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Legend Of Ling Tian - Chapter 300


Chapter 300: This Daddy Will Not Accept That

"Jun ZiTang, Wu AiLing, Deng QuaiYan! Three despicable b*st*rds! This daddy here will f**k your grandmothers!" Ling Xiao was angered to the point he almost spat out blood! He could feel his heart throbbing from the anger and disappointment he felt.

These three people were the generals of those three armies. At the very start, the three of them were also the ones who jumped out to persuade the rest to give chase. Who would have thought that the three of them would flee the battlefield during the most critical and dangerous period!

With this sudden change, the army began to break out into chaos again. After all, the veteran soldiers were still humans. Many of them revealed frantic expressions as they looked around anxiously. It was as though they were looking for a path to escape.

Right at this moment, a high-pitched horn could be heard from the enemy's formation and the enemies suddenly stopped their advancement.

Ling Xiao sat on the back of his horse as he looked all around him, seeing the endless wave of enemy troops in all directions! However, when the three traitorous troops reached the encirclement of the enemy, the enemy's troops actually opened a path for them to leave safely! There wasn't even a need for communication and everything happened as though it was meant to be.

Looking at that, no matter how muddle-headed Ling Xiao was, he immediately understood what was going on! He couldn't help but let out a roar, "LONG XIANG! YOU A**HOLE! YOU LET ME DOWN!!" His bitter voice traveled far and wide. Fuming with rage, he suddenly let out a groan and spit out a mouthful of blood. His sight dimmed as his body fell from the horse.

Ling Nineteen quickly darted forward and caught Ling Xiao. At the same time, he said anxiously, "General! This isn't the time to lose heart. The most important thing to do would be to maintain the morale of our troops and break out this encirclement. As long as we can contact the young noble, our problems will be solved! General, you must hang in there! There are 70,000 brothers here who are relying on you. If you fall here, we are all doomed!"

Ling Xiao shut his eyes as his unrefined face contorted in agony. Two trails of tears could be seen flowing down from the corners of his eyes. He was heartbroken to the point he couldn't speak as he felt a sense of desolation in his heart.

While he wasn't an intelligent individual, he wasn't a fool either. How could he not understand what had just happened? If not for the orders of the Emperor, how would the three of them ever dare to flee from the battlefield? Furthermore, their enemies even opened up a path for them to escape. This was obviously a huge conspiracy targeted at his Ling Family!

A cooperation between both nations to wipe out the Ling Family!

No wonder all my troops were the ones I trust the most! It turns out he wants to kill us all in one fell swoop! As Ling Xiao looked at the young faces around him staring at him with absolute trust, he couldn't help but feel his heart ache. These men were all his personal troops and true elites who had been tempered by many battles! Today, they were going to perish in the wilderness because of his own foolishness and their empire's schemes! As the general of the army, how could Ling Xiao ever forgive himself?

There was only something which Ling Xiao just couldn't understand! Even if Long Xiao was wary towards the Ling Family, he shouldn't have been so decisive! Joining forces with Northern Wei to take care of the Ling Family was no more than dining with tigers! Did Long Xiang really naively believe that Sky Bearing would have the strength to contend with Northern Wei after having its vitality greatly harmed from dealing with the Ling Family? Without his elite troops, wasn't Sky Bearing just waiting for their deaths? Even if Northern Wei would foolishly adhere to their alliance, there were still the Southern Zheng, Eastern Zhao, Western Han, and Wu Empire eyeing them covetously. Furthermore, there were still the Xiao Family elites lying in wait.

Without the Ling Family and Ling Xiao, Sky Bearing was like a tiger that had lost its teeth. How would they be able to protect their territories?

I don't understand! Why?!

The enemies surrounding the Sky Bearing Army stopped an arrow's distance away from them and waited silently. Despite the tranquil lineup of soldiers, their dense killing intent shot up to the skies as a mountain-like pressure pressed onto the shoulders of the Sky Bearing Army!

"Why aren't they attacking?" Ling Twenty-two's cold face was void of any fear. Instead, it was filled with a crazed battle intent!

"They are waiting for daybreak! daybreak! Since we are already surrounded, their victory is already sure. Thus, they are waiting for daylight to prevent any fratricide of their troops. At the same time, they are also trying to crush our morale by making us wait in suspense! As for whether or not they have any other motives, we won't be able to tell at this time." Ling Twenty twitched his lips and said with disdain.

"Should we hide and take out their leader first? This should be feasible right?!" Ling Twenty-two shouted out.

"No! Now that we are surrounded by over 400,000 troops, it would be useless for us to assassinate a single general. The safety of General Ling is of utmost priority, and we can't let the young noble down. We can't take any risks at such a moment." Ling Twenty calmly said while holding the hilt of his sword.

"Mmm, brother Twenty is right," Ling Twenty-two mumbled something before saying, "if that's the case, we will just let these b*st*rds live a little longer!"

