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Legend Of Ling Tian - Chapter 302


Chapter 302

Chapter 302: Seven Star Azure Dragon

Translator: chuchutrain Editor: DavidT, Rock

Ling Five's face reddened and a respectful gaze could be seen in his eyes. Respectfully he said, ’’It is all thanks to young noble's pointers. If not for young noble instructing me about the secret technique, we certainly wouldn't have been able to deal with the Black Iron!’’

Ling Tian chuckled and patted him on the shoulders as he praised, ’’With just a single year, you made 10,000 sabers, 10,000 swords, and 10,000 bows. Ling Five, you have already completed your mission perfectly! The efforts of you and your brothers were essential if our plans were to be successful! This was indeed a difficult mission, and you don't need to be so humble. Go back and tell our brothers that you guys have performed a great merit! I, Ling Tian, am extremely satisfied! I thank all of you!’’ Ling Tian's expression became solemn as he gave thanks with a sincere attitude.

Ling Five began to choke up with emotion. A full year of forging weapons, and whether it was in the blazing summer or bitter winter, they ate and drank in front of the iron furnace. It was hard to imagine the suffering they went through! There were even some brothers who passed out from dehydration while hammering the iron!

However, right at this moment when Ling Tian said those words, Ling Five felt as though everything he did and all the fatigue he had suffered was worth it! He felt extremely proud in his heart, and he couldn't keep his tears from rolling down!

Ling Tian helped him to wipe off his tears and said gently, ’’Go back and tell the brothers that I will pay them a visit when I am free. When you go back, make sure to bring more tonic for them. Just take as much as you require and you don't have to worry about the cost. The health of our brothers is the priority!’’

’’Yes! Ling Five thanks young noble for your concern on behalf of my brothers!’’ Ling Five stood up straight and gave a bow.

’’Issue all the weapons out. The captains and above can receive a high-grade saber each! As for the rest, you guys can just make the decision. Also, save the 100 best blades and reward them to those with merits!’’ Ling Tian turned around and instructed Feng Mo, ’’From now on, our army is to be on full alert and ready to move out at any moment! Their armor should be worn at all times with their gear fully prepared! There must be no delays!’’

’’Yes!’’ Feng Mo and his assistant, Wang Han acknowledged that order.

Ling Tian saw a long black package in a carriage and his eyes lit up. Walking forward, he stretched out his hands and pulled it out. With a shake of his arm, a dragon's roar could be heard, and the black cloth covering the weapon was torn to shreds.

As everyone looked towards Ling Tian, they couldn't help but take in a breath of cold air! What a tyrannical weapon!

This wasn't an ordinary guandao but one forged according to Ling Tian's memories from his past life! It was based on the Green Dragon Crescent Blade, the weapon of Guan Yu from the three kingdoms! However, it was 50% longer than the Green Dragon Crescent Blade and was almost 20 feet long. The thickness of the pole was the size of a fist and there was an intricate golden dragon carved onto it, curling along the pole of the guandao. The blade of the guandao was a full 3 feet long with the seven stars of the Big Dipper constellation engraved onto it. Each and every star gleamed on the blade like they were the eyes of a grim reaper! The back of a blade was half a foot thick and was extremely sturdy. The body of the weapon was extremely sturdy and heavy! If it was used on the battlefield, it would definitely be like a cyclone of death!

Ling Tian named this guandao the Seven Star Azure Dragon.

Looking at the weapon, everyone could imagine Ling Tian's ferocity when waving it on the battlefield. It was as though they could picture a bloody scene in front of them with corpses lying all around and body parts all over the battlefield! They couldn't help but tremble slightly at that thought.

Lightly waving the guandao, Ling Tian was elated at the fact that the blade was extremely comfortable to use. With this weapon in his hands, Ling Tian was confident that he would be able to rule the battlefield with it!

Keeping the weapon in his hand, Ling Tian turned to look at Ling Chen, Chen, ’’Are they all here?’’

Ling Chen took a step forward and said, ’’They are all here! We have arranged for them to wait at the side yard temporarily, and they are awaiting your orders.’’

Ling Tian took two steps forward as he pondered over what he should do. Waving his hands, he said, ’’All the second-in-commands of the various organizations should wait in the secret chamber of Mount Victory!’’

Almost a hundred people stood quietly in the secret chamber and the originally spacious secret chamber suddenly became congested. The people standing at the very edges were already touching the many cabinets filled with information. However, no one said a thing and not a single sound could be heard. Everyone present even intentionally lowered their breathing. Despite the many people squeezed into this secret chamber, it was silent.

Everyone knew that this secret chamber represented the true core of Ling Tian's organization. It was where all his secrets were hidden. Almost all the major decisions were made in this room and sent out from here. This small secret chamber had already caused countless rivers of blood and mountains of corpses!

