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Legend Of Ling Tian - Chapter 293: Departure


Chapter 293: Departure

Translator: DavidT Editor: DavidT , Rock

Xiao YanXue then glanced at Ling Tian and said softly, "When this little sister was captured previously, if not for young noble Ling saving me, I would have probably been consigned to eternal damnation. The favor and kindness which you have bestowed upon me can't be expressed with words. Please accept a bow from this little sister!" She then gave Ling Tian a bow.

Ever since that incident, Xiao YanXue had thought about the matter frequently and even tested Ling Tian many times. While Ling Tian had never admitted to the matter, Xiao YanXue was already certain about the answer in her heart! The figure and gaze of the person who saved her that night were just too familiar. If it wasn't Ling Tian, who else could it be?

However, Ling Tian avoided her quickly this time without accepting her bow. Shaking his head, he said, "It wasn't a big matter and Miss Xiao doesn't need to place the matter in your heart." He then smiled profoundly, "To place such importance on emotions and righteousness, knowing how to repay one's favor, Miss Xiao is indeed the descendant of the Xiao Family. Is this Miss Xiao's third matter?"

As Xiao YanXue was getting up, she heard Ling Tian say this and her face turned completely red! She stood rooted to the spot with her face pale and unable to say a thing. With her wisdom, how could she not tell that Ling Tian's words were laced with a strong tinge of sarcasm and mockery?

Both the Xiao and Ling families originally didn't know each other and Xiao FengHan met Ling Zhan by chance when roaming the continent. They became sworn brothers and roamed the pugilistic world together, living on the edge of life and death. As Ling Zhan was the older one, he was the elder brother and took very good care of his little brother Xiao FengHan. Old Madam Ling also doted on Xiao FengHan greatly and treated him like her own younger brother. Even Xiao FengHan had admitted himself that if not for Ling Zhan and Old Madam Ling, he would have already died more than a dozen times.

After the Sky Bearing Empire was established, Ling Zhan had become a prominent figure in the empire with his large merits. At the same time, Xiao FengHan became the new family head of the Xiao Family. Both of the brothers could have been said to have reached the peak of their lives. At this moment, they had also planned the marriage between both their families to further improve their ties.

With the expansion of the Xiao Family, the ambitions of the Xiao Family and Xiao FengYang grew larger and larger. After seeing that Ling Zhan was extremely loyal towards Sky Bearing, Xiao FengHan knew that his uprising wouldn't necessarily receive the support of Ling Zhan. Thus, he also gradually decreased his contact with the Ling Family while preparing for the ambitions of his Xiao Family. Then, he made use of Ling Tian's good-for-nothing attitude to force the Ling Family to annul the marriage. If not for his ambitions, Xiao FengHan would have definitely restored the marriage upon seeing Ling Tian's performance, even if he had to lose face!

Ever since that incident, while both their families still had some dealings with each other, their relationship was far inferior to before. Xiao FengHan felt as though he had let down his brother and sister-in-law, thus not visiting Sky Bearing in the past decade. Now that the world was going to be plunged into chaos again, the opportune moment which the Xiao Family needed was right in front of them. Thus, Xiao FengHan would naturally not be willing to let go of this opportunity and sent Xiao FengYang and Xiao YanXue to help stir up the storms. He even made use of the Heaven Splitter to stir up conflict in the world. When they stayed in the Ling Family upon coming to Sky Bearing, they also had the intention to make use of the Ling Family, pulling them into the muddied waters as well. Now that their plan was successful, they had pushed both Sky Bearing and the Ling Family into the heart of the struggle!

From the start to the end, of the three generations of the Ling Family, apart from the young Ling Tian, no one else was suspicious of the Xiao Family at all. Even Ling Tian only collected information on the Xiao Family and didn't take any action. For so many things to happen between both their families, it could be said that the Xiao Family was completely in the wrong. If said nicely, the Xiao Family was doing it for their ambitions, and if said bluntly, the Xiao Family was being ungrateful!

Now that the Xiao Family achieved their goal, they were about to leave Sky Bearing to await their opportunity to stage an uprising. However, the moment that the Xiao Family left, the Ling Family would be placed in an awkward position. Who didn't know about the relationship between both their families? With their relationship, no one would believe that the Ling Family didn't participate in the Xiao Family's actions!

Furthermore, the Ling Family was located in Sky Bearing, right in the center of the continent. The moment the world broke out into chaos, Sky Bearing would definitely bear the brunt of the flames of war and could be said to be isolated and without reinforcements! It was almost certain that the Ling Family would be wiped out. All of these were created by the Xiao Family!

Was it really unintentional?

However, when Xiao YanXue bade her farewells, she didn't mention anything about the future. It was obvious that the Xiao Family was abandoning the Ling Family after making use of them! Even Xiao YanXue herself felt that her family went too far in their actions this time! Hearing Ling Tian ridicule her about this, how could Xiao YanXue be completely indifferent? Was an apology enough for this?