However, the other commanders of Ling Xiao's army had eyes completely filled with despair. As men who had been through many battles, they were already used to facing death with a smile. While these soldiers were not afraid of death, they just didn't have any confidence that they could return this time. The situation in front of them was already extremely horrible! Hearing these two brats in front of them talking about the few hundred-thousand army in such a carefree manner, they couldn't help but stare at the both of them with shock. Were these two fellows scared silly?

"What are you guys looking at?" Ling Twenty suddenly hollered, "Look at all of your cowardly expressions! Do you guys even have the face to proclaim that you are the commanders of ten thousand soldiers? I feel embarrassed on your behalf! If you guys are afraid of death, why come out to lead your troops in battle? Go back and hug your wives and children!"

As these words were said, the commanders surrounding them were all furious as their expressions changed greatly. After all, Ling Twenty was a lowly soldier, and it was a great taboo to humiliate a commander as such.

"Who did you say was cowardly?" A forty-plus-year-old commander screamed, "Darn b*st*rd! This daddy here has been in the army since I was seventeen and I have been through countless battles. After killing so many enemies, I enemies, I broke even long ago! When this daddy went out to war, you weren't even born yet! What do you even know!"

"Cheh!" Ling Twenty twitched his lips with disdain, "Since you aren't afraid of death, why do you guys have such pitiful appearances? Are you guys singing an opera?"

"Who is making a pitiful appearance?" Another commander retorted, "How can these few troops of Northern Wei scare this daddy? What a joke! You little brats are probably the ones who are afraid right? Hahaha…" As he said that, he actually burst out into laughter, completely forgetting about the present situation!

"Who is scared?" Ling Twenty feigned anger as he shouted back, "We will see who is the true hero and man among us in battle! I will only submit willingly if you can kill more people than me!"

"Good!" All the commanders cheered, "We will see who is the true hero and man among us in battle! This daddy here will have a competition with you! If this daddy here can't get you to submit, it will be a waste of my lifetime here! Our army will be victorious! We are invincible!

This battle cry was heard by many soldiers and they immediately echoed, "We will see who is the true hero and man among us in battle! Our army will be victorious! We are invincible!"

The battle cry spread across the army as thousands of people began to echo the battle cry together! The loud roar of the army shook the heavens like thunder! The originally desolate and helpless atmosphere was completely swept away! Their battle intent shot to the heavens!

Our army will be victorious! We are invincible!

Ling Nineteen revealed a smile and gave Ling Twenty a thumbs-up when no one was looking. Ling Twenty chuckled and made a funny face in return.

Ling Nineteen remembered that the words which Ling Twenty had just said were something that they had frequently used in the Ling Family Courtyard. However, they would usually say, "We will see who is the true hero and man among us in training!" Now, Ling Twenty had used those words to boost the morale of the troops and achieved an amazing effect!

Thinking about how they would be filled with energy when hearing these words in the past, Ling Nineteen couldn't help but let out a reminiscing smile.

Ling Xiao gradually opened his eyes and straightened his back! At this moment, he had regained the grandeur regained the grandeur and prestige he had in battle! His body was filled with killing intent with his eyes burning with vigor and confidence!

Jumping back up onto his horse, shouted out, "Brothers! Every one of you knows our present situation already! We have been betrayed! However, I, Ling Xiao, am not willing to accept that! Are you guys willing to accept that?"

"No!!" A loud roar sounded in response.

Ling Xiao's voice thundered in the night sky, "Let us kill a bloody path! I, Ling Xiao, will take you guys back to teach that dogsh*t emperor a lesson! As long as you guys can return alive with me, I will not treat you guys poorly! However!" Ling Xiao's words suddenly turned solemn, "For those who can't go back alive with me, you guys are still my brothers! Even if you guys are going to die, you guys must die a glorious death! If any of you can't do that, even if you are in front of King Yama, I will grab you and spank you on the spot in front of King Yama! Do you hear me?!"

The army burst out into laughter! The army then echoed back in unison, "Roger that! We will die a glorious death! Our army will be victorious! We are invincible!" Cheering could then be heard from the army as whistles and chattering filled the army. The whole army was filled with laughter, and they didn't let any thoughts about their imminent deaths enter their hearts!

From afar in the enemy's ranks, two young men dressed in golden armor sat on horses. One of them was actually the Crown Prince of Northern Wei, Wei ChengPing. The other young man was lean and tall with a slim face and eagle-like eyes. He was surrounded by a majestic grandeur, and each and every single action was filled with elegance. With his calm appearance, he displayed the disposition of an expert.

A small blood-red flag was in his hands, and the surrounding troops stared at the small flag with nervousness. Even Wei ChenPing was extremely respectful when facing this young man!

It seems that this young man was the one in charge of commanding the troops. Looking at this confidence appearance, it seems that he had also taken part in planning this scheme. As the Crown Prince of Northern Wei, Wei ChengPing actually acted like a small follower in front of this young man! Just who was he?


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