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Legend Of Ling Tian - Chapter 351: Willing To Be A Concubine


Chapter 351: Willing to be a Concubine

Translator: chuchutrain Editor: DavidT, Rock

Old Madam Ling only managed to squeeze out a sentence, "Since that's the case, then Ting'er please follow Third Master Yu over to Tian'er's place to have a look," before the two elderly people busied themselves with preparing the tea. This matter made them burst out into smiles, even allowing Ling Zhan, who was still worried about the matter of Long Xiang, to have a much better mood.

Chu Ting'er suffered quite a bit attempting to catch up to Yu ManTian, but she ended up still being slower than him. The moment she arrived she realized Yu ManTian was standing by the well, muttering irresolutely to himself.

Ling Tian and Ling Chen stand under the grape rack, grinning at Third Master Yu who was muttering to himself like a raving lunatic beside the well, as though they were watching a good show. Chu Ting'er immediately felt a headache coming on and went to peer into the well, curious at what was in there.

All she saw was a small board erected beside the well, and on it was written: 'The Third Master of the Yu Family, unrivaled in martial arts. Unhesitatingly using his body, opening up new grounds.'

Yu ManTian was continuously muttering these few words to himself, gradually getting more and more excited. He pointed with a finger and spoke in a tone full of pride the moment Chu Ting'er approached, saying, "Madam, look at this! This is a board erected by Ling Tian in honor of my legendary strength. Actually, he has exaggerated this quite a bit, but he isn't too far away from the truth actually, hahaha…"

Chu Ting'er at this point already had her eyes opened to her widest in incredulity, and the corners of her mouth twitched incessantly. In the end, she was unable to hold it in and burst out with a 'puchi' sound. With difficulty, she staggered all the way to where the grape racks were, grasping the table with one trembling hand as she lowered herself onto a chair. Ling Chen immediately went over to pat her on the back, trying to make her calm down.

It looks like Third Master Yu's goal was to 'destroy' the entire Ling Residence!

How would Chu Ting'er be unaware of the history of this well? The moment a new well suddenly sprouted in her son's backyard, of course she would be the first to question him! However, after knowing what transpired, and seeing Yu ManTian's smug face, to control one's laughter would make one's organs spasm with the effort….

Yu ManTian was actually quite reluctant to part with the well, in his heart, he had already decided that when all the other Yu Family members were here, he would definitely bring them over here to witness his glorious achievement!

"Brat, what ideas do you have? Come and say them out, this third master will make the decision for you two!" Yu ManTian spoke with a confident tone. He then added on, "Don't need to have so many considerations. Just say what's on your mind, no need to be embarrassed!"

Hearing his words, Chu Ting'er could not help but roll her eyes. The way Third Master Yu was speaking, it seemed like Ling Tian and Yu BingYan were a pair of star-crossed lovers who required him to step in and mediate.

Thus, taking this chance, Chu Ting'er could only tactfully say, "Tian'er, what we meant was that you can decide about this matter on your own. No matter who you choose, so long as you like her, we will not interfere with your marriage. After all, based on our current status, there is no need for us to lower our heads when facing the other families anymore.

Ling Tian muttered irresolutely to himself for a while, before solemnly speaking, "BingYan is a good girl, and will definitely be a good wife. Regardless of whether the Yu Family would come up to propose a marriage, BingYan would still be one of the major women in my life. However, there's something I have to state clearly in front of Third Master Yu."

When Ling Tian was speaking as such, he had adopted this serious tone which was never seen in him before. Even the restless Yu ManTian had subconsciously straightened himself.

"Right now, I dare to assure you that BingYan will definitely be my woman! However, I have to apologize. I will not be able to offer her a name." Ling Tian slowly spoke.

The reason why Ling Tian spoke thus was because he guessed that the Yu Family was gunning for the title of the Ling Family's Young Madam, which was why they stepped forward to propose marriage. This was done in order to slowly usurp the Ling Family's strength. If the Yu Family wanted to use BingYan as a bargaining chip, that would only work effectively if she had the position of the first wife. Thus, without it, they would not be able to cause much trouble, and that would be doubly so since Ling Tian was still on the watch for them.

Of course, the best way would actually be to reject the marriage proposal immediately and cut off all potential troubles. However, Ling Tian was not willing to do so, and Yu BingYan might also be deeply wounded by this. The Yu Family could then use this chance to make a fuss! If they ever cut ties, this would be a terrible outcome.

"That's no problem at all!" Yu ManTian laughed. "My eldest brother's idea is actually just to fulfill Yu BingYan's infatuation, so as long as she is able to become your wife, that would be good!" Yu ManTian then laughed in satisfaction, "Kid, next time, you'll have to call me Third Uncle when you see me. Do you understand? Wahaha, this is the first time I'm so glad to have become the matchmaker!"

