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Legend Of Ling Tian - Chapter 313


Chapter 313: The Battle is Lost

The other person then said with realization, "In the world today, only we will have the might to fight with the Water of Heavenly Wind. Furthermore, we are the only ones who will never reach a compromise with them! Thus, Ling Tian will definitely choose to work with us for his revenge! Big brother, while this plan is a good one, it seems a little devious."

The purple-robed man then snorted, "Devious? What did we do?! In fact, we didn't even send out a single person to influence this matter. We have only watched silently by the side. Everything has been planned and executed by the Water of Heavenly Wind. In what way are we devious?"

The other person then said carefully, "We had long had news about this and could have stopped this matter, but…"

"Stop?" The purple-robed man turned around and said with a chilly look, "Why should we stop it? Second brother, this is the war for hegemony and not skirmishes in the pugilistic world. There is no need to talk about virtue and morals! Your thinking is far too old-fashioned! This is also the reason why I can't be assured to hand over a larger authority to you!"

"Not only will we not stop this matter, we should even encourage it!" He said with a sneer with killing intent filling his eyes, "Ling Xiao must die today! If Northern Wei and the Shui Family cannot stop him, I will kill him personally if it is necessary! As long as Ling Xiao dies today, the Water of Heavenly Wind and Ling Tian will definitely be enemies! Are you unaware that Ling Xiao's death would be tied to the future of the continent?"

"Ah?" The other person exclaimed, "Big brother, this isn't the best right? We have just silently admitted Yan'er and Ling Tian's wedding. Ling Xiao… he is, after all, Yan'er's future father-in-law. We are relatives! Big brother, even if Ling Xiao doesn't die, both our families would still be extremely close to each other. But if we were to kill Ling Tian's father here, how will Yan'er feel? This… isn't this a little immoral?"

The two people who were speaking were the two giants of the Yu Family, Yu ManLou and Yu ManTang.

Hearing what Yu ManTang had said, Yu ManLou flew into an outrage, "B*st*rd! What morality? Ling Xiao is naturally Yan'er's father-in-law! But won't that be true even after his death? As long as Ling Xiao dies here today, we will be able to ensure that Ling Tian will never join hands with the Shui Family! If not, how would a single Yan'er be able to control Ling Tian? After observing Ling Tian for so long, do you really think that a single lady will be able to change his mind? If we aren't careful, the thousand year foundation of our Yu Family will be the one getting destroyed! Do you dare to make such a gamble?"

Yu ManTang lowered his head without saying a single word. While he still disagreed in his heart, he no longer voiced out his objection. He was extremely clear that once his big brother decided something, it was impossible for others to change his mind.

Yu ManLou then sighed and said in a gentle tone, "Second brother, you have an honest and sincere personality. While your kindness is a good thing among family members, you have to understand that our enemies, be they Water of Heavenly Wind, Northern Wei or Ling Tian, will never talk about pugilistic rules with us. In this world, one has to be unscrupulous in order to ensure his survival! At this moment, what is the reason for the Shui Family to infiltrate Heavenly Star? Isn't it all to wipe out our Yu Family? Since they aren't righteous, why do we have to talk about morality with them? Now that they have offended someone who they shouldn't offend, they are only shooting themselves in the foot! Presently, this is the best chance for our Yu Family to rule the continent! If we don't grasp this opportunity, I will never be able to forgive myself! When we die, we wouldn't be able to face our ancestors in the afterlife!"

Yu ManTang then said with a look of worry, "Big brother, the ancestors had instructed us to never fight for hegemony or we will definitely be destroyed! Is big brother going to ignore those teachings completely?"

Yu ManLou gave a mocking smile, "Second brother, who was the one who set the ancestor's teachings? Isn't he just the family head from a thousand years ago? At that time, the Yu Family indeed didn't have the the might to rule the world! But now, things are different! With chaos breaking out at any moment, no one will be able to fully insulate themselves from the chaos! Our Yu Family is just going with the flow, and we don't have any other choice. How are we ignoring the ancestor's teachings? Besides, as the family head, don't I have the right to change the teachings slightly? It is no more than a rule that a family head had set. Don't I have the right to change it as the present family head?"

Yu ManTang then said solemnly, "Big brother, you should remember the heaven-shaking character that appeared in our Yu Family three hundred years ago, right?"

As Yu ManTang mentioned that, even Yu ManLou had a look of respect on his face, "I naturally know, he was ancestor Yu FengYun. He was invincible in the continent and the number one character in our Yu Family from the ancient times!"

