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Legend Of Ling Tian - Chapter 360: Jungle Battle Of Wits


Chapter 360: Jungle Battle of Wits

Translator: DavidT Editor: DavidT, Rock

Ling Chen looked dumbly towards the door of the courtyard and suddenly her soul felt completely empty. Her head had blanked out completely and it was as though she could no longer think clearly. She stood there in a daze as tears filled her beautiful eyes. How I wish… how I wish that white figure could be like before… with a gentle smile on his face, walking into the courtyard in an unrestrained manner and called out with gentleness in his tone, "Chen'er…"

Tears rolled down her cheeks…

Suddenly, Yu BingYan sprinted into the courtyard with anxiousness all over her face as she grabbed onto Ling Chen sleeves. "Sister Chen, where is Tian'ge? Where is he?? Where did he go??"

However, Ling Chen remained in a daze and didn't respond. All of a sudden, the anxious Yu BingYan blacked out and collapsed on the floor from anxiousness.

Ye QingChen let out a long sigh!

Ling Tian sprinted at full speed, dashing out of the city like a gust of wind!

Ling Tian was very clear about what his greatest advantage was.

Justice's advantage was naturally his dense inner qi and unrivaled martial arts. As for whether or not Justice had other abilities, Ling Tian didn't have the time to be concerned with that now. With his present martial arts, it was impossible for Ling Tian to ever be a match for Justice. Thus, Ling Tian could only resort to other means to try and preserve his life. The accumulated knowledge and experience from his previous life had become his biggest trump card and hope to preserve his life!

In the eyes of others, Justice's life may be extremely arduous, and his youth could be considered to be miserable. But in Ling Tian's eyes, Justice's life story wasn't miserable at all! Even though his parents passed away, he was still adopted by someone else. Despite suffering from a huge setback in his life, he was accepted into the sacred Beyond Heavens at a young age! As for all the bitterness he suffered after, it was all for his martial arts cultivation. After he had attained his current level of martial arts, he was already at the peak of the world and a head above the rest.

It was always him chasing after others and never the other way round!

How could this be considered miserable? Ling Tian wanted to spit on that idea!

Thinking about his previous life, almost all the dangerous missions in his family were solely accomplished by him! In a year, he would spend almost 300 days being on the run and there probably wasn't anyone more experienced than him in such an area.

There was a time once where he was trapped in the mountains with over a thousand armed individuals searching for him. But so what? He was still able to survive until they called off the search operation.

A bitter yet proud smile was formed on his face!

I do not believe that some fellow who calls himself Justice will be able to send justice to me!

Could it really be the case that Ling Tian wouldn't be able to settle the matter in Sky Bearing? Perhaps? Perhaps not. But no matter the reason, the thought of remaining in Sky Bearing probably didn't even cross his mind.

Such a familiar feeling! As though I am back in my previous life…

The mountains and forests… are all of you still fine?

A strong pressure and majestic presence were gradually nearing him! Justice, the one who could possibly be the most powerful expert in all of mankind was hot on his tail! Sky Bearing City was already far behind them and the only thing that lay ahead was a dense forest!

Ling Tian, who was originally almost at his top speed, sped up suddenly and disappeared into the forest like a gust of wind!

Justice had once heard Ye QingChen praising Ling Tian and Justice had already tried to think extremely highly of Ling Tian. However, he never expected the movement technique of Ling Tian to be so well developed and perhaps a notch above his own. Furthermore, Ling Tian was only a young teen and a pampered young master in the eyes of the world!

Just this alone was enough to make Justice rethink his impression of Ling Tian!

Originally, the distance between the both of them was gradually decreasing, but Justice suddenly saw Ling Tian speeding up and the gap between them widened instantly as Ling Tian dashed straight into the forest. A look of praise could then be seen on Justice's face as he also followed Ling Tian in without hesitation!

The moment he entered the forest, Justice felt a trace of oddity and shock. At the same time, he couldn't quite place his finger on what was wrong…

Despite being in the afternoon of a hot summer day, there wasn't a single trace of the wind in the forest and the trees seemed to have lost all their energy under the blazing sun! Only the grass on the forest floor that was a mere two to three centimeters tall was still brimming with energy!

Occasionally, there would be the sound of a birds chirping but even their chirping sounded extremely lifeless!