It was both the most usual and yet unusual existence!

In the hearts of everyone present, this secret chamber was like sacred ground to them! This was also the place where they had longed to enter! Of the many people present, most of them were here for the first time in their lives! The excitement they felt in their hearts could be easily imagined!

In the secret chamber, while there were a few chairs surrounding the stone desk, everyone stood up straight without daring to sit down! Ling Jian stood up tall like a proud spear, looking at everyone present. Before he received Ling Tian's permission, even Ling Jian wouldn't take a seat!

The doors of the secret chamber then opened silently and Ling Tian appeared in front of them with Ling Chen! As everyone saw Ling Tian, a look of worship could be seen on their faces. With their heads slightly lowered, they opened up a path for Ling Tian to walk without saying a single word or making a single sound.

Ling Tian's face was completely calm as he walked through the path made by the crowd. Ling Chen followed closely behind him with a look of seriousness on her beautiful face!

Ling Tian lifted up the up the hem of his robes and sat down on the chair as he emotionlessly glanced at everyone. Finally, he pointed to the seat on his left and calmly said, ’’Ling Chen, sit!’’

Ling Chen acknowledged his orders obediently and sat down without hesitation. Whenever Ling Tian called the full name of his subordinate, that was an order that couldn't be defied! Ling Chen was extremely clear about that. While she was puzzled as to why Ling Tian would ask her to sit beside him, she still obediently complied.

Ling Tian then pointed to the seat on his right and said calmly, ’’Ling Jian, sit!’’

A trace of excitement filled Ling Jian's eyes as he obediently sat down!

After asking two people to sit down, Ling Tian did not instruct anyone else to take a seat. There was no one else who deserved to take a seat. Everyone could feel the tense and solemn atmosphere and made sure that they were fully alert.

Ling Tian looked at the crowd and said slowly, ’’Today, I have gathered all of you here because this young noble has realized a huge problem! If this problem can't be solved, our ambitions will never be fulfilled!’’

The crowd was shocked!

All of them were frightened and puzzled as to what was the problem. They were concerned that Ling Tian would pay such attention to this problem and go through the effort to calling everyone in. While they weren't clear about what the problem was, they were certain that it must be a difficult one to solve for the young noble to place such emphasis on it. They all couldn't help but be nervous.

’’Ling Six!’’ Ling Tian said with a sharp gaze, ’’You are someone who is my direct subordinate. Let me ask you, if you learn of some important news and I am not in Sky Bearing, what will you do?’’

Ling Six's body shook and he took a step forward. After thinking for a moment, he answered, ’’This subordinate will definitely find a way to contact young noble for you to make a decision!’’

’’Mmm!’’ Ling Tian nodded his head, ’’Ling Seven, Ling Eight and Ling Nine, what about you guys?’’

The three of them then looked at each other and said in unison, ’’We agree with brother Six and will wait for young noble to make a decision! How would we dare to we dare to make a decision without your permission?!’’

Ling Tian's face was as calm as still waters, ’’What if the matter is something within your means? What will you do?’’

The four of them looked at each other and felt a sense of fear. Ling Six then said, ’’Young noble's wisdom is not something that we can ever match up to. While we can handle small matters on our own, we would be afraid that handling the large matters would ruin young noble's plans. So...’’

’’B*st*rds!’’ Ling Tian bellowed, ’’Four pig heads! Can't you guys be a little more independent? If I have to make a decision for everything, why do I need all of you for? To shirk around?’’

After a wave of scolding, the four of them lowered their heads with guilt. At the same time, there were many present who had the same idea as well and they lowered their heads also.

Ling Tian then let out a sigh and said slowly, ’’This is the big problem that I was talking about. If we can't solve it, it will definitely be our Achilles'heel. Now that war is about to break out in the continent, many of you here will definitely have to enter into battle and accomplish great feats in the process! This young noble will also throw myself into the war and fight for hegemony! It will be impossible for me to wait here to issue instructions to all of you. If emergencies were to occur and you guys are unable to contact the courtyard, you guys can make your own decisions on the condition that it doesn't go against the principles of the courtyard! This order must be carried out from today!’’

Everyone resoundingly acknowledged!

Ling Tian then continued, ’’From today on, every organization must definitely have a proper chain of command! Everyone is to adhere to it strictly and no one is to defy it! If this young noble isn't here, everything will be decided by Ling Chen. Everyone must treat her like how you treat me! If anyone of you defies that order, you will be executed without mercy! Ling Jian, you will be in charge of supervising them. If there is someone who dares to doubt Ling Chen when I am not around, they will be executed regardless of right or wrong! Do you understand?’’


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