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Legend Of Ling Tian - Chapter 314


Chapter 314: A Loud Roar

By Shui QianHuan's side, six solemn individuals gave a nod. Then, four of them jumped onto their horses and charged into battle. The original eight blue-robed elders remained on the spot without a single change in their expressions. Their job was to ensure Shui QianHuan's safety.

Wei ChengPing's face began to cramp up as a frustrated look could be seen in his eyes. However, it flashed past briefly, and he didn't say a thing! Currently, they were completely surrounded by friendly forces but Shui QianHuan still prepared such defenses. If that's the case, wasn't what Shui QianHuan was guarding against obvious?

"Shui QianHuan finally sent out their experts! I believe the battle will be ending shortly! Ling Xiao is finished." Yu ManLou's voice could be heard, "It is time for us to leave, there isn't any meaning for us to continue spectating this battle. We need to go back and preparations! Western Han, Northern Wei… ah ah ah…"

Yu ManTang let out a sigh and looked towards the valiant Ling Xiao with regret.

However, a plan will never be able to keep up with the changes in times! Today, these words were confirmed again!

Right at this moment, the sound of rushing winds could be heard from afar!

The rushing winds were barely audible but gradually grew louder and louder! Then, a large dragon seemed to have appeared in the sky! Following which, a loud roar shook the heavens, drowning out the battlecries of the 400,000 soldiers present!

Nothing else could be heard apart from this loud roar!

Yu ManLou who was about to leave turned his head around with shock on his face, Ling Tian! Ling Tian is here! To think that his cultivation progressed so quickly! Did I make a miscalculation? Would Ling Tian have the strength to turn this situation around? Yu ManLou grew worried as he thought about it. Finally, he gave a command, "Men! Inform Han TieXuan to kill Ling Xiao at all costs before Ling Tian arrives!" In the dense vegetation, a black shadow suddenly darted towards the Western Han army!

Han TieXuan! Why would the general of Western Han listen to the orders of the Yu Family Head? Did he belong to the Yu Family?

"Big brother!" Yu ManTang was astounded as he cried out. However, Yu ManLou's expression was chilly with the corner of his lips curling up in a cruel fashion, ignoring Yu ManTang's words completely.

Yu ManTang let out a long sigh and couldn't help but look towards the source of the roar. Ling Tian, can you really save your father, despite the fact that both the largest families in the world want your father dead?

In the past few weeks, every single piece of news the Yu Family received had something to do with Ling Tian. However, regardless of whether it was the wary Yu ManLou or the curious Yu ManTang, they were seeing Ling Tian for the first time!

Yu ManTang was especially agitated at this moment. While he had never met Ling Tian before, his own daughter was deeply in love with Ling Tian and Ling Tian would become his future son-in-law! I wonder what this brat looks like? With just this roar alone, only a few people in this world would be a match for him! Not to mention myself, even my third brother who is at the XianTian realm doesn't have such profound cultivation. Perhaps only big brother would have such a profound cultivation!

While he had not seen Ling Tian in person yet, just this heaven-shaking roar made Yu ManTang feel a sense of satisfaction in his heart.

Ling Nineteen and the other three were originally exhausted of all their strength and were only holding on with their tenacious willpower. In truth, the four of them were already feeling feeble in their arms with their vision starting to grow dark. Be it willpower or inner qi, they were already reaching their limits! If they relaxed by just a little bit, they would definitely collapse on the ground immediately!

However, that resounding roar had immediately filled them with energy! Their blades were suddenly brandished with energy as the enemies surrounding were slaughtered mercilessly. Ling Nineteen felt himself choking up as he said emotionally, "It's young noble's voice! Young noble is here!" Even his tone was filled with incredulity!

All of a sudden, Ling Nineteen let out a roar and began slicing up the Northern Wei soldiers like fruit. Then, he jumped up on his horse and shouted with all his might, "Young noble Ling Tian is here! Young noble Ling Tian is here!" His voice was filled with ecstasy!

As the troops who were were here to save Ling Xiao heard that, they were immediately brimming with energy again. A wave of cheers sounded, "Young noble is here! Young noble is here personally!" Everyone was filled with fighting spirit as they forcefully fought their way a hundred feet nearer to Ling Xiao! Their troops were only a mere 50 feet away from each other! However, there were still countless Northern Wei soldiers separating the two troops!

Shui QianHuan was startled! The inner qi of the person who let out this roar had already reached unfathomable depths! Who was he? Who was here to save Ling Xiao? With this person around, the chances of Ling Xiao surviving would be greatly increased. He was stationed far away from Ling Nineteen and couldn't hear the cheers on the battlefield. However, he could feel a sense of danger in his heart!

"Kill Ling Xiao at all costs! Don't hold anything back!" Shui QianHuan shouted out!