Justice walked along the forest silently as his gaze swept past his surroundings attentively. After taking a few steps, he suddenly heard rustling by his feet and a green snake bobbed out of the grass before escaping in fear! At the same time, the whole forest was filled with the fearful cries of birds, and countless birds took to the air and hovered around the forest!

Justice shook his head and gave up the thought of killing the venomous snake. Just as he wanted to take another step forward, his heart suddenly shook and he ceased all movement!

He suddenly realized the reason why he felt a trace of oddity when he entered the forest!

When Ling Tian entered the forest, he did not alert a single animal in the forest! Just what was going on? How did he do it? Could it be…

Thinking about that, Justice quickly retreated like a wisp of smoke!

In just a blink of an eye, Justice had already arrived at the edge of the forest. After seeing something, he could not help but be dumbfounded with a weird look on his face!

In front of him was a huge poplar tree with a large portion of it shaved off by a sword. At the same time, there were words carved on the tree, "Justice, this young noble shall make a move first. Hurry up and don't take your time! :)" At the very end of the words, there was even a smiling face carved out! Even though the face was only formed with a few strokes, it was extremely lifelike and drawn to perfection!

Justice's fists were clenched tight as a cold glare shot out of his eyes! Then, his body suddenly vanished and he dashed out of the forest to give chase.

If Ling Tian left behind a few illegible words on the tree, Justice wouldn't be too mad. After all, it proved that Ling Tian was in an extremely pathetic state! However, Ling Tian was actually able to leave his calligraphy-like words behind without missing a single stroke and even drawing a huge smiling face to mock him!

Unforgivable! Justice had never been belittled like this ever since he attained his current level of martial arts! Regardless of the tolerance he had, he was seething with anger at the present moment!

Right after Justice's figure disappeared, at a location not too far away from the poplar tree, another tree suddenly began to warp and a human figure walked right out of the tree! If an ordinary person were to witness such a scene, he would definitely think that he had just seen a ghost!

Ling Tian had camouflaged himself to the exact same color as the tree and hid under the shadows of the tree. After revealing a smile in the direction where Justice disappeared in, his figure darted nimbly towards the depths of the forest…

After exiting the forest, the first thing Justice did was to find high ground. Then, he looked into the horizon to see if he could spot Ling Tian. He was extremely clear that it was impossible for Ling Tian to disappear completely with his movement techniques and was certain that it was impossible for Ling Tian to be too far away. If Justice were to choose to give chase blindly, he would have truly fallen into Ling Tian's trap!

However, he could not see a single sign of Ling Tian in all directions! Justice could not help but think to himself, How can this brat be so crafty? Can it be that his speed is much faster than mine?!

Right at this moment, the cry of frightened birds sounded from the forest and a huge flock of birds took off into the air!

"I've been tricked!" Justice immediately realized that he has been tricked and that Ling Tian must have been hiding by the edge of the forest, only entering the forest after he exited from it. At the same time, Justice didn't know whether to laugh or cry. As the Martial Order Medallion owner, he was actually played the fool by a young teen!

Looking at the direction where the birds were crying out, Justice bolted towards the forest again with a loud swoosh! Let's see where you can run to this time!

After entering the forest, Justice almost fainted from anger! In front of him was another big tree with words engraved on it, "Justice, going to and fro like this, are you tired? :)"

"Good brat! Crafty indeed!" This was the first time in his life that Justice felt such humiliation!

This was just the first day of their half-year agreement and he had already been fooled by Ling Tian twice! Justice couldn't help but think that if he were to be tricked by Ling Tian time and time again, would he be angered to death?

From far off, another flock of birds took to the air. Justice was certain that if he didn't give chase to Ling Tian immediately, he would almost certainly lose track of Ling Tian. At that time, it wouldn't be easy for him to find a single person in the whole continent!

Thinking about that, Justice hesitated no longer and gave chase towards the direction of the fleeing birds.

Despite Justice's speed, he was greeted with silence when he had arrived at the location of disturbance! It was as though not a single soul had been here before!

A look of unprecedented solemnness appeared on Justice's face!

The fleeing birds were definitely a result of them being startled by someone and Ling Tian must have definitely been here before! If not, it was impossible for the birds to be startled. However, the strangest part was that there wasn't a single trace of Ling Tian at all! Not to mention footprints, there wasn't even a trace of a single blade of grass being disturbed! Apart from the slithering sounds of the snakes around, the forest was extremely peaceful and without a trace of Ling Tian's aura!

Just how did he do that?


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