A chilly glare then shone in Ling Tian's eyes as he chuckled, "For Miss Xiao to bid your farewell personally, Ling Tian is indeed overwhelmed by the favor you have shown me. When you go to the southeast, there are many mountains and may you have a safe journey. After today, we may not have the chance to meet each other again and may Miss Xiao take good care of yourself!" These words were akin to sending out his guest.

How could Xiao YanXue not understand that? With a light sigh, she stood up and said, "Our Xiao Family lacks consideration in our actions and have let down both the Ling Family and young noble Ling. Xiao YanXue will apologize to young noble again." After hesitating for a moment, she suddenly said with certainty, "If young noble Ling faces any trouble, you only need to send someone to inform me. No matter the distance, YanXue will definitely send men to aid you to repay the kindness of your Ling Family and yourself." These words were akin to giving Ling Tian a promise that she would save the Ling Family once.

While the Ling Family has Ling Tian with their prestige in Sky Bearing growing every second, they were still no more than an infant family. No matter how strong Ling Tian was, he wouldn't be able to hold the fort all by himself. The way Xiao YanXue saw it, even if the Ling Family could control the whole Sky Bearing, the Ling Family wouldn't be able to escape destruction when chaos broke out due to the Heaven Splitter!

Xiao YanXue's promise was akin to giving the Ling Family a protective talisman! Even when her family had given up on the Ling Family, Xiao YanXue had still made such a promise without obtaining approval from her family.

However, Ling Tian replied with a cold laugh and said with a perfunctory tone, "Ah ah, if there is really such a day, I will naturally seek assistance from Miss Xiao. Ling Tian gives my thanks in advance. To thank Miss Xiao for your kindness, Miss Xiao can also send me a message when you are in danger. Regardless of the distance, I will definitely be there to aid you." Ling Tian's words were full of sarcasm and mockery.

After leaving Ling Tian's courtyard, Xiao YanXue was actually at a loss for a moment. After taking a few steps forward, she couldn't help but turn back and look at Ling Tian's courtyard. Ling Tian's teasing could be heard from the inside accompanied by Ling Chen's giggles. As Xiao YanXue heard that, she felt that it was so friendly but yet so far away. Thus, she couldn't help but feel a sense of desolation in her heart. Even if she was the little princess of the continent's largest financial magnate and possibly would become the princess of a nation in future, she would never be able to obtain the feeling of being protected by the man she loved! As for Ling Chen, even if she was talented and beautiful, she was still no more than Ling Tian's maid. However, this maid was able to enjoy the happiness which she would never be able to enjoy.

Standing there in a daze, Xiao YanXue felt her thoughts to be completely jumbled up. After I leave, the fight over the Heaven Splitter will probably turn this place into a pile of rubble, right? What about the guy in my heart? What would happen to him?

With Ling Tian's arrogance and pride, why would he lend a helping hand to a weak lady like me when I was in trouble? Xiao YanXue stomped her foot in frustration as she thought, It seems that I have to be extremely wary.

Xiao YanXue then looked towards the courtyard with reluctance again before finally leaving.

By the gates of the Ling residence, Duke Ling and the others of the Ling Family were already bidding their farewell to Xiao FengYang. However, both parties had complicated looks on their faces. Xiao YanXue stood by the side with her head lowered, glancing around every once in a while. However, Ling Tian's suave figure had never appeared from the start to the end. Finally, everyone from the Xiao Family got on their horses as an empty gaze could be seen in Xiao YanXue's eyes. That former fiance of mine, why didn't he appear? Am I really so insignificant in his heart? Am I really incomparable to a maid?!

Xiao FengYan let out a sigh as he said with a trace of sorrow in his eyes, "Xue'er, get on the horse." With regards to Xiao YanXue's thoughts, Xiao FengYan was also aware of them but was completely helpless! In his trip to Sky Bearing, he had personally witnessed Ling Tian's talents, martial arts, and powerful means. With regards to Ling Tian, his original disdain transformed into admiration as he felt a trace of inferiority deep in his heart. However, the situation was already set in stone, and it was time for the relationship between the Ling and Xiao families to be paused. With regards to Xiao YanXue's feelings, he could only let out a helpless sigh. If things were to develop as they had predicted, it was impossible for the Ling Family to survive and for Ling Tian to survive. After a while, Xiao YanXue's feelings would probably turn into no more than a desolate memory.

An hour later, the Xiao Family's calvary sped out of the city's southern gate with a large cloud of dust being formed by the galloping horses. Xiao YanXue's horse was right at the end of the troops and she stopped her horse after traveling out a distance. Turning around to take a look at the city's thick walls, a stream of tears flowed down her cheeks.

You must live on well! Nothing must happen to you! Be it for the one you love or for any other reasons, you must definitely stay alive!

Xiao YanXue's lips trembled as she muttered under her breath with tears flowing down like rain. The sun was setting as a long desolate shadow could be seen, with the troops of the Xiao Family waiting afar with complicated expressions.

A long while later, Xiao YanXue suddenly turned her horse around and whipped it once. With a loud neigh, the horse sprinted out like an arrow shot out from a bow. The others from the Xiao Family then sped up their horses and chased after her.

These feelings can turn into memories and a mere frustration of my past!


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