this show in peace? We should be careful of a change in situation."

Ling Chen's frosty eyes looked at the battlefield of the NanGong Family calmly as she shook her head, "Wait for a while longer, there are still many experts of the NanGong Family left. If we were to take action now, the remaining experts of the NanGong Family would definitely seize the opportunity and retreat successfully. If that's the case, our previous plans will have gone to waste. All of our efforts would go to waste if we were to make a hasty move now! As for Long Xiang, do we still have to worry about him now?"

Ling Dian felt a sudden chill run down his spine! At that moment, he felt as though the one he was talking to wasn't Ling Chen but Ling Tian himself! This was completely like what Ling Tian would have done! He couldn't help but be shocked at that thought, Since when did sister Chen become so similar to young noble? Is this still the usual sister Chen who was afraid of seeing blood?

None of them knew that when Ling Tian went to capture Shui QianRou in the pine forest, he had already felt the impending crisis in Sky Bearing. Therefore, he had already handed over all his forces to Ling Chen's control! At the same time, he had also emphasized the way she should handle the NanGong Family.

In truth, Ling Tian also felt worried about the Ling Residence when heading to the battlefield. While he was certain that the strength he left behind was enough to handle any changes, he was wary about the NanGong Family. He was afraid that the NanGong Family would strike them at their lowest point and aid Long Xiang to wipe out their Ling Family. If Ling Tian knew that the intentions of the NanGong Family were just to take sides with the victor, he might have given Ling Chen a command to let them off.

With Ling Chen's wisdom, her ability to strategize was already no less than Ling Tian. However, her kind personality was the one thing that Ling Tian was concerned about. Ling Tian was afraid that she would suffer losses because of her personality. He had reminded her over and over again and over again that she didn't need to take personal action if something were to come up. Instead, she just had to give the command to let others handle it. As for how the various parties were going to handle it, that was not something that was her concern.

Such a method was custom made for Ling Chen!

When Ling Chen had issued the orders today, she never expected the outcome to be so bloody. However, Ling Chen became even more calm as she saw the bloody scenes in front of her! Since things had already turned out like that, she couldn't shy away from the matter because of her softness. If she were to take a step back at this moment, Ling Tian's plans and efforts would definitely go to waste! She couldn't let Ling Tian down because of a moment of soft-heartedness!

Thus, Ling Chen chose to face everything bravely at this moment!

At this moment, Ling Chen was reminded of something that Ling Tian said, "You must be vicious to your enemy and destroy them by the roots. Regardless of age or gender, you must not leave a single one of them alive!" While Ling Chen might not be able to bring herself to kill a single one of them, giving out a command certainly wouldn't be an issue!

While such actions were no different than living in denial, an ancient saying was extremely true, 'what the eye doesn't see, the heart doesn't grieve over'! Ever since the courtyard had been established, there were hundreds of such orders that had been given from Ling Chen's mouth.

In just a short moment, the NanGong Family had been reduced to a miserable state. NanGong Yu had suffered a slash to her arm with half her body stained with blood. NanGong TianHu and NanGong TianLong were both covered in blood as well and were panting heavily. As for the other NanGong Family experts, there were only thirty or forty of them left fighting to the death!

Up until now, NanGong TianLong had not even pleaded for any help! As the head of the NanGong Family, he had the pride and arrogance of one! With just this alone, everyone present couldn't help but admire his strong will!

In the battle, the Heavenly Blade Troops of the Yang Family had tried many times to charge at the Ling Family's formations but were all killed before they could even approach within 30 feet.


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