The flags that were erected upright were fluttering in the winds.

As dusk approached, the sky was already painted red with the blood-like clouds looming over their heads bringing about a gloomy atmosphere. Even the winds sounded like they were mourning…

Shui QianHuan's voice spread out far and the four Shui Family experts sped up even further. Barely a trace of their figure could be spotted as they weaved through the many soldiers, rapidly approaching Ling Xiao!

At the same time, Han TieXuan from Western Han also gave a cruel order, "Put your lives at stake to kill the enemies! Kill Ling Xiao! Anyone who dares to take a step back will have their families executed!" After this order was given, the Western Han soldiers began to charge maniacally! The Ling army suddenly felt the pressure increase by many folds in an instant! The whole battlefield had broken out into chaos!

"I hope that the four Shui Family fellows will be able to take out Ling Xiao before Ling Tian arrives! If not…" Yu ManLou's face was solemn as he stared at the battle without blinking. From Ling Tian's roar, Yu ManLou could already tell that Ling Tian's inner qi was no weaker than his own! If such an expert were to join the battle, while it was impossible for him to turn the tides of the battle, it wouldn't be difficult be difficult for him to protect a single person!

Thinking about this, Yu ManLou couldn't help but let out a sigh, I should have killed Ling Xiao personally just now! The opportunity is already gone. If I were to go down now, I would definitely have to face Ling Tian in battle. This was something that Yu ManLou was not willing to do!

However, Ling Tian's enmity with the Shui Family had already been established. Even if Ling Tian could take a step back, the Shui Family would never allow such a powerful existence to become their enemy! As Yu ManLou thought this, his eyes were as calm as the still lake.

From afar, the crisp sound of galloping horses could be heard and five horses appeared in everyone's sight! Originally, it was only a single black dot. However, they could quickly witness the appearances of the five individuals! Five white-robed young men, with one holding onto a guandao, nearing the battlefield like a death god! Despite facing more than 100,000 troops with only the strength of five individuals, they still dashed over without any consideration or hesitation!

As Ling Tian saw the sea of soldiers, he was worried for his father's safety and began to shout, "Ling Nineteen!" His voice sounded like thunder on a sunny day! The Northern Wei soldiers near him felt their heads go dizzy with some of them fainting on the spot.

"I am here… the Marshal is safe… come quick! Come… quick!!" In the sea of soldiers, an ear-piercing voice could be heard.

Ling Tian was immediately energized as he quickly spotted the origin of Ling Nineteen's voice. Knowing that his father was safe, he felt a sense of relief. However, from the direction where Ling Nineteen's voice sounded, they were at least a mile apart. If the soldiers were to line up in a single row, there would probably be 2000 soldiers in a mile. How would it be an easy affair to penetrate through such defenses?

In the battlefield, anything can happen in an instant, and a single blade can determine life and death! Now, the only option he had would be to charge in at full speed!

With the Seven Star Azure Dragon in his hands, he pointed towards the battlefield as he explained, "The Northern Wei army is like a meat like a meat bun! I will take the lead, and you guys will stay on my flanks. Charge and do not pause for a moment! Charge with all you have and sliced this meat bun in two! Slice it to the very end! It will be a simple affair!"

Hearing this, even the usually reckless assassins couldn't help but take in a breath of cold air!

Five men and horses fighting a 400,000 strong army! Such an action was almost crazy! No, it was already considered extremely crazy! However, Ling Tian still dared to say that it would be an easy affair!

However, Ling Tian was not thinking about it much and only treated the soldiers in front of him as a meat bun. As long as he could pierce through the outer bun, he would be able to quickly slice the bun into two. Now that their enemies were celebrating a victory in front of their eyes, this was definitely to his advantage!

As Ling Nineteen answered Ling Tian, he felt as though the skies above him darkened and the four Shui Family experts arrived from the sky! With a strong gale, the men below were blown around and unsteady. The four of their swords were like four venomous vipers with a single target: Ling Xiao!

"Protect the Marshal with all your strength!" Blood almost sprayed out of Ling Nineteen's eyes! He had also dashed forward with his blade in an almost suicidal manner! The young noble is here! He will be here in just a short while! If we were to let Marshal Ling die at this moment, even dying 10,000 times wouldn't be enough to redeem ourselves!

Ling Twenty, Ling Twenty-one, and Ling Twenty-two also had the same idea! They abandoned their opponents and charged towards Ling Xiao! While the four of their martial arts were comparable to these Shui Family experts, the four of them were already fatigued from battle. How could they be compared to these four experts who were in their prime condition?

Their blades met and sparks burst in all direction! Ling Nineteen and the other three took a few steps back together! The four Shui Family experts grinned malevolently and attacked again! Ling Xiao was right in front of their eyes! Their four swords stabbed out without any hesitation!


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