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Legend Of Ling Tian - Chapter 152


Chapter 152: Men From the NanGong Family

"The Xiao family’s reason was actually because they heard that General Ling achieved a great victory over Western Han and so they are here to congratulate him." Ling Jian had a weird expression on his face.

"What a lousy reason!" Ling Tian snorted, "But, a lousy reason is better than nothing!"

The reason which the Western Han and Eastern Zhao’s ambassadors gave were even more ridiculous. They actually said that they were here to offer their condolences to NanGong Le! Since when did NanGong Le become such a famous figure?" The expression on Ling Jian’s face grew even more interesting. By the side, Ling Chen had already burst out into giggles.

"Err…" The muscles on Ling Tian’s face began to contort and he also burst out into laughter, "I never imagined that this NanGong Le also has so much face! I’m amazed! I’m amazed!"

What he was amazed about was naturally not how big a face NanGong Le had. He was amazed about how the faces of Western Han and Eastern Zhao were far too thick!

Any other reason would be at least a hundred times better than this one! However, those two empires chose to use the most disgusting possible reason! They obviously did not place the Sky Bearing Empire in their sights at all;furthermore, the density of their enmity could also be seen.

"Cheh!!" Ling Tian said hatefully, "They should go to the Southern Zheng if they want to offer their condolences to NanGong Le right? NanGong Le merely died in the Sky Bearing Empire;even if he were to be buried in the Sky Bearing Empire, it would only sully the soil of our nation! Both the Western Han and Eastern Zhao actually dares to be so unbridled! It seems like they still have great ambitions. If we don’t teach them a good lesson, they will probably end up creating trouble."

"Northern Wei, Meng LiGe… ah ah ah, it’s actually him…" Ling Tian muttered to himself thoughtfully.

Ling Chen asked curiously, "Young noble, do you know this Meng LiGe? Is he someone like Mister Ye as well?"

Ling Tian laughed, "Chen’er, you are thinking too highly of this Meng LiGe. For someone like brother Ye, just how many of such characters can there be in the world! That Meng LiGe is also a fine character;not only is he full of ideas and spot on in his predictions, he can be said to be one of the most famous character in the world today. Especially… that Meng LiGe is the junior brother of Mister Qin;the both of them share the same teacher, Mister RuQu."

Ling Jian and Ling Chen then responded with a long ‘ohhhh’.

Ling Tian then looked towards the sky, as though he was trying to make a decision, as his expression looked dark for a moment and bright the next. After a long while, he let out a smile and said, "Forget it, forget it, just let nature take its course."

Ling Jian and Ling Chen then stared at each other, puzzled about what Ling Tian was thinking about. They then heard Ling Tian ask, "Ling Jian, how far more are these troops to the Sky Bearing Empire?"

Ling Jian thought for a moment before replying, "The Northern Wei’s Meng LiGe is probably in the Sky Bearing Empire already. As for the rest of them, half of them will arrive tonight and the rest should be here by tomorrow afternoon at the latest. At that time, all of them should be gathered here!"

"Meng LiGe is already in the Sky Bearing Empire?" Ling Tian asked with doubt, "The NanGong family and the Northern Wei should both be similar in distance to the Sky Bearing Empire, right? Why is the NanGong family, who just lost their son, even less proactive than the Northern Wei? Meng LiGe actually managed to arrive first? Something is definitely wrong! Extremely wrong! Ling Jian, investigate it! Investigate it quickly!"

Ling Tian’s instinct told him that the Northern Wei’s actions were a little abnormal. No matter what, regardless of the speed at which the news was disseminated or the speed of their troops, the Northern Wei shouldn’t be here before the NanGong family! But now, the Northern Wei was actually here first!

This matter is extremely bizarre! There must definitely be another reason behind that!

"Notify the Violent Wind Gang to send out all of their men. I want to know every single detail about all of these people who enters the capital! Not a single detail should be missed out!" As Ling Tian said this, his tone was extremely solemn and without room for negotiation. Ling Jian knew what such a tone signified. Thus, he quickly acknowledged the order with a bow!

Ling Tian placed his hands behind his back and paced around the room. As though he thought about something, he turned around and said, "Ling Chen, where is the little princess of the Yu family?"

Ling Chen replied, "She is said to be at Minister Wei’s residence. I heard that Miss Wei XuanXuan was also grounded by her mother for visiting our Ling family too often." As Ling Chen replied, she looked towards Ling Tian with a mischievous smile.

Err! Ling Tian’s eyes widened and was rendered speechless for a long while, before finally replying, "My famous reputation dragged someone down."

Ling Chen began to giggle and Ling Jian could not help but smile.

The scorching sun was setting, the sky filled with cumulus clouds.

Outside the southern gates of the Sky Bearing City, a large cloud of dust was being kicked up into the air, as a troop of black dressed elites with black horses galloped over with a thundering commotion.

The man leading the troops raised his hand up and the horses behind him stopped neatly, arranging themselves into an orderly formation. The lack of unnecessary movements fully displayed the discipline of these troops and how outstanding they were. But no matter how orderly they were, they could not avoid kicking up a cloud of dust, making it seem like the troops were in the middle of a whirlpool in the sea.

By the city gates, Yang Lei and Yang Zheng, who were already waiting there, cupped their fists politely, "The second master of the NanGong family is here from a far place. Our Yang family have been awaiting your arrival already. We hope that the second master will forgive us for not picking you up from afar."