Yu ManTang let out a bitter laugh, "When ancestor Yu FengYun was about to pass on, there was someone who had asked him about the ancestor's teaching, hoping that he would leave behind a few words. At that time, ancestor Yu FengYun was already 133 years old and in a sickly condition. Upon hearing the words 'ancestor's teachings', his eyes lit up and use his last breath to say a few words: One can fight with men but not with the heavens! Big brother, have you forgotten about that?"

Yu ManLou laughed in response, "Second brother, since when did I want to fight with the heavens? With the present situation of the continent, our Yu Family is only following the will of the heavens. How are we going against the heavens? If the will of the heavens really cannot be defied, I definitely would continue to lay in wait. But now, the opportunity to unite the continent is right in front of us! This is the opportunity given by the heavens! We would be going against the heavens if we don't grasp it!"

Yu ManTang then sighed, "Big brother, let's not talk about this anymore. I will not be able to win against you in an argument and will listen to big brother's instructions. This little brother doesn't have any other opinions."

Yu ManLou let out a satisfied smile and smile and patted him on the shoulders, "That is my good second brother! This is the man of our Yu Family! This brother will only be able to hand you more responsibilities if you can be an unscrupulous individual!"

As he said that, Yu ManLou looked at the battlefield and smiled, "As long as Ling Xiao dies, Ling Tian will definitely take his revenge. This old man here will then announce to the world Ling Tian's and BingYan's engagement! Then, we will aid Ling Tian to take over Sky Bearing as a dowry and destroy all the Shui Family members in our Heavenly Star Continent as a favor! Then, we will aid him in wiping out the other two nations, destroying both Northern Wei and Western Han to take revenge for his father. At that time, the situation in Heavenly Star would probably be more or less settled. With both Ling Tian and our Yu Family working together, I am certain that we can wipe out all others easily! This old man will then make a personal visit to the southeast to propose a marriage to the Xiao Family on behalf of Ling Tian. We can let them restore their marriage arrangement and make that Xiao lass Ling Tian's consort or even empress. We will definitely be able to grasp the Xiao Family's fortune in our hands! I believe that the Xiao Family will have no choice but to agree to the matter with our Yu Family's strength!"

"Then, we can take a break for three years to make preparations. After that, we can proceed to the Heavenly Wind continent to uproot the Shui Family! At that time, we would be invincible in the three continents and could be considered the ruler of the world! As for Ling Tian, I aided his revenge and helped him with the power of my Yu Family. I am sure he wouldn't fight with me over being the ruler of the world! Even if he has the heart to compete with me, the foundations of the Shui Family would definitely wipe out Ling Tian's accumulation of power over the many years! At that time…" Yu ManLou then began laughing with satisfaction.

For the first time in his life, Yu ManTang saw his brother reveal his true ambitions! However, in Yu ManLou's laughter, Yu ManLou's laughter, Yu ManTang felt a chill which froze the depths of his soul…

Yu ManLou's plan could be said to be perfect! Everything would follow on smoothly if Ling Xiao died here today! As long as Ling Xiao died here today, everything would definitely follow according to Yu ManLou's plans from now on!

Now, the most critical part of his plan was about to come to fruition! Ling Xiao had less than 50,000 injured troops and was surrounded by over 400,000 enemy soldiers. There wasn't a chance for his escape! It seems as though it was the heaven's plan!

Ling Xiao's body was covered in blood as he fought valiantly in battle! Ling Nineteen and the other three didn't dare to leave his side at all with more and more people falling around them. There were the Sky Bearing soldiers, Northern Wei soldiers, and even more Western Han soldiers!

From the south, the sounds of galloping horses became nearer and nearer with a squadron of troops meeting the Northern Wei forces in battle! These troops were all filled with valiant soldiers each with magnificent combat prowess. However, they were few in number and only a little over 500. Facing the 400,000 enemy forces, they were no more than a drop of water in the river! After charging less than a thousand feet into the Northern Wei army, they were trapped in an encirclement by their enemies and couldn't advance or retreat!

Ling Xiao's soldiers were becoming fewer by the second with only Ling Nineteen's group, a bunch of Blood Iron Warriors and less than 10,000 ordinary soldiers left! They were already in a desperate scenario! The Sky Bearing army's formation was completely destroyed by the joint efforts of Western Han and Northern Wei and they were engaged in a bitter battle.

The destruction of Ling Xiao's army was imminent! The battle was nearing its end!

A look of excitement could finally be seen on Shui QianHuan's usually calm appearance! However, he didn't know that there was someone else even more excited than him in a tree nearby!

As Shui QianHuan saw the four valiant experts by Ling Xiao's side cutting down enemy troops as though they didn't know fatigue was while they charged towards the south, he frowned and ordered, "The time is near and it is time for you guys to take action."


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