At this moment, Yu ManTian felt that his intelligence had already surpassed mortality. No wonder his eldest brother had asked him to come over here to bring them together, he was indeed one with great foresight. If it were anyone else, how could Ling Tian defer so easily to them, given his arrogant and obstinate attitude? Other than the Third Master himself, who could settle it so cleanly and properly?

"Third Master, the engagement gifts." Xue Leng who had rushed over hurriedly had been standing by the side for quite a while, and now came over to prompt Yu ManTian.

"Yes, I know I know. I'm now very calm, very calm indeed." 1 Yu ManTian had actually heard the phrase 'engagement gifts' as 'calm down and be steady'. "You guys don't need to panic. This Third Master is extremely composed when dealing with important matters. I'll be careful!"

Xue Leng was infuriated, but could only whisper to him again, "It's an engagement gift, Third Master. Both sides must exchange a token of engagement."

It was only at this time that Yu ManTian was startled. However, feeling around his body, he realized he did not have anything. He immediately turned red in embarrassment, and shouted out loudly, "BingYan, Yan'er, hurry and come out. Third Uncle has something to consult with you!"

Even though he raised his volume, there was still no sign of Yu BingYan whatsoever. He could only act smart and rub his nose while saying, "This lass, hehe, seems like she's shy…"

Ling Chen could only sigh when looking at Yu ManTian's behavior. In her heart, she thought, Sister BingYan is so pitiful, it took her so long in order to get what she wanted, but it turns out that they sent this clown over to propose. Even if nothing went wrong, this can still be considered a laughingstock, to have ended this proposal and engagement on such a weird note. With Yu BingYan's current emotions, she probably has long since hidden under a blanket, let alone responding to Yu ManTian's shouts. At this point, Ling Chen stood up and smiled, saying, "Third Master, no need to panic, I'll go and find Sister BingYan."

Chu Ting'er nodded towards Ling Chen and took out a case of white jade, presenting it solemnly towards Yu ManTian. "Third Master Yu, this is the Ling Family's heirloom. That year, our ancestor and his wife were paupers, thus when they tied the knot, our ancestor had nothing on him to purchase an engagement token, and could only snap off the brass rings on his headband and fashion them into a chain. With such a tiny token, they spent their life together in love. However, the strange thing was when the Ling Family grew richer, our ancestor bought a new jade pendant for his wife, but she refused to remove the chain of linked hearts! Just like that, they lived until they were old, and only before she passed away did his wife agree to remove her chain and pass it to her daughter-in-law. She left these words, that all daughters-in-law of the Ling Family should put this on, symbolizing that the couples' hearts would beat as one. From then on, this has continued down as the one and only Ling Family heirloom!"

Hearing this, even the carefree Yu ManTian also displayed a rare expression of respect and admiration and solemnly received this white jade case. Yu ManTian boomed, "Sister-in-law, rest assured. My Yu Family's daughter will live up to your expectations.

As Chu Ting'er nodded her head in ease, Ling Chen returned, her face all smiles as she spoke, "Sister BingYan has hidden under the blankets due to her embarrassment." As she spoke, she flipped her wrist and revealed a piece of jade, "This is the engagement gift that Sister BingYan has informed me to hand over to you. Young noble, this is a good item!"

The moment Ling Chen took out the jade, Ling Tian had been fixated on it. Why was Yu BingYan's engagement gift exactly the same as Shui QianRou's, even down to the size? What was going on?

Just as he stretched his hands over, Ling Chen's hands retracted as she continued, "However, Sister BingYan has a condition to state. This is not something I should say, so we should wait for Sister BingYan to come."

Everyone was pleasantly surprised, as no one would have expected someone who was as shy as her would come over during her big event! Everyone turned towards Yu ManTian, smiling to themselves. Indeed, she could be considered a member of the Yu Family, for being able to push aside her embarrassment!

Under everyone's gazes, Yu BingYan slowly and shyly walked out to meet everyone. Her jade-white smooth face was tinged with a slight red haze, her head trying to shrink into her chest and her hands constantly tugging on the hems of her shirt. From this, one could see how much courage she had mustered to appear here.

"Aunt, Third Uncle." Yu BingYan bowed formally once and started to tremble, "At this point, I believe that I do not have the capability to make requests, but there's something I need to say, or else I will not feel comfortable. Please forgive me!"

"For this engagement, would the elders please agree to allow Yan'er to be Brother Tian's concubine!" Yu BingYan bit her lip as she spoke, her face already deathly pale.

"Why is that so?!" Chu Ting'er almost jumped out of her skin in fright. This was the first time she saw a lady wanting to be demoted instead of being promoted! One had to know how vast the difference in position was between first wife and concubine! Especially so for the only princess in the strongest aristocratic family, to request for such a thing was out of everyone's expectations!"


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