The person leading the troops had a black and suntanned face, large eyes with thick eyebrows, a face full of messy beard, firm muscles on his face, and a ferocious looking face. Holding onto a jet-black horse whip, he looked like a black chimpanzee seated on a horse from afar.

He then rolled his eyes and without getting down his horse, he asked arrogantly, "Where is Yang KongQun? Why isn’t he here to receive me personally? Is he looking down on me?" His tone was filled with dissatisfaction together with an interrogative tone. He did not hide his dissatisfaction at all, as though he was extremely frustrated about the fact that Yang KongQun did not receive him personally.

Yang Lei’s face stiffened when he heard those words. Preposterous! Your NanGong Family is here from afar and is a guest in our Sky Bearing Empire. I am the eldest son in the Yang family and, while he is a servant, Yang Zheng is a trusted aide of my father. For our Yang family to send the both of us to receive you, it is already giving your NanGong Family a huge face! You still dare to be so rude and look as though you want to blow your top?!

Yang Zheng then stepped forward and said with an apologetic smile, "The Family Head is currently planning the capture of the bold criminal who dared to murder young noble NanGong. Now that there are some clues, he is unable to take the time out to receive you personally. I seek second master’s understanding." He then sent an eye signal to Yang Lei as a way to tell Yang Lei to remain calm.

"Hahaha… some clues? Catching the criminal? What a joke!" NanGong TianHu burst out into a crazed laughter, "It would be strange if your Yang family can catch the culprit!" He was obviously trying to imply that the Yang family was the culprit and there wasn’t a need for them to act so hypocritical anymore.

While Yang Zheng looks like a muddle head, he was actually extremely sharp. He then replied with a feigned bitter laughter, "There is probably a huge misunderstanding in this matter. On behalf of my Family Head, I invite second master to our Yang mansion to discuss this matter and clear up the misunderstanding."

NanGong TianHu then chuckled and said with sarcasm, "Then when this old man is dead, you guys can catch the criminal again? Hahaha, what a joke! What a joke!" His face then turned serious, "We are not going to stay at the Yang family. Inform your Family Head, Yang KongQun. Tomorrow, this old man will pay a visit to your Yang family personally! If my niece suffers any grievances when she is there, hmph, hmph!"

Without waiting for a reply from Yang Lei, the whip in his hand already landed on his horse as he pointed out and commanded, "Enter the city!"

The black cavalry then charged into the city like rushing waters, charging past both Yang Lei and Yang Zheng. Occasionally, some of the troops would glare at the both of them with a chilly gaze filled with hatred.

By the side of the city gates, the faces of the guards were all in awe. Since when have they seen troops as majestic as such?

Yang Lei and Yang Zheng then turned around and looked at each other. Yang Zheng’s face was filled with worry while Yang Lei’s face was ashen from anger, as his body began to tremble from the fuming rage in his heart, "What an arrogant fellow! He actually dares to be so unreasonable!"

Yang Zheng then let out a depressed sigh, "If he is really so arrogant, things would be handled easily. I’m only afraid that he is acting arrogant… if that’s the case, things would be a lot worse!"

Yang Lei didn’t have the least bit of talent in such an area and was completely bewildered by what Yang Zheng had said. Just when he was about to ask Yang Zheng, he heard the sound of the galloping horses from the city. A troop of horses then approached the city gates slowly, with a suave gentleman, eyes looking like the bright stars and face like a prized jade, leading the troops. This person was the young noble of the Ling family, Ling Tian!

The thing which made the both of them the most disgusted was the fact that there was a beautiful girl dressed in white, with a bright smile and spring like optimism, seated in Ling Tian’s embrace.

Ling Tian was also extremely depressed;the Xiao family sent a message to the Ling family to say that they were about to arrive at the Sky Bearing Empire. Old Madam Ling then sent Ling Tian out to receive their guests and instructed Ling Tian to take good care of Little Miss Xiao. If he does not take care of her properly, Old Madam Ling will give Ling Tian a good serving of the family laws!

Helpless, Ling Tian brought Ling Chen along with him to receive his guests and decided to hug Ling Chen onto his own horse. While Ling Chen felt that this wasn’t an appropriate thing to do, she would never disobey Ling Tian’s orders. Furthermore, while her mouth said that she wasn’t willing, her heart was actually ecstatic with joy! Along the way, they had attracted the gazes of all the passers-by. With Ling Tian’s notorious reputation of being a silkpants, they would naturally not dare to point at him to comment! However, Ling Chen’s jade like face was still completely dyed red. Helpless, she could only bury her face into Ling Tian’s bosom. At the same time, she also hoped that this moment would last for an eternity.

As though he did not see Yang Zheng and Yang Lei who was by the city gates, Ling Tian raised his whip as an order to his guards the moment he arrived. Forty to fifty guards behind him then responded by walking out with a bucket of water each! In that instant, the hundred plus feet surrounding the city gates was filled with water. At the same time, an aroma was released from the water, making one feel an indescribable sense of comfort.

A few others then stepped out to lay a thick red carpet on the ground which wasn’t dry yet. A few others then took a large umbrella out, with a delicately crafted jade table being placed under the umbrella and plates of fresh fruits on them. In the sunset, an alluring glow could be seen coming from the jade table.


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