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Legend Of Ling Tian - Chapter 215


Chapter 215

Chapter 215: Merciless

Translator: chuchutrain Editor: DavidT , Rock

In contrast, Long Xiang immediately agreed with this idea heartily. He also knew that, with Yang Xue's character, she would never rest. Since she had already tried it once, she would try it again and again. Furthermore, with Ling Ran still pregnant and weak in body, it would be impossible to fully defend against all attempts. If she were to return to the Ling residence, that should ensure their safety!

However, Princess Jiao Yue's shoulders trembled as two teardrops slowly rolled down her face. Partly it was because she was happy that she finally had someone to support her lifetime happiness, but partly it was grief that her father, the monarch of a country, actually had to push her over to her relatives for marriage! Furthermore, she couldn't see even a hint of happiness on Ling Tian's face, so how could she as a proud princess be willing to be subjected to such humiliation? Was her bearing and knowledge considered a disgrace to Ling Tian?

Though she was aware that being born in the Royal Family meant that she had no control over her own lifetime happiness, at this time, Princess Jiao Yue couldn't help but feel a strong wave of misery hit her heart...

This group of people walked out of the imperial palace, Princess Jiao Yue following her own imperial mother back to the Ling Residence. While she had visited it quite often in the past, this time she felt as though she couldn't even lift her head high. Sitting dumbly in the carriage, her heart was beating wildly. Her lowered head was red beyond words as she felt as though she was a newlywed wife meeting her parents-in-law for the first time! Thinking about how she would be living in this place from now on, she peeked shyly out of the carriage window, only to see that jerk cousin of hers hugging his servant girl Ling Chen as they proceeded back on horseback! She couldn't help but pout angrily, stomping her foot in annoyance as her eyes unknowingly teared up.

After escorting Ling Ran and Jiao Yue out of the palace, Ling Tian only followed for half the road before he slipped away stealthily.

’’Young Noble, I've already informed the Violent Wind and the Ling brothers, that no matter the cost, they have to capture Su HuaiRen and Little Chrysanthemum before the imperial guards do so!’’ Nestled within his bosom, Ling Chen whispered.

’’En.’’ Ling Tian indifferently replied. ’’Which command did you use?’’

’’It's the 'Rice' command which young noble specifically assigned.’’ Ling Chen confirmed.

’’Very good!’’ Ling Tian praised before his eyes let out an icy glare, ’’Yang Xue actually dared to move against this young noble's aunt. It seems like Yang KongQun is behind all this. Yang Xue, Yang KongQun! Looks like you guys need a warning!’’

Ling Tian's order turned the entire Sky Bearing into a boiling pot of activity! The Ling brothers immediately employed all the helpers under them to search in all directions. Be it the major or minor roads or even the forested areas, as long as it was a path leading out of the Sky Bearing empire, they were all closely monitored! Any suspicious people were not let off! Those important roads were so tightly guarded they were almost impenetrable!

Within the capital, the Violent Wind Gang's ten thousand odd members turned out in full strength! They literally went from house to house, searching in a strict manner.

The Ling brothers were aware of the importance of this task because this was sent through the 'Rice' command, the highest ranked order in Ling Tian's secret organization!

Orders from Ling Tian had four levels, 'Third', 'Second', 'First', and 'Rice'! The 'Rice' command was actually the '*' symbol which denoted importance in Ling Tian's previous life, and out of habit, he fashioned this series of commands in this manner.

Ever since this system was set in place, he had only employed up to the 'First' command! The two times he used the command, the entire organization personally witnessed how brutal and vicious Ling Tian could be! Now that Ling Tian had actually issued the 'Rice' command, this sent off countless alarm bells in the Ling brothers' heads, and they could guess that if they failed to complete this mission, their positions would probably be at stake! If they failed this time, they would completely lose the young noble's trust and possibly never get to rise up again in the future!

As such, once the order was given, all of them behaved as if they were lunatics, rushing out immediately! The same command was given for every layer from the top on down: If you can't find the two of them, don't bother coming back!

Ling Tian frowned as he analyzed the situation, ’’Based on my assumptions, both of them couldn't have escaped in such short a time! Either they're still within the capital, or they've already been silenced by Yang KongQun! As long as they have a bit of intelligence, they would immediately choose to hide, and the most dangerous place will definitely be the safest. They would wait till the storm subsided before they revealed themselves! If Su HuaiRen didn't have a backup plan, he wouldn't have agreed to do this, with the risk of the Yang Family silencing him after! Immediately inform Li Lin and Ling San to carefully search all the slums! Also, ask Li Lin to do a background check on those people who blocked our way when we were on the way to the palace just now!

The moment he mentioned them, his tone took on hints of killing intent! If he hadn't decisively killed them, and allowed them to tangle and delay them even a little, while his aunt would definitely be able to live the child would have been lost! Just this point was enough to touch Ling Tian's bottom line!

Ling Chen nodded in response, facing the sky and letting out a strange tune from her mouth. While the tune was not loud, under the influence of her internal energy, it traveled far and wide. A moment passed and a clear cry of a bird could be heard as a falcon swooped down, landing on her shoulder, intimately rubbing its beak at her cheek!

Ling Chen quickly scribbled on a slip of paper, before folding it and inserting it in a secret pouch on its leg. Tenderly stroking it a few times, she released her hands and the falcon shot back up into the skies, somersaulting once and letting out another cry as though bidding farewell to Ling Chen. Like a black arrow, it shot through the skies, disappearing in a flash!

The two of them sped through the streets on horseback, and Ling Tian's face got more and more gloomy. Finally he sighed and spoke, ’’Chen'er, I know that you have a good heart, and have never engaged in killing. That is a good thing, but if you insist on being on good terms with everyone, you will only end up harming yourself! You're supposed to be a person that would live for me, and also my favorite love! Sometimes, you have to steel your heart, do you understand?’’

Ling Chen embarrassedly lowered her head with a reddened face, whispering, ’’Yes I understand, young noble.’’ Ling Chen knew that Ling Tian was referring to her not decisively killing off the wealthy youth from before, but after all, she had never killed anyone, so how could she not have misgivings?

Ling Tian lowered his tone to his utmost, whispering, ’’Chen'er, did you ever consider what it would be like if your actions in not killing him led to us being delayed, and my aunt and her child lost their lives? What would you do then? How would you think of yourself? How would you face me, and how would I face you?’’

Overwhelmed with shock, Ling Chen's reddened face immediately turned a pale white, feeling cold sweat on her back! This was something that could have easily happened because Ling Ran was already in a critical condition the moment they arrived at the palace! As a martial arts expert, such things were easy for her to spot! If they arrived a little bit later, then the consequences would have been disastrous!

She had not even considered this point, but now that Ling Tian had brought it up, she could definitely see what a cruel ending this would be! If Ling Ran mother and child had met with disaster, while Ling Tian wouldn't say anything, how would she be able to forgive herself? She wouldn't know how to face her young noble, and vice versa, leading to an unhealable rift between the two of them!

Seeing her expression, Ling Tian felt some pain, but he knew that if he didn't continue, then with her current temperament, she would suffer one day! Thus he steeled his resolve and continued saying, ’’That youth today was obviously not from Sky Bearing! Born in another Kingdom, yet being able to act like this in a foreign place would showcase his status there! For this sort of person, if you don't act decisively, many more would be harmed! It is akin to seeing a venomous snake;while the snake can't harm you, that isn't true for others! If you don't eradicate it, others will definitely be harmed, but to eradicate it on the spot would be bringing a merit to the people around you! Do you understand?